MoC 039 Nurse Bambi Part Two

May 31, 2021

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This is Honey Smith Walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman and host of two weekly podcast productions, Canada verum, which means cannabis truth in Latin, as well as moment of clarity, which dives a little deeper into a subject. You’ll learn how to use the cannabis plant effectively. Find your proper dose, tame THC. If you need to mitigate damage from street weed, avoid contamination, and save your cash. If you’re exhausted from body aches, dangerous potential drug interactions, and crippling brain fog, then stay tuned for some amazing information you can always verify with proof by scientific data, guests from within the cannabis industry will enlighten and expand your ideas about the validity of this plant for our society. Thank you for joining me, let’s get to it.

Unknown 1:20

Hey, my friends, I just wanted to let you know that this is the continuation part two, if you will, of my conversation with nurse Bambi an LPN from Missouri. And she’s here to finish our conversation about what the differences are in the cannabis world up there in Missouri, as as opposed to down here in Florida and what we get to enjoy. So thanks for stepping back into this conversation with us. We had such a good time, here we go.

Unknown 1:59

I have no idea where we left off. And you just caught me in the middle of a puff while I was waiting for you to. But please go on and tell us about you know, we were talking about fear and your mom, even though you know so much about the pharmacology of, you know, and of cannabis and how it affects people and about the body itself as a nurse. And yet you can’t convince your own Mom,

Unknown 2:32

I can’t. And I have tried on numerous occasions. And I think that once I nail it down to my mom has diabetes, and she’s insulin dependent. And we’ve talked about this over and over how we could find her something to help help her with, you know, her diabetes and with other health issues she has. I’m not done trying. I’ll never be done trying. I will continue to talk to her about it. Whether she likes it or not. I mean, I that’s just how it is. There are certain topics to avoid at a dinner table. Well, this is not one of them. I think it needs to be brought up. I think it needs education needs to be done. And I think breaking the stigma will work with some people but it may not with others. And that’s okay. We just have to be okay with that.

Unknown 3:28

Yeah, you know, there are a lot of podcasts about cannabis. And even leafly is one of them. which, like you I really like and admire. Their information is, is really great. Um, sometimes I have a disagreement with them. But yeah, very often, and then it’s only minor. So because they’re, they’re becoming a huge, powerful Corporation in this cannabis industry. And I hope they can stay true to the plant. Oh, no, I

Unknown 4:06


Unknown 4:07

I absolutely hope that and like, like, whenever how I think I should explain how we even met because I got friends. I got two of my best friends that are family. We are sisters. You know, we talk about it. We are all medical card holders. We are all each at a different level in our journey. And I think everybody has their own journey when it comes to cannabis. Your cane sisters,

Unknown 4:35

aren’t you?

Unknown 4:37

Okay, my sister. So whenever we made our group on Facebook, I made the group I named it, you know, we talked about it. I named it and I thought, oh my goodness, I never looked to see if there was another group named caymus sisters. Well, when I did, I found you and I was like, Oh my gosh, she she’s in four But I embody her, like everything she talks about, I support everything that this lady is about, and I want her with us. I want I want her to be a part, you know. And

Unknown 5:16

it was so wonderful when you reached out to me, because the whole reason and my audience doesn’t really know what we’re talking about yet. But let me tell you, we both Bambi has the Missouri chapter of Qaeda sisters on Facebook. And I have the Florida chapter.

Unknown 5:41

Chapters at the time. Now,

Unknown 5:43

I didn’t realize it until you and I talked, but it’s wonderful. And I was reaching out to women Exactly. Like you with heinous sisters. And it’s just, you know, I’ve got several different little Facebook pages, I’ve got my little personal page, you know, that’s just on my name. And then I’ve got my business page, that’s Canada, verum, on Facebook. And then I’ve got my musical page, because I’ve got a band and we play ancient, early music from like the 12th and 13th century. So we’ve got that little Facebook page for the medieval gypsies. And then I started the qeynos sisters page looking for you, and your sisters, and all the other women who I could just have really great conversations with, about being women on this planet, about having interest in the cannabis industry as a whole. No matter what you want to do with it, no matter how you utilize it. I want to know how, you know, it’s affecting your life. And, and I think qeynos sisters, anybody else out there in Facebook world who wants to start a another state chapter of qeynos sisters and hook up with Bambi? And may please do? Because, you know, we need each other?

