CT 210 Tarris Batiste

May 1, 2023

CT 210 Tarris Batiste


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Hello my friends. Today we’re going to chat with a young man whose message is clear. You must learn about cannabis to use it effectively and safely. Tara’s puttees Matisse has written about his experiences in a world of Lakeview can imagine and made note of what he learned so many notes in fact, that he turned it into a tale of caution for you. Please welcome author of don’t let it smoke you Tarris Batiste…

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Honey Smith Walls 0:00

Welcome to season four of the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast.

I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored while educating my audience on safe use of this live plant therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis…what’s good and what’s not.

It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet. Using cannabis mindfully as medication is a different concept in Western healthcare philosophy, specifically of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and reconsider.

The information you’ll find here comes straight from scientists and clinicians doing the work and reporting their findings in real time through various live online outlets.

The scientific truth of cannabis is finally getting out and is wide open for all to see at respected medical sites like pubmed.gov and JAMA, the Journal of American Medical Association… and I’m right there in the thick of it with all those titans of medicine… as a fly on the wall.

Because I’m not a doctor, nor did I go to med school. But I did take dozens of private cannabis courses and still engage in continuing education offered by cannabis expert scientists over the past few years and slowly began to see and understand the bigger picture.

Now I talk to people all day long about cannabis and hopefully inspire them to research the facts as we know them today. Cannabis is an amazing alternative in health remedies. It can reportedly alleviate typical disease problems and troubling side effects, even those caused by synthetic prescriptions.

This is Honey Smith Walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman, not a doctor, not a scientist, raised by nuns and wolves in the verdant cattle pastures of the Oklahoma oil fields. I’m here to amplify the truth of this great big story of cannabis in historical, political, scientific and spiritual terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you choose to ingest.

Seg 1

Honey Smith Walls 0:08

Sounds like I’ve got Tarris, do I? How’s it going? How’s your day going? Are you out in Washington?

Tarris Batiste  3:05

Yep. I’m out in Seattle, Washington at the moment, but it’s normal workday, you know, starting the week, so it was good.

Honey Smith Walls 3:10

Of course. What’s your weather doing to you today?

Tarris Batiste  3:13

It’s actually beautiful today. The sun’s coming out. It’s the rain last night. But it’s looking nice, nice and wet. It’s gonna be a good day.

Honey Smith Walls 3:21

Yeah, I love your neck of the woods up there. I’m down in Melbourne, Florida and we just got you know, one season hot. So to have that lovely, you know, sense of all that you get to experience up there in that area of our country is just beautiful. I’ve been there a few times for sure. Did you grow up there?

Tarris Batiste  3:44

I did. I grew up actually I was gonna say that. Well, you mentioned Florida. So I grew up in Georgia, in North Georgia. I just moved out to Seattle maybe two years ago to learn about the cannabis industry actually three years ago now time and learn about the cannabis industry and where’s everything going? So that’s what got me out here. And I’ve been out here loving it ever since to be honest.

Honey Smith Walls 4:04

Well, let’s back up just a little bit. Would you mind telling my audience a little bit about yourself and absolutely you know how you came into this industry? Yeah, for sure.

Tarris Batiste  4:15

So my name is Tarris Batiste. I am originally from Cartersville, Georgia. Like a lot of young men… I played sports all my life.

Tarris Batiste  4:27

And also smoked weed all my life. When it was legal and when it was illegal…

Honey Smith Walls 4:35

That’s right….because that’s all we had available was the illegal stuff for so long. Exactly.

Tarris Batiste  4:39

Exactly. And I started to get older, going through high school, going to college. I’m like, Hey, I can’t wait for this industry be legal. So I can go check it out and go learn more about it… But I flew out to Seattle to kind of learn more and that’s what got me here.

Honey Smith Walls 4:54

I never thought it would be legal. It was in the early 60s When I started smoking Cannabis with my peers, my friends. And oh man… $5 lids, you know, four fingers full.

Tarris Batiste  5:17

I never got to experience that Honey. I’m gonna be honest.

Honey Smith Walls 5:20

I grew up with farm boys. And they were all growing it Yeah, that’s love.

Tarris Batiste  5:29

Did you grew up in Florida where they were growin it?

