CV 191.5 Xmas Bonus Weed History Santa

December 24, 2022

CV 191.5 Xmas Bonus Weed History Santa


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Hello my friends,                                    

For this special bonus episode of Cannaba Verum, I’d like to present one of my favorite podcast episodes of Great Moments in Weed History so you can start a new tradition of your own and begin listening to this every year with the grownups… right after ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” for the kids.

Presenting the latest full episode including the classic holiday story of Santa Claus as told by the awesome guys at Great Moments in Weed History… for adults only.

Great Moments in Weed History  0:03

Hi there, it’s been and welcome to great moments in weed history. I am so glad that you are joining us. For this episode, we’re going to talk about the biggest cannabis story of 2022 happens to have a very happy ending, and we are gonna revisit our annual tradition of telling the story of how Santa Claus is a psychedelic mushroom Shaman. If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, stay tuned to this episode because it is a Beloved beloved story here on this podcast when we share every year this time of year and if you’ve taken this magical sleigh ride with us before I know you’re gonna want to whip up some weed infused egg nug.

Great Moments in Weed History 0:44

did you just say eggnog? Yes, it’s a special type of eggnog

Great Moments in Weed History 0:48

Throw yourself some Christmas trees get eight oily dabs ready for Hanukkah, or any other spiritual tradition. You may follow Santa Claus but mushroom shaman version of him at least belongs to all of us.

Great Moments in Weed History 1:01

God has given you the smoke dope your insurance you can’t lie. I mean people who are stoned right now. That’s like That’s Christmas presents and lights and stress and shit. Just getting drunk stoned your friends, family people that you love

Great Moments in Weed History 1:12

now selecting the biggest cannabis story of 2022. There’s whole states that voted to legalize cannabis. There is been some pardons from the President. Although they haven’t gone far enough. It was certainly an important first step. We saw the first piece of federal cannabis legislation passed and it’s gonna go on to be law, again, a very limited law just creating some avenues for research. But still these incremental steps lead somewhere they lead to the future that we all want where no one is punished for consuming or growing or sharing or selling those plants. And that brings us to our story of the year which began back in February when WNBA superstar Brittney Griner was first arrested and taken into custody by Russian officials Abdullah and I immediately put out a special episode about this story because at the time it really seemed like this was flying under the radar. Imagine if an NBA superstar was in the same position the amount of wall to wall media coverage that would have happened and here was arguably the most accomplished player in the WNBA arrested in Russia while traveling through the airport and allegedly having in her possession a small amount of cannabis oil in like little vape pen cartridges. For that crime. Brittney Griner was charged with being an international drug smuggler and was eventually sentenced to nine years in Russian prison a nightmarish situation but just last week she was released as part of a prisoner swap. Brittany is now at home with her family reportedly back out on the basketball court dunking and presumably you know, on her own schedule, preparing to eventually rejoin the WNBA I will also say that I hope Brittany is smoking a nice fat joint right now. And we are all sending our best wishes from the entire cannabis community at the same time. We can use this as a teachable moment or a teachable moment, if you will. That’s the weed pun for this episode. Here we are in the United States continuing to arrest people every single day for cannabis, including in many states for simple possession. So why not let them all free as well that we would go to such incredible lengths to free somebody from a foreign prison while keeping our own citizens in prison for the same thing makes no sense. As we close out 2022 We have to of course, celebrate all the victories we’ve made in ending the system of prohibition, but we also have to remember that people continue to suffer severe consequences for embracing this life saving beautiful plant that we all love, and we have to commit ourselves to making 2023 the year that this ends forever.

Great Moments in Weed History 4:01

One of the first things we did with her newfound freedom this weekend was a basketball court with Sam Houston in Texas. Her father telling CBS News, I felt like I had 500 pounds lifted off my shoulders. So that was

Great Moments in Weed History 4:15

the biggest cannabis story of the year for the whole world. But I also wanted to briefly kind of review the year in we’ve here on great moments in weed history because I’m really proud of the historical stories and interviews that we put out this year. And of course, I am hoping that in kind of reviewing our gear here on the podcast, it will encourage you all to join us if you haven’t already as Patreon subscribers you can go to great moments and lead For more information on that I want to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who is supporting us right now on Patreon. It is really the key to this podcast being here. Every week for you. We put out a new episode on the podcast feed once every two weeks or once every two weeks. But we are still a weirdly podcast. If you support us on Patreon, you will get a Patreon exclusive episode every other week. So if that got a little confusing, I think just hit the back 30 seconds button twice and it’ll all make sense the second time through

