CV 200 Dr.Angie Krause, DVM

February 20, 2023

CV 200 Dr. Angie Krause, DVM


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Ding Dong!  Barkity bark bark!

Grab yer sip and favorite bowl, call the pups and cats and snuggle in, yer in for a real treat today!

Yall hear me talk about my little pack of wolves all the time… my 5 little ragamuffins I adore and sleep with. And then I’ve got 2 fats cats, one is polydactyl with 4 legs, 6 feet, and 27 toes! Yes! A Hemingway cat!

My Covid world would have been utterly miserable without them but their bubble of love has saved my psyche over and over again.

They let me give them the lovin I miss from my 4 grandkids in Detroit and their parents. Florida is filled with grandparents missing their little ones. So we fill our days with our pet’s routine needs including regular visits to their doctor.

I am so tickled to present my very special guest for this 200th Cannaba Verum episode…

Esteemed cannabis expert and veterinarian, Dr. Angie Krause of                                     

                   right after the intro…


Honey Smith Walls 0:00

Welcome to season four of the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast.

I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored while educating my audience on safe use of this live plant therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis…what’s good and what’s not.

It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet. Using cannabis mindfully as medication is a different concept in Western healthcare philosophy, specifically of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and reconsider.

The information you’ll find here comes straight from scientists and clinicians doing the work and reporting their findings in real time through various live online outlets.

The scientific truth of cannabis is finally getting out and is wide open for all to see at respected medical sites like and JAMA, the Journal of American Medical Association… and I’m right there in the thick of it with all those titans of medicine… as a fly on the wall.

Because I’m not a doctor, nor did I go to med school. But I did take dozens of private cannabis courses and still engage in continuing education offered by cannabis expert scientists over the past few years and slowly began to see and understand the bigger picture.

Now I talk to people all day long about cannabis and hopefully inspire them to research the facts as we know them today. Cannabis is an amazing alternative in health remedies. It can reportedly alleviate typical disease problems and troubling side effects, even those caused by synthetic prescriptions.

This is Honey Smith Walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman, not a doctor, not a scientist, raised by nuns and wolves in the verdant cattle pastures of the Oklahoma oil fields. I’m here to amplify the truth of this great big story of cannabis in historical, political, scientific and spiritual terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you choose to ingest.

Seg 1

Honey Smith Walls 0:12

Sounds like I have Dr. Angie… Can you hear me?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM : 0:15

I can. Can you hear me? Do I sound ok?

Honey Smith Walls 0:19

You sound just as wonderful as we all expect you to. And I want you to know we’re so honored to have you here today. I’ve been talking to my audience about you for years, so they’re really going to be thrilled to get to hear you firsthand.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM : 1:01

I appreciate that.

Honey Smith Walls 1:03

No, it’s wonderful. Would you just tell us how you fit into this world right now… what you’ve got going on… And what the life of a veterinarian in Colorado is like, in January?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  4:38

I am a house-call vet. And so I go to people’s homes. So right now there’s snow on the ground and you know, we’re just dodging winter storms. But I’m also an Ice Climber so I appreciate the season because I get to get out and do fun things that I like.

Honey Smith Walls 4:59

Ice climbing! Wow that’s exciting! Was ice climbing always in your family or something?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  5:06

No definitely not… I got into rock climbing in 2019. And then within the climbing community there are people that ice climb so I had the opportunity to do that. So I got hooked on that….  I didn’t have a winter sport… which is pretty unacceptable in Colorado.

Honey Smith Walls 5:26

I guess so… wow. That is really impressive. I can just see you with spikes on now. Wow, how did veterinary call you? How did that happen? What happened when you were a kid that you made that decision?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  5:49

Totally. You know I was a kid. When I was three years old. My mother brought home two small black kittens from the humane society. And my sister and I each got to name one and of course I name my black cat Pinky.

Honey Smith Walls 6:07

Oh my.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  6:09

Anyway, we took them to the veterinarian and I just walked into this office and I was like…. oh yeah no, this is it. I’m home. This is what I’m doing. And then it just, it never changed. It never changed.

