MoC 022 Monique & Glaucoma

January 8, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Unknown 1:20

Hi everybody it’s me, honey. Listen, I’ve got a friend coming on in just a few minutes I wanted to tell you about, because we were, we were burning her ears up the other day talking about her on the cannabis theorem podcast, the last one. So on this moment of clarity. I wanted to introduce you to Monique Zimmerman, and her husband Gary Stein is going to help her get on the phone. Here we go. Hey Gary.

Unknown 1:25

How you doing, I’m fine darling

Unknown 1:28

and thank you so much for sending this morning on, Michigan. Well, I see that they’re trying to straighten up their act. We heard your podcast yesterday and. So I said, I know where the laws are, so I got it for you. I am so grateful to you, and I just love hearing your sweet boys, and I can’t wait to beg you to come be on my podcast too and talk about all of your experiences that are far reaching into our current pandemic. So, but for right now, I’m more interested in talking to my girlfriend your bride.

Unknown 2:07

I am here.

Unknown 2:09

How are you, Monique.

Unknown 2:10

Okay. How are you,

Unknown 2:11

I’m just great. I’m so glad that you could come on and join me for cannibal Veera moment of clarity, because, oh honey. First of all, it’s just so much fun to be with you again, it’s just been too dang long and our audience doesn’t know but we live across the state from each other, you’re over there and on the west coast and I’m over here on the East Coast, so it’s not always so easy for us to get together but gosh it was sure have a good time when we did. Yes, we did. Hey listen, the other day I was talking to another woman in weed and cannabis CBD shop owner from American shaman. And remember that experience that you and I both shared together. The day that I walked in on a little business call and, and you were over for the weekend having some fun with me. But honey I would just love for you to tell our audience, your version of that story because, golly gee whiz bang, so many people are hearing that story from, for me, and from the American shaman people and I just wanted for them to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth because it’s a great story

Unknown 3:35

or well I greatly appreciate you letting me tell the story, because it was not, it was not the first time, so that’s why I knew that it would work. But, American shaman, very nice gentleman allowed me to taste his tincture.

Unknown 3:53

Yep. And that was Jordan

Unknown 3:54

there. Okay, that was a very nice fellow. I was very impressed with his store. So, if you allow me to, or if your audience allows me to. We were sitting very quietly and in his shop. And he invited us to taste some of his tincture. And I said, Guys, why don’t you watch this. And my I was going through a really rough time, I remember it was panning back and forth. Since I’ve gone blind and what happens, mainly with people with glaucoma. When the eye goes completely blind, our eye has difficulty. What happens is the, the eye starts moving back and forth, and that’s called Pam. Pa n n i n g. It tries to find something to look at, and which can’t anymore. So it just moves very rapidly, back and forth, and and it sometimes becomes painful. And that’s when the pressure goes very very high, and Jordan had offered us some of this tincture and water. And I knew within about five minutes. The. The tincture would bring down the pressure. And it took about maybe four or five minutes, and all of a sudden the pressure I could feel the pressure coming down. And you both of you looked at mine You went, Oh my God, your eyes stopped moving. And I knew that was gonna happen.

Unknown 5:39

That’s. Oh my gosh. Monique. I was just blown away. And I didn’t quite remember it the way you did I thought you told me that it had stopped but now you’re telling me I told you it stopped yeah

Unknown 5:52

you guys looked directly at my eye and you stop moving. And I saw, I told you one and the pressure went way down and I want oh my god this is so wonderful. It’s so good. And I know what you got in this stuff but it’s awesome. And I guess, either of you. I don’t know whether Jordan sold it to you or if you purchased I’m not sure what you did. But I wound up with it.

Unknown 6:23

I’m not I don’t

Unknown 6:24

remember if he probably gave it to us because he’s just that wonderful and generous and so is Natalie. Jordan opened up a second store off of Wickham just a couple of miles down from my house. Oh wow, and Natalie is over there at that, Satellite Beach store where you and I went and she, she is having an amazing path on this CBD journey, not only with her store and her clientele, but her own story. I, I didn’t, I didn’t say much to her, but she sounded completely different. After, not having chatted with each other in months and months and months and months. She sound her voice sounded strong and not shaky or nervous, like she usually did even when we were together, and I didn’t realize what kind of high anxiety poor girl was suffering. And then for her to sound so marvelous when we interviewed the other day, and she was clear as a bell and so confident and and had no anxiety going on because she was in this CBD regime that has really helped her emotionally.

Unknown 7:49

Wow. Well, and in the case with people with glaucoma. We go through a tremendous amount of pain now I have to have injections in my eye. And I’m hoping I’m not grossing people.