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so we’re gonna get to the story of psychedelic Santa Claus in just a few moments but first, hang with us as we go through. When Abdullah and I and consider the high lights from the podcast this year. Abdullah sends his love and seasonal greetings to all he is say it with me still on hiatus, but we’ll be hearing from him next year. No doubt. First highlight episode a big one a story we wanted to tell for a long time. We got to talk about Peter Tosh from the whalers with his daughter and really had a chance to delve into Rastafari culture in Jamaica, the history of weed in Jamaica, reggae history, and of course, you know we aren’t talking about the guy who wrote the song legalize it so many many great moments in weed history in that story. It was an incredible way to kick off the year then we went right to an interview with NFL star Ricky Williams, who talked about you know, being high while winning the Heisman Trophy getting kicked out of professional football for smoking weed and failing a drug test and now coming back and having his own cannabis company and incredible story. We took you inside and openly operating psychedelic mushroom church in Oakland and use that to have a discussion of these new laws coming online and communities. decriminalizing psychedelic plants. We just saw the entire state of Colorado vote to pass a law decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms you know we love our mushrooms almost as much as we love our wheat here. And speaking of weed. We have three separate episodes this year tracking down the history of classic Hall of Fame cannabis strains, often these histories because they happen during prohibition and people were trying not to get arrested are very hard to pin down. We went right to the source. We told the history of OG Kush and then we talked with Chem dog himself about how he first encountered that legendary strain out on Grateful Dead lot and we rounded it out with the story of sour diesel as told by AJ the man himself who popularized and proliferated that stream. Boom. We’re literally halfway around the world talking about the long ancient history of cannabis in Japan how it was part of the Shinto religion how it was part of the sumo wrestling tradition speaking with an activist from Japan, she is working right now to bring legalization to that country and incredibly fascinating conversation and one I have to say it’s really gratifying for us. We can look and see where the show is being downloaded. I think we were downloaded in 80 different countries around the world and we got a huge spike. of listeners in Japan. With that episode, information about cannabis is really still suppressed over there in many ways. And you know, just even more broadly knowing that this show reaches people in 80 Different countries is pretty mind blowing, especially when you consider many of those places are still very far behind the United States in terms of legalizing cannabis. Many of those places were forced to criminalize cannabis because of the United States back in the 1960s when we were pushing our war on drugs on everyone else, so to get emails and DMS from people in Japan, and many other places around the world is really humbling and thrilling and a big part of our mission here. ugly moments in history. We also put out a couple of Live episodes this year. So we’re building an AI in Los Angeles. The story of Jack Hara, rhymes with terror and how he Greenfield the world and we also put out an episode about OG glassblower Bob Snodgrass that we recorded live in Portland at the helium Comedy Club. Those were both really great experiences for us, not the least of which because we spent about an hour to two hours after each so just getting high with everybody getting to know them. And what can be more fun than that. Those were both truly great moments in great moments in weed history. History. I’d say the episode that we got the most messages about this year was was when we titled how humble growers foiled the cops. It was about how during the era of helicopter raids up in Humboldt County, California, the growers got together they monitored the police they started their own radio station called Kmart still on the air who would alert people over the radio when the cops were coming by helicopter or by caravan and give people time to sort of grab their to go back and get the fuck out of dodge. And we were able to hear that story firsthand from Agnes Potok, one of the founders of what was called the citizens observational group, these people who basically went out and spied on the fucking cops. They also had some great sort of celebrity interviews. We talked with Damian Marley, an incredible reggae musician in his own right and of course the son of Bob Marley. We talked with comedian and bandleader Reggie Watts, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and a gentleman named Randy linear who is at the same point in his life driving race cars in the Indy 500 and smuggling huge loads of cannabis into the United States. Unfortunately, he ended up doing quite a bit of prison time, but he’s out now. He wrote an incredible memoir of it. And he shared his story with us all here on great moments in weed history. And that’s just a part of what we did in 2022. We want to do all that and much more in 2023, but I gotta be honest with you, folks, we need your help. As I mentioned, we are still a weekly show coming out once a week on weakness day, but if you are not subscribed to our Patreon, you are only going to get half of those stories because every other week is a Patreon exclusive. Also, if you can support us at great moments in weed You can put five on it or you could kick in as little as $1 a month you will get the video version of this podcast you’ll see me holding up this J I’m about to light up in a couple minutes. You will see our guests when we have interviews and you will feel like you are obsessing with us at home. And more than all of that you will give us the support we need to keep going to inspiration we need to keep going and frankly the money we need to keep going with this podcast we set a goal of getting 420 patrons that’s really what we need to have the bare minimum of financial support for the labor that does go into making this show and we are unfortunately not there yet. You can be the one who helps us get there. I was just at the Emerald Cup and incredible cannabis event ran into somebody who said he really loves and enjoys and values this podcast and bless you man. If you’re listening, but he said oh, I’ve been waiting to be the 420 supporter on Patreon. Well, I’m gonna go ahead and presume we have a few 100 People who are waiting to be the 420 and patrons. That’s not going to work. Unfortunately, only one person could do that. What we need is for you to support this podcast right now we need a little bit of a Christmas miracle. You know, definitely committed to continuing the show but in terms of how much we can do how many of these stories we can tell how much research and editing time we can put into them. I really am asking this community if you haven’t supported us already to at least check out great moments in weed Check out the really cool bonuses that we have there. See what you’re missing. Maybe you’ll decide to join our Patreon family and if you’ve got a little more support in your heart and in your wallet, you can get a signed copy of my book how to smoke pot properly mailed right to you if you don’t have the duckets right now as a biller is fond of saying the other thing we desperately need and trying not to show any desperation but I will use that word specifically is for you to help us get the word out about the show by telling your friends by telling the other weed smokers in your life. We are a band shadow banned and throttled on every type of social media we are threatened with having our accounts taken away. We have a tremendously hard time getting the word out to people and we don’t have a budget to hire publicists and be makers. We rely on you our listeners and we need to grow this show even if you can just post on your own social media shout out to familiar Hill Farms because they make us just some cool stories and tag us and we can share them and it makes it easy for us to get the word out and it makes us feel good to see that so please post a little bit about the show. Please tell your friends. Please support us if you can. And yeah, if you hear a little something in my voice we need to help right now. But no worries. We’re gonna be there every week for you if you’re there for us on Patreon. Okay, that all said let’s get to this wonderful holiday yearly tradition of telling the story of how Santa Claus is a psychedelic mushroom shaman ability and I truly love his story. We love sharing it with you each and every year. That is why I have rolled up this pretty massive joint for this one. And of course, it being a story of psychedelic mushrooms shaman Santa Claus. I have a couple boomers as well really gonna get a little lit and a little groovy for this one. We invite you to do that right along with us. But perhaps your team of psychedelic reindeers is not all ready to go and harnessed to your slay or you don’t have a joint ready to blaze with us. It’s cool. You can just hit pause and use that time to roll up some Christmas trees to pluck some delicious delicious psychedelic mushrooms from the earth to tabulate a DAB or do whatever it is you want to do to get ready to take this psychedelic sleigh ride into the sky with a doula and I own gentleman known as St. Nicholas and I promise you this as soon as you are ready we’ll all be ready for another great moment

Great Moments in Weed History 15:21

in weed history. Our next partner makes a product I use literally every day. I started taking ag one because I wanted to see what all the hype was about and who doesn’t want to optimize their health. It’s a great boost of energy and a healthy addition to my morning routine. Wake bake ag one take one scoop of ag Warren and you’re absorbing 75 high quality vitamins, minerals, Whole Foods or super foods, probiotics and adaptogens no need for a million pills, supplements just ag want to make it easy, athletic greens is going to give you a free one year supply of immune supporting vitamin D and five free travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit athletic moments all one word athletic moments to take ownership over your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance

Great Moments in Weed History 16:29

that is right. We’re about to launch you into a rebroadcast of our holiday special Sanders a psychedelic mushroom Shaman. If you’ve heard it before, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the realism. And if you have not, you’re in for a ride strapping your sleigh bells my friend Happy Holidays to everyone out there. From great moments in history. Be safe, be happy, be surrounded by your loved ones and kids so I’m really really excited for the story we’ve got going today be What do you have for us?

