MoC 001 What’s the Diff?

September 9, 2020

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(Segment 1)

Hello, and thank you for joining me.  This is Honey with a Cannaba Verum Moment of Clarity… just some quick thoughts about cannabis to help you understand. I’ll be right back to tell you more.                                     

Break for Commercial:

(Segment 2)

To be clear… Both Hemp and Marijuana are Cannabis.

One gets you high and the other does not.

You can buy Hemp Over-the-Counter but have to pay extra for the privilege of being a Medical Marijuana Patient and insurance does not cover it YET!

Hemp and Marijuana possess similar overlapping powers of relief for pain and inflammation…

But finding the right cannabis… and using it the right way… for YOU…

is imperative to your successful relief. You’ll have a lot of choices. And the professionals in the dispensaries will help you.

Cannabis has very different effects depending on which kind you choose.

Let’s say one for energy during day time and one for relaxing for night time, whether it’s hemp or marijuana.

Both varieties can help you with pain and inflammation.

BOTH of these cannabis plants have the same chemical varieties (chemovars) in their makeup but with different ratios…

So both plants have 400 + compounds (1. You can see the Citations on my podcast blog for scientific content at but Marijuana produces more THC than the other chemicals.  THC (short for Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol)  is the chemical that makes you feel high.  Like Marijuana, Hemp has the same chemicals but produces more CBD. CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and will NOT get you high.

Find out how and why to choose Hemp or MMJ in the NEXT… Moment of Clarity with Honey, on the Cannaba Verum podcast, wherever you listen.


(1) ( by Zerrin Atakan)

Cannabis, a complex plant: different compounds and different effects on individuals

Clear as mud now? No worries, we’ll be taking a deep dive into cannabis on our regular podcast out every Friday morning and breaking down information into Moments of Clarity throughout the week. Just stay tuned with Cannaba Verum…  for the truth… in all things Cannabis.

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