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Reverend Kelly Addison of Kelly’s Green Lounge

Spiritual Sunday, Sept. 25th with Miss Honey​

Marijuana Mind

with Dr. Justin Davis ​and “Lightning Rod” Cynthia Brewer​

Nov 13, 2021

Welcome Honey Smith Walls, this wonderful woman, a ‘cannabis shaman’ who hosts the Cannabis Verum podcast, which seeks to help bring truth to the use of cannabis. Hear her tell some of her story regarding cannabis and also hear Dr. Justin Davis and Cynthia Brewer speak with her about good patient care and so much more.


Periodic Effects

Wayne Schwind, the CEO & Founder of Periodic Edibles

Aug 11, 2022

Discussing how the propaganda of the past created such a strong stigma that still lingers today. Wayne is interviewed by Honey Smith Walls, host of the Cannaba Verum Podcast