MoC 037 Dr. Michael Geci Part 2

May 17, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Unknown 0:07

There’s no lawn mowers going up here as as we’ve we’ve accumulated about a half an inch of snow already why we’ve been talking. Goodness snow just really tickles my fancy. So okay, since you’re bragging about your beautiful snow, I helped a girlfriend bring her sailing vessel up the ditch the other day, and the sun was shining brightly and beautifully and the wind was cool and breezy. And we had a successful voyage. So that was cool. My husband and I used to live aboard for many years, and we played in the Caribbean a lot. And so it’s been, I don’t know, 15 years maybe or more, since I’ve been on a boat, and suddenly, I’ve got a girlfriend who needs a little help. And here we go. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like uh,

Unknown 0:56

do you get to sail up there?

Unknown 0:59

Um, no, I mean, there are some lakes out here. You know, right now I live outside of Cooperstown. And so there’s a, you know, there’s some sailing, doing some of the lakes here. But no, I mean, I’d like to, I’d like to, but I, you know, I’ve got a stepbrother that has got a 50 I think it’s a 57 foot catamaran. Oh, my God is huge. And at some point, you know, I’m gonna take him up on his offer to go sailing with his wife, but I haven’t really done it yet. So that’ll be a fun time. I’m sure those cats are glorious, you know, in the right waters and the sunshine with good friends. Oh, yeah. Hey, tell me about your new book that you’re thinking about coming up to I know we, you know, we’re we’re doing a promo for pot dog, which I gotta say, and I want to say it to you. personally. I, I felt your heart. It was an amazing read. You’re an excellent writer. And you had me sucked in. I kid you not from the very first page. I couldn’t put it down. I hate to read. It’s a physical thing. My eyes water I start yawning. It’s very miserable. And, and, and I can’t concentrate. So Oh, I’d love for you to do an audible for your book. Because you’ve got a great voice and Oh,

Unknown 2:25

yeah. And, and by the way, you sound like a snot nosed kid. I know you’re not. But you’ve got a very, very young kid, you know, young voice? Well, you know, what I can say? Is that one first? Thank you for the for the kind words about the book. I mean, it’s, uh,

Unknown 2:45

you know, for anyone who is a writer, and certainly one who hasn’t been published or is is struggling, you know,

Unknown 2:56

first book out and to have it received,

Unknown 3:00

as well as this has been received by people is is nothing. I mean, it just feels to me the gratitude. It’s, it’s an amazing blessing to have people tell me

Unknown 3:10

what, what you told me, I had one guy call me who sent me an email. And he said that the chapter on losing buds brought a tear to his eye. Oh, man. And, you know, and it’s, you know, but but but but but I also have to be,

Unknown 3:28

you know, my book would not be what it is. My girlfriend was really, I think, pretty instrumental in in helping me push this over the finish line, if you will. We, we spent many at night, you know, sitting on the couch and reading to each other out loud. And, you know, listening for flow and, yes. And so, so I, I in and it’s, it’s a, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of a little, you know, light hearted argument between the two of us that, you know, I tell her that, you know, this, you know, I would not be where I am right now, without her help, and she sort of scoffs at that, you know, that’s, that’s her issue. I know that I had a couple editors that I use prior to

Unknown 4:23

you prior to, to Laura’s help. And yes, and, and, and, you know, as a writer, you know, you read about, about what other writers do and, and, you know, you hear their stories and stuff and, and there’s a real relationship, you know, real synergy that that writers are supposed to have with their editors. And you know, I just never really you know, I just really

Unknown 4:48

but you know, we never sat on the couch together and just read it out loud but, but I just, you know, the, it, it truly wouldn’t read like it does without, you know without her input.

Unknown 5:00

So this is, you know, I, yeah, so I just I want to give credit where credit’s due that

Unknown 5:07

it would not be what it is. With just me. So you are really precious. And I’m so thrilled that you found Laura. I was little worried about chapter the book. Because of what you went through. Really? No, it was hard. I mean, it was I know, I could tell it was hard to your. Yeah. I mean, yeah, there were there were issues like there was there was a time, you know, there’s that chapter where, you know, I’m going back and forth from Bozeman.