Honey Smith Walls 5:31

I’m a country kid. I came from Arkansas and grew up in a small city (Tulsa, OK) small town sort of area and attitude… a lot of white people. You know, Tulsa was the biggest black massacre event in the history of the United States and lalalala on that stuff and then, when I finally became a woman and fell in love with my adorable spouse who was 22 years older than me and black as can be and from a small farm town in Kansas, well, you see where I’m going with this.

But he was a teetotaller, and so he didn’t really relate to my use of cannabis. And it’s been a difficult journey for him because he’s still a teetotaler and, and although you know, he’s heard me going on on about it… For years…. He’s, he’s still a teetotaler. He only drinks tea. Oh no alcohol no drugs no nothing.

Tarris Batiste  6:45

It’s not like like psychedelic tea?

Honey Smith Walls 6:49

Yeah no…  but he was also at NSA. So, you know, there was all that he had to be straight, narrow, and, you know, couldn’t do anything that would cause any kind of scandal in his line of work because he was working for the US.

So he’s still kind of in that mindset at 90 years old today. And I’m 68

Oops, (lotsa barking) there go my little brood of animals. I try not to let that happen. But you see the control I have over them which is none.

So anyway, he still has a hard time because all his life, the propaganda was in his ear that marijuana is a bad deals drug. And you just cannot be associated with it. And that’s the attitude of a lot of elders, a lot of elders. And down here in Florida. The snowbirds are at least, you know, 60 and up. So there’s just so much to get beyond in attitudes. Have you found that to be true? There you are. Apologies for the trip in our signal… that just happens occasionally. So we were talking about what the attitude is like now out in Washington, and who have you been able to connect with who’s helping you into the industry? Yeah.

Tarris Batiste  8:34

I’ve been able to connect with a lot of great people, but also a couple out there. One guy named Dr. KoHari Elise. Oh, he’s a Harvard study. He does like botanical medicines, right? It’s all about the plant itself. I’ve learned from a couple people. I guess Dr.Elise just kind of stood out to me the most. And now I’m more getting to the point of getting my hands in the dirt and actually growing with them. So that’s where I’m at right now.

Honey Smith Walls 9:02

Yeah. That tribe on LinkedIn, that science tribe on LinkedIn. They are just amazing to learn from about cannabis. They just lifted me incredibly. When I started following that tribe, Dr. Codi Peterson and Dr. Bonnie Goldstein. You know, Dr. Ethan Russo, Dr. Dustin Sulak. All these guys are truly into the compound science of cannabis and keep us on the straight and narrow.

So how did your book come about? The book that you wrote is called “Don’t Let It Smoke You” for my friends in the audience. If you haven’t seen it yet, please… We’ll tell you how to get it soon. But tell us… tell us about the book.

Tarris Batiste  9:56

In the simplest form. Honey, you just mentioned how a lot of people in the past kind of against cannabis. Yes. Right. And now we’re segwaying to a time where it’s legal everywhere, right? Or it’s making its way legal across the country. I wanted to kind of jump in the middle and tell everybody about my situation.

So I believe growing up I had a time where I was controlling it and it started to control me… where I was kind of dependent on it and every single thing I do… so I wanted to put all the mess I was going through in a message… like all the overthinking… all the stuff I was hearing etc. And that’s why I came out with a book, “Don’t Let It Smoke You”… like not telling kids or young adults what to do. Just Hey, don’t let this control you from fulfilling your dream. That’s it.

Honey Smith Walls 10:43

Well, it certainly can happen. You can begin feeling dependent on this as a medication because it relieves so many issues. And then you come into this idea of I don’t want to ever be without it because I feel so much better with it.

Tarris Batiste  11:05

Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. And that’s the toughest position to be in when you’re a young adult on your way.

Honey Smith Walls 11:13

We’re all dealing with trauma, even these young adults, and they don’t know how to be adult… they’re trying. They’re learning… they’re in the process of and they have already suffered trauma before they ever reach adulthood and that’s just within the relationships that they know of at that very young age. So it’s very difficult, sometimes not to become dependent on something that you find such an amazing relief and I think the cautionary tale is really great.

Tarris Batiste  11:52

I agree. And I think for every single one of us, right? Sometimes we don’t know that trauma growing up… at least I didn’t… You can’t really say I’m using it because of this. No recreational or medicinal… like you don’t really know…

Honey Smith Walls 12:07

That’s right. You’re hanging out with your peers and they’re doing it and it makes them feel good and laugh and you want to feel good and laugh and be part of it.

