CV 039 Nurse Bambi Part One

May 28, 2021

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This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman and host of two weekly podcast productions, Canada verum, which means cannabis truth in Latin, as well as moment of clarity, which dives a little deeper into a subject, you’ll learn how to use the cannabis plant effectively. Find your proper dose tame THC, If you need to mitigate damage from street lead, avoid contamination and save your cash.

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If you’re exhausted from body aches, dangerous potential drug interactions and crippling brain fog, then stay tuned for some amazing information, you can always verify with proof by scientific data. Guests from within the cannabis industry will enlighten and expand your ideas about the validity of this plant for our society. Thank you for joining me. Let’s get to it.

Unknown 1:20

Hello, my friends.

Unknown 1:22

Today I’d like to introduce Bambi Strickland Holtz. She’s an LPN from Missoura. Oh boy, I shouldn’t have said, Missouri. I should have said, Missouri, because it actually does it and I write.

Unknown 1:39

That’s what happens when you live close to that state, and you kind of hear locals call it that. It’s just a sweet reminder that I’m from the Midwest, too. I come from Oklahoma and Arkansas territories. But back to our Missouri friend upset again. Miss Bambi is going to tell us all about what it’s like to be a medical marijuana patient in Missouri. And, as compared to how we’re medical marijuana patients down here in Florida. Here we go.

Unknown 2:20

Hey Bambi, they’re up gotcha again. Yeah, we’ve got storms. I know, hoping and I’m like, Wait, where’d she go, I don’t know and I’m like, I asked you this great question and suddenly it’s just dead.

Unknown 2:37

I had no idea where I was in it matter, we can start again and I’ll probably just leave it as it is so for, for the sake of our audience that didn’t know what happened.

Unknown 2:48

Bambi Strickland helds is our guest today she’s an LPN from Missouri, and I just called her to connect for this interview. And we were talking about the weather and blam a goddess and toasted a conversation. So, BAM he’s got storms going on up in Missouri, but we’re, we’re still puppy clouds and not quite there yet. Let’s see if we can do it this time. Hey how you doing Bambi.

Unknown 3:16

Doing great.

Unknown 3:20

All right well if we get kicked off again I’ll just send you another link so now we know what the scoop is, hey, tell us what it’s like up in Missoura, especially, you know, my audience. Down here is really lucky with medical marijuana in Florida, but it’s not the same everywhere and I want them to understand what the differences are how lucky we are.

Unknown 3:47

And yet And yet we’re still not you know we’re still so legislative we don’t have adult use, What is it like up there. It’s definitely different, um, Missouri we voted in as voters to pass for medical marijuana, and, and it’s so far, you know, it’s been it’s had ups and downs, and every way but the right way sometimes. And so we get our recommendation from a doctor, and there are several clinics open here doesn’t take very long to get your recommendation from a doctor.

Unknown 4:27

It does. Do you have to pay a state, the state for a card, you do your doctor visits are usually running anywhere from 50 to $100 Depending on the doctor, and that’s just for their, their visit and the recommendation to stay. Once you get that recommendation, the state of Missouri has a system called the compliance system, which is over the internet, and you just register with the state and upload everything that they asked for, which is really super easy I found the website. It is so user friendly.

Unknown 5:04

Yes, and it’s $25 if you just want your card, or it’s 125 if you intend on cultivating. Oh wow, your own. Oh, we can’t do that. Oh yeah, we have that option which is great. Everybody should be entitled to have, and grow. And for themselves. And we actually, you know, we pass this a couple years ago but we’re kind of behind the ball when it comes to most states, we actually did not get our first dispensary until it was fall of last year, and I’ll tell you the first products that came out were very questionable.

Unknown 5:49

What was questionable about them, and they had mold.

Unknown 5:55

They had germination contamination.