Unknown 7:20

Yes. And education is the key. It

Unknown 7:23

really is.

Unknown 7:25

It really is when when me and my girls decided to do this. We had to sit down and think well, what is our goal here? What What do we want to do with? We want to teach people that it’s okay, your journeys, okay, there’s no wrong way to use just plant and survive. There’s absolutely no wrong way. And so we thought that we would do like our own ideas and our own discoveries of the different strains and how we felt after we used it, what it did to our bodies, we were kind of putting ourselves in a little guinea pigs situation.

Unknown 8:02

Well, I think it’s wonderful to let your audience be a fly on the wall and watch that process. Because a lot of us learn by example, right?

Unknown 8:15

Absolutely. I’m one of those. I need stuff in black and white or any video. first hand knowledge of it.

Unknown 8:25

And I want somebody to hold my hand while I go adventuring off. You know, the clip. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown 8:32

Exactly. I will say that I’m more of an IndyCar girl.

Unknown 8:35


Unknown 8:37

I am not.

Unknown 8:40

Tell me what you mean by that. Because you’re more of an indigo girl because and for our audience members who are not aware, there are three different cannabis plants. Let me just give a teeny little lesson here. cannabis is the parent plant of three children. sativas No, no, I’m sorry, hemp, marijuana and ruderalis. And all three of those children have over 500 compounds in them. And the different varieties that grow are in sub categories of sativas and indicas. And our industry has decided that sativa varieties of cannabis in both hemp and marijuana and ruderalis the stepchild we never talked about that grows up in Russia that nobody knows anything about. And oh, by the way, that hemp sister she’s the good girl who goes to school and gets on And studies and and you know does everything all of her chores and marijuana. She’s the naughty sister who never studies and makes DS and C’s and wild girl and ghost parties sneaks out all the time. So that’s kind of how we think of the cannabis sisters and the stepchild ruderalis. And, and they all have sativa varieties and indika varieties. So there you go, my dear. Now continue on, you said you’re more of an indigo girl. I am Blaine what that means to our audience,

Unknown 10:34

okay, so when you get into the details, that’s more of your daytime medication that normally has the abilities to kind of give you energy makes you more creative. Um indicas are more or less kinda like your bed time meds, makes you more relaxed helps you sleep. And now you can also get a hybrid together with the hybrids, you might get some that lean more towards indika more towards the pelvis or you might get one straight down the middle. Good point for me, I I like the indicators better because that was one of the main things I was looking for in my journey, which was I have insomnia. I battled it for years now. And so I was looking for something to help me sleep to come off of sleeping meds to help me relax to help me just go to sleep and sleep all night. So enlisted. How’s

Unknown 11:40

that possible with four kids?

Unknown 11:46

It’s, it’s a little hard. So

Unknown 11:47

you really need it. Yeah, you really needed help with sleep apnea.

Unknown 11:51

I really did. And no, to my two youngest twins, both of them are ADHD. And it took me a very long time to even remotely think about pharmaceuticals with them. And now I’m looking at

Unknown 12:09

you just live with that crazy didn’t Yeah,

Unknown 12:10

right. Right. And so now I’m leaning towards more of a natural approach. Trying to with them. Right. And especially at bed time they get a CBD gummy to go to bed.

Unknown 12:23

And what have you found? Really,

Unknown 12:25

they sleep all night long.

Unknown 12:28

So I didn’t realize that they were having problems with their sleep, but oh my god, of course they would.

Unknown 12:33

Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown 12:35

Honey, how many milligrams? Um, you know, everybody’s different. But how many milligrams Did you finally find that it takes for them to help them?

Unknown 12:44

I give them a it’s I break it and acids about 12 and a half milligrams of CBD gummy a night.

Unknown 12:52

God desperately nothing.

Unknown 12:54

Right, right. Incredible. But I also told them, hey, if that 12 and a half don’t work, let me know. I will give you a whole one.