Great Moments in Weed History 17:04

Yeah, well it was a Christmas story today but it’s a non religious one. So a little something for everybody. I should note if you came here for religious scholarship as most people do and you are expecting a story if you’re looking for Rabbi David bienenstock Because a real person or is Islamic Studies professor.

Great Moments in Weed History 17:23

Yeah, that’s right Professor ability that the University of Melbourne.

Great Moments in Weed History 17:28

This is not their podcast. This is ours. But we do have an episode in Season One very serious episode about how Jesus used cannabis to perform all those healing miracles. So that’s it is an epic story and epic story. The greatest weed history story ever gonna. But today we are going to talk about an individual who I would say is the second most iconic figure in the Christmas pantheon. Literally with the hint of being a non religious aspect of Christmas. I don’t know if that’s ringing any jingle bells for you.

Great Moments in Weed History 18:00

I mean, unless capitalism is a religion. I think I know who we’re talking about. Is this a Kris Kringle related ween story be?

Great Moments in Weed History 18:08

It is going to be a story about Santa Claus. And it is also going to be a trip way back in time and I think that some people may know the story and will I’m sure we’re filling in a lot of fun details for you and for some people just kind of hold on to your eggnog because I’m about to blow your mind.

Great Moments in Weed History 18:27

Oh my god. Okay, I am super excited. I’ve got my joint rolled and ready to go. I’ve got my coffee here. I’ve got my ears, listening for this incredible. We’d say the story being and you’re doing ready.

Great Moments in Weed History 18:39

I’m not rolling up yet. I didn’t I didn’t I’m just splitting my blood. I didn’t pack my bone full answer. It’s okay. You can you can pause. It’s a it’s a podcast. This is not live. But I’m personally ready. I know you’re ready and when you come back from getting yourself all ready to roll or rolled. I think it’s going to be time for another great moment in weed history

Great Moments in Weed History 19:18

Alright, Bing I am actively lighting up my joint take us to Christmas Town.

Great Moments in Weed History 19:23

Let’s talk about a really old Christmas tradition. This story is gonna go back way further than then I think you think but we so we’re talking about Santa Claus today. And it’s kind of an unsolved Santa’s mystery of like, Who is this dude? Where did he come from? It’s obviously you know, very closely aligned now with Christmas, a holiday about Jesus’s birth. But Jesus never saw a snowflake. You know? Not not at least while he was alive and on the earth. He was a desert dweller.

Great Moments in Weed History 19:51

He saw those paradise snowflakes that were all promised.

Great Moments in Weed History 19:55

Most likely, well definitely. Or whatever you believe wet for the remainder of this podcast. Whatever you believe is fine with us. Totally. I was telling you a story

Great Moments in Weed History 20:03

for the Flying Spaghetti Monster worshippers. You are most welcome

Great Moments in Weed History 20:07

here. Yes. Yes. So So that’s Jesus, you know, not at the North Pole. No snow. What about old St. Nicholas? So I looked into that and he actually resigned This is most likely based on a real person from history who was a saint of the Catholic Church around the year like 300. But he lived in what’s now demre Turkey and I live there. The average temperature in late December is about 50 degrees.

Great Moments in Weed History 20:35

So not a flake of snow there either. And this guy was like, you know, a toymaker in the Ottoman How does he end up becoming the iconic red clad gift bringing bigger that we all know and love

Great Moments in Weed History 20:48

or fear perhaps annual gift man as a shout out John Waters. Yeah, one of my favorite episodes. Well, then there’s another potential thread in this in the Santa Claus mystery which is an interesting one. Have you heard of Sinterklaas?

Great Moments in Weed History 21:01

So I believe I’m familiar with this idea. And correct me if I’m wrong. This is perhaps like a Scandinavian or Nordic version of Santa Claus that has maybe like a little darker than the version that we know of

Great Moments in Weed History 21:12

in every sense of the term darker This is. This is the Netherlands version. of Santa Claus, and it is pretty overtly racist telling of this story. So I believe you’re

Great Moments in Weed History 21:24

referring to sworn to Pete. Is that right?

Great Moments in Weed History 21:26

He’s in the mix. Yes.

Great Moments in Weed History 21:28

Oh God. Okay, so for anybody who has not seen the horrifying images of this Dutch Christmas celebration, basically there is a character who is played by a white guy in blackface, who is part of the festivities of Christmas. Is that right?

Great Moments in Weed History 21:41

Yeah, he’s like Santos, main helper. Now, I should say I used to go to Amsterdam every year for the Cannabis Cup, which was late November, early December. So I have seen this live literally stumbled upon it. It is my God. Things might have changed over the last few years in Amsterdam and I’m not one like, I don’t know. It’s weird. To be racist, it’s definitely weird. But we’re all at the Cannabis Cup. We’re Blaze we’re trying to get from one place to another for the next you know, thing I have to work at and all of a sudden you’re in this parade where there’s like, multiple people in blackface. Dutch people in blackface running around throwing candy, frightening children. It was quite disorienting. I later of course, you know, learn the story and what it is is for them for the Dutch, the Santa like figure of Sinterklaas, lives in South Spain, but he shows up on a boat with Swartz EP, and essentially a group of people who are Moorish slaves of Santa Claus like Santa is a slave owner. Right? And maybe in the lore there’s like their friends or something but no idea is not that they have come to deliver gradiated gifts based on how good are you You know from like a nice pair of wooden shoes down to goal. But Sinterklaas and his crew will kidnap children who are insufficiently behaviorally adept in the eyes of their parents. And bring them back to Spain to in essence enslave them. Wow.

Great Moments in Weed History 23:10

Okay, so first off, I’m so sorry that you witnessed that without any background information. I think that is really a cruel thing to do to a gentle Stoner, as I tell you, but I also got to say it’s interesting that this is the origin story of the Santa’s that we know of, but of course, all these things have sort of been sanded down. Obviously nobody asks like oh, what race are same as elves and like, do they get paid? Like, is there a union? Like, you know, none of that stuff even enters the conversation, but as soon as you see has worked up, and you’re like, Okay, so this guy gets his slaves to make him toys for children. He’s sort of starting to get the picture. You know what I mean? Have this weird colonial background that you would never expect just doing normal? American Santa’s iconography?

Great Moments in Weed History 23:53

Yeah, most definitely. And also, I just got to point out so Sinterklaas, lives in the south of Spain. No snow.