Unknown 5:59

But I will say they fix that problem immediately. Okay. They did, they did, um, and now it’s a lot it’s a lot better, we’re still learning as we’re going, right. Um, well your system sounds very familiar to the Florida system. We too have to go to a doctor and he recommends doesn’t prescribe right and then we go to the state and we get a card, your doctors are a lot cheaper than ours. You can find $100 pot doctor here, but they don’t know very much. And the more expensive ones are charging for their knowledge as they should. Yeah, absolutely. And, and then you, and then the, the legislators made us have to go back and see that doctor every seven months. Oh wow. And then they, they force us to buy a $75 state park card every year. So, so they’re legislating without knowledge, right, again. Yes, absolutely. I know they didn’t coordinate, anything to make it easy for the patient, no no no no no we have, we’ve got this, every seven month crap going on down here, and here we have to renew every year. And, and, when the doctor to get to, okay, but I will say this, for the most part, that dark Did you ever renewal is so much cheaper, with a doc with a doctor or than what it is when you first start up, I just renewed my card back in January, and my renewal cost me, I was like, maybe $50 Good, good. Yes, it was so much cheaper. And I have to say that they do that down here too. For the second visit, you know, the primary was it is more expensive and then the secondary visit because they barely even take your pulse and and listen to your heart when you go in to talk to them about, you know, so what what are they doing for you other than facilitating the number right mosey to the state to get your card right most of our Doc’s here we do hello visits over the computer. Oh, that’s nice. Yes, it’s very very nice. Um, and we also have a clinics that are here in Missouri, and in Oklahoma. So what happens there is you have a doctor that and their, their office, they have two different offices. So you have a doctor here in Missouri and you have one in Oklahoma but they work together. And so, it’s reciprocal when you go from Missouri to Oklahoma. Well, except for the cards do not transfer over. I met just utterly ridiculous. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Legislators, making rules without knowledge, and I also want to make your, your, your, your people well aware of the fact I get asked this so many times, being MB. Am I covered under HIPAA for my medical marijuana card. And my answer is no. And they want to know why. And I simply HIPAA is a federal federally run sanction. It is for your security for federal. And that’s marijuana is not because it’s restricted as a schedule one right federally, right, there’s all kinds of banking issues, all kinds of issues because of that schedule one rating, that that is only corrupt, correct the entire schedule one rating of marijuana is completely corrupt. So, fuck you, federal government pardon my French, everybody.

Unknown 10:08

And it just, it just makes me so mad because again it’s kind of the old white man thing of greed and corruption and power and control and lalalala. So, and we also federally in every state, we need to go to our legislators, we get, we have to get protections for new moms or employees, there is no protections for them. If a pregnant woman decides that cannabis is what she needs to use to help her with her mental illness with her porn all throughout her pregnancy as medication. Hello medicine.

Unknown 10:51

Yes, we have to warn the legislators to dictate what a person chooses to use as a medication. Furthermore, how are legislators getting into the little black bags of the doctors who want their patients to use cannabis, they have to take their hands. First, out of the women’s uteruses, which I’ve been on a soapbox forever about. And secondly, out of the doctor’s little black bag. Absolutely, absolutely. It’s very traumatizing to a brand new mom to get hold that she is going to have they made a CPS call to child protective services because her and her baby test positive for THC for a plant. Right. you know that mother I cannot imagine what that is like and how many women have had their babies taken away from them in the hospital at birth, because the hospital took it upon themselves to randomly test for marijuana for mothers, who they suspected for drug abuse. There is a couple hospitals here in the state of Missouri, that do they, it’s not a random test, they test everyone. Oh yeah. Say sorry. Yeah, not even random. No, it’s every single woman because if they did it random somebody could claim that they were targeted. And if they keep it just testing everyone, right, and they can’t claim that they are targeting a women, they’re targeting women of color. They’re targeting young women who have no education. Absolutely, absolutely. I, I, it just it gobsmacked me, it makes me stutter. You know, my thing is, unfortunately, we live in a world that people walk around with targets on their back at all time and we need to change that we need to change that as a culture as a society it’s not right. I’m raising. Well, counting my knees for kids right now.

