MoC 019 Meditate with Cannabis

January 8, 2021

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Hi this is honey, and welcome to my Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I’m a cannabis shaman in the great state of Florida, and discuss all kinds of issues about this live plant with my intern of experience and grace, Fionna Sebastiano here to help you understand the language of cannabis. Let’s get right into our talk about pottypotpot.

Fiona Is that you,

Unknown 0:32

it is me How are you,

Unknown 0:35

I’m fine. It’s so great to hear your voice.

Unknown 0:39

Thank you. Likewise.

Unknown 0:41

So tell me how you’re doing today.

Unknown 0:44

I do have to say I am struggling a bit more with my pain with the cooler weather and it’s been rainy so I’ve just been medicating more which was helping. And just relaxing and medicating to get through.

Unknown 1:01

So, are you using something that’s a blend of marijuana and hemp or are you, meaning THC and CBD, or are you using something that’s entirely THC to get through this more painful time and and how and what method of delivery, are you choosing for that.

Unknown 1:27

I usually tend to go more towards the higher THC percentage because I have such extreme pain that I need to, you know, try and get that under control.

Unknown 1:42

So is that like a concentrated product, like, you know, I don’t know, vape cartridge or something of trading THC.

Unknown 1:53

Typically when I’m in my room and laying down I have my vape pens right next to my bedside, and I use those but I do like to dab a lot because using the concentrate. It’s such a more concentrated effect when you dab and it’s more of an instant, you know, now.

Unknown 2:17

Yeah. Because you’re inhaling, the vape from doing the dab, which is just a little dab will do yeah really concentrated it’s kind of like a real thick, honey, or a wax or.

Unknown 2:37

They do have like crumble or sadder,

Unknown 2:42

I’d say what’s the difference between crumble and shatter Do you know crumble is

Unknown 2:47

like a waxy. It’s supposed to be. Yeah, it’s like a waxy substance that you kind of break apart. My experience with that is it’s like it’s like broken apart too much and then like dirt, like dust, like a duck. Oh no, I, oh, is the consistency and it’s hard to dab

Unknown 3:06

with that hard to manage

Unknown 3:09

hard for me to maneuver that stuff so

Unknown 3:12

with your hands on the way your hands, yes step right. So I like, and shatter so what’s what’s shatter like. Like, it’s,

Unknown 3:22

it’s almost like you can well you can literally see through some of them

Unknown 3:25

you could hold it up and you can literally see through the piece of shatter it’s almost like stained glass, it looks like, oh you break the pieces off to how much you want to medicate with. I start out with a rice size like a grain of rice. And then I wait, you know, a few minutes after I’ve ingested or dabbed my first dose, and I wait at least about 10 to 15 minutes to see how that’s going to affect because I’ve noticed that some cannabis products. They have an effect that comes on a little bit later, even if even if you dab them or you you know smoke, you know, like, a joint, or vaping. Sometimes the effect hits you a little bit later so I always go slow. Go slow and you can always add more if you need to.

Unknown 4:26

Right. But you want to realize the effect. Yes. That way you’re micro dosing you’re saving your money, you’re saving your tolerance. And if you stay at your sweet spot for cannabis, you will you will not hit your tolerance. Maybe ever. When people stay at their sweet spot for cannabis. And that means, just enough of cannabis, to do the trick. And finding finding the trick is, you know, managing the pain. Then, they don’t ever find or reach a tolerance that you know they have to use more or more, or more, or that it stops working.

Unknown 5:20

Well I decided that with myself, I have to use such a variety of medications, because I have, you know, many different medical conditions that I need to help that I weaned off of all the pharmaceuticals, so I have to find the medications and the combination that works for me for the multitude of medical conditions that I’m trying to medicate

Unknown 5:49

Exactly. And this is the thing, and and the problem of the moment, is that you will always be in search of the right medication for you until they prick our finger and, and our blood tells them. You know what our body needs from the cannabis and which which terpenes to mix with which other chemovars in the plant, you know, to give us the best benefit. So it’s always going to be a hunt and peck process for every Cannabis Patient because the terpene, because all the chemovars  are changing in every batch, it’s a different variety. It’s a different ratio. And so we just we just have to do the best that we can. And it’s no wonder poor thing that you you constantly are in search of your sweet spot like that for your level of pain

Unknown 6:46

and a lot of times I don’t even find, you know like, my pain level is beyond a ten  most days. And if I can get my pain down to a five or six, I’m making progress,

Unknown 7:02

and you also help yourself with meditation?

Unknown 7:05

sure. Yeah, yeah, which is extremely important when I was going through all the physical therapy before they put me through any surgery. I went through abundance of different types of physical therapy and they found that the meditation was more relaxing for me. They also had me do pool therapy, but the meditation part you really use your mind and your mind is what helps relax the rest of yours body so if your mind, if you’re able to control your mind and meditate through music or either just music or, you know, there’s directed meditation where they talk you through and with that it’s a little harder to do because you’re listening to a voice, you’re translating just that yeah

Unknown 7:59

that may be a distraction in itself,

Unknown 8:01

it is a distraction for me. Yeah, so I find the sounds that helped me feel peace. And then I start my breathing deep breathing and I really like to be at the ocean or outside when I meditate because it’s like taking in the fresh air is even more helpful to, like, it helps you release all of that energy that bad energy.