Honey Smith Walls 6:25

I love it. Great. Yeah. When you know what you’re going to be and what you’re going to do… That’s pretty special for people. That’s a human magic. That doesn’t happen for just everybody but man, it happened to you very young,

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  6:35

Very young.

Honey Smith Walls 6:37

Yes. Yeah. So you began reading books, I’m sure and lalala and all of that stuff. And now you’re a doctor and concierge too. Is that a proper term for what you do?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  6:48

That is correct. Yes. And so I I help people with their pets and I do concierge medicine and then I really help people put everything together. Sometimes people will go to the internal medicine specialist and the ophthalmologist and a lot of people have trouble just putting it all together and so in my practice, we really try to hold people in their journey and keep track and check in and you know if someone’s gonna go see another veterinarian will keep track check in with that other veterinarian… and check in with them. Because some times health care can be very overwhelming. And so I help people put it all together.

Honey Smith Walls 7:31

Well you’re an angel for that because none of us understand the health care system and oh, by the way, Western doesn’t seem like health care. It seems like sick care. And so that’s kind of the way I feel about what’s been happening with my five dogs and two fat cats and one ninety year old spouse.

So, you know, to have somebody come to my house would be a godsend. When I’ve got issues with my critters. You know it’s a nightmare. Well, you understand what I mean…

But when one parent has so many kids and you got to drag them all or one at a time. Whatever it is. It’s always a hassle because if it’s one at a time, then you’re constantly in the veterinarian’s office. So I tried to get all of those shots and stuff done all at once and it would be so much nicer to have you come to my home.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  8:35

It’s easier on everybody even including the animals… just to have a better time and the stress level goes down. Oh, definitely a lot of animals don’t really even know that they’ve had veterinary care and we try to keep it really casual. And so we’ll just, you know, talk about life with our clients. You know, just kind of sometimes I’ll get my physical exam and the cat just thinks I’ve been petting… Yeah.

Honey Smith Walls 9:03

Right, a stress-less physical exam, in the creature’s own home setting with his parents. They’re completely relaxed. That’s what you’re doing. You’re relaxing the parent and the creature too… Yes, yeah. Oh, it’s wonderful. That’s compassion at its heart… Isn’t it? Love that. Love that. So how’d you find out about cannabis helping critters?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  9:30

Well, you know, it was all pretty accidental. And it’s just really my geographical location.

Honey Smith Walls 9:40

In the heart of hippiedom?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  9:42

Totally… you know.

Honey Smith Walls 9:45

I’ve been there many times. Used to live in Denver worked in Aurora.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  9:49

Oh, you did? Yes. So what happened when cannabis became legal? There were a lot more conversations because I mean, really, even before it was legal in Colorado… so many people were using, they just weren’t talking about it really with their medical practitioners. And so, you know, my clients started to say, well, this is really helping me… can it help my pet? And at the beginning, I didn’t know… I didn’t use cannabis at the time… and so I really had no idea. I saw little information on it.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  10:29

And you know, personally, I had treated a lot of dogs with marijuana intoxication and toxicity, but I didn’t really know about the plant and the medicinal benefits… so I had to correct that very quickly. And because I wanted to provide an answer for these people’s questions, I really dove in and just educated myself about the difference between hemp and marijuana and I dove into all the literature about the endocannabinoid system, which is mind blowing.

I was like, wait, wait, there was this whole system that I had never learned about? Eight years of science, right? Why… what… why weren’t we talking about this? Because it is endocannabinoid system really goes beyond politics. Oh, yeah, I really just…

Honey Smith Walls 11:27

Ohhhh the politics… this is just abhorrent.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  11:30

Yeah, and I’m like, Well, how, you know, we learned about the gastrointestinal system and the endocrine system and like, you know, you go through so much physiology and so much anatomy. I have a degree in biomedical science before I went to veterinary school, so I just… I was blown away.

And then I learned about all the receptors and I mean, really, we talk about CBD for pets, but it’s really so much more than CBD. We don’t really even know that CBD is the main show. Terpenes and bioflavonoids and all these other aspects of the plant. And of course, I’ve done Chinese medicine. So studying an herb was very exciting and second nature… that I would prescribe an herb and have, you know, therapeutic benefits that just fell in line with everything I was already doing. And so I started learning about it and then I started using hemp, and I use it at a time where I could have been in trouble because the DEA was trying to they were basically saying this is scheduled. They were really crossing the line of their authority.