Unknown 8:04

God, I had no idea Monet,

Unknown 8:06

Now, I have to have shots of something called Avastin in the eye and if this isn’t weird enough. In order to get the shots Avastin they literally have to put shots nomming shots in the eye first. So if that makes any sense. I don’t know.

Unknown 8:24

But I wonder if that’s because the, the medication itself may, may burn or staying or something.

Unknown 8:31

Well, in order to put the shots of advanced in and you have to be very precise. So that, so that they don’t. Nick, the retina.

Unknown 8:41

so Oh, right. So they slow all that down. Oh my goodness

Unknown 8:45

oh the numbing shots have to go in first. And that’s basically on the surface of the, of the conjunctiva. So, the shots of the numbing going first. So, it’s not like I don’t understand what pain is because he’ll just have to go in like every three weeks.

Unknown 9:08

But you know what my neck, I don’t, I didn’t realize that patients with glaucoma had such pain until you just said it. I had

Unknown 9:15

no idea. Well, because the eye goes through a tremendous amount of pressure changes, you have to try to bring down the pressure and pressure shots don’t always work. So.

Unknown 9:29

Oh my. So, but that, but the CBD settled. That spasming at hand down for you I

Unknown 9:40

didn’t adapt and there’s not a lot out there that you can do for glaucoma. Now there are some. There are some doctors that don’t believe that THC or CBD work with glaucoma and I’m sorry to tell them they are wrong. And,

Unknown 9:58

oh well are they cannabis specialist.

Unknown 10:01

Oh well there you go, that’s where I caught my interest because I, I’m a glaucoma patient, and I never thought that I was going to ever have glaucoma, that’s not part of my syndrome. I have something called sticklers syndrome like a stick that falls off of a tree. Ti ck l ers it’s a rare syndrome. And what happened in my case is the retinas spontaneously detached. And when they reattach the retina glaucoma set in. And it just process the. It was a snowball effect and things just started to go wrong in the eye. Goodness. And, unfortunately, the retina started to deteriorate and the pressure went up and up and up to past 60. Now, nor am I in the eye as between 14 and 16, and high that it killed off pretty much killed off the retina. And that’s why. Unfortunately I can no longer see.

Unknown 11:17

But in my case, I had tried to explain to my doctors what was going on and had THC been available to me, I would probably still be able to see. Unfortunately I had children at the time that were young and I did not want to break the law. So,

Unknown 11:37

right. You don’t dare Right, Exactly. You don’t. Exactly. And so you lost your vision, because of that stupid Exactly.

Unknown 11:47

And Gary. My husband helped write the legislation to get things started in 2014.

Unknown 11:57

I didn’t know that. Yeah. Shut up. I had no idea what that Gary Stein is just everywhere. If it weren’t for him,

Unknown 12:07

and the state legislation. I’m sorry state legislature. We wouldn’t really have the laws that we have right now. And the,

Unknown 12:20

a lot of kudos go off to Gary then and thank you for reminding us of the hard work that he’s done in this industry because it takes leaders like that, to keep after the legislators to spend and to help them stop making laws that need not apply. Exactly.

Unknown 12:43

And it’s not just that but a lot of times the heads of the mmtc don’t quite appreciate now this is just me melting off. Oh, go ahead. Oh

Unknown 12:52

I love it when

Unknown 12:53

you back off.

Unknown 12:55

The mmt sees sometimes don’t quite appreciate a lot of the hard work that the advocates do. And, in my opinion, I’m just a little tired of just the same old same old people getting recognition, but it would be nice if people like you got record that you do.

Unknown 13:19

Well, the patients that I talked to give me an awful lot of love and I’m so appreciative of that. Because they’re, they’re getting the help that they need. From a new resource that, that won’t give them, other, you know, conflict grating side effects and all that from law law law so well you know how that is, tell me has cannabis ever affected, or given you problems with any of your other

Unknown 13:48

medications, never. It does not interfere with anything and as a matter of fact I’m supposed to be having a left hip replacement. With a stickler syndrome that I have that affects my joints, even though I’m a small person, five foot three

Unknown 14:04

girl but you dance so well i didn’t know i use your head. If I was

Unknown 14:11

trained as a ballerina, and modern dancer. As a child, and a teenager, and how did I know.

Unknown 14:22

How did I not know, I mean if you’d have told me that you were Tinkerbell in your, you know, former life I would have believed you but I cannot, I’m just dumbfounded, not to know that you were a dancer before, and you and I’ve been out on the dance floor several times, actually I went to school for the Performing Arts, and, right.

Unknown 14:40


Unknown 14:41

girl you still practice on your plate.

