Moment of Clarity 005

MoC005 Obligations and Attitudes

Almost everybody I know believes in God. And they think his rule is benevolent. And

they tell us perfection will be found in heaven when we get there. But if you’re naughty

while you’re here on earth, you will be punished. Because God punishes. So we have

punishments for every sort of infraction that man has thought up since the dawn of


I used to wonder as a young preteen girl in catholic school how I would ever fulfill my

obligation to my church dogma to comfort the imprisoned. I just couldn’t see myself

going to chitchat with some strange man behind bars for some horrible crime. Didn’t

occur to me at the time that there would be women behind bars. I was already

programmed by my religions to disdain those sort of people and never should I get close

to that kind of influence.

But as we grow with time and understanding of the world... we see that most of those

people shouldn’t even BE in prison.

Our world-wide philosophy of punishment for infractions has failed to help humanity.

In fact, in my humble opinion, it has done everything to enforce corruption of power-

greedy people. And because of the War of Drugs and the intentional incarceration of

black and brown people, especially over cannabis, you now have this huge concerted

effort that actually organized voter suppression.

This has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with control by prejudice.

So I want to talk about adopting new attitudes. You know the police will have to do that

too. They’re already trying to... Marijuana doesn’t hold the same power of

imprisonment that it used to just a few years ago. Over half the states now allow for

MEDICATING with cannabis so how can we continue to lock people up for it? And when

we do, we understand that corruption is implicit in that action.

Because science has proven that cannabis has medicinal value as well as national and

global values of interest... in manufacturing.

So... you understand how important the world trees are to our ozone and ecology of the

planet...right? We all agree trees are extremely important to our air quality.

Even without the help of Mother Nature’s fires and droughts, earthquakes and

hurricanes.... tornadoes, and plagues, we’re plotting a disastrous course for ourselves.

Consider how many rolls of paper towels and toilet paper your family goes through...

Annnnnd... what about all those paper ads that come in the mail you instantly throw

away without barely a glance?

There’s a ton of waste... but we can DO something!

Imagine this... instead of cutting down acres and acres of 20 - 80 year old trees for you

to throw away in the form of toilet paper, paper towels, all those printed political flyers

and grocery ads... you could use hemp paper from renewable crops.

Paper pulp is a key world industry. Asia has the largest factories and the U.S. is the 2nd

largest paper producer in the world. (1)

Can you imagine the benefit of our farmers having a brand new renewable crop that can

be turned over many times in a year that heals the soil? Those hemp crops could be

used for manufacturing building materials, cloth, infrastructure support, transforming

cars, airplanes, trains, roads and other structural support, and don’t forget housing,

The makers of Brawny Paper Towels and Northern Quilted Toilet Paper, a privately held

subsidiary of the Koch Industries and the Atlanta based paper manufacturer Georgia-

Pacific has partnered with a Canadian company that makes natural woven fibers, to

start producing hemp paper products.

This one industry change will begin healing the current plight of the North American

Farmer and Manufacturer as well as the new business entrepreneur. Think about it...

Toilet Paper.... Everybody needs it.

The farmers can grow more hemp, without crop rotation, more frequently because of the

short 4 month grow-to-harvest cycles, so profits are already increased from other food

crops that are hard on the soil, and take longer to grow, and are harder to harvest.

In an article by Emily Earlenbaugh published in the trade magazine, Cannabis Now on

Sept.10, (2)“ don’t have to use toxic bleaching chemicals like chlorine or dioxins to

whiten the paper which can actually poison the waterways.”

“Hemp can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide, which doesn’t pose the same

environmental risks. Hemp heals the soil by phytoremediation, which is when the plant

pulls toxic [junk] out of the soil through its roots.”

In fact, they planted hemp around Chernobyl to clean up radioactive contamination

after the nuclear explosion. And in Italy, it was used to clean up dioxins in the soil, the

same toxic chemical that’s used today in bleaching wood for paper. Hemp is stronger

and lasts longer and is more durable than typical paper. It doesn’t yellow and resists

decomposition with age. It’s one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. [Henry

Ford knew all this in the 1920’s when he began making his first car out of hemp.](3)

Hemp can be recycled 7 or 8 times but wood paper can only be recycled 3 times before

it’s unusable... unfortunately, there’s a shortage of hemp paper mills which are tooled

differently than wood paper mills. Right now, there’s only 25 hemp mills in the U.S.

But look online and you can buy hemp printer paper, packaging, rolling papers, toilet

paper, paper towels, clothes and more...

This one thing... changes the number of trees we cut down all over the world... which

will affect the ozone and Mother Nature’s wrath.. There is no reason on planet earth that

we can’t use hemp to replace wood paper products like stationary, books, and newspapers.

You wanna do something immediately to help the war on stupidity and corruption?

Demand hemp paper products. You’ll find convenient links to hemp paper products on

my website at

Don’t Delay... Start Today... It’s easy to switch toilet paper brands... You’ve done it

plenty of times before...

Be a powerful voice in action to save our planetary future.

Demand Hemp products from your favorite grocery stores and BIG BOX STORES like

Walmart, Target, and Dollar Stores by asking the management to order hemp products

for you every time you go in... it won’t take many trips to nudge them into action. Then

everybody spreads the hemp idea!

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