CV 144 Origins Matter

I’ve been reading some historical stuff about medicine and cannabis and origins and the like… Origins are so interesting and often not what you’d expect.  

One of the main symbols in my logo is an ancient historical graphic depicting medicinal help. I’m referring to the Rod of Asclepius that I drew on top of a cannabis leaf. It’s a stick with a worm or a snake around it.

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CV 143 Frustrations

I made it through the New Year’s celebration of bombs bursting in air with 3 of my 5 dogs shivering uncontrollably in my lap with their nails digging into my thighs and arms, slobber drooling down my lap and legs and all 3 dogs hyper alert and panic in their eyes. But all those eight year old little boys in grown men’s bodies were happy

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CV 142 Consider This

I love what I’m learning. I couldn’t always say that… especially in high school and the limited college courses I took. They bored me to death and I hated reading. I didn’t realize till I was an old woman why. It’s physically difficult on my eyes… so I just stopped reading! That’s AWFUL for a human!  We just HAVE to educate ourselves in order to survive this planet as best we can and help those who struggle worse than we do! If you don’t know by now… surviving this planet IS our reason of life. To move the human story forward. To see how far we can go. What new adventures to try.

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CV 141 Saara Continues

We’re picking up the conversation with Sara Ullery down in Venice, Florida. And she is… if you’ll remember, a life sciences educator and arts administrator and a bio field practitioner as well as a cannabis expert. She’s got quite a story to tell us all. And it was fascinating the last time if you didn’t get to hear it. Go back and listen to the first episode. I think 140 It is. This is episode 141. So come on. Join us

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CV 140 Saara Ullery

I am so excited that you came today to listen to Sarah Ullery. She’s an entrepreneur and arts administrator, a life sciences educator, a bio field practitioner, sacred activist for global compassionate coherence and committed to being a leader co-creating shared values and promoting awareness of our inner capacity for wholeness. The Presensing Institute in 2017 brought together 17,000 change-makers from around the world to participate in a virtual program called Theory U…as in Theory University.

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CV 139 Dr. Codi Little Swimmers

Our topic today is the little swimmers! The truth of the matter is when we talk about pregnancy or cannabinoids, we always talk about how it engages with cannabinoid receptors. And these cannabinoid receptors, when we’re explaining them, are almost always on neurons or brain cells or nervous cells. And that’s fine. That’s a really easy way to conceptualize how this works.

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cannabispharmd codi peterson

CV 138 Dr. Codi Peterson

I have a very special friend in the cannabis industry who came to be my holiday gift to you. His name is Dr. Cody Peterson and I discovered him a little over a year ago on LinkedIn and I’ve been following his path ever since. Dr. Peterson is one of those amazing people who can teach the most intricate details in the most exciting way that connects the dots so easily for his students.

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CV 137 Our Drs Cry

I recently watched a panel of medical professionals discussing their working knowledge of cannabis with autistic kids.

When they explained the frustration they had trying to find treatment that was meaningful… I could hear them choke on sobs welling up. This was personal for some of those doctors. They were all professional friends… all empathetic to their personal plights…when their tones turned from professional knowledge to pleading parents.

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Honey Smith Walls December Rant

CV 136 December Update

The year is quickly coming to a close and I want to remind you of a few things we’ve learned over the last year concerning cannabis.

What we know for sure is that there are hardly any human clinical studies for the hundreds of chemicals inside the cannabis plant. But there are thousands of years of anecdotal testimony by people of every walk of life around the globe who advocate it’s benefits.

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