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Cannaba Verum

Honey Smith Walls

Honey Smith Walls, Cannabis Shaman

PottyPotPot talk about Cannabis

*Learn How To Use Cannabis 

*Find Your Proper Dose 

*Tame Your Thc 

*Mitigate Street Weed Damage

*Save Your Cash!  

All on the Cannaba Verum Podcast... available on iTunes and Spotify or wherever you listen!



Cannaba Verum Podcast

and Blog

Fascinating chat about the value of cannabis in our world and using it medicinally with host, Honey Smith Walls, Cannabis Educator and owner of Cannaba Verum, LLC, an educational company in Melbourne, FL.

Cannabis Shaman

About Honey Smith Walls

After studying the live plant cannabis for 5 years from books, lectures, and online courses of some of the greatest cannabis scientists of today's era, the obvious implications are to spread the information as quickly as possible. My story of becoming a cannabis shaman is meant to inspire your help within this mission.

Coming Soon! In Partnership with:

New affiliate educational institutions where I garnered my foundation in cannabis truth; Cannaba Verum! Some of these institutions are traditional like University of Colorado/Boulder and the Technion Institute in Jerusalem. But others are only newly famous in my industry and circle of friends. Their cannabis certifications have been instrumental in understanding the foundation of growing a live medicinal plant for society and relaying its import.

I am partnering with educational institutions and other companies I personally like, trust, and agree with their philosophy because I think people are patients and must be gently treated. 

I am so pleased to provide quality services and products for you to consider. These are not for everybody. I really hope people who want to help change our society will take notice and realize this industry is wide open for all kinds of older people struggling to survive, with all skill levels, experience, and talent. So if this path is appealing to you or maybe to someone you know... please shine a light.

The attraction for older nurturing women like me, who need a new idea for an income, in a short amount of time with extremely affordable options online (many still FREE), seems promising.  Cannabis study and helping others learn how to use it effectively makes you an instant leader in this brand new industry, no matter where you are in the country. 

Part of my mission is to help women like me become independent with their own stream of income, while enjoying the reward of knowing what a difference this information will make in so many lives... yours included. I'm not saying it's easy or completely free... but it IS possible to do something new and important in this world right now, that will help you and a lot of people feel better with a little education on the subject.

Look for my eBook called, The Language of Cannabis, coming out soon. And I'll begin introducing my affiliate partners too, which is another way I have an income stream. They pay me if you click on the special button and they give you a discount as well!  Win Win Win! Then, of course, I hope you'll enjoy learning about cannabis as much as I did. The new learning platforms are fun and you go at your own pace. And the tests, even at 66, were doable;) 

Have courage to change your life and help others. You can do this if you're interested. I know. Because I just did! And it would only take you a few months instead of years, like me. Because I'm going to show you where to apply, what books to start reading, and the necessary tools for understanding the Language of Cannabis. 

And to help you begin the conversation with your personal physician on your own path to a better quality of life, click on the button below to print out a Dear Doctor letter.

Dear Doctor
I'd like your support.

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