Unknown 14:45

I can no longer do arabesques, but

Unknown 14:49

we may need to get you a bar or one of the others so you can start exercising properly. I know what that regimen, looks like. But,

Unknown 15:00

well, blind us kind of put some holes on that but in any case, I still appreciate fine downs, but I’m yeah, I have to have a hip replacement on my left side. I was quite wild in my days but unfortunately, it has gotten to me and my. Yeah, but any case I have to, but I’m going to use THC I’m not because I’m allergic to coding. I’m not going to.

Unknown 15:39

What happens to you on hives big ones. Yeah, meant to have a blister right up between my thighs God horrible. So you’re gonna do cannabis for after surgery, have you talk to your anesthesiologists and your surgeon about them I’ve

Unknown 15:57

not met with them yet because I just got the appointment yesterday.

Unknown 16:01

Oh and a girl, okay but but you’ll let them know that you’re on, you know that you’re using cannabis and so that they can do their own research and and understand the Contra indications of your endogenous Coumadin. If you’re on whopping doses of cannabis and how it’s a rehab tech for that cannabis is a re uptake for your endogenous Ramadan. And, and it can kind of help you sleep deeper it’s not going to keep you you know it’s not going to kill you. Never death by cannabis on the planet in the history of the planet safer than Pina and as a matter of fact,

Unknown 16:41

I’ve got a friend Mark matassa, that did the exact same thing. And I know Mark, he’s wonderful he’s a wonderful educator his wife Linda have the same wedding anniversary date as Gary and myself.

Unknown 16:57

Oh, yeah, if you if our audience can ever catch one of Mark and Linda’s conferences on cannabis do. They’re wonderful wonderful conferences and he’s a great

Unknown 17:12

educator is very good and he is also communicated with Gary and myself. The things that calls up Gary for information on a lot of times, and some of the good advocators out there are, Jason. Oh boy. Is it Jason heck

Unknown 17:34

care. Yeah.

Unknown 17:35

Is it Jason.

Unknown 17:36

Heck yeah,

Unknown 17:38


Unknown 17:39

I just I just, I just interviewed a Hecht girl he see ah

Unknown 17:48

yeah anyway.

Unknown 17:51

Is that her husband. It’s a small. Anyhow, um, and, of course, Maria, and I’m trying to write and Ryan Hurley. They’re awesome. They re on Ryan Hurley and Gainesville, water, cottonmouth killer water, and they own.

Unknown 18:28

Oh. Oh, they must be in the nanotech technology then if they’re like the doing CBD

Unknown 18:35

water backlight but they all have the laboratory. Oh, I don’t know what to say. It’s the waltz now Keisha, but they own. One of the laboratories. Hmm.

Unknown 18:53

Well I love hearing about this new, you know, new growing and expanding business and friends in our industry who are really

Unknown 19:02

doing or doing a lot of work and Maria also is. I think she’s now in charge of from F cam.

Unknown 19:12

I don’t know what a cameo.

Unknown 19:15

Action Network. Okay.

Unknown 19:19


Unknown 19:20

well that’s funny. Um, so

Unknown 19:23

let me, let me know I was gonna ask you because before I forget, back to your story. I just wanted to ask you if you’ve ever found any eye doctors who are cannabis specialists

Unknown 19:39

that are cannabis specialists.

Unknown 19:41

Yeah, who, you know, who know what they’re talking about and who advocate, using cannabis for, for instance, glaucoma, and

Unknown 19:48

my chapter now this is interesting. My doctor, Dr. Perez from Perez Eye Institute. It was dead set against it. Anyhow, at pres I Institute here in Tampa, and then I came on in, and I told him about it and I said, Okay, give me just a minute, and I walked outside, and I took a puff and I came in, I said what do you see now that I’ve taken it, and you have a chance to do a second. There’s something called a B scan, where. Put some gel on your eye, and then they put a scope, up to your eye and they do a scan of your retina. And that, well, now that’s interesting that you say that, because your your B scan looks a lot better. I said, Aha, I didn’t tell you what I did. I went outside and I took a little puff, I have. I have a medical card. And I just wanted you to see the difference. He said, Well, now I’m on board now I’m a believer.

Unknown 20:59

Girl, you,

Unknown 21:02

you brought in. Dr. Donald Perez, with pres Eye Institute. And he said if you want to go ahead and do this that that’s fine with me I finally understand what you’re talking about. So he believed in me, so

Unknown 21:21

no need. You brought your to wander out.

Unknown 21:27

It’s a very, it’s a very good doctor, his brother. Bernard Perez doesn’t quite believe in it. but Don Perez is a believer. So,

Unknown 21:39

well you know the the proof is in the pudding. And the, the, the random control trials are going to be their proof. So, you know, as soon as the schedule one disappears, and all the doctors and scientists of the US get to start doing their own research and finding out for themselves what Miss shulam and Rousseau and all the others already know. Then we’re going to have some real progress on

Unknown 22:12

truthfully believe that we’re going to see a schedule of of marijuana

Unknown 22:18

me to real real quickly, you just, you know, any, any day now,

Unknown 22:23

if we have now some empathy in the white house now.

