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Honey Smith Walls

21st Century Cannabis Shaman
Member-Advocate in good standing with the
Society of Cannabis Clinicians
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Don’t know what to do next?

 Well here’s what the cannabis doctors would like for you to do:

  • Get your family physician’s diagnosis
  • Take it to a qualified cannabis doctor for help and factual info
  • Visit a responsible cannabis dispensary for product



Take The Guesswork Out Of CBD

After a decade of helping thousands of patients, Dr. Sulak understands how confusing it is to find quality CBD products and to know how to properly use them to get results. As is widely reported, many products are unsafe, ineffective, and do not contain the advertised amount of CBD.  Like you, he could not find products he could trust, until now. Healer Drops meet Dr. Sulak’s highest standards.

  • Each small batch is third-party tested to be free of harmful contaminants and accurately formulated from specially selected strains of hemp, organically farmed in Maine.
  • You will taste and feel the difference of the Healer Spectrum.  This patented process purifies and delivers more of the plant’s beneficial compounds so you can get better results from each drop.
  • Hemp affects everyone differently, so Dr. Sulak created a free, step-by-step Usage Guide and Response Tracker© to eliminate confusion on how much to take to get the best results.

Healer‘s mission is to help you feel and perform your best every day. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, return it within 30 days for your money back.

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Learn the history, politics, and science of cannabis as well as how to find your perfect product and dose. We take a deeper look at how to protect yourself from contamination while uplifting the quality of your life through this gentle plant therapy with certified cannabis expert, Honey Smith Walls.  

Helpful Downloads

good stuff you’ll want to have

You a little shy about talking to your family physician regarding cannabis? Well I have a Dear Doctor Letter for you to email or hand to her that explains all that. Give it to her with a smile. Download this free copy of a letter you may use as your own. 

Would you like a painless way to play a big part in mending our planet? If we ask for the right things, we can make a huge difference. Talk to your grocer with a letter you can download here. 

Are you ready to learn how to recognize and overcome unexpected illness and the anxiety associated with an unknown future and numerous side effects from synthetic prescriptions?

Get a taste of the journey with my upcoming book, “Cannaba Verum, Cannabis Truth of a Sage”… by listening to an audio of the first chapter…


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