Great Moments in Weed History 23:58

Oh my God. You’re right. Seriously, that’s like, like, just above North Africa. It definitely does not get that cold there.

Great Moments in Weed History 24:04

Yeah, so all of this begs the question, Why does Santa Claus live at the North Pole and ride a sleigh and it is becoming the reindeer to? We’re getting to the reindeer and shit. Okay, okay. The reindeer play a very, very cool and perhaps wildly unexpected role in all of this. So

Great Moments in Weed History 24:21

I think I think I may know a little something about what you’re talking about here and I’m even more excited than I was at the top of the show. But please do go on.

Great Moments in Weed History 24:29

Okay, so what we’re looking at is that Santa Claus as we know him, incorporates elements of all of these older stories we’ve been talking about. But the jolly old elf that we know and love largely derives from the imagination of Clement Clarke Moore, who was a professor of divinity at the general Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopalian Church in New York City, friends of the podcast obviously, okay, and what time period are we talking about here? He so he writes a poem a very important poem that sets the modern Santa Do you want to guess what year?

Great Moments in Weed History 25:04

Perhaps like mid 1800s?

Great Moments in Weed History 25:06

Yeah, well, 1823 So okay, so in 1823 Clement Clarke more I feel like you guys give him all three. He’s a wealthy aristocrat, and he anonymously pens a poem called A Visit from St. Nicholas. Does that sound familiar?

Great Moments in Weed History 25:23

Is it a night before Christmas was Ah, okay, so this was the original name of the night before Christmas. You know, as soon as you mentioned, like a Santa’s origin story poem. This is the thing that came to mind was the night before Christmas. And you know, of course, we’ve all seen countless renditions of this poem over the years. Yeah. And

Great Moments in Weed History 25:41

what’s kind of wild is the mind bending part of it is in the poem is like Santa, everybody knows Santa, and it’s exactly like this. But it’s also the thing that made everybody knows Santa, because basically in the United States and going back to 1823, think about, you know, we had lots and we still do, of course, lots of different immigrant groups who came to the United States with their own conceptions of what Christmas is, on a on a religious level and also on a like, what are the traditions associated? With it, and you didn’t have the mass media, you didn’t have radio even to sort of give everybody a homogenized version of this. And so this poem, actually ends up being the thing that blends all of these stories and thankfully, sand some of the rough edges of them off in terms of Santa Claus, and produces kind of the Santa that we all know and experience at the shopping mall and on you know, all these TV specials. That’s that’s where it comes from this poem.

Great Moments in Weed History 26:36

Wow. This poem is the Action Comics number one I’m saying?

Great Moments in Weed History 26:42

Most definitely, and I’d say my favorite reading of this poem is by the eminence Clark W. Griswald. reads this to the family at the end of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Great Moments in Weed History 26:52

in the press of the new fallen snow Capo cluster of midday the office below wondering I should appear with a miniature sleigh. My name is Jonas and blockchain was recent angles.

Great Moments in Weed History 27:08

So quantum clerk more publishes this poem in 1823. And at first it’s just in one small town newspaper in upstate New York. But the next Christmas a bunch more papers, republish it, and then it becomes sort of like an analogue mean, it’s it’s now in papers all over the country. People look forward to it every year and forever after this wide range of divergent religious, historic and folkloric traditions. From Sinterklaas and St. Nicholas to the pagan god Odin. And there’s a British Legend of Father Christmas in a very American way. All of this kind of irrevocably gets melted into the traditional Santa Claus, who is as you mentioned, the god of capitalism.

Great Moments in Weed History 27:47

Interesting, and it all started from a poem that honestly would more athlete had been titled there’s a man in your house with was happening.

Great Moments in Weed History 27:57

It was sponsored content for a home security. It was a bear trap you could put next year next to your front door and chimney.

Great Moments in Weed History 28:08

There like this gets back to the idea of like, you know, it’s somewhere between bringing you joy and rewarding you for being good and scaring you for being bad. This whole thing is kind of about judgment. It’s like at the end of the year, you are judged by this strange man who comes into your house, right? And then at the beginning of next year, you resolve to fix the things that he’s pointed out are wrong.

Great Moments in Weed History 28:27

So that fits in with our sort of Puritan American conception, but there’s still a lot of things unexplained. Why is he up in North Pole? What’s with the reindeer, as you said, and a few other questions. So my question to you is, what if there’s another Santa Claus antecedent? One that actually explains some of these more unusual aspects of the story?

Great Moments in Weed History 28:48

Yes. So I think and I hope that you’re talking about the mushroom cults and the relationship between Santa Claus like the red and white colors that he wears, and the Amanita mushrooms that may induce hallucinations of the sort that Santa is attributed with. Right.

Great Moments in Weed History 29:08

Hang on to your sleigh bells everybody.

Great Moments in Weed History 29:10

Oh my god. Oh my god. So this is the real story of Santa Ana and I feel like you know, we’ve talked about the European origins we talked about, you know, how they meld it together in the most popular or marketable standard that we have today. But this this is something I only know a little bit about. So I’m very excited to learn about but it also is so profound to me that everything you think is just there because it’s there has a crazy backstory, and this is one of those things strapping.

Great Moments in Weed History 29:37

For if you need a glass of fortified eggnog if you gotta roll up some Christmas trees, it’s about to get really fun and quite weird, and I think pretty enlightening. And, you know, for those of us who might not have a real

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Great Moments in Weed History 0:00

The Holidays it’s a great way to tap in and feel like okay, there’s a part of Christmas that’s here for me too. So I think that I hope that people who listening accept us as as authorities on anything we might spew about, but I, for everybody who might be a little skeptical I’m gonna bring in, not literally Donald H Feaster. He is a professor of systematic botany at Harvard University, heard of it, Harvard. And he so strongly believes in this theory that Santa is reindeer fly, as you said, because they’re high on Amanita muscaria aka also known as fly a jar which is a psychedelic mushroom. It’s kind of the most iconic one it’s got the big red top with the white dots. You can picture it just from seeing images of it and folklore and it kind of is like toadstool and Mario. Yeah. Once you once you understand mushrooms, you see them popping up in all these interesting places. So what this professor does is every year he gives a lecture to his students on Christmas Eve, recounting the story, you know, just so you know, there’s there’s this has got a lot of academic credentials behind it. And according to this professor, and many others, not only are dancer Prancer Donner and Blitzen especially Blixen pi as fuck on shrooms, so too, is the portly old timer manning the reins. Hell

Great Moments in Weed History 1:17

yeah, I knew it. And I always knew there was something about Blitzen name is different from the other ones somehow, like sort of stands out, you know, like Rudolph is the one that they’re like putting up front of me like, Oh, he’s the really sort of special or unusual one. I always had a feeling about Blitzen.