Unknown 13:02

But oh my god, that’s just wonderful news. I just I just love hearing a mother hearing about a mother helping their child because God only knows where the ADHD comes from. You know? Yeah, maybe it’s in the milk that we give them for their cereal, maybe it’s in their cereal, maybe it’s in the corn that we grow. Maybe it you know, God knows where it comes from. But when they get it, they need help for it. And why synthetic drug that compounds other issues is not the right answer.

Unknown 13:36

No, no. And my husband has a DD so it might even come down to hereditary it might. You know, we just don’t really know. That’s and that was the thing. Like I was just looking for something more natural to help them sleep. Melatonin wasn’t working anymore. Because you know, sometimes they just did

Unknown 13:59

it eventually. I mean, did it originally melatonin? It did originally have I heard that about melatonin that it will stop working after not very long.

Unknown 14:11

I had I had heard that.

Unknown 14:14

I really I have to.

Unknown 14:16

I think it’s like any other medication. Once you use a certain dosage or that medication for so long. It will eventually stop working. Either that dose or that medication. I feel like that sometimes that may have been what it was. And I know some parents with younger kids. I actually saw this firsthand with a mom and was given her kids Benadryl at night. And yeah, I do I can’t do that. I actually saw a kid

Unknown 14:46

for the histamine right that makes you sleep Yeah,

Unknown 14:49

right. Yeah, I watched the kid have withdrawals. All the bins oh

Unknown 14:53

yeah man.

Unknown 14:56

And I don’t want I did not want that. at all for my kids. So I decided to do a more did naturally

Unknown 15:09

find a different treatment, right, that has anecdotal 1000s of years of added to the good effects. Right, right. And I know that I know what I’ve seen in my kids, I know that they are sleeping all night. And, you know, that is so and sleep is so important. In India, the bond that the mothers gave their children is equivalent to exactly what you’re giving your kids, you know, they would use fresh cannabis and put it in milk and at goat milk and soak it and soak it and soak it and, and then rents it and rents it and, and just keep diluting that, that with more goat milk until they just had a time of cannabis and then they fed it to their children regularly as an antidote for it’s everything that fevers and in absolute desperation. In theory, say that about your kids.

Unknown 16:35

They are my kids are great. Um, it’s just it’s so funny to me. Because, you know, my, my daughter is not just 18 and a senior in high school. She’s a 4.0 student, she’s valedictorian this year, she’s grad her last week of school this week. And she’s graduating in a couple of weeks. So, you know, I think that the mentality that, you know, stoner moms are lazy and that we don’t, our children are going to be two is so wrong, because I’m here to prove my student, as a Canada mom. And I’m proud of that.

Unknown 17:18


Unknown 17:18

I am absolutely 100% proud of that.

Unknown 17:21

Furthermore, as you should be, but Furthermore, you are a contributing citizen, to your community, by the services that you perform in your career on a daily basis. And then you step out and volunteer as well. So, you know, I’m so glad that you pointed out that those ridiculous propagandized ideas of stoner mom’s like you said, and and people who, who live by cannabis, by the relief of cannabis are ne’er do wells. And, you know, not upstanding citizens. That’s ridiculous.

Unknown 18:10

That’s absolutely so so ridiculous. Like, I can’t even it just makes me upset. And we have that’s the cycle that we have to break. We have to break that somehow, someway.

Unknown 18:25

So what what would you do you see any flaws in the system in Missouri that you have? Oh, what do you want to get fixed first?

Unknown 18:37

I know that in legislative matters in Jefferson City and our Capitol, I mean, they’re doing a lot with banking. One problem, right. And I think that’s a big issue. I think that every state and every town needs to work at decriminalizing the plant. I’m so tired of seeing people walk away with five $600 fines, or having a little bit less than a gram of weed on them. Like this is crazy to me. That’s that. That’s that mentality of three strikes and you’re out. Unfortunately,

Unknown 19:17

that was our President Biden’s supporting idea too many years ago. I know. He’s got a lot to make up for. And hopefully we’ll hopefully he’s you know, he’s on the right track and seeing all these women in his cabinet is real hopeful and impressive for trying to get things you know, moving and shake and and change and I love mama and Camila and all her her energy.