Unknown 13:11

And, you know, frankly, I’m trying to raise them not to be assholes, and that’s just I’m sorry for my language. No, I’m so proud that you said it loud and proud. Yeah, that’s the right way to think about it too because I blew me, the app their culture of hate that we’re living in. Yeah, I mean, the white people are finally waking up and seeing it. The people of color have seen it always this culture of hate, but now the white people are waking up and saying what hate does and how it impassioned more hatred and acts of violence it inspires acts of violence. And so we’ve just got to put more women in in seats of power to begin controlling the uncivil rest of the men who cannot control themselves, it’s not women you’re seeing out there, you know, in hordes of violence. Oh, there might be one or two, but it’s, it’s mostly men. Yeah. And, you know until we, until we as a society can make everyone equal, nobody is nobody means anything to anyone until everyone is equal. And that includes women that includes men that includes every single person alive right now, we have to do better. There has not been any kind of reconstruction for our nation since, who Roosevelt or somebody Truman somebody way they fell back then, during World War One and Two there hadn’t been anything to reconstruct our, our roads and bridges and and infrastructure, and, you know, internet was not even a thought yet. Right. But all of that has to have a serious thought and financial support so that we can grow our own society, and, and do it in a way that, that we stopped doing such grave harm for the sake of greed and control. Absolutely. Absolutely and you know, looking at cannabis, you know that’s why a lot of people still to this day, they were fed the propaganda back, you know when they made it illegal, that it had, how it was a gateway drug, and if you smoked marijuana you were going to end up on crack, and you know or something so much worse but you know what we’re learning with science and we’re talking about cannabis and learning the things that we can find out is that it’s not a gateway in, it’s a gateway out. It’s a gateway out of pharmaceuticals, out of, you know, hardcore drugs, and I talked to a gentleman, a couple weeks ago I helped run a patient drive here in my small town in Missouri, what is that. Okay, so what we do is we go into like a head shop, and there’s a small shop here in Salem, it’s called peace of mind. And me and my two best friends. We go in, and they have a kiosk in there that sits down with a doctor.

Unknown 16:41

And after they get done with their doctor’s appointment. We sit down with them and upload all their information into our state system and into the compliance system.

Unknown 16:54

Okay and we help them and I saw that, right, and that we were there for about three hours and got five people legal.

Unknown 17:04

That’s great, thought about that, as you should be. Who are you, Bambi I know you could, but for every other person that comes in to be a patient who is educating them about how to use cannabis. Well, we talked to them, we talked to them a lot and we also send them or tell them where to go if they’ve got questions. I know the doctors here in Missouri are really really good about answering questions, or giving, even the recommendations on strains. is an amazing tool. And we do tell them about that. And there are other things like that we can teach them. Number one, I also. The last time I taught them how to label their products, if they’re going to be in the car with them, how to keep them safe in case they are driving with their products with them with their medicine with them, because that’s very important and people don’t think about that.

Unknown 18:19

So what are you saying, because down here we’ve got, you know, we’re Lego we’ve got a car, we, you know I drive everywhere with my cannabis. Okay, you know, I use my cannabis, while I’m driving and before, during and after because, for goodness sakes, you don’t want this old lady hyped up behind you know, rubber neck or up front from the north who came down here as a snowbird and I’m honking my ruhleben last nerve off them because they won’t turn their damn light on before they finally decide to turn.

Unknown 18:59

Okay, so if you’re going to travel in the state of Missouri with your couple knowing that you have a medical card. It’s kind of like, if you think of alcohol. It’s kind of the same restrictions, almost no open container, no open container Osco, you have to have your, your medicine labeled with your name and your license number and it has been with without you cannot be able to reach, while in the driver’s seat. It has to be behind you or in the trunk or somewhere, not within reach. Yeah, that’s actually what it’s like down here in Florida so it’s it’s a no open container and although I joke about, you know, wanting to drive before during an after.

Unknown 19:45

I just want to remind our audience Canopus can affect everybody in a completely different way. And he’ll you know how it affects you. Please do not operate heavy equipment.

Unknown 20:05

Until you know, you have to treat this like any other medication.

Unknown 20:12

Keyword medication. Correct, right.

Unknown 20:19

Yeah, I really believe that all drivers should be smoking before they get out on the road, especially the you know the under 40 Somethings, and especially the boys with the big trucks and small.

Unknown 20:33

Absolutely, absolutely. I totally agree with that.

Unknown 20:38

Testosterone down. I told my husband I said every time i Big monsterous truck that’s all jacked up that’s like diesel, they make that loud noise I said, All I hear is like Jeff Dunn. I’m in my head when he talks about, you know, the little electric cars or wherever, whenever they go by and he goes, I’m gay, and that’s all you hear I said, Well, all I hear is, I’ve got a small penis. I know, I told my husband, I said it out loud. The other day he and I were driving, and he burst out laughing at me and I said you’ve never heard that. I said every woman I know says that about a great big, loud, going by, oh there goes a small deck. Exactly, exactly. Okay, this gentleman that I met the other day, at, at this for so awesome, and we were wrapping up we were cleaning up our table, and he came in and we have a treatment center here locally in our town and we a lot of people from out of town, come here. So we get people from all over the place that come to my little town of 4000 people to seek help for a drug addiction or an addiction of some kind. And I, this gentleman came in, he was an older gentleman, and I could tell, you know, that he had had a pretty hard life and it seemed, talking with him that he might have been bad when some things so you know, I couldn’t see on the outside, but he shared with us a story that he had came here for our treatment center, and that he has counselors and him had spoken, and they felt it best, that he use cannabis, and he said he used cannabis to come up the needle.