Tarris Batiste  12:19

Exactly. But then I got to a point Honey where… and I think everybody does… like as you get kids… as you become a part of some groups… as you become a mentor in certain people eyes… Like you get to a point where your image improves and your performance has to improve.

If you’re still doing that same thing that you did a year ago or etc, you’re going to kind of run into a disconnect with yourself. So that’s what I’m going through in the book. I call it the “mental garden”. Like maintaining your mental garden… right?

Honey Smith Walls 12:50

Oh, that’s a thought. For sure. For sure. I have been listening to a few thought leaders lately like Eckhart Tolle and Joe Dispenza. You know… people like that. Baba rom das and that whole mental garden thing is a beautiful visual of how we need to tend our minds. And we don’t do that.

We just let information bombard us from all sides… television, telephone, social media, radio, everything that you live in.

Healer Promo:

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I’ve heard a lot of complaints about how to find consistent over the counter CBD products and I have a solution. Last year I became an affiliate partner with Healer hemp products.

Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO who created this line is truly one of the great leaders in cannabis therapy… giving his patients relief from their issues for many years with his Healer CBD products that can be shipped to all 50 states.

I use his acidic version of cannabidiol or CBDa. It has everything plus a lot more of the compound which Dr. Sulak and other leaders in this industry have found to be more potent, thereby using less, which ends up making a big difference to your wallet. But it also adds many benefits to your body.

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Healer Discount Link: https://healercbd.com/coupon/honey20         

Seg 2

Honey Smith Walls 14:15

Thank you so much for just hanging out with us. Because it’s so important to understand all aspects of cannabis. And you were saying… go ahead and talk to us about the beautiful way that you described tending your garden? Yeah,

Tarris Batiste  14:37

I think actually growing up… I liked listening to people who’s older than me, I think they kind of give up gems all the time. I heard someone say, hey, hey, when you’re in relationship, it’s like pulling weeds every day. The weeds grow back every single day. And that’s where I kind of got that mental garden from so….you tell yourself all the time when you’re using smoking, whatever you want to do, right? It’s different. Now you don’t have to just smoke right? You can do it in different ways. So many ways of delivery, but for me, growing up… we didn’t have those different ways right? So I got into smoking, right? Yeah, that’s my best way. That’s the way I love… Right, right.

But going through your mental garden, you know how you kind of feel… like sometimes like shit, I’m smoking too much. Or shit. I’m spending too much money. Or my friends say I’m not this way when I smoke or I’m this way or that way. And I think sometimes that leads to overthinking and kind of self analysis that’s kind of tough to download.

So I think maintaining your mental garden it’s just really figuring out ways that you can be healthy with this with the way you want to use… right… and not your friends. Not your girlfriend, etc. But ways you can be healthy and just really figuring out the power of when you can use… so I know when I can use personally, when am I gonna get sleepy? When am I going to probably have sex better…. when am I going to be energized…. so I think knowing the power of when you can use will help a lot for taking that mental garden.

Honey Smith Walls 16:16

Oh, that’s such a good way of putting it. Also knowing which compounds to use for sleep or sex for energy or focus. You know there are different compounds and well, like our science tribe on LinkedIn says… the terpenes are the volume control of your cannabis.

So if you’re just trading cannabis recreationally and you don’t know what you’re doing, you just smoke whatever you happen to get your hands on… Grape Daddy Ganja or whatever, whatever… You know, then you are missing so much. You are missing the intelligence behind the plant that can really affect your quality of life.

And so if you’re using it improperly, too much, don’t know what you’re using. Not using it the right time, the right place, whatever, then you’re missing it. You’re missing the whole point of cannabis and even though we start getting into cannabis, recreationally, most of us… until it became a medicinal thing.

I think you’re right. The misuse of it really can create a lot of problems in like getting couch locked, not wanting to do anything or maybe you know, at the wrong time in the day you’re smoking the wrong component in cannabis and it’s affecting you in such a way that you wouldn’t ordinarily want to be at that particular time. Right.

So I admit I haven’t had a chance to read your book, but I cannot wait to and I’m so glad that you’re pointing this out to the public.

What is… Tell me about your garden now and Oh, and there’s another thing actually I wanted to hear about… your real grow. But also… what are some of the tools that you would recommend for people to tend their mental garden? As in not taking it out on your girlfriend or your best friend, you know with your misery but what would you suggest? For those people who find themselves maybe, you know, a little naive about cannabis and getting sucked into it and just not quite managing it correctly?