Unknown 19:49

I think too, that our education it through all throughout the US is lacking on the planet. I think that our I Our law enforcement is amazing. I have utmost respect for law enforcement, but education with them needs to be one of our top priorities.

Unknown 20:12

Yeah, and I think just changing the philosophy of our law enforcement, law enforcement is one thing and and correcting a violent situation is another. Absolutely. So we really need to start giving our air our police forces, the the full human set of tools to deal with every type of human situation they’re going to go to.

Unknown 20:43

Absolutely, absolutely.

Unknown 20:46

What’s in the psychologists police person in first?

Unknown 20:51

Uh, yeah, like, and I think that, I think that even though I do love our law enforcement, I think that every year they need to be retrained and given an update on how to be human. On half Yeah, with humans. And in every split. And I would only in my mind, I have the hoax, and I can’t lose my hope that that would help in some way. And I think that, that in the state of Missouri, I think that we need to catch up, we’re playing catch up with a lot of states, with our medical marijuana program. We’re not where we should be.

Unknown 21:35

And yet, there’s a lot of people behind you, too, they don’t even know what’s coming their way.

Unknown 21:41

I think that we are like, we still have dispensaries that aren’t even open. And I realized COVID took it’s a hard toll on everyone. I actually lost my aunt, in the beginning of December due to COVID. So to all your listeners, I am so sorry. If you lost someone, I promise, I promise. It’s hard. And we’re, I’m here like I feel your pain. I realize it so I just want to send my condolences out to them.

Unknown 22:14

And that was so precious of view. And so many people have lost loved ones didn’t Did you tell me that you’re in hospice care. Now.

Unknown 22:28

I did that in hospice for me. And I loved it. I loved I loved both of them. Because, you know, we didn’t just have one age group with either one of them either. It was all walks of life I had everywhere in hospice from a baby to 100 years old. Oh, my goodness. So and then with home health, same thing. You know, we have pediatrics and we had again, up to 100. You know, we had geriatrics. And that was, that was actually I enjoyed my job. And I know I was good at my job. And whenever I was diagnosed, this was a big thing. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and oh my gosh. And it took its toll out like it had already went to my brain start having seizures and Bambi. And the thing is what makes me mad about that, and a lot of us that still have the lingering effects from what we refer to as chronic Lyme. But we can’t be diagnosed with that. Because according to all of you know, the government that doesn’t exist. And I’m going to say firsthand, Yes, it does. Yes, it does. Start government

Unknown 23:47

says Lyme disease does not exist. It says chronic Lyme,

Unknown 23:52

chronic Lyme, they see it as an acute as an acute symptom or an acute disease that you can get rid of with antibiotics. Well, Lyme disease is very smart. what that has done is made itself biofilm around it and it hides in our organs. And most of the people what I’ve read and studies that have actually been done is if you take the brain of an Alzheimer patient and test it 99% of the time they’re going to come back with Lyme disease.

Unknown 24:26

I have a close friend whose his doctors kept saying Alzheimer’s and he kept thinking Lyme. It’s Lyme. He really felt like it was Lyme disease.

Unknown 24:39

It is and it affects your body in so many different ways. And I actually end up with an essential tremor in my right arm in my right hand. I did not that’s when I stopped with my nursing career. I quote unquote retired and because I couldn’t feel Feel Good job that I, I wanted to do, right? Because I might hurt a patient. So I changed my, my ideas and now I’m pouring my brain and my my everything into, you know helping patients in a different way.

Unknown 25:22

Well, nurse Bambi Yeah, you know, you will always be nurse Bambi

Unknown 25:29

why I can’t get rid of that nurse mine like my nurse brain is

Unknown 25:32

never will that that was that was imprinted upon you you never lose that you are, you are the caretaker. And right. And that’s what makes? Well, that’s why we’re always so grateful for any woman that wants to be a nurse and have you know, any degree or a caretaker? Whatever. It’s such hard human work. Absolutely.