Honey Smith Walls 12:46

Go Figure.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  12:48

Yeah, and I just decided it was helping my patients enough that I was going to be brave. I was brave and I thought okay, if they take away my DEA license, what am I going to do? And I made the calculations and at the end of the day, I decided that it was more important that I can help as many cats and dogs for as long as I could.

Honey Smith Walls 13:09

You were a brave girl! To protect them like that…. you make us so proud girl. Because we just have to stand up against that.  We just have to and it takes strength and courage, determination and the truth of science to get us there.

Tell me who your favorite leader in cannabis was when you were first finding out about it… I absolutely adore… Well you tell me first…

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  13:47

So Rob Silver was the first person… Oh, yeah, we’re friends. And so because he’s here in Boulder and he was the first person… I was like, okay, Rob, let’s figure out what’s going on and he gave me so much information, so much permission and so much confidence. Yes. So I’ll be forever grateful to him.

And so I took that information. I started writing about it on my blog, and I just had a regular practice website. We’re just a regular practice social media and I just started talking about it. And no one else was really talking about at the time. So I got a lot of search engine optimization share by accident. I bet you did. I did. And then you know, so then people started calling me to interview me and then you know, I just went from there and now other people have taken it much farther, which is great because now there are veterinarians that just specialize in that and every veterinary conference I go to… there are veterinarians talking about hemp, and CBD and veterinarians are really quite educated. Many states gag their veterinarians… in the very beginning they were saying, ‘if we find out you’ve talked about this, we’re going to take your license away’.

Honey Smith Walls 15:08

That’s just criminal in my heart.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  15:11

I know… it was really hard, because really what we do need to talk to people about especially as marijuana becomes so accessible… as to why their dog has so many more THC receptors[1]  that are gonna get differently metabolized in dogs than it is in people.

Here’s what you need to look for in the product and we need to be educating people.  So people would go to their veterinarian, especially in California, I think California was the worst the time in 2018 – 2019… And so then people will come to me because I’m like, I have a pet with this diagnosis. I really want to use CBD, but I’m scared and I need some direction. Because their veterinarian be like I can’t say anything. Right.

And veterinarians didn’t want to do that. I will tell you that most veterinarians are really open to CBD and to cannabis in general. Now, no one’s going to talk about it right now. We’re still all under DEA control and marijuana is still scheduled so veterinarians will probably be hesitant to talk about marijuana and rightfully so. But at least now… Americans are talking about cannabis and hemp.

Honey Smith Walls 16:27

Okay, help us understand a little bit more about the difference in effects for animals with cannabis. And I just recently spoke to a woman who gives her horse a cannabis cookie every day filled with I can’t remember how many milligrams of CBD but Oh my g and that horse… Her veterinarian said ‘whatever you’re doing, keep doing it’. Because the horse was almost crippled. It was so stove up… and she started giving him the cookies. And of course, the vet says he acts like he’s five years old. And he was like 26 or something.

Yes. So that Joint Relief and that inflammatory relief… if you can find the right… the sweet spot for you… It’s fantastic. But I don’t understand what the difference is like you’re saying how animals metabolize it differently than we do and what the dosage needs are. Yeah, you had a great graphic about an elephant and a giraffe one time I think and the difference between how CBD, the dosages between an elephant and a giraffe and a mouse or something like that. Oh, and if I might just say this… those monthly newsletters that you send out… Those made me change the way I feed my cats because you talked about the need for cats to have more water and that’s why they have renal failure because they don’t get enough water in their diet from just eating Chow and that we should be feeding them canned food and adding water to it. And so I started doing that.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  18:27

Nice and did you notice any difference?

Honey Smith Walls 18:29

Oh my gosh, they’re happy they’re healthy.They they’re healthier. They’re not constantly… How can I say this? Their habits are better.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  18:47

Right? Yes, cats are desert animals and they they don’t do very well Hydrating themselves. Yeah. And so when we feed them kibble and they often just don’t drink enough water. And so it is good to keep them more hydrated and wet food in general raw food, wet food, anything but kibble they just do better with because they don’t metabolize carbohydrates as well as we do or dogs do. And so they have less inflammatory diseases when we remove the kibble from their diet. So I’m so glad.