Unknown 22:28

Yeah, yeah. Oh God and that juicy. Isn’t it just

Unknown 22:32

a matter related to political I’m just basically saying I truthfully believe that we have some empathy. At this point,

Unknown 22:41

I agree with you and I tried to save all my ranting and raving for Dr. Barry Gordon and rouda on whenever they have their show. I just love their show the compassionate. Cannabis clinic, down in Venice and they’ve got this great Facebook Live Show. And it’s so funny it’s so juicy and so informative for those of us who are in the cannabis industry to hear. Real medical personnel speaking about cannabis in clinical ways, and it’s in specifically for different things so it’s really juicy and, of course, you know, we’re kind of all inclusive, so that’s really nice about them too. Honey, I want the audience to know what a creative and remarkable woman you really are. Would you tell them about that incredible device that you created called rainbow Braille

Unknown 23:50

is a language that is used for the blind. And it’s a state prints of dots. Six in a cell and blind people use their two index fingers to read, and the device that I use, which is called an embosser is used to print the Braille letters. And I created a business called Braille, boss. And as an embosser, and I had hoped that the medical marijuana treatment centers and mtcs would have allowed me to label, at least 10 to 15% of the amount of merchandise that they have with Braille so that people who are using Braille as a language can find out, or figure out what they have and other parts of let’s say they’re using gummies, or if they’re using different. A depends on tinctures or whatever it is that they have to live. And I’ve gotten a no on that from them. However, I know quite a few people that use Braille that are saying now if I have several packages of gummies How am I going to know the difference between

Unknown 25:16


Unknown 25:17

I know whatever I said well this is what I’m trying to tell the mmt sees that it would be helpful if people don’t want to listen at this point and in Europe. It is mandatory for Braille to be on all packaging. But I am the only company that does Braille. So,

Unknown 25:44

well, maybe we just need to lobby. Congress for the mandatory, you know,

Unknown 25:52

required I’m hoping to get up to Washington DC and now that we have, again, more openness and this particular administration that I might be able to get through,

Unknown 26:09

you know, also there is money for small business coming up in this next package. And so don’t discount that for yourself and, and I’m looking at it, too. Because my business plan, you know, needs a little monetary help to employ all of the tactics that I need to get my word out, especially sitting at home phone and computer and zoom and all these different platforms. So, our business tactics have changed drastically because of COVID, right, and we all need help all of us, right. So, yeah, don’t discount that that new money that will be available especially to women in small boys, matter of fact

Unknown 27:05

I tested all these Braille embossers, and I’m kind of stuck with them. Because I can’t, I had originally started making labels for restaurants and then the restaurants want paper menus. So I’m kind of stuck with it but I had hoped to also work with veteran with veterinarians who have pets, especially people, and service animals and so forth.

Unknown 27:37

Really nice. Is

Unknown 27:38

there a lot of people who are blind or people with who have animals that have issues and so forth and I’d like to work with the veterinarians.

Unknown 27:54

Carol I do too. And as a matter of fact, I just took a course in cannabis from a veterinarian, who’s teaching other veterinarians about cannabis and animals. And so, I, you know, I’m not a veterinarian, but I’m in the industry and I’ve got all these certifications from doctors and scientists, and that was one on my list, you know, to understand, and. Wow, it was such a wonderful course. So I’m so glad to hear that you are interested in that arena and in that neck of the woods of the industry because our poor oh yeah he’s

Unknown 28:37

got a crazy cat here and I love her to death. But she’s

Unknown 28:46

needs. Need some settling does she

Unknown 28:54

ever CBD and Chicago. She’s just a wired cab. And thank you for CBD, and she she’s a great.

Unknown 29:06

I am. Yeah, I love the new nanotechnology I love the new molecular technology that allows us to utilize air cannabis in water and and polar liquids that cannabis doesn’t usually mix with or blend with very well, but because of the new technology. They, you know figured out how to make it disperse throughout our body and liquid much quicker quicker than it would normally. So that’s a boost, that’s a boon see what happens when we have science and math. No kidding. No kidding it’s just been like we’ve been living, you know, with the Flintstones and the rebels for the past five years. But back to reality. I’ve got to let you go for now but God it’s just wonderful to chat with you. And will you come back and visit again and and keep us posted on the Braille boss, and how your path is going

Unknown 30:18

to take care over there.

Unknown 30:20

Alright, darling. I’ll talk to you again soon and paxville biscom our wonderful cannabis audience.

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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