CV 157 Smart Plants

April 25, 2022

CV 157 Smart Plants

Hello my friends,

Are you smart about plants yet? Wondering what that even means? Are you aware of different kinds of medical practitioners who are also plant experts? 

You may remember my interviews with cannabis experts Dr. Leah Johnson or Dr. Alan Ao in previous episodes and that they are both doctors of pharmacy… the same as Dr. Codi Peterson who specializes in pediatric pharmacy in a big city hospital in CA. All of these professionals are experts living in different parts of the US where the laws of using plants are very different than what you and I may be experiencing.  

Here in Florida, there is no requirement by law to have a knowledgeable plant expert; a physician…. who could help us understand any contraindications with our other medications or medical issues. But they have that very law in PA and a few other states now. It’s a bit painful waiting for the legislation to catch up with science and logic.

In Florida, a medical professional only takes a two-hour test of cannabis LAW to satisfy the red tape of legislation. There’s no requirement for them to actually understand the product or it’s effects with other meds or medical issues.

And Recreational cannabis is on it’s way… which means that more people will self-medicate…. using and… over-using….          over the counter products without a COA… not doctor recommended if they don’t come with that assay for identifying contaminants.

So where does that leave us at this particular time in cannabis history?? Join us today for some practical solutions to your common issues with the cannabis industry, right after the introduction.


Honey Smith Walls 0:00

Welcome to season three of the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored while educating my audience on safe use of this live plant therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis. What’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet. 

Using cannabis mindfully as medication is a different concept in Western healthcare philosophy, specifically the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and reconsider. The information you’ll find here comes straight from the scientists and clinicians doing the work and reporting their findings in real time through various live online outlets. The scientific truth of cannabis is finally getting out and is wide open for all to see at respected medical sites like and JAMA, the Journal of American Medical Association ( 

I’m right there in the thick of it with all those titans of medicine as a fly on the wall. Because I’m not a doctor. I didn’t go to med school. I did take dozens of private cannabis courses offered by cannabis expert scientists online over the past few years and slowly began to see and understand the bigger picture. 

Well, I can talk to people all day long about cannabis… and hopefully inspire them to research the facts as we know them today. 

Cannabis is an amazing alternative in health remedies that can reportedly alleviate typical disease problems and troubling side effects caused by synthetic prescriptions. This is Honey Smith Walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman… not a doctor… not a scientist. Raised by nuns and wolves in the verdant cattle pastures of the Oklahoma oil fields. I’m here to amplify the truth of this great big story and language of cannabis in historical, political and scientific terms… so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you choose to ingest. 

Seg 1

Thank you for joining me today for a look into the issues we face as patients seeking plant therapy. Those issues vary in degrees of legal acceptance throughout the U.S. because there’s no standard of law yet. 

What I say about plant therapy may be true in some states and not others. This is the obvious sign of idiocy when legislators try to govern medication without education. The very reason we should leave decisions about medicine to doctors. But till they get their act together in the federal system over this issue, most of us just suffer from lack of comfort for those products that would help most.

I’ve been podcasting and writing about cannabis for three years trying to amplify the work of scientists around the world. I’ve interviewed doctors who have become experts in this industry… helping others accept a highly propagandized plant that has produced its own rich history of comfort and efficiency over the last millennium or two.

Although testing on humans is the next hurdle to clear, until they change the rating of Schedule 1 for cannabis, it cannot legally happen. And it feels like an old tease every time I hear another something on the news about cannabis law changing.  

California has had legal cannabis for years and it’s quite the messy system that patients find difficult to maneuver safely inside a head shop that resembles a candy store.  Of course a patient can find information online about the product but they can’t find the diagnosis for their issues without a doctor who understands the body and which medicine to use.  Cannabis is medicine. Even if Recreational users are playing with it. Cannabis is medicine. We have to wrap our heads around this.

Florida has had medical cannabis for years and is tightly controlling the way patients are allowed to use.  They didn’t even let us SMOKE the leaf at first! It was all tinctures and vape pens. Then smoke. Then edibles. Recreational cannabis is still just a hopeful wish for Florida, along with any semblance of sense about the spectrum of humanity and all that narrow thinking about who we are allowed to be in public.

I’m not looking forward to Recreational becoming legal… I’m worried about all the problems that will come with it. Like patients who don’t know anything… trying stuff that might cause them problems then never going back to the plant for real help after a bad experience that could’ve been avoided. We’re so programmed to believe that if somebody is selling it, it must be OK to ingest. That’s just not true.  

Before pandemic, I went to a B2B cannabis conference in Orlando to see all the players.  First vendor I saw had samples of his hemp product he wanted me to try.  Without thinking, I raised it to my lips and swallowed his snake oil. Without asking for a Certificate of Analysis… I just popped that product past my lips and gulped.  

But we were at a big convention! At a sprawling Orlando resort! And there were huge companies represented… and everything was sparkly and fresh and wonderful and I felt just like Alice… in Wonderland… soooo naive.