Honey Smith Walls 19:23

I’m so glad you said that out loud. Thank you… so my audience knows. That’s awesome and I just want to say this dear audience, so you can go there while we’re chatting if you want to. You have heard me say it a million times. It’s been on my website for years. And my audience already knows that they can check out your resources too because they hear me mention you often, Dr. Angie and the good works that you do.

So back to back to…what’s really important about raising a dog or a cat in our home? What’s the most important thing for them?


Anchor Commercial


Dr. Mazo Commercial

By Honey Smith Walls

Hey, my friends, I want to give you a tip about a neurologist I know and trust.

Dr. Anthony Mazo is a highly rated specialist here in Melbourne, Florida.

One of the first physicians to research and study cannabis since 2016 when it was legalized in Florida, Dr. Mazo is not quick to prescribe traditional synthetic chemicals when he knows that this gentle live plant therapy will likely give the needed relief.

I know this to be true because I had to see him for my own old lady neuropathy issues. He did not prescribe the usual synthetic stuff. He told me to go get a particular kind of cannabis instead… and use it in a specific way to find relief.

And that is what every doctor in America should have in their little black bag.

His clinic details will be in my show notes for you. Why? Because he’s a trusted cannabis expert in the field of neurology. Dr.Anthony Mazo in Melbourne, FL at the Brevard Neuro Center.


Seg 2

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  21:03

No, I think what we feed them and their mental health would be the top two things that I would say and maybe number three is dental health.

Honey Smith Walls 21:13

It took me a long time to realize this but stuff toys for animals are so great for dental care. If you can get your puppy to play tug of war with you with a stuffed toy… a lot of that tartar comes right off their teeth and keeps their teeth clean. And then you just throw it in the washing machine.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  21:33

Yes and then you know every breed has such a different predisposition to plaque and how their bites are… like how they eclude their teeth. That’s really important and some dogs just have beautiful teeth. Their whole life they have hardly any tartar buildup and some people… despite doing all the things they could be doing, their dogs just create a lot of tartar… then they react to those harder and for some people you know and if your dog has dental disease, it’s not always your fault. But there are some dogs that just need more dental care than others. And it’s such an important part of holistic health. Because when we have inflammation in our mouths, it’s just always entering into our bloodstream. It affects all the organs. Yeah, so it’s very important.

Honey Smith Walls 22:25

Yeah, I’m just thinking about I’m always talking about these little bloody capillaries inside of your cheeks. And now thinking about all that Juju from your mouth getting sucked up in those. Yeah, no wonder that stuff can go shoot straight to your brain. Did I just dream all that up? Well, so you were you were telling us about how a dog metabolizes cannabis differently.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  22:55

They have more THC receptors.

Honey Smith Walls 22:58

So you were saying what happens?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  23:01

Yeah, so dogs come in to the emergency room after getting into a stash. You know, edibles or any type of marijuana if there’s THC in it. Dogs are going to be very uncomfortably high and we see that they lose urinary incontinence. They cannot walk… it’s a really bad time for them.

And so if someone were to share a gummy with their dog that maybe gets them very comfortably high… Their dog is just going to have such a bad time and so in very small dogs actually breathing… yeah, we don’t think very often of marijuana toxicities being fatal, but for small dogs, it really can be.

And the marijuana we can get in legal states is just more potent than it was all the time because you know they’re always growing and selecting for plants that are more potent than the last… more THC. And so there’s definitely a problem there and I think people get into trouble or when they think oh, you know my dogs in pain. Let me just share the thing that I do with them. It’s just, it gets them so high.

I think cats have a sensitivity more along the lines of people. But dogs are very different. I do think once marijuana gets legalized federally… I think that we’re gonna see a lot of research institutions look at THC and the therapeutic benefits of the whole cannabis plant, even just marijuana. So that, you know, maybe that’s something a therapeutic option for dogs and cats in the future. But until we can do that research, it’s gonna be hard to know… and then until it’s not scheduled anymore…  research institutions aren’t going to be able to do that research. Now that the Farm Bill has passed, there are a lot of studies and research institutions and universities and academic institutions that are looking at hemp extract and CBD and CBG. And see… like all of the phyto cannabinoids as therapeutic options… and so that’s coming and happening now. And hopefully, sometime in the future marijuana will follow.