Great Moments in Weed History 1:32

The way I always knew that Blixen was was pretty pretty heavily into the psilocybin is, you know, one year I got my regular present from Santa, and then there was one that was from Blixen, and it was all my brothers live at the Fillmore east.

Great Moments in Weed History 1:44

knew he was cool.

Great Moments in Weed History 1:47

When you’re when you gotta go on a slave all night, you ever make that like driving mix for yourself, and you throw it? Yes, some long jams.

Great Moments in Weed History 1:53

Yeah, absolutely. Mine is filled with like Squarepusher but I also appreciate anyone who’s got Allman Brothers on theirs.

Great Moments in Weed History 1:59

So according to Professor Feaster at Harvard University, here’s what he says you know, the idea is that the reindeer go berserk, because they’re eating Amanita muscaria. The Rangers are flying. Are they really blind? Or are your senses telling you they’re flying? Because you’re hallucinating also?

Great Moments in Weed History 2:16

Ah, yeah. See? This is so interesting. And I’ve got to say that I have had psychedelic experiences that very weirdly have imagery or like color schemes or patterns that I kind of associated with Christmas to some people this might sound completely crazy, but if you tried DMT or psychedelic mushrooms, you may have seen things you know, like elves and you’re like, like, why is there a parallel here and that is not a coincidence. And that really is I think, what’s at the heart of this story here this revelation is that that’s all connected and that there is a very psychedelic nature to all the things we’re talking about the flying reindeer the you know, the elves is all of it.

Great Moments in Weed History 2:53

Yeah, so we’ve got these reindeer finding avenues to mascara, mushrooms. They’re eating them the reindeer are tripping. That’s not all because then we have Santa. You know, everybody Santa. Yeah.

Great Moments in Weed History 3:06

I know this fucking guy.

Great Moments in Weed History 3:07

I know them all my life. Because my mom would. What the fuck? messed up. My dad was right back up that should be still invested

Great Moments in Weed History 3:23

you milk Sivan? enslavement racist capital.

Great Moments in Weed History 3:31

So he was the Jeff Bezos of his day.

Great Moments in Weed History 3:33

Oh my god, so much the Jeff Bezos of his day. Holy shit that’s such a barrel because like you’re you’re always stories about like Amazon workers going on strike and shit like, those are elves making the toys that you want. They like literally bring them to your door. You want to say and it’s like you have no idea. It’s like for you the pleasure of this materialism is just there’s like a thin veneer hiding all the darkness that that facilitates it

Great Moments in Weed History 3:53

for you. And then as we as we get that as we move now into a much, much, much older Santa tradition. We’re gonna see that capitalism boiler alert was kind of implanted into the story by capitalism. And it’s don’t say, Yeah, wow, who would suspect it? So now we’ve got these mushroom infused flying reindeer like, you know, that’s a real thing that they do. And now we have Santa Claus. Our ready cheeked, marry magical fellow, who as you as you alluded to, he dresses in a bright red suit with white trim topped off by a bright red cap with a white ball on top. makes them look sort of suspiciously like

Great Moments in Weed History 4:32

something. Yeah, looks like a kind of like mushroom little DMT Elfman. Yes,

Great Moments in Weed History 4:38

he is dressed in an ensemble remarkably similar to the traditional Bertram jackets that Siberian shamans would wear when collecting Amanita muscaria for ceremonial use.

Great Moments in Weed History 4:51

Oh my god, that is so crazy. Okay, so now we’re getting into a different religion altogether that has influenced this sort of religious iconography, right? And that’s these mushroom cults of Siberia of Central Asia, Europe. And this is something I’m really fascinated about because you know, before you know that the ramp and popularity of monotheism and you know, the major world religions that we have today, there were a lot of smaller groups of people with more localized spirituality that was, you know, rooted in the psychedelic and other psychoactive plants that were available. In that environment. And a lot of them were coming to the same conclusion. So you know, as we do when we crush her,

Great Moments in Weed History 5:30

yeah, absolutely. I mean, she also mentioned this a shaman is spiritual guides type figure in a lot of these older cultures, who would ingest psychedelic substances themselves. Lead ceremonies of other people, so not usually quite a dogmatic figure that’s going to tell you what the religion is, but somebody who is adept with psychedelic plants of varying kinds, depending where you live, by and large and is given this ceremonial role within society and a reverential role somebody who is looked up to and initiate people into the wonders of psychedelic states.

Great Moments in Weed History 6:05

Yes. And you know what? The thing I love about shamans is that if you got a guy who’s your medicine man who’s giving you medicine that he wants you to take, you want to see him take it himself. You know, I know nowadays, of course, we respect doctors and all that. But you know, when one of them is prescribing you oxycontin I’d be like, it’s like, you’re going to take a couple of these with me. So I think it’s very interesting that we’re talking about traditions where a provider of the additional support and spiritual support is sort of all balled into you know, the same person.

Great Moments in Weed History 6:36

Yeah, those lines are very, very blurred and I think as they should be, I think the unlearning of those lines has been to our detriment to separate the spiritual, the medicinal, the nutritional, I don’t know the nutritional value of i wouldn’t rely on them as a part of a healthy breakfast, but they’re good for your brain. Yeah. So going to a different academic. So as John Roshan anthropologist at Sierra College explained it this way, he said up until a few 100 years ago, these practicing shamans would dress up like Ave muscaria mushrooms and go out to collect them then and so let me know if this sounds familiar. They would dry them and give them as gifts to people on the winter solstice, which is December 21. Usually, oh,

Great Moments in Weed History 7:21

okay, so now we’ve got the convention of gift giving that has entered the bowl, and frankly, a far better gift than any of the gifts most of us will receive any holiday season. Seriously, would you rather have like a sock subscription? Or would you rather have a fat sack of mushrooms? I mean, come on. One of them is just you know more crap that you’re going to accumulate in your closet. And the other is going to issue towards enlightenment I mean, which one of the better gifts truly,

Great Moments in Weed History 7:49

I will say if Amazon was doing the people who bought this also bought that. Some good warm socks if you’re going to be out tripping in mid December, you don’t want your feet to get cold.