Well the taste just floored me. And then I realized what I’d done.  My first question was “What the hell is IN this!!!?”  But of course there was no assay telling me that.  The guy behind the table smiled inquisitively looking for my response. But I didn’t give him one… only uttering a quiet thank you and moving on… kicking myself for being so stupid…  I had no idea whose garage that product was created in… I didn’t try anything else again. EVER. 

In our culture, we are programmed to receive a “gift” with graciousness and so as not to be rude… we take without asking sensitive questions.  At least, that’s my culture… or was.  That vendor didn’t have any testing information available… and I don’t do that anymore. It was a big lesson.

But today, we’re still stuck with cannabis issues created by legislators that harm the public because the legislators are NOT DOCTORS and don’t know enough to make good decisions about it.  In Florida, they’re still trying to cap how much THC we can have… not sure of their motives but it sounds like they’re afraid of it being resold on the underground legacy market.

Now tell me what sense that makes. It’s already so expensive to buy dispensary cannabis in Florida that adding that prohibitive testing cost to the street price doesn’t make sense. Street dealers are out for profit… they don’t care if you get well or worse. I choose to go the legal route so I’m assured of clean product. But it’s not easy or cheap and I don’t get all the medication I need or the right kind because of how our system is gamed by the legislators.  

If I wanted, I could find the same quality of dispensary products that come with an assay proving what’s in it… from other dispensaries in other states who are so over-legislated they can’t make a profit selling to dispensaries so they take the same product with their assay to the street!

Now I used to say that all street weed is contaminated… and if this is what you’re buying, then it’s still contaminated with the backward legislative restrictions that prevents them from running a proper medical business. Politics is messy and people often choose the wrong way.

So if that’s a systemic problem, how do we manage our medicine for the time being and get what we need?  Let’s talk about that now.


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Anchor Commercial


Dr. Mazo Commercial

By Honey Smith Walls 

Hey, my friends, I want to give you a tip about a neurologist I know and trust.

Dr. Anthony Mazo is a highly rated specialist here in Melbourne, Florida. 

One of the first physicians to research and study cannabis since 2016 when it was legalized in Florida, Dr. Mazo is not quick to prescribe traditional synthetic chemicals when he knows that this gentle live plant therapy will likely give the needed relief. 

I know this to be true because I had to see him for my own old lady neuropathy issues. He did not prescribe the usual synthetic stuff. He told me to go get a particular kind of cannabis instead… and use it in a specific way to find relief. 

And that is what every doctor in America should have in their little black bag. 

His clinic details will be in my show notes for you. Why? Because he’s a trusted cannabis expert in the field of neurology. Dr.Anthony Mazo, a great friend to all of us. In Melbourne, FL at the Brevard Neuro Center.


Seg 2

The biggest problem I have right now is finding the right cannabis profile that helps me the most for the least amount of money. 

I can’t take a blood test to figure that out because there’s no legal human testing yet. I can’t Devine that information without a lab assay telling me what’s in this particular plant. And because dispensaries are businesses, they sell what patient/consumers buy the most… high THC products. And then the dispensaries push those products so MORE patient/clients will buy them, whether its the right profile for their needs or not. 

But how would the dispensaries know what you need without human testing? They don’t look at your blood work and determine the best product in their line for you…. So how does anyone know for sure?

This is my whole argument. You can be a confident and successful live-plant therapy patient by consulting a cannabis expert doctor who can understand not only your personal diagnosis but also which chemovars of the plant that you should seek in purchasing your medication.  

This is not like going to a box pharmacy and asking for a refill of your doctor’s prescription.  You’ll have a lot of decisions to make wherever you purchase your cannabis. And each place you go will have different medicines… see what’s happening? Sounds like the fast food industry if you ask me….

Switching plants for the moment, I’m reading this audio book-podcast called New Dimensions Radio with guest expert, Paul Stamets. It cost $7.00 for the audio on Apple iTunes and lots cheaper if you buy the book version online. It is an old recording. But you can find his book called Mycelium Running about the whole idea. And I’m learning so much new information I wasn’t privy to before now about plant life and human life. 

Like how our world really originated and the first life form to grow and proliferate into what we as humans are today. 

The mighty little mycilleum… the magic of mushrooms. Did you know there’s a word for “FEAR OF MUSHROOMS”? It’s what micophiles – mushroom lovers – call mycophobia! An irrational fear of fungi or more specifically, mushrooms; the reproductive organs of fungi.  Ever wonder why a nuclear blast makes a mushroom cloud in the sky? 

Well when you know that mushrooms grow with a powerful “nuclear” blast of their own, often sprouting overnight into a mature phyto growth, it reaches it’s peak and begins to spill downward… even with the continued upward thrust of force behind it. What signals all that energy and force to create new growth outside the network of activity below? 