Tarris Batiste  18:57

For sure. First thing I like to say… I’m not an expert, right? I don’t know.

Honey Smith Walls 19:02

I say that too. Yeah, not a doctor, not a scientist.

Tarris Batiste  19:06

I’m big in like, semi biographical. Right. So um, like, the shit that I was going through and how I conquered it, I’m going to tell you and then you decide if that can work for you or not, right. So I would say first, I would say you got to kind of acknowledge… right… okay. I have this problem.

Honey Smith Walls 19:30

There it is. Awareness. Okay. Yeah, that’s Right. Sure.

Tarris Batiste  19:37

Yeah, exactly. When you’re acknowledging it, though. You have to acknowledge it off you… like… not your friends, and that’s what I meant by your group. Are you smoking like your friends are smoking? Are you smoking because you’re just bored and you want to smoke, right? Yeah. So just figuring out the appetite and the craving around it right. So that’s what we’ll do first. After that, I will go into more of I will go into a just be curious. Just smoke as much as you want so you can figure out what you like and what you don’t like. Right. So it’s probably the best part about it.

Honey Smith Walls 20:13

That’s what the scientists are saying… to try everything because there’s a lot of compounds you can get in one place that you can’t get in another place, and it’s going to be different for everybody.

Tarris Batiste  20:29

Exactly. Yeah. Lastly, I would say attach your mindful use to it, too, and then you should be able to find a way to control it and not let it control you.

Honey Smith Walls 20:43

Well, you said something a while ago about hanging out with people smarter than you. I tried to do that too. And that really helps uplift your your whole world…  hanging out with people smarter than you and taking a look inside at yourself.

You know, just if you can take a step back and just look at the whole picture of you and decide and think about if you’re happy… if life is working for you… what could be better. Instead of letting your mind wander in ways I disagree or letting your mind drag you through. You’ve said it several times. Over thinking. Yes. So finding peace within yourself by looking at the real you and becoming aware you said it just a minute ago becoming aware and then tending your mental garden. What a beautiful idea. Tarris it’s just wonderful. Hey, Who named you?

Tarris Batiste  21:54

My…. I don’t know.

Honey Smith Walls 21:59

Well, My dad tried to name me but my sister actually did so. I was supposed to get an entirely different name. And my mother had an entirely different game plan for me too… my mother wanted to call me Penelope, but my sister won out and and it turned into Honey. So that’s been fun, yeah, it’s a good thing. It’s a good name. Well, tell us please how can we get a copy of your book? And how can we get in touch with you?

Tarris Batiste  22:32

Yeah, I would say the best way to get in touch with me is probably through email at dontletitsmokeyou@gmail.com And then the best way to get the book is probably on Amazon.

Honey Smith Walls 22:45

Okay, I’ll put a link directly out to it, for sure. All right, I’ll put links in the show notes for our audience, and they’ll be able to just click on that for you.

But before you go, I really want to hear about….

Mazo Promo:

Hey, my friends, I want to give you a tip about a neurologist I know and trust.

Dr. Anthony Mazo is a highly rated specialist who is not quick to prescribe traditional synthetic chemicals when he knows that gentle cannabis plant therapy will likely give the needed relief.

I know this to be true because I had to see him for my own old lady neuropathy issues. He did not prescribe the usual synthetic stuff. He told me to go get a particular kind of cannabis instead… and use it in a specific way to find relief.

Thankyou Dr. Mazo… we think every doctor in America should have your knowledge in their little black bag.

See his clinic details in my show notes.

Dr.Anthony Mazo in Melbourne, FL at the Brevard Neuro Center on Nasa Blvd.

Honey Smith Walls 23:02

Tarris, I was curious about your own grow of cannabis, how you’re doing up there in that state. And are you interested at all in the psilocybin thing coming up, you know, the big mushroom explosion happening?

Tarris Batiste  23:51

I am interested in terms of psychedelic use and I might get into growing my own just because it’s so easy to grow mushrooms.

Honey Smith Walls 24:02

No kiddin… I’ve been growing them and they are simple, simple, easy. You do have to tend them and love on them a little bit every day, you know, but they’re so easy. So easy and so good for you and so medicinal. That’s my point. Yeah, so, but what what did you decide to grow in the state of Washington?

Tarris Batiste  24:27

Yeah, um, so I started off growing like vegetables and things when I first got here a couple years ago and I’ve slowly moved my way to growing certain seeds. I love where I’m at right now.

