CV 005 Top 4 Concerns

October 1, 2020

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Hi this is Honey with some Cannaba Verum for you today… In just a minute I’m going to tell you the 4 most important things to know about Cannabis… but first… let me go get my cup of coffee… I’ll be right back.

Segment 2

I’m still feeling a little PTSD from the shitshow we were victimized with in the Presidential Debate That Wasn’t the other night.  So in an effort to straighten the world back up… I want to be very clear about several things…

I’m here to talk about Cannabis. I’m not a doctor… but I probably know more about cannabis than most doctors… At this point, I’ve been in intensive study for the past 4 years… and most doctors have never had a single class on the subject because of it’s Federal prohibitions as a Schedule 1 drug.

There are so many exciting things happening in this new world of cannabis therapy.  The language will seem silly and foreign at times… but that’s why I’m here… to help you understand it all. 

We’ll grow in this new space together. And I’ll keep you informed of the most important stuff up front… and we can do deep dives into all the details as well, through interviews with leading scientists, legislators, Medical Marijuana Practitioners, and local cannabis business owners.

And there’s one more thing you need to know… I don’t charge for patient information about cannabis… ever. I don’t charge anybody for anything. But I do have an affiliate program page on my website at where I curate all kinds of things I think my particular audience will enjoy and use. So check out my website to see what I think you’d find interesting enough to click on… These companies pay me… you never will. And they don’t up-charge you for the privilege. It’s a good deal for everyone.

I want you to find great cannabis value in this program by telling you the 4 most important things you need to know about the plant, whether you’re an old hippie or just starting out… yer gonna learn a lot here…

So here are the 4 most important Cannabis considerations:

Cannabis Safety,    MMJvsHemp,    HowToUseIt,    TamingThc

Cannabis Safety!  

It’s a live Plant – Not like Big Pharma poppin out synthetic pills…it gets contaminated by molds, mildews, bacteria, pesti’s, herbi’s, fungi’s, heavy metals)

But now let me say, there’s never been a death recorded from Cannabis in the history of the world… but about 100 people die every year from peanut allergies. 

Marijuana… safer than peanuts. Google it.

However… autopsies have proven the death of many who had compromised immune systems from traditional cancer therapy when Aspergillius mold killed them. It was found in their lungs.

Cannabis is a live plant that has a multitude of issues to overcome in order to present safely for consumption… So strict regulation and compliance must be kept in order to protect the public from harm. 

Did you know your federal government already owns over a dozen cannabis patents [1] (#[2] ) since the 40’s… while they continue to keep it regulated out of our reach? Google it.

So how to overcome the prospect of contaminated cannabis? 

Simple!  3rd Party Lab-Testing.  That’s the only way. 

Science can stamp a molecule[3] (#[4] ) now so lab-testing cannabis and tracking isn’t that big of a deal… not with the right Federal Leadership anyway. 

This next is very important… so HEAR me…

Make sure any Cannabis you buy has been 3rd Party Lab-tested for contamination before you buy and ingest it.  All Florida dispensaries will have to do that process by law…. but not CBD stores!  So don’t buy ANY  CBD products unless they can prove what’s in the package with contamination-free lab test results! 

Consider alllllll street weed and gas station/dollar store CBD products contaminated. They will harm you. And you’re throwing your money away. Put that product down and go to the next place to check for lab results.  This is true across the U.S.   None of the products have been federally approved by the FDA that I know of so it’s a wild wild world out there and buyer beware.

Medical Marijuana vs Hemp

Which Cannabis to choose? A little general background on the plants:

Look at it like this: Cannabis has two daughters: Hemp & Marijuana[5] (#[6] ).  We made Marijuana “Medical” because of the exciting high… and left the calm CBD in Hemp available over-the-counter. The cannabis “sisters” both have over 400 compounds and some overlapping properties.  Both are good for pain, both help nausea, both help sleep… but they work in different ways. Hemp can relieve swelling so then pain goes away. But it’s not as good for acute pain like headaches for which Marijuana has some real power. And they’re both good for a variety of other things like arthritis pain and IBS. The reason cannabis works so well for so much is because you have a receptor system running throughout your body and brain that cannabis binds to. Just not in the area that controls your breathing. So it can never stop your breathing like opioids.

So What are yer issues? Pain from inflammation or acute pain from other issues?

Hemp is great for Anxiety… Or… Should you try some Over the Counter CBD from a HealthFood Store or hemp shop? Welllll… I heartily recommend doing a little research on your own.  Start at my website at

Figure out what your issues are… Pain from inflammation is well served by using Hemp products. Patients of PTSD and Anxiety are well served by Hemp products. A good CBD product has lab test proof on box… then, and only then, consider what they say about the product and their technology to bring an excellent medicinal therapy to you.

The costly MMJ route with the Out-of-Pocket $100.+ purchase of a new doctor’s appointment, $75. State Card, and expensive Dispensary products… btw, those dispensaries are still struggling to overcome banking issues… some still can’t use debit and cc’s, but they’re working on it. Thanks Schedule 1.

Marijuana is great for PTSD [7] (#)because it can relieve recurring, intrusive, negative memories and thoughts for awhile.  But does not affect your long-term memory.  Ya know those nights you wake up and can’t get back to sleep because of those damn looping thoughts that mean nothing but aggravation? A puff of your vape pen or drop of tincture will have you back to sleep in a minute. And you’ll feel like getting up in the morning.

3. This is Guinea Pig Science – There are Rules of MicroDosing – Ya Start Low/Go Slow/Then Titrate up/ and Record

I gotta say, medicating with Cannabis isn’t like your regular synthetic handful of pills. You’re going to have multiple overwhelming choices of different styles of medicines that may or may not do the same intended thing… but until you try it, test it, titrate up and down and record your findings, we won’t know what your perfect dose and method of delivery is…how much and how many times per day did you consume raw flower,a  vape cartridge, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, transdermal skin patch, nose spray, drink additive, etc… and/or in what variety or bundle?  See? A little overwhelming and I’ve been a patient going to dispensaries for a couple years. I’m still shy about asking questions about new stuff cause I haven’t gotten round to all the old stuff yet!

4. Taming yer Thc, if ya want.

Marijuana is NOT good for anxiety.[8] (#[9] )  But you can find a happy balance taming[10]  Marijuana[11] (#[12] ) for your anxiety by using CBD with it in equal amounts to start, more if ya need it, to manage pain! You’ll be figuring out what ratio works best for you… 1/1 or higher… 10/1 and so on.  Using a journal to figure this out will get you there fastest. Just noting the details so you can see it all at a glance in a day or two, maybe a week, when you see the comparative answers. Won’t take long and you’ll be glad you titrated your meds this way.  You’ll always stay in control of your mind this way.


Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

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