CV 006 An Ancient Story

October 8, 2020

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I want to tell you little story….

Of where my people say they came…

My words say only what they tell me…

And then you feel the victim’s pain.

It’s ancient tribal time I’m telling

When only few lived side by side

Because surviving was a struggle

When years were good and time was kind.

I heard commotion from the garden

Where children three played in the shade.

I stood to see a sickle slice them

And knew the farm was under raid.

I made way cross the field to big stream

Our people gone, all dead and burned.

as trembling fear filled day in bad dream.

I’m now the only life unturned.

I found a small girl from my village.

She comes with me now in her pain

Her family killed for farm and creatures

Her choice like mine now much the same.

The search is long for place to settle,

No trust of strangers as we were.

We would have starved but for the seed oil

And now we need new place on earth.

We traded seeds for place on sail boat.

It got us far from home of pain

Our seeds would grow so many riches

New world for us but not the same.

We grew the seeds and made the roping

The oils kept fires bright at night

The smoke would lift our lowly spirit

And keep the men from want of fight.

We made strong cloth from fibers woven

Our seeds grew more than just an oil

The village gained from all its glory

The plant would live from village toil.

From field to village this seed came

And prosperity happened to all

For use of this plant we are happy,

And please let it not be forestalled.

This old poem passed down from mother to mother of how cannabis started to travel around the world through tragedy, circumstance, and the entrepreneurial spirit of a woman in need… the mother of all invention.

Selling cannabis oil for fires, rituals, cloth and medicines, the ancient woman could have lived…and bartered or bought what she needed. She would have been called upon to heal the many painful issues of the day with her herbal remedies. And she would have used the fibers in creative ways to make papers and rope and jewelry to sell.  The commerce from the fibers and oils of those tiny seeds… the same one we know now are considered by science as a whole food because its packed with so much nutrition. [1] (#[2] )

So much…. that one could subsist off of cannabis seeds if one had to.  Ask Shiva. (#)

From the beginning of written word when the first pharmacopeia[4] (#[5] ) called the Pen Tsao Ching was invented to list all herbal remedies known to mankind at that time…2700 years before the birth of Jesus, telling the stories and giving us great detail in usage of cannabis for calming all kinds of issues, including the swollen uterus of an English queen in monthly pain. It was written even then, that Cannabis would quell seizures and become a treatment of rheumatic pain, constipation, and malaria and so much more. With this wide variety of curatives and creative uses, cannabis was utilized worldwide.

In all major societies and religions. Check out the canna bosm told in Catholic liturgy when god directs Moses to use it as an anointing oil. Cannabis is a type of grass that has manufacturing, practical, and medicinal value. And this is where you can learn about the long road this plant has travelled.

I want you to know the most important facts about medicinal cannabis so you don’t overdo, you always stay in control, and you get the very best results. Then we’re gonna stay on top of the politics so you know how and who to vote for to get proper support in your government agencies for the kind of loving nation we wanna be. Love must win!

Like last night I saw Kamala Harris debate the current VP and she said she would instantly de-schedule Marijuana. Not only would it heal so many issues for patients, it would instantly jump start the economy and bring back tens of thousands of jobs in manufacturing.  Think of the tiny hemp houses that could be built for less than the price of an old used car! Think of the renewable (crops every four months!) energy for cars! Henry Ford BUILT cars outta hemp! Another guy took those plans from the twenties and built a new model a few years back. Google Jay Leno Pot Car and see for yourself! (#?)

The fact of the cannabis matter is that science has finally busted through our pre-programmed minds and we’re able to see what the truth is from their clinical trials and RCT’ s. Because this grass is really good for humanity and animals.

If you don’t wanna use it, that’s fine.  I don’t get a flu shot every year. I don’t trust it. But I’m not stopping YOU from getting one. So I expect the same courtesy whether it’s for my pot or my abortion. Keep your opinions outta my rights as a human.

Poor California is burning down and all their pot crops with it… even if the crops are not lost, the whole state smells like wood smoke with burned chemicals too… and nobody will buy that product. They’re gonna need to import but the law doesn’t allow.

See why voting the right people in who understand the issues and don’t listen to the old propaganda is so important? Society has already decided they want to use cannabis again. So now we have to put the best people in leadership positions to carry out the will of the people. That’s us.  Plan your Vote!!

Last couple of things I wanna remind you about is cannabis safety and the ‘Be a Hero’ free documentation you can get to change the cannabis culture in your neck of the woods today! It’s important and just takes a few minutes of action. You can do it and everybody will be grateful that you did!

Remember that cannabis isn’t like regular meds that are synthetic and processed into pills. Cannabis is a live plant therapy. So there is a lot that can go wrong in the process that might not be good for you. I’m talking about contamination[6] (#[7] ). Molds, mildews, bacteria, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and heavy metals…. If you’re already a patient with a weakened immune system, that shit can kill you! Autopsies have already proved it. So to find clean cannabis, purchase from Florida licensed dispensaries who have to 3rd party lab-test all their products to prove no contamination. So you’re safe there. But not true with OTC Hemp products like CBD tincture, leaf, or edibles! They don’t have to comply with any standards because it’s not yet regulated. Do NOT buy your hemp products from gas stations and dollar stores! They’re worthless. Do buy from well established companies who 3rd part lab-test their products before sales. They care about your health and client loyalty to their product. That’s the secret to buying a good product that has no contamination and proves what they say is in the product. ie: 300 mg CBD Broad Spectrum… that means they used some of the 400+ compounds found in the cannabis plant but not all. Full Spectrum means they used all. Isolate means it’s only one compound, like CBD. 3rd Party Lab-Test!! Don’t forget. And if you want a good product to start with… try American Shaman in Satellite beach off A1A or check out Charlotte’s Web CBD online.  I’ve used both products in any different ways and for various issues and think they both work really well. Don’t do edibles. Ya lose too much of the meds when it goes thru yer gut and it’s already expensive so don’t waste yer Med money! There are better ways to consume cannabis without wasting it.

The last thing I wanna mention is the free documentation I have available for you to be a real hero… if you’re already a MMPatient and have upcoming surgery, week in the hospital, the two weeks rehab….

You think those facilities will let you use yer cannabis? They won’t.  Because cannabis is still federally illegal and they all have compliance issues from government funding they’d be terrified of losing. But there are some big Florida institutes who already utilized these documents… (Hello Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa) so I wanna make sure we rinse and repeat. Go to my website at and download these actionable documents of Protocols and Procedures, Patient Release Form, and letter to admin if you don’t wanna write your own… and get them to your local facilities. Do it for yourself, your elder family members, your sickly kids who may need cannabis relief too.

Be a Hero.



Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

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  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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