Unknown 25:57

And, you know, I know that. The other thing for me personally is when people talk about high school dropouts, and how they’re not going to amount to anything Oh, you dropped out of high school, you know, oh, they just write you off. Well, I’m going to tell you from experience. I quit high school my junior year in October. In December, I had my GED like I worked full time for a year and then I went to nursing school, it can be done. Ah

Unknown 26:34

Nobody said it was easy, but it can be done. It can be done. Well so tell me did did using cannabis, help your tremors and then your issues? It does.

Unknown 26:52

Um, if I if I use cannabis, I noticed that my tremor goes away. Um unless I what I’ve noticed though is listed he was it gives me a little bit hyper. And if I’m hyper then my tremor is worse. So that’s why I lean more towards an end to end

Unknown 27:11

because because they’re more calming on your system for the terpenes and stuff that are in inside.

Unknown 27:20

And I say my favorite strain so far out is gelato. I love gelato. It has done amazing things. And I can’t speak enough highly about that that strain. It’s just it has it has really changed my life a big outlook on what’s out in our dispensaries right now. Okay, so

Unknown 27:47

so Missouri has dispensaries are they do they have to third party lab test their product for contamination like ours do?

Unknown 27:58

Yes. So the cultivation they send it and have it tested. Okay, where it goes into the dispensary?

Unknown 28:05

I see. Um,

Unknown 28:07

I know that they we that’s something that we are lacking. I we do not have very many testing facilities in the state. I think we have to, oh, I could be mistaken. But I think there’s only a couple and I really interesting from my experience, I’ve went to five different dispensaries just checking them out, checking out their products. Yeah, and there’s only been one that I’ve been to where the weed was a little subpar. But they have fixed that issue. They have picked it up and made it right with with everyone. And whenever I bought it I am What I’m talking about is the weed was not dried. The marijuana was not dried, I actually had to bring it home and cure it myself. Um, I think they everybody was rushing, rush, rush rush. Let’s get this out to patients get it out, get it out, get it out. And some things were overlooked. But you’re when you’re in the beginning stages of that. Those things that are overlooked are still crucial, but it’s important to fix it you learn from your mistakes and you fix it

Unknown 29:20

when the dispensaries have first opened up around me and by the way, I’m in Melbourne, Florida and there are five dispensaries within three minutes to 20 minutes away from me.

Unknown 29:34

Oh gosh that must be nice. My closest dispensary is over an hour

Unknown 29:38

say and when it first started down here my first dispensary was over an hour away and I was happy to travel down there and park my car in you know in the industrial section of town that scared the shit out of me is an old woman and walk across a busy street to this strip mall where there was this little, you know, tiny little office that you could walk into. And then these big gorillas would Frisk you and, and you’d stand in an isolated room where you were locked in while they checked you out and check your ID and check your card made sure you didn’t have any guns on you, and may just sign three sheets of paper that said, you would act like a responsible citizen being that add a mind in your body and not act like a fool coming in there. And then they would finally let you in and call you by your first name, even though you’re older than their grandmother. And, you know, and then originally, they had a lot of people who wanted to counsel you. Yeah, I’m not sure I’m seeing quite that much counseling going on anymore. The way they used to take in a room and, you know, and sit you down and let you ask all the questions you want to you’re, you know, satisfied.

Unknown 31:04

But most of the dispensaries around here, if you walk in, you have your own individual what they call bud tender, which we love our bud tenders shout out to our bud tenders. They are usually very, very good. If you have a question about a strain. Take it from me, they probably know. Do you know you don’t have to?

Unknown 31:24

Do they have tip jars out?

Unknown 31:26

They do some places? and some don’t. Some do.

Unknown 31:29

Yeah. done here, too. I don’t I don’t I don’t care for that. I think that act is is ridiculous. It and I’ll tell you why. Because I don’t want to tip my pharmacist. Right. And our bud tenders really are cannabis pharmacists are telling you about their products that they have learned about. And they have probably used and, and they know what the effects are going to be like on the majority of people because of all of the data that’s come in the lab lab lab, I was going to tell you about leafly. I like what leafly has to say, but even leafly has this ridiculous. If you’re not 18, you can’t come peek inside my shop. And yet, you know, feel free to go watch the evening news where, you know, the former president would talk about, Well, you know what he talked about? And so, you know, the dichotomy of those two, those things just makes me stutter. Anyway, absolutely. Now,

Unknown 32:35

I get questions a lot whenever I’m helping patients, which I’ve spoken so many times about, which is, well, you can’t have your medical card and own a gun. Yes, yes, you can.