Honey Smith Walls 25:34

Have you had a chance to read Russ Hudson’s book… The Big Book of Terps yet? It’s a four and a half pound reference. Oh my god… it cost $160 bucks on Amazon and it is sitting on my coffee table right now and I have read every single word page to page Thank you very much. And it is a fascinating look into the world of terpenes.

So here come mushrooms… do you do you follow Paul Stamets? Okay so he’s the leading mycologist in mushrooms. So I’ve got a poodle… supposed to be a five pound poodle. She’s a 10 pound poodle at the moment with Cushing’s Disease (enlargement of the organs) and the vet put her on an antibiotic for a little while and a cough suppressant for a little while. And another prescription for the rest of her life. And I put her on my Healer CBDa twice a day and Paul Stamets 7-Blend of mushrooms twice a day. And she has gone down from 23 inches around that fat belly that was dragging the ground… she wasn’t able to hold up her weight with her little tiny frame. Her hips are failing her and it’s gone down now…. guess what? For the first time in over a year she took a walk around the pond with the rest of the pack and me yesterday and she feels good. And she she looks good and she’s got a happy little grin on her face and she’s peeing and pooping and and drinking. She is still coughing. But I know that her organs have gone down and shrunken and I really feel like it’s the cannabis… the CBDa… and it’s a full complement of the compounds. It’s a full spectrum whole plant product. And with more CBDa in it and then that other…. Paul Stamets 7-Blend mushroom, I’m certain that’s what’s helped her reduce because my vet has never seen anything like it… he told me she’s maybe got two years to live with that and it doesn’t matter if she takes medicine or not. They’ve never been able to see a difference either way. So it was up to me if I wanted to try the meds or not. That was that… thanks very much. That’ll be $1,600 And that was after all the blood tests and everything to find out what the hell was matter because her tummy just kept growing and growing and growing and we didn’t know why. It wasn’t food and her appetite had not increased at all. So anyway,  it feels like she’s on the mend.

So there’s been progress, big progress. What are the other kinds of medicines and modality I guess I’m trying to say, of medicines that you use… you mentioned Chinese and acupuncture and herbal… Oh, and terpenes… are you interested in what they’re finding out about terpenes? That’s where I was gonna go with Russ Hudson’s book.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  29:23

That is definitely something that will be on the forefront… especially here in Colorado where we just decriminalized mushrooms. And so everyone’s growing them and talking about them and doing low dose. There’s a lot of people here that are micro dosing mushrooms instead of using other pharmaceuticals… and so it’s definitely something that’s up and coming.

But although I’d say mushrooms in veterinary medicine, definitely have some stability. We’ve been using mushrooms for a long time. There’s even I think it might have been Tufts or Penn State. There’s a study on Turkey Tail and heavy angiosarcoma and we do know that patients with Hermangiosarcoma live longer with Turkey Tail, or I think it’s Turkey Tail. I’d have to go back and look at this study. There’s so many great mushrooms.

Honey Smith Walls 30:20

There’s so many great mushrooms. That’s just it. Yeah, it feels like you have to be a Shaman about it, to address it, understand it, look it up, research, do all of that ourselves. That’s not how we’re taught to be a good patient in this country. We’re taught to let the doctors learn all that stuff and tell us how we’re sick and what to take for it.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  30:46

I know. Yes. And I always tell my clients… people come to me and say Oh, I’m so sorry, Angie. You know, before you came, I Googled this and I know I shouldn’t. And I say yes, you should. Yeah, yes, Google! And let’s talk about what you found. And let’s talk about the sources and let’s talk about your options.

And I do really fight against that kind of culture of like, listen to me… I know everything.

I don’t know everything. I really believe people hire me to give them my knowledge to benefit from the experience I have, but ultimately they are making decisions and it is my job to support them and give them the knowledge…  I think veterinary medicine has some toxicity in the culture of… we know everything… and if you don’t do exactly what we say, then we’re going to shame you.

