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21st Century Cannabis Shaman

My love of cannabis hasn’t always been so obvious… but now that it can be demonstrated with impunity, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

At this marvelous age of 68, attending weekly public cannabis conferences (made available, live, online) scheduled with doctors and scientists in this industry is what fills my days.

A few of them are mentioned throughout my book in hopes that you will discover the wealth of knowledge they so freely give. They are known worldwide for their expertise in cannabis and there is much discussion of their latest discoveries in both laboratories and clinics.

There are requisite Master Classes that must be attended in order to retain certification by noted cannabis experts such as Dustin Sulak, D.O., author of  “Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians – Practices and Procedures”, and critical cannabis courses from his healer.com online school.


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The most valuable thing on the planet for lifting the quality of life for both humans and animals is cannabis, in my humble opinion. It’s all I can think about. It gives me hope for our planet now. The taxes on it will pay for EVERYTHING! And small business could be prosperous again… right alongside big business.

My first attempt at helping my own community understand this live plant therapy was by teaching in corporate settings to bring lots of awareness from the top down as fast as possible. Then the pandemic changed face to face live audiences so podcasting and my book became my megahorn.

Go ahead and chuckle… I’m practically stalking AMA pharmacists who are already cannabis experts to come on my show. I think they have the knowledge needed to help us figure out all those synthetic compounds mixing in our tummies… as well as what those 500+ chemicals in cannabis can do.  They can persuade other medical professionals to see the value in live plant therapies more convincingly than most anybody else.


I am not a doctor. I did not study the same course prerequisites to get through med school to become a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, like they did. They know soooo much more about your body and how synthetic drug therapies can help you than I do.

However, I do have 5 years of intense cannabis study in my head now. I am certified by DOs and MDs and various leading cannabis scientists known throughout the industry who teach the most current knowledge of the cannabis plant and how it can uplift the quality of life for humans and animals. They also have monthly continuing education seminars with exciting new discoveries in science to report, necessary to understand the burgeoning information and retain my certificates.

I am a 21st-century cannabis shaman. I’ll teach you how to understand the language of cannabis and how to use it safely and effectively. But I am not a doctor.

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Relevant Education

  • 2021 Monthly Continuing Certification Healer Education by Dustin Sulak, D.O.
  • 2021 Daily Cannabis News in politics, science, and historical information via podcasts such as: Marijuana Today Business and Politics, Great Moments in Weed History, Green Flower Nation, and Florida’s Cannabis News Podcast. All of these excellent informative shows can be heard wherever you listen to podcasts.
  • 2020 Certificate for Medical Cannabis for Pain Control by Elon Eisenberg, Professor of Neurology & Pain Medicine, Institute of Pain Medicine, Rambam Healthcare Campus, RamBam, Israel
  • 2020 Certificate by Dr. Dustin Sulak, D.O., Healer Conference- Including: Endocannabinoid System: How and Why Cannabis Works – The Pharmacology of Cannabis – All About Terpenes – Potential Therapeutic Effects Cannabis – Understanding Dosing and Absorption – Drug Interactions and Consumer Safety – Substance Use Disorders and Intoxication – Health Conditions – Dosage Programs –
  • Dosage Protocols and Methodologies – Cannabis Dosing Principles – Substance Use Disorders and Intoxication – Health Conditions – Dosage Programs – Dosage Protocols and Methodologies – Cannabis Dosing Principles – Dose-Response Effects 
  • Therapeutic Window – Combining THC, CBD, and Choosing Strains – Treatment Strategies – Benefits of Psychoactivity – Non-Psychoactive Strategies – General Guidelines for Patient Types – Condition-Specific Treatments and Example Cases.
  • 2020 Multiple Certificates by CulturEd, Denver, CO By Evan Erickson, Chief Training Officer
  • Cannabis Chemistry
  • Cannabis Horticulture
  • Introduction to OSHA for Cannabis
  • Cannabis Calendar & Checklist
  • Cannabis Dispensary and Grow Emergency Action Plan
  • 2020 Certificate Dr. Angie Krause, DVM Cannabis Therapy for Pets
  • 2020 Certificate by University of CO/Boulder, Coursera
  • History of Medical Cannabis
  • 2018 Certificates – Learn Sativa University – Orlando, FL
  • Advanced Dispensary Management
  • Advanced Chemical Extraction
  • Growing Medicinal Cannabis
  • Cannabis Agricultural Fundamentals
  • Not afraid of doctors, lawyers, legislators, or the stage.