What is cannabis and how is it used?

Cannabis is an ancient planetary source of food, oil, fuel, material, intoxicant, and medication.

It has been used in every major society around the world and continues to serve humanity and the animal kingdom in many capacities, regardless of legality.

Notice the various sizes of cannabis growing alongside each other in the pictures. It grows according to how it’s planted… close together you’ll get long stemmed reeds without much medicinal compounds. Give the plant some room and snip the male buds at the right time and you’ll grow fat bushy female cannabis that can be produced into medicines and intoxicants. It’s the same thing. Now gather seeds from around the world and you’ll see the difference between varieties. Now look at the different terpenes in varieties and see how they present as added value to the medicinal help for many healthcare conditions.

Hemp and Marijuana are both cannabis.  The US government decided that cannabis grown with less than .03% THC would be considered legal hemp to use and sell over the counter (otc) as various forms of products to ingest.

This kind of hemp, grown for consumption, is the same as the long reedy hemp grown for its sinew. But when grown with specific farming methods, can be manipulated to grow differently for medical products. The adaptation of this plant is remarkable.

Note: All street weed sold in the illicit underground market is contaminated. At this point in history, most cannabis shelf products found in health food huts, gas stations, and box stores over the counter are contaminated as well and probably don’t have much (if any) value as medicine. There are no rules, regulations, or restrictions on those products and no scientific assays from testing.

Safe cannabis for ingestion is always grown with medicinal standards of quality and comes with a third-party lab test that verifies the product for content and contamination. One without the other is incomplete