Honey Smith Walls 31:49

Oh, I didn’t realize that. But you know, that’s the medical West. The Western medical school situation, has a lot of toxicity in the way that they teach medicine.

Anyway. So yeah, we’re all… it’s all changing. I feel like we’re being uplifted by the freeing of information. This beautiful tribe of scientists that I hang out with on LinkedIn in the cannabis industry…freely give their knowledge to whoever is interested in listening and…if you’re listening, it’s university level education, and discussion and peer review of what’s happening in real time for free… and it’s just delicious to be able to uplift ourselves with technology, in a good way.

Get rid of the chatter! Gotta get rid of the junk and stop watching the horror movies and politics but other than that, technology is a real good thing for us, in that we can really discover what’s in these compounds in the food that we ingest and the medicines we take. I just can’t wait to learn more.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  33:09

Yeah, it’s exciting, isn’t it?

Honey Smith Walls 33:12

It surely is. Well, is there anything that you would like for our audience to know? Do you have projects coming up in the future? And are you going to be at conferences where our audience may be able to see you in person? Do you do that yet? Coming out of COVID You know, the COVID bubble?

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  33:31

Yes. You know, most of the things I’m doing right now, you do a lot of courses online, so if people want to learn from me or you know, just hang out with myself and my nurses, they can go to And this year we are we’re launching a cat brand to give cat parents a forum and a place that they can go just to get information for cats. For so long. We have been treating cats like small dogs and it is high time that they were treated like cats… like a separate species and they get to have their own information.

Honey Smith Walls 34:20

Wow…this is really news to me. You’re right. I just think of my cat, like a dog. For goodness sake. So this is very exciting. Okay, so that’s it at And of course, it’s already on my website as been for years. But I’m really tickled to get to speak with you. Dr. Angie, thank you so much for enlightening us about your world and how you think of medicine and animals and how we want to think of it too.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM  34:54

Yes, absolutely. Thank you for having me on. I really appreciate it.

Honey Smith Walls 34:58

My pleasure. And I hope you’ll come back and see us again sometime… anytime. Thank you Dr.Angie Have a wonderful day. Take care. Bye bye.

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PS: Helping society get past the fear of using cannabis will be a lifelong journey for me. This industry is just opening up and most patients and doctors are seriously cannabis naive and need help understanding where to turn for trustworthy information.

For your animals… cannabis expert Dr. Angie Krause, DVM –

If you need help opening that cannabis discussion with your family doctor,  please reach out and grab the Dear Doctor Letter I wrote for this exact purpose. It will explain your decision to try cannabis and ask for their help in monitoring your labs and progress. It will also show them where they can find medical research on the subject of your diagnosis and the effects of cannabis.

You’ll find that letter at  

My specialist in hormonal help: Dr. Genester Wilson-King, M.D. and Founder

Victory Rejuvenation Center – Orlando, Florida

My Neurologist and Cannabis Expert Medical Marijuana Doctor in Melbourne, FL:

Anthony Mazo, M.D.

Brevard Neuro Center

(321) 733-2711

315 E. Nasa Blvd.

Melbourne, FL 32901.    

All opinions are my own and should not be mistaken as medical advice.

(1) Microdosing –

(2) Concentrates –

(3) Cannabis Helps Dementia Podcast – Anchor.FM/cannabishelpsdementia

(4) Society of Cannabis Clinicians –

(5) Take the Pledge –

(6) Handbook for Clinicians – Principles and Practice –

(7) The Cannigma Podcast =

(8) Curious About Cannabis Podcast =

(9) The Big Book of Terps by Russ Hudson =

Show Notes:Dr. Angie Krause, DVM of will fill you with new ideas for your precious puppets and cats…who shall not be confused with canines nor treated like one! Come listen to our favorite veterinarian talk about the problems with cannabis for animals and the successes. It’s different for them… and of course, there’s barely any science for our little darlings to rely on… Join us for a real conversation about your beloved pet today. And visit Dr. Angie’s terrific site for great animal edu!            We also discussed Russ Hudson’s new book on terpenes…

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