Unknown 32:49

Yeah, and you can down here too,

Unknown 32:51

right, you’re not going to come and take your guns, you can still be a conceal and carry here in the state of Missouri. And the only thing that prohibits you from doing is I cannot go to a store and fill out a Federal Firearms application. Because it ask it has that that question on there. Now, I’m not saying that, you know,

Unknown 33:20

some people which is a leading question and, and, and a matter of personal privacy, right?

Unknown 33:26

Correct. You can do whatever you feel comfortable with. That’s, that’s totally up to you.

Unknown 33:33

And once you sign that you’re standing that you’re violating their restrictive legislation,

Unknown 33:43

right. Absolutely. And you could be held liable

Unknown 33:48

that yeah, that thing dies the problem. Right, right. Once again, legislation without knowledge because what should be happening is that every person that ever goes into any kind of gun store should first have a puff of cannabis. You know, before they ever hit the gun shops. Right,

Unknown 34:09


Unknown 34:09

settle that testosterone down.

Unknown 34:17

sweet here at my house. My husband and I we both own several firearms. We are avid deer hunters during November, which I mean that isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but that puts food on our table. Ra and I i’ve never ever encountered an issue ever and I will not. And because the one thing that Missouri did do is there’s not a database yet where a law enforcement officer can look up whether you are a cardholder. Yeah. You would have to physically tell them

Unknown 34:54

all this is just ridiculous all this all this legislation is going to eventually You know, get tossed out the window when people realize when the majority of people realize.

Unknown 35:06


Unknown 35:07

And we got a lot of work to do miss Bambi?

Unknown 35:09

We do. We do. And I know there’s been several women here in in Missouri that have low I have wrote to their lawmakers in Washington DC, they returned a letter saying thank you for contacting me, but I don’t have your point of view on medical marijuana or recreational marijuana and When are they going to stop and actually listen to the people that they represent?

Unknown 35:35

Um, we’ll see. I think they’re in the pockets. Oh, absolutely. big corporations. So when big corporation finally is outlawed from putting money in those pockets is when he’s going to stop.

Unknown 35:51

And I think big pharma plays a big part of that, too.

Unknown 35:54

And cotton and petroleum and you know, alcohol and sugar and all of the big corporations. Absolutely. And they play they’re playing, they’re straddling both sides of the fence. Because, you know, wine companies are wanting to add cannabis to the grape. Did you know they’re making a tampon with THC in it?

Unknown 36:31

I actually had heard something about that Whoopi Goldberg? Yeah, I was. I knew it was by a celebrity that had been talking about it. And I could see the benefits from that.

Unknown 36:45

Hell yes. So I asked my gynecologist cannabis specialist, Doctor friend, Dr. janessa Wilson King, who is an OB GYN. If that would if I could do a do it yourself. tampon with THC? And she said well, yeah, if it’s claimed THC, you know, if you got it from a dispensary, then it was clean. Yeah. I, you wouldn’t want to put a concentrated THC up your what what it had, if it had concentrated poisonous contamination in it as well. Because you’d be you know, yeah, you’d be inches away from the uterus. So don’t want to be doing that. As long as you’re using a clean, non contaminated cannabis product. That Yes, you could do a do it yourself tampon with cannabis goo on it, or however you wanted to? You know, it seems to me that it would be best to use, like an RSO type of goo or something that had the consistency of RSO. Not that strong. But the consistency so that it would stay on the you know, the top of the tampon and not absorb while it’s shoved up your what what

Unknown 38:14

I’ve also heard of a th in THC infused enema.

Unknown 38:19

Yeah, yes. Yeah, yes, yes, yes. But I know that’s for a person who, well, maybe for comatose person, right? Or somebody who you know, is having issues with vomiting.