Great Moments in Weed History 7:59

That’s it, actually. I mean, it does make me think that some of the more harrowing trips on that and not in the sense of being a bad trip, but just being in elements that are harder to enjoy when you’re tripping have been in the wintertime, you know, it’s not like tripping season stops when it gets cold or anything like that. So you know, it’s like I definitely have memories of experiencing trips outside. And they’re always like a little bit more intense. But I also have a person who grew up in Thailand so I’m not exactly as acclimated as you know, some of the shaman disciples were talking about and Siberia.

Great Moments in Weed History 8:28

Yeah, well, that gets to our next point and our next deep connection to modern Christmas is it’s December 21. cold as fuck in Siberia. No doubt also, obviously very close to Christmas and this is part of a larger process of Christianity and kind of taking over older pagan holidays. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. It’s also the day the Sun begins returning closer to the earth. That’s a huge date on the pagan calendar. I’m no expert, but I know it’s one of if not the most important dates, so to sort of superimpose if you’re trying to move people away from that tradition, and into your new tradition, and you’re just like, Oh, Christmas, our biggest day is also the same. Yeah.

Great Moments in Weed History 9:07

And you know, it’s sort of like religious repurposing, the repurposing of rituals, that kind of adapting one religion to another is, it occurs throughout the history of many, many religions, you know, if you look at when the Roman Empire adopted Christianity, there was a parallel holiday to Christmas called carnival where they would sort of give me to all the citizens there was a parallel for Easter. There’s a parallel for other days, you could more easily transition your people into a new religion.

Great Moments in Weed History 9:32

Yeah, I got a lot less trippy over the years, but we’re bringing it back. Yeah, we’re trying Christmas Special.

Great Moments in Weed History 9:39

Everybody’s stuck at home. So you know, let’s all try to incorporate more psychedelics into the tradition.

Great Moments in Weed History 9:44

Yeah, absolutely. This gets to the guy being stuck at home. Gets into our next move of these shamans are hardworking and kindhearted shamans. have gone out they follow the reindeer herd. The reindeers by the mushrooms. The shamans are following the reindeer. They gather up some mushrooms for everyone. Now they got to make home delivery but when they get to your door, it’s mid December in Siberia. Your door is blocked with snow.

Great Moments in Weed History 10:07

Oh my god. Okay. I think I see where you’re going with. This really is the actual beginning of their famous poem. There’s a man in your house.

Great Moments in Weed History 10:18

So this the structures that people were living in the easiest way is if you know what a year is kind of almost like a tent that would have an opening at the top so you could have a fire inside and the smoke would go out the top not too different from a chimney. Yeah. And so the shamans and you’re like snow bound in your house trying to live out this awful winter pretty bored been stuck with the same small number of people for quite a long time. It’s the darkest shortest day of the year. Everybody’s feeling kind of down and then all of a sudden, what should a clatter or whatever. There goes this guy dressed like a mushroom jumping down through the roof of your yard with a big sack full of mushrooms.

Great Moments in Weed History 10:59

Oh my god. And you know if your house is encased in a mound of snow, you know it’s reasonable to think that you might hear the footsteps of the reindeer coming up against your walls or ceiling. I mean, look, we’re talking about a Europe which is essentially a dome. You know, there’s no real flat roof on this thing or anything like you would think of like a traditional thatched roof. That is a clatter with footsteps of reindeer, but in this situation, you can kind of picture that okay, there’s this house buried in snow. The shaman shows up he can’t get to the door. He’s got his brain here with him the way you know he’s there is you hear the clattering of the reindeer. What’s that? And then you’re like, Oh, here’s this guy. And he comes down and you know he’s gone to all this trouble. So you give him milk and cookies or

Great Moments in Weed History 11:39

whatever they were probably like yak milk and bolder cookies or something. Yeah,

Great Moments in Weed History 11:45

I’ve actually slept in a YEAR IN SIBERIA as part of a doc I was shooting a while ago. I didn’t get to drink fermented Yaks milk or perhaps horse milk because there’s a lot of horses around there too. Needless to say nobody came through the chimney with mushrooms. Unfortunately but I have an idea of the snacks.

Great Moments in Weed History 12:03

You know, I’m putting that on my wish list. warm socks, mushrooms and some fermented yak milk. Here’s another interesting question. Any idea where Avneet muscaria mushrooms are found if you’re if you’re a mushroom forger, where would you be looking for

Great Moments in Weed History 12:18

them? I’m not exactly sure where I’m not a Muslim border. But I would guess you know on a forest floor in a relatively wet and moist area.

Great Moments in Weed History 12:27

Yes. And very specifically, they are found underneath for and evergreen trees.

Great Moments in Weed History 12:34

Oh my god, the greatest gift that you could possibly receive is one in fact that you would find under your Christmas tree and it’s fucking mushroom. That is absolutely crazy. You don’t if you take a nature walk, you know whatever you will see that mushroom do choose these sorts of, you know, places to thrive. You know very often it’s like a place it’s like a little bit shaded. You know a place that’s wet and moist. And of course you know underneath the tree that is so fucking crazy man beat when you promise that minds would be blown. Over the course of this episode. You are not lying because that is absolutely been crazy. I was at a Christmas tree lot yesterday, my girlfriend wanted to get a little Christmas tree for her place. And we were there like looking at these trees. You know, there’s like a line of trees. And I was like, Wow, it’s so strange. You know, when you take a step back and realize that like, every season, there’s this tradition where you go and get a tree from outside and put it inside your house like in the corner and then you put presents under it and you like decorated like you do whatever and it’s like what is strange tradition. And here we are. I’m realizing that it all has to do with mushrooms. Everything is drugs people if there’s one thesis statement of this show is that just everything goes back to some sort of awesome natural substance that has been put there for us that is really a gift to us as humanity and this is no different.

Great Moments in Weed History 13:51

Yeah, I’ll summarize just to say you ever looked at a tree covered in tinsel you ever looked at a tree covered and tinsel and I do want to quickly say don’t ever eat a mushroom that you find outside of a store. Unless you really know what you’re doing and haven’t either miscarried. Don’t just grab one off the ground and eat it needs to be handled and processed properly. Which we which we will get to in a minute even down to things like stringing popcorn and cranberries. that mimics the way that you would get these mushrooms and and string them up in front of the fire to drive them out and makes them a little easier to digest.