Honey Smith Walls 24:40

How did you choose your seeds? How did you decide on which variety to choose?

Tarris Batiste  24:48

Kind of didn’t… I just showed up to the facility and they kind of chose for me. So I’m still in those Genesis stages.

Honey Smith Walls 24:56

Yes. But you know, it’s exciting.

Tarris Batiste  25:00

It is and I’m excited to have my own things on my own so I don’t have to worry about it getting tampered with.

Honey Smith Walls 25:06

I’m waiting for that someday to come for us in FL. And it looks like recreation is going to be here before anything and it also looks like psychedelics are going to be here before cannabis gets truly freed. So it’s kind of a weird time to be in a weird era at this moment. Yeah.

Tarris Batiste  25:36

Just don’t let it smoke you, right.

Honey Smith Walls 25:38

There you go. That’s perfect. That’s a perfect ending. Thank you so much again for joining us today Tarris  and I hope that you have much success in Washington with your own grow. And with your book too. Thank you again for coming.

Tarris Batiste  25:54

Thank you. Let’s stay connected, Honey.

Honey Smith Walls 25:55

Let’s do it. Alrighty then. Take care.

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Cannaba Verum is Latin for Cannabis Truth. Sourcing factual information about cannabis hasn’t always been easy for a variety of reasons. However now because of modern innovations, it is. My sources are from leaders in cannabis science like:

Roger Adams, U.S. Organic Chemist who isolated the structure of CBD,

Raphael Mechoulam, Israeli Organic Chemist who isolated the structure of THC,

Ethan Russo, Dir R&D International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute

Dustin Sulak, DO – my favorite doctor at healer.com, teaching the art of Cannabis Healing to the world, and other industry greats like:

Rev. Dr. Kymron DeCesare, Ed Rosenthal, Jack Herer, Michael Backes, and Michael Pollen and so many more… plus I use classical sites like: PubMed.gov, JAMAnetwork.com, ResearchGate.com. I listen to several daily podcasts to keep up with the latest cannabis news across the nation and throughout the world like: Dr. Codi Peterson et al on The Cannigma Podcast,  MJTodayDaily.com and MarijuanaMoment.net.  I trust the CBDProject.org and CannabisScienceTech.com. I watch the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) at: thecannabisindustry.org and many more like: NCIA’s Cannabis Industry VOICE (CannabisRadio.com)

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Watch this machine roll into action through conversations with pharmacy doctors all over the nation like Dr. Leah Johnson and Dr. Codi Peterson out West and Dr. Alan Ao up North. There are so many more getting involved now… these are just a few who have come on my show to explain the situation and it’s fascinating.

You’ll find citations available on my podcast blog at cannabaverum.com

PS: Helping society get past the fear of using cannabis will be a lifelong journey for me. This industry is just opening up and most patients and doctors are seriously cannabis naive and need help understanding where to turn for trustworthy information.

If you need help opening that cannabis discussion with your family doctor,  please reach out and grab the Dear Doctor Letter I wrote for this exact purpose. It will explain your decision to try cannabis and ask for their help in monitoring your labs and progress. It will also show them where they can find medical research on the subject of your diagnosis and the effects of cannabis.

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My specialist in hormonal help: Dr. Genester Wilson-King, M.D. and Founder

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Brevard Neuro Center

(321) 733-2711

315 E. Nasa Blvd.

Melbourne, FL 32901.    

All opinions are my own and should not be mistaken as medical advice.

Here are some other helpful links as well:                                                    

(1) Microdosing – https://healer.com/cbd-cannabis-dosage-guide-project-cbd-interview-with-dr-sulak/

(2) Concentrates – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29307505/

(3) Cannabis Helps Dementia Podcast – Anchor.FM/cannabishelpsdementia

(4) Society of Cannabis Clinicians – https://www.cannabisclinicians.org/

(5) Take the Pledge – GreenTakeover.com

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(7) Dr. Angie Krause, DVM – BoulderHolisticVet.com

(8) The Cannigma Podcast = https://cannigma.com/podcast/behind-the-scenes-on-cannabis-normalization-with-jm-pedini/

(9) Curious About Cannabis Podcast = https://cacpodcast.com/

(10) The Big Book of Terps by Russ Hudson = thebigbookofterps.com

(11) Learn Sativa University = SativaUniversity.com


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