Unknown 38:34

Yes, yes. And I could see the benefits to a lot of the different products that they’re going to be bringing out I mean, I went to a Canada fam camp last year, and, um, some women oh my gosh, some of these ladies that things that they are own was absolutely amazing. I I couldn’t believe it. infused lubrication.

Unknown 39:06

Eeeeee! That made me squeal.

Unknown 39:08

Some of it you put inside your belly button? I bet against and it absorbs inside your belly button. Okay. Yeah, it is. It was kind of crazy.

Unknown 39:25

Okay, so now I follow Dr. Dustin Sulak. su la K. He’s a doctor of osteopathy and he has a program called h e a l e r for my audience who’s interested. Now he’s he’s a clinician up in Maine and he’s got this cannabis fabulous cannabis course too. And you can find all about that at his his I say that now because I want every woman on the planet who is interested in getting into the cannabis industry in some form or fashion, to be helpful to educate like you and I are doing to utilize his course because it’s so good. His Oh, I’m glad you’ve been there, I hear your babies.

Unknown 0:06

First second,

Unknown 0:08

Your families got a pack of four, I believe you told me right, and I’ve got a pack of five. So anyway, Dr. Sulak is working in the acidic form of cannabis in the instead of, you know, the decarboxylated form. For instance, when you would feel the high from marijuana, he’s using the acidic form instead of THC. He’s using THC a, and guess what happens in the acidic forms our dear audience, you don’t get high. And so that is a and it’s a little it’s, if not as powerful even a little more powerful. I’m understanding. So I am. I’m very interested in the work that he’s doing, because so many of our old farts down here in Florida are terrified of the high.

Unknown 1:10

Absolutely, absolutely.

Unknown 1:14

We can figure out a way to give them as much THC as they need without the fear of getting so high that they fall. That’s the real underlying fear. Because when you get older, you can you know, your life can change overnight, if I take the fall, falling, breaking things, falling means breaking things,

Unknown 1:37

break anything. And I think everybody’s looking for that little something that they are away with. And I know right now, one of the big things that people are talking about Missouri is delta eight. I personally do do not like Delta eight, and we are still getting a lot of shops that are carrying Delta eight rated.

Unknown 2:00

And I’m waiting. I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen with Delta eight. I don’t trust it. I don’t trust what’s happening here.

Unknown 2:08

I my

Unknown 2:09

my whole theory behind it. My science brain is cannabis is the plant. And it’s natural, everything where delta eight has a lot more stuff added to it that makes it more unnatural. And I’m just I’m not about that kind of thing. And, you know, people have talked about it making you feel like you’re on a wine drunk. Well, I don’t know about anybody else. But wine The next day, I have a horrible, horrible headache. And I just don’t want that.

Unknown 2:43

And again, again with the 14 year old little boy attitude of let’s get drunk, right. I’m sorry. I don’t need to get drunk. need to feel better.

Unknown 2:59

Right, right. Because you’re going to one way or another you’re probably going to pay for that.

Unknown 3:05

Me and mama Hey, no, it is my my happy drunk is champagne. So yeah, I get a serious with all that sugar. I get a serious headache with that. But, but I never get a headache with cannabis. Yeah, I

Unknown 3:21

think my delta eight is not the natural form. I I think I just

Unknown 3:27

yeah, I think it’s a ploy just to get around the logistics of

Unknown 3:31

legislation. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I couldn’t hear here that I want to talk about for your audience in case I ever get put in a situation Tell me. You know, we can’t. No matter what kind of parent you are, you can’t always be in control of your kids, even though we all want to

Unknown 3:56


Unknown 3:57

And so there was an incident. And I hear my niece in there. This is about her. She knows I’m getting ready to.

Unknown 4:07

Yeah, they’re a little ears perked right up when they hear their story.

Unknown 4:12

So a few months ago, she was in class and one of her friends had a vape Oh, and he knew that he had been vaping in the boys bathroom and they were getting ready to search all the boys that had been in the bathroom. So he asked her Can you hope this vape and

Unknown 4:35

of course sexual story is, uh huh.