Great Moments in Weed History 14:31

Oh my god that is so crazy. Literally every little detail. It has something to do with a bunch of things. So this is pretty well proven right? I mean how theoretical is this backstory? I mean, we got a guy from Harvard, what more could we possibly do to confirm this?

Great Moments in Weed History 14:47

I mean short of a time machine it’s to me there’s there’s no counter argument. You know, there’s there’s too much there and it’s too sort of well documented. I think to me, one of the most compelling things is you can go back to the even the 1800s and you can find these old sort of wood cuts and Christmas like the earliest Christmas ornaments would often show Santa with these mushrooms on them and we’ll put some on our great moments in wheat history Instagram for sure for you to and these aren’t you know, yeah, there’s newer ones that people have drawn, but you can find ones that are over 100 years old, even greeting cards that people would send. So I’m giving this zero Pinocchios I’m saying that I’m quite confident that this you know, you might find somebody to dispute it, but they would be a very curmudgeonly and untrue me person for sure.

Great Moments in Weed History 15:33

Yeah, seriously, anyone who then defends the, you know, the capitalist backstory over this one is probably late.

Great Moments in Weed History 15:41

That’s a strong correlation. So we just keep piling the evidence

Great Moments in Weed History 15:43

on let’s do it, man. I want more. Okay,

Great Moments in Weed History 15:46

so this is another another really interesting angle on this. This is Dana Larson, a longtime cannabis researcher and he was writing about how even putting a star on the top of a Christmas tree references the shamanistic traditions of the tribal peoples of pre Christian, Northern Europe. So this is this is Dana Larson writing this star

Great Moments in Weed History 16:05

to it saying, hey, you know, it crossed my mind a second ago. When we talked about Christmas lights but now I’m like, actually the star do insane. Take that Jesus

Great Moments in Weed History 16:21

I think that was Lesson Two is and do go listen to our episode in Season One about Jesus’s use of cannabis. Yes, and and apparently the theme of the of our whole show is how much of this important interesting fundamental, foundational history has been rewritten and erased to deny us all our birthright of access to these plants and these mind consciousness states and it’s no coincidence that capitalism is what we were given. In its place. So yeah,

Great Moments in Weed History 16:48

that’s right. Jeff Bezos does not want you to know about the washroom origins of Christmas.

Great Moments in Weed History 16:54

We have some good friends at a publication called double blind. They’re new. They’re covering psychedelics in a really cool way. They have great guides on how to safely consume psychedelic mushrooms How To Grow Your Own so I recommend that dual if this is all new to you do a lot of learning before you do anything else. Yes, absolutely. And double blind is a really good resource. No matter what your level of experiences, you’ll probably learn something and take something away from it that improves your overall experience of using psychedelics for whatever you want to use him for. Absolutely. And also maybe check out maps, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies for a bit more of an academic take and all the latest incredible research into how plant medicines, which are now decriminalized in Oregon and Washington, DC and so many other places have incredible medicinal and spiritual value for people. So we’ll put in the show, we’ll put in the show notes. A lot of links to learn more about mushrooms and other psychedelics.

Great Moments in Weed History 17:50

Yeah, definitely. And you know, Max has been keeping psychedelics legit for a long time. You know what I mean? I think that they’re an organization that has really taken a scientific approach. You know, taking a pretty unconventional approach to demonstrating the benefits of psychedelics for all sorts of different things. So huge shout out Max. It’s because of places like Max that, you know, psychedelics are now starting to become legalized.

Great Moments in Weed History 18:12

And of course, it’s because of the long shamanic traditions going back hundreds of 1000s of years that we have this tradition to relearn and to reconnect to including to understand why we put a star on the top of our Christmas tree oh my god, why this is insane. Okay, so this is Dana Larsen writing, and he says these ancient peoples, including the Sami tribes of the central Russian steps, they believed in the idea of a world tree that served as a kind of cosmic axis onto which the planes of the universe are fixed.

Great Moments in Weed History 18:46

Whoa. Interesting. Yes,

Great Moments in Weed History 18:49

very well said also. And so the roots of this world tree and you can picture this in your mind. They stretch down into the underworld, while the trunk of the tree is the quote, Middle Earth of everyday existence where you and I live and everyone listening to this almost all of our lives, but the branches of the tree reach upward into a spiritual realm. Now, so that that places our tree in a big context, the North Star was also considered sacred since all the other stars in the sky revolve around its fixed point. Ah, you see where this is going? Yeah, the top of the World Tree touched the North Star. And so the spirit of the shaman in these psychedelic states would climb up this tree, the World Tree and thereby pass into the realm of the gods. Yes, yes. And this is the true meaning of a star on the top of the modern Christmas tree. And also the reason that Santa Claus makes his home at the North Pole.

Great Moments in Weed History 19:54

Oh, my God, literally. They thought of everything. And that’s really incredible. You know if you can imagine the image right of a fruit tree right, I mean, evergreen tree in the wild, right in a Siberian forest. It’s drizzled in snow. So there’s like sort of snow crossing different parts of it, right. And underneath it, there’s a family of Amanita mushrooms red and white. And you’re looking up at this tree against the nice guy and what you see through all the branches are a bunch of stars almost decorating this thing like Christmas lights or ornaments. And at the very top, you see the north star at the top tip of this tree, right? And you’re tripping so you’re seeing all kinds of other crazy shit hanging from the tree do I mean that is the most Christmas image that I can think of it all you know what I’m saying? Like it’s got green, it’s got red. It’s got all of the visual traits of Christmas that is incredible.

Great Moments in Weed History 20:51

It’s the most wonderful last thing to keep in mind, you know, often when these you know, when you’re going from these older traditions, shamanistic pagan traditions to these Christian traditions, it’s not always by choice and very often not and so, we see you know, these things like putting the star on top of the tree, the red and white as attempts to hold on to these older cultures and embed them in these new traditions so as not to lose connection entirely and for us 1000 years later, or whatever, it allows us to follow these breadcrumbs back and so it has worked in its way if all of this was lost entirely, and we would have no way to go back and, and figure this out. And of course, the last piece of the puzzle. I think we got to talk a little bit more about these reindeer.

Great Moments in Weed History 21:45

Yeah. Oh my god. Okay, so what more can we say about these reindeer?