Unknown 5:39

And, and I go to the open house, and walk into the hallway reading my son’s friends, posters about their family. And, and they get that kills me. I get to my son’s and they’re there.

Unknown 5:57

Yeah, and, you know, my dogs that I gave them, you know?

Unknown 6:05

Oh, yeah. The dogs were there, too, that you gave them? Yeah. Oh, life. Life is hard. Like that. That’s that’s some of the hardest on your heart. And, yeah, you know, it’s like, yeah, it was it was a Yeah, but you know, I just felt like, I don’t knows first more than I ever wrote. And I just, you know, the, the one editor told me, you know, you know, personalize it more tell more about you. Yeah. But why I decided to just open up a little bit. I mean, it’s not all about cannabis. It’s about and yeah, and part of it. Part of why I write what I do is to give to give

Unknown 6:47

substance and authenticity and credibility to what I say about cannabis. Because I’m gonna, if I’m going to be honest about myself,

Unknown 6:56

then maybe you can believe what I’m saying about this plant that I’m not making it up that I’m not that I don’t have an axe to grind that. And that is how we gain their trust by opening up to them. Yeah, yeah. Right. I felt it, you hit it, you hit your mark. It’s a brilliant book. It’s really it’s a fast read. It’s a it takes you kind of on an emotional roller coaster. The story is perfect for today. And the message is very sharp and clear. We need all regulation, good regulation for safe product. Yeah. Yeah. And and however we get there is how we need to get there and get it done. But you know, let’s figure out the details. But let’s get there. Yeah. And just take that point one step further, you know, not just safe, clinically, but safe politically as well. Ah,

Unknown 7:57

yes. You know, good god. Yes. And so we really, you know, we really need to have, you know, and I don’t know who’s gonna do it, but I know that there’s a there’s a national. I don’t know, there’s a national cannabis industry association. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You know, and and I don’t know, I don’t really hear too much from them. But I mean, I don’t know. But But the bottom line is there needs to be more vocal.

Unknown 8:28

more vocal political.

Unknown 8:30

outcry? I mean, okay, so you know why there isn’t right now, we can’t we don’t hear much about that. Unless we actually get out in the street and do a little foot stomp. And is because you know, can advertise. Can’t say cannabis outlet. Do you know, how many sites on YouTube and Facebook and all of the podcasts there are that actually have a disclaimer that comes on and say, You can’t listen to this if you’re not 18 or older?

Unknown 9:00

Yeah, you know, she actually is 21 and older. It’s 18 in some places, and somewhere they are and all of that is just litigation, from you know, I mean, are you kidding me? You can’t let a child hear about cannabis science because of what?

Unknown 9:19

Yeah, it’s just it’s and I think non like, you know, I mean, you can only hope that these, you know, the, these, these shots across the bow are going to get their attention, you know, like, like, like the the, the Floyd verdict yesterday. You think that, that, that, that police and this is no,

Unknown 9:45

this is no intention to malign, you know, 99% of the police out there because I think that, that they, you know, they, you know, I mean, it’s just a few bad apples. I mean, they’re a few, just like doctors, I mean, that’s the way it is in the entire world. There’s just

Unknown 10:00

few bad apples, but they’re running the show. Like, you know, some people would argue, but you know, that’s fine, you know, but but the point is, you know, coming together and working with these people, but you know, the fact that there’s, there’s you got to have protection you’ve got to have Yes.