Unknown 4:38

What is in it? And oh, no, it’s it’s just it’s just today. It’s just a bait, no big deal. So she held it. And of course she’s gotten lectured about a we don’t do that. Right. But she held it for her friend thinking she was being a good friend. Yeah, well later during the day. She gave it to another one of his buddies, one of his best friends ended up getting busted with it. Oh god. And well, it still came back to her because they course

Unknown 5:12

she gave it to him. All

Unknown 5:13

right. And what the school was trying to claim was that it had marijuana in it.

Unknown 5:21


Unknown 5:24

it really made me mad because I’m like, okay, so they tried to suspend my knees for upwards of 90 days. I’m trying to call it trafficking. Because she handed it off to someone and I call the school and inform them unless you are willing to send that to a state lab. You’re not going to prove to me that that was not over the counter CBD Delta ate something that sold or cigarette

Unknown 5:56

oil. Yeah.

Unknown 5:59

And what they all they went by was the smell. Okay, well for me, CBD can smell like it because it was wax. CBD wax can smell like marijuana.

Unknown 6:11

CBD wax. Yeah. Is cannabis and all smells like cannabis. Exactly. That sold over the counter? Yes. legal in all 50.

Unknown 6:25

Yeah, it was not legal for her age group. But whenever I call to tell them, okay, look, either you’re going to send that to a state lab, or you and I are going to have issues, because you can’t prove it. And say we got a phone call back stating that it was over the counter. And that she could come back to school or one day of in school suspension for caring in the bay. So parents if you ever get in that situation. Fight for your kids. And I mean, obviously they you know, they did it wrong. I’m not saying it was right. But you can’t let the schools run you over.

Unknown 7:12

Yeah, we just had a teacher down here. I went to the school board meeting for the Brevard County Schools. And I wasn’t there for the cannabis issue. I was there for the equality Florida, the LGBTQ issue for the trans kids that were, oh god, it’s a long story. But suffice it to say, The second issue on the agenda that night was the Brevard County Schools teacher who got harassed by an eighth grader pushed down a flight of stairs was hurt, press no charges against the eighth grader, but had back issues from the fall and the injury tried to get workman’s comp, they realize that she was a medical illegal Florida medical marijuana patient and they fired her on the spot. And now that decision was completely arbitrary. They they kept trying to say that it was because of the schedule one that bla bla and you know, all of that it’s still a federally illegal schedule one substance and all the Florida children do have the right to have medical cannabis at school. Florida teachers do not. And four times one of the school board members tried to give them four different options other than firing her and they voted to fire her still. Oh, so it was all arbitrary. They could have done for other things than fire her but they did not. They fired her instead. And that’s what just fractures may air legislators are legislating without knowledge. And they’re they’re doing again, more damage than then then they’re itty bitty minds

Unknown 9:36

can conceive. Absolutely. You know, we’ve got to put protections on our children on the employees. I mean, this teacher was probably an amazing she was

Unknown 9:49

she had awards for being an amazing teacher.

Unknown 9:51

And yeah, plants. Yeah, yeah, that is just it. We’ve got we’ve got They do better. That’s the bottom line, we have to do better.

Unknown 10:03

And that’s what you and I are doing. We’re doing have Saturday. Sandy, I want to thank you so much for such a wonderful conversation and I’m gonna beg you to come back again real soon. salutely I’d love to invite your kaino your other Canaan sisters and and hear their stories. And I want to encourage you and the sisters, to continue your very, very important work. You’re so important to our industry, and to and to enjoy all that you’re doing, and to accept my thanks and gratitude for all that you do as well.

Unknown 10:41

Thank you so much, and we appreciate you and your audience so much and just keep on doing what you’re doing. And everybody let’s do better.

Unknown 10:51

Miss Bambi. tell our audience how they can get in touch with you please.

Unknown 10:55

Absolutely. They can reach me on camera sisters on Facebook, or they can look me up on Facebook. It’s Bambi Strickland Holtz um that’s a o l Tz. Correct and bnb is my true first name. I promise my mother named me that I don’t know why.

Unknown 11:16

I be a MBI correct. vampy Strickland helps. So thank you so much Miss Bambi. I’m just crazy about you and pass along all this Florida love to your sisters. And why real soon. What

Unknown 11:32

do you say? Thank you so much.

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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