Unknown 8:33

It’s kind of a moment of glory. Yeah, in my head. And when, when you realize that second of meditative reaching a goal of the meditative goal that you are present in your being right then and there, and concentrating on the most important thing whatever it is

Unknown 8:59

you know that happened to me last night, when I was out in the backyard. Video Recording SpaceX going up, launching. Oh, it’s just, oh it’s just glorious, and I’m standing there and for the first time. I’m not hearing any sounds from a nearby highway. I hear crickets crickets. I love the sound It’s glorious, and I was so thrilled and then you see the sky light up with a plume of fire that sends SpaceX up into orbit, and you watch it going up in a nighttime sky and the clouds and it’s just extremely moving. So that put me in yeah it was it put me in a very meditative moment. What you made me realize Fiona and I can’t thank you enough. Is that you know you and I were talking about. The, the five people you’re around the most is a combination of who you are. Mm hmm. and so and so I’ve really needed to distance myself from the some of the people that I’ve been around lately. And I’m talking about news.

Unknown 10:27

Definitely, you know,

Unknown 10:28

I’ve had to put a little bit of distance between the anxiety that I feel around our country right now. And the constant pounding from the news, giving me the shivers about it all, because my body is wanting to scream. Yeah, my body. I feel bees in my bonnet and and throughout my system, and I know it’s from the stress of what’s happening. So, what, what I told you was, you know, I have to shut that stuff off, and I’ve been watching something that’s been near and dear to my heart, a lot lately because of the beautiful music and the beautiful costume you know, all of it, Downton Abbey is what I’m talking about Girls. And so I put Downton Abbey movie on and watch it for hours on end, instead of the news. And then my mind can focus on my work and getting my mail done and getting my you know program set up and doing what I had to do and concentrating on other things and focusing on, you know, real life at home in my own reality and not what the news is telling me about, but then you made me realize that in doing that very procedure in protecting myself I’m, I’m meditating. It is the, it is the meditation of that music that I’m hearing in the background and, and when I glance up for my computer or my laptop or my phone or whatever I’m doing, and I see the beautiful artistry on, on the television instead of the, you know, what’s happening at the Capitol. Then, then I am meditating, and I cannot thank you enough for pointing that out to me because I didn’t understand what I mean, you know, there’s a definition of meditation, but until you really feel its effects and realize that you caused that by the act of meditation. You know, it’s just a word, but you really helped me understand that and I’m so grateful because meditation to get our minds back into balance is so needed now. We need balance.

Unknown 12:46

It’s necessary on a daily basis just in general yeah many things that we, you know, are chaotic in our lives you know whether it be your children, your grandchildren, your, you know, the neighbor’s dogs barking all night or you know whatever. Did you know that cause us to get out of that realm where we need to just you know come with ourselves and and really focus on what is going to make you happy, because you can’t help that you’re living your life, you have. You are the one in charge of your life, no one else.

Unknown 13:25

Thank you. You do not have to let life just smack you upside the head. You can be in charge of your own life,

Unknown 13:34

you can and it does take a lot of determination, it takes a lot of strength, and you have to find that inner strength which I’ve been really working hard to find. And working on myself to find myself as who I am now that I’m on this incredible journey with cannabis and, you know, being a part of the cannabis community and you learn what other people like yourself how you didn’t realize what was actually taking your mind off of what was making you angry or sad.

Unknown 14:14


Unknown 14:16

yes you realize that, listening to,

Unknown 14:20

or look changing your life.

Unknown 14:22

Yeah, change your mindset and that’s what you know. It does take determination, but it can be done. And that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help you. You know, feel those vibes feel though so

Unknown 14:37

you know what yeah you know how you feel those vibes  by breathing deeply you know what breathing deeply. Is your mind, believe it or not,

Unknown 14:46

it’s actually down deep from the gut though breathing,

Unknown 14:51

you absolutely have

Unknown 14:51

the mouth. And that’s why they want you to meditate on your breathing, even breathing through my pain, like my kids say are you okay mom you’re breathing pretty heavy and it’s like, I’m breathing. I appreciate you hearing me because I am struggling, but just know that I’m really trying to breathe through this pain medicate and, you know, be that positive energy that I want to be for not only myself but for everyone around me.

Unknown 15:21

That’s right. Remember your Lamaze ladies. Oh God I think my milk just let down.

Unknown 15:35

Hahahahha Right.

Unknown 15:37

One part that you’re supposed to pay attention to when you go to the Lamaze class.

Unknown 15:45

Oh gosh. Well it’s sure great to chat with you again today Fiona I’m sorry. We’ve had a few Wi Fi problems but, you know, life interrupts life interrupts

Unknown 15:54

and you know, practice makes perfect and no one is perfect in this world and we just have to go with the flow and make the best of, you know, our internet or internet situation and, you know, I want to apologize to our listeners if there is a little interruption but we really appreciate you listening to us on our moment of clarity with now

Unknown 16:17

don’t you Yeah, yeah, we’re real clear about our moments, aren’t we hahahaha

Unknown 16:21

clear that we have great vibes together and that’s what makes a beautiful friendship and relationship. Indeed, Yes,

Unknown 16:33

indeed. All right, honey. Well, thank you so much again for listening everybody and and Fiona we’ll catch up again real soon. It’s a powerful moment in history, I’m so glad we’re, we’re here together to fortify each other and console each other, and I just wouldn’t want to be doing this without you just thank you so much and and to all of our audience too. We’ll see you on the flip side Thank you,

Unknown 17:03

you too. Bye bye.

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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