Unknown 22:20

And that touched my heart. I’m pretty amazing so that that is an absolute outstanding testimony to what this plant can do to come off the needle, come off of the needle. And, you know, it’s just, I don’t know that that me being a nurse and me having the science background, I can understand exactly what he was saying.

Unknown 22:47

Bambi, what are, what are your patients like and who is the medical marijuana patient in Missouri. Right now, I’m going to tell you that we have, we can even get cards, as a parent for our children under 18 Oh my gosh. Isn’t that wonderful. Yes, we can as, as long as they meet the medical criteria, we can get a card for our juvenile, but, you know, it’s not an age group that we’re seeing. I mean we’re seeing all ages, all walks of life, everyone coming together to use this medicine. And I find that absolutely amazing that it’s not just one group of people you know everybody always thinks, oh it’s probably younger people you know and they’re just wanting to do it recreational, no that’s not the case. Let me tell you a story.

Unknown 23:46

I was driving in the car and stopped at a parking lot, you know stoplight and all my windows were down and I took a puff off of my vape pen and these four kids in their daddy’s golf cart was right beside me, and they saw me do it and they started caterwauling and right, they couldn’t have the eldest one there could not have been more than 11 and the youngest one there was probably eight or nine and one, and the eldest one hollered at me, he said, Hey, can I have a puff lab.

Unknown 24:26

And besides that, it’s COVID, you can’t puff puff pass anymore, and they all looked at each other and nodded oh yeah like, Oh yeah, right. We can’t.

Unknown 24:38


Unknown 24:41

And then, I’m still laughing, and that eldest kid turns back and he says, I’ve got anxiety real bad now and I was just I was just stunned that he would holler that out at me. And I said, then honey, you don’t need very much THC, you don’t need marijuana, you need more CBD.

Unknown 25:05

Some good hemp, tell your parents to find you some good hemp. And he said, Really, And I said yeah, good hemp will have a little bit of THC in it and all their eyes exploded, you know, they said, thanks and about that time the light changed, and I said okay bye and they hollered by, I love you.

Unknown 25:36

Because you can never not say that back to a kid.

Unknown 25:42

And that’s amazing but that was that’s planting your seed, and that kid already knew he wasn’t sold and he already knew that he thought cannabis could help him, obviously he used it or heard about it or knew about it, or maybe his parents or grandparents or announcers, right. And they asked me for a cough, and they were kids. So yeah, they, they’re already so much more aware.

Unknown 26:10

Yes, you know, kids today, no, no, no, no, they’re not stupid, I have my twins, I have a boy and a girl that are 1417, and my oldest daughter is 18 Girl, all well aware of what either mom or aunt BMB does, you know, hey, you know, and I’m not ashamed of that. I’m not ashamed of that fact. This is what we have to get over and this is what our elders from, I’m 67, you know you’re just a snot nosed kid still, and your generation is far more accepting than my generation is my coin. So, that fear, oh my god that fear is huge for them. It’s a stumbling block for them. Am I Canada way. Yes, my mom. Yes, she is definitely that way she’s not pro cannabis is interesting.

Unknown 27:14

And you and your tour. Oh, see, it’s that fear that blog. I’ve been propagandize all my life from my church and my government telling me about the demon marijuana and nothing you say no so it’s the devil’s plan.

Unknown 27:33

That’s right.

Unknown 27:37

You know and how we can change that. Well, that’s why I keep talking to women of science like you. I’m going to be interviewing a cannabis pharmacist. Did you know there is such a thing. my great find that there was, there was some different coming out. There is a lady here in the state of Missouri, that has her CBD CBD shops, and she an RN, and she is absolutely wonderful. And you know there’s a, an organization of cannabis nurses. I did not know that but I look that out.

Unknown 28:18

But God we need to Google that real soon, because it is the people of science who are coming into this.

Unknown 28:33

Hey friends, y’all are not going to be surprised to find out that Miss Bambi and I talked for days. So you’re going to get to hear the rest of our conversation. In the next episode. Stay tuned, and come back.

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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