Unknown 10:15

You know, and the idea that you can’t teach this I mean, the endocannabinoid system is, I mean, it’s the most fun, fundamental system in the whole in mammalian and invertebrate biology, and we, you know, I mean, what’s that all about? And the other thing as long as I’m on my little soapbox, why is it that that Raphael mechoulam, the guy who discovered THC was instrumental in discovering the endocannabinoid system? You know, the biggest breakthrough in biology since since Watson and Crick discovered DNA, or, I mean, any dozen dozen Nobel Prize yet? Now, it’s not just him. I mean, there’s a couple other individuals that Yeah, okay, Ani, and also we even had, you know, Roger Adams was our first American who just, he

Unknown 11:08


Unknown 11:11

this, he was he and him. Yeah, yeah. And, you know, Roger Pertwee, who, who’s a Scottish researcher, there’s, there’s a couple of I, I can’t they all the dimarzio thing. I mean, so all these guys are going to be coming up in, you know, the historical information about cannabis. But we’ve got to get these colleges and universities started doing it. Florida, in Florida, you have to be a premier university to even ask or request that you may look at cannabis. However, the University of Florida 740 became a premier University. So they are now they’ve even started

Unknown 12:03

a curriculum in cannabis, science and all of that. This year. Yeah. I mean, it’s it’s, it’s so it’s starting, that the only universities that that I’m aware of one in Michigan, Detroit, there’s a couple that are, you know, they’re starting to pop up, but they’re, they’re they’re universities that, you know, they’re not D one schools, is it? Exactly, are there, there’s smaller schools that are putting this out, and, and I applaud him for, you know, for finding that, you know, finding this needle and trying to fill it, but, you know, why aren’t we having, you know, why aren’t the major you know, why, you know, Ivy League schools, big 10 schools, they can’t because the government’s in their panties? Well, again, and, you know, research grants, I mean, all that it’s all, you know, all this hinges on D scheduling or exactly, because they can’t even perform positive research on it, they can only perform negative research on a schedule one, you know, and trying to get trying to get, you know, schedule one lab. I mean, we tried to do that. And it just the the hoops you have to jump through are just incredible. And you still have all your lab equipment.

Unknown 13:19

Yeah, it’s somewhere in Montana right now.

Unknown 13:23

Well, hang on to it. Some, you know, if you don’t start another something up with it, somebody else is gonna want it for real. Yeah. Well, if anybody wants to buy my HPLC I’m happy to sell it. Oh, good. Well, there you go. All right. All right. You heard it here on Canada. verum. Dr. Michael getsy, aren’t you just a Wonder Man? I’m so grateful for for your time and for your book. And, gosh, it’s such a good read. Oh, hey, listen, I wanted to tell you that Dr. Su lac hosts a monthly meeting have about three or 400 other doctors. And I’ll send you that link. So that and he talks about, you know, his clinic and clinical trials that are going on in cannabis and law and all the newest and latest stuff. So I’ll send you that. Yeah, no, that’d be great. I’d love to see it. The Lux summits coming up, which is Willie Nelson sponsoring this event. When is that? It’s if you go to the Lux it’s Nick. So I actually got asked to

Unknown 14:31

to see if I would host a TV show on cannabis in medical cannabis and initially was going to be called miracles with marijuana. And it did the producers were trying to shop it for a bigger media company to pick it up in distributed but I think that I talked to him about it’s it’s two guys in Texas.

Unknown 15:00

Yeah, one guy read my book and said, you know, let’s see if we can get him, you know, start a show with him. Why don’t we change it to cannabis cures a doctor’s perspective? And the idea is, with each show, you would see, you would go through the lives of two patients. And how Candace you know, the before and after, and how cannabis, how cannabis changed their life. Yeah. In and actually, after having spent some time on clubhouse, listening to the psychedelic conversations, I think that you couldn’t just restrict this to a cannabis conversation that you’d have to bring in, you know, this whole advent of, of, of psychedelics, because, like I said, I think ultimately, the thing that that may really shift our psyche and our,

Unknown 15:49

you know, in our energy in terms of where we’re going as a culture and as a species is going to be, you know, psychedelics to where it opens our consciousness to things that we have been prevented from exploring, for a number of reasons, reminiscent of the Michael Pollan book, How To Change Your Mind and such a, you know, another great read. You’re right up there with Michael Pollan in my books.

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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