Great Moments in Weed History 21:49

Well, that’s gonna hang on even tighter to your sleigh bells Avenida Muscaria or Fli Agaric mushrooms are actually mildly poisonous if you eat them so it won’t kill you but it will give you a very unpleasant you know, feeling digestive, etc. Those poisons are broken down when you digest and eat the mushrooms. But the psychoactive compounds in the mushrooms remain fully active in your urine. So some ancient tribes, instead of eating the mushrooms, or in addition to eating the mushrooms, they would drink the urine of reindeer who’d eaten the mushrooms so that they could get high but not have these tummy aches?

Great Moments in Weed History 22:30

Wow, that is crazy. Certainly from a modern perspective, pretty gross, you know, whatever. In our worldview, drinking any kind of urine is pretty nasty thing. But there are cultures all over the world. You know, ancient and modern were drinking urine and various kinds of is seen as something medicinal and in this game. I mean, you sort of see that they have a almost scientific understanding of this natural process. You know, it makes me think of the way that the iOS arrows in South and Central America for 1000s of years have known that you know, you mix the vine with this other natural occurring substance, and that’s what will, you know, prevent your body from to quickly breaking down to DMT. And, you know, they sort of have, you know, they’re shamans and they’re mixing herbs are really behind the back mixing of herbs. There is a scientific understanding. I mean, then you have to really think about, you know, before modern science these are people who understood okay, like, they’re separate compounds in this thing. I want one of them and not the other and his reindeer has almost like a filter before that. So you can just get the compound that you want. I think that’s very interesting. And I also think that that’s why a shaman who was going around bringing people you know a bunch of gifts during this Solstice. Wouldn’t want to keep the reindeer around so you can occasionally you know, re up a little you don’t take a hit.

Great Moments in Weed History 23:49

You want to get high on your own supply of psilocybin infused reindeer. You’re in Blixen’s supply. I watered down Blitzen a little bit I

Great Moments in Weed History 24:01

feel like you like know your raid gear and you’re like, is it a Rudolph kind of night? Or is it like a Blake’s and kind of night you know, it’s like the

Great Moments in Weed History 24:08

ABV tells you how much alcohol there is. triplehop and so if you got that desire tonight, you know, I don’t know if I want to drink as being listened this long and you’ve been along with us this bar and it all sounds like it makes a trippy kind of sense to you. But you’re you’re doubting the reindeer, you’re in drinking thing. I’m going to kick it to this very upper crusty sounding guy from the BBC just for a second

Great Moments in Weed History 24:32

in the pond. Sami shamans to fly organic and their visionary rituals even drank urine from reindeer believed to be under the influence.

Great Moments in Weed History 24:46

Wow, this has been the most earth shattering Christmas special of any kind ever. I got to say, no amount of claymation puppetry completely changed the way that you perceive Christmas the way that we just did in this last hour this year. It’s been crazy. And if you’re listening to this on Christmas or any other day, I truly hope that it has shaken your foundational belief in Christmas as it has hours.

Great Moments in Weed History 25:16

Yeah, so just to recap that we covered a lot of ground you know, not as much as Santa’s in one night but we covered a lot of ground. So to recap, Santa Claus is an Arctic shaman who dresses up like a magic mushroom follows reindeers through the woods until they happen upon some psychedelic mushrooms and then waits for the winter solstice to break into your house in the middle of the night and gift you drive magic mushrooms, psychedelic reindeer urine or both. Upon waking, you and your family scarfed down these rooms. And spend the day tripping balls and gazing and wide wonder at the pine tree you drag inside and festooned with ornament.

Great Moments in Weed History 25:53

Wow, the true meaning of Christmas right there. And you know what the real takeaway of this is boys and girls it has nothing to do with how bad or good you have been all year. All good. This is not about judgment. You know what I mean? This is not about being like, review yourself and feel shame and you know, like you get a lump of coal. Nobody gets a lump of gold. In the true meaning of Christmas. Everybody gets mushrooms and everybody deserves mushrooms and when you eat them you realize that the very concept of good and bad is this earthly thing that doesn’t even matter once you get into the higher branches of your Christmas tree.

Great Moments in Weed History 26:26

Very nicely done.

Great Moments in Weed History 26:28

Thank you. I’m very high.

Great Moments in Weed History 26:31

Well I just wanted to say you know this has been a real one for me. I love telling you this story I miss you buddy for I mean, man, I think let’s let’s Can we can we smoke a little weed together. On the on the outro on this one I got I got my I got my 2020 homegrown is now nicely cured and I’ll share some with you next time I’m able to puff puff pass and

Great Moments in Weed History 26:53

I would love that and I miss smoking with you. You know, this is the first official episode we’re doing remotely you know I think that when we get to do it in the room, it’s just us hanging out and I love that so much. And you know, this is not as good but it’s still so fantastic to recapture that spirit with you, you know, especially for a Christmas episode. And to tell this story that you know is just so special and I think gets to the heart of why we do the show because we don’t talk about this stuff. I’m afraid it will be forgotten. So thank you so much for that story being

Great Moments in Weed History 27:25

anytime and everybody listening as we said at the top. Your support means the world to us whether it’s just sending us a nice message whether it’s putting a review on iTunes whether it is joining us on Patreon are honestly please tell your friends about the show. If you if you’ve listened this long, you must have loved it and make sure you get together even remotely with your friends and blaze a nice J this Christmas crunch crunch of cabinet stem and we’ll be right there with you.

Great Moments in Weed History 27:52

Yeah, and you know, please follow us on social media that’s at GMI wh podcasts on all platforms, support us on Patreon. And yeah, have yourself a really special holiday. Take it easy on yourself. It’s been a really crazy hard year and we all deserve to chill. So be good yourself Be good to each other we love you and we’ll see you again soon.

Great Moments in Weed History 28:32

left the show folks, thanks so much for listening. And if you stuck around this long, please consider supporting us on Patreon. You could put five on it at great moments and we’d And that would really help us as we research, write, edit and publish a new episode. Every weakness day.

Great Moments in Weed History 28:48

Great moments in WWE history is written performed and produced by Villa site and David Bienenstock. Special thanks to our sponsor Tweedle farms, go to Tweedle and use promo code great moments all one word, no spaces or a 20% discount on high quality high CBD cannabis flour and products. Shipped direct to you from their Oregon farm. Again, that’s Tweedle and use promo code great moments all one word for 20% off on the finest CBD flour and products shipped directly to you

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