Well the questions abound about mushrooms now and I think its in conjunction with the new cannabis discoveries. Both of these amazing medicinal plants have the ability to save our planet, help humans and animals, and generate new terra forma and life on other planets.  There are already generations of scientists devoted to the notion of colonizing other planets… and they’ll never leave the one their on now… but they’re devoted to the idea.

Here’s a fact. There are several kinds of plants that selectively soak up different metals and compounds from the earth. We know this to be true of cannabis. And it’s also true of mushrooms. 

Now consider the fact that scientists have discovered that certain mushrooms selectively soak up cadmium or lead or other heavy metals…..  like gold! We can train the mushrooms to uptake whatever we want. So now let’s apply that amazing thought to making medicines. 

For creating the compounds we need for each new infectious variant that attacks our world. We understand that mushrooms, like cannabis, can modulate our immune system and it has many of the same qualities of health like cannabis including antibacterial properties.  

I heard Dr. Codi Peterson, a pediatric hospital PharmD (and so much more!) say his friends all snort in lament at the sadly lagging information train when the public hears about the overwhelming mostly unnamed 500 compounds in cannabis… when really there’s probably thousands…

So what of all this information? What does a plain person do with all this?

Well to start, it’s alright to be totally confused about it and what to do next. But what I’m really saying is that there are new therapies right around the corner that will surprise you because it grew right under your feet and all over the world. We’ve just been forbidden by corrupt rule for 1o0 years.

So while we consider learning more about plants to help our world, I’m going to let you in on as many mysteries to the public as I can find from this plant world I’m learning about. My mission is to amplify scientists doing the lab work in plant therapy and I must include mushrooms and whatever else they discover. If there’s medicinal compounds we can use from a rose then I’ll be consuming those flowers if I need them. I already know you can eat hibiscus blossoms in your salad. They’re delicious but I don’t know if they’re beneficial. Need a scientist for that. And a doctor to determine if it would be right for your issues… to prescribe how to use it and how much to swallow.

We need doctors to help us medically. And Cannabis is medicine. Even if you’re only playing with it recreationally. 

So no matter where you’re getting cannabis, if you’re not checking those assays for content and contamination, you’re doing harm to yourself. You’re avoiding the effort it takes to find out about the stuff you’re ingesting. You gave your power of autonomy over to a bartender, budtender, or street dealer because you believe whatever they’re selling is ok for you to ingest. When you really don’t know that to be true.

So what should you do?




Seg 3

This is the safest way to help yourself with live plant therapy…

  1. Go get a diagnosis from your regular doctor. 
  2. Take diagnosis to expert cannabis doctor.
  3. Purchase ONLY from trusted dispensary with COAs attached to each product.
  4. Become your own alchemist by titrating properly to understand dosing.

Now if you’re shy about telling your regular doctor that you’re going to try cannabis (or mushroom) therapy, I have a “Dear Doctor” letter on my website at which you may use for the taking. It explains what you’re about to do and engages their help in watching your lab work to see how you progress. The letter also shows your doctor where to find excellent medical references in places they’re already familiar like the American Journal of Medicine and so forth. The “Dear Doctor” letter basically does all the talking for you and you’re welcome to use it as your own for free. 

But what to do if you’re not in a state that supports medical cannabis yet?  There is a solution. Because of the Farm Bill passing not too long ago, we are now able to use hemp products over the counter.  But WAIT!  PLEASE DON’T… Not until you understand what the issues are! There is no law throughout the US that provides safe haven from contaminated hemp products. You MUST be your own safety guard. Hemp products are sold in every gas station, dollar store, and gift shop you come across now. Is that where you buy your other medications? They have NO guarantee attached to them. NO assay of what’s in it or not! It’s a mystery product. That is NOT a safe way to consume products.

So let me teach you how to fish…

The very first thing you should ask to see about a product is the Certificate of Analysis. If the product does not have one… don’t buy. But there are plenty of products that ARE safe.

Full disclosure here… I just became an affiliate partner with Dr. Dustin Sulak of He is on every important board or commission for cannabis across the US and continues giving monthly public lectures for medical professionals and advocates like me around the world. He has been my teacher, among many, for years and will be always. He is on the cutting edge of science. Author of what many consider to be the Bible of our industry, the “Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Principles and Practices”. I keep a hard copy, an audible version on my iPhone, and even gave one to my neurologist friend, Dr. Anthony Mazo here in Melbourne. It’s a wonderful book and the audible version helps you understand how to say all those 16 syllable compounds throughout;)

Although I’d been using his product for years, I avoided saying anything about Dr. Sulak’s Healer CBD because I thought you’d be able to find clean hemp products easily in your own neck of the woods. Dr. Sulak lives in Maine where his practice is and those patients can take advantage of his THC products too. Hopefully, the rest of us will be able to use them too… when the laws change. 

But for now, if you’re struggling to find a reliable product that can be found consistently whenever you need it for a cheaper price than you get locally… keep listening.

Did I mention that Dr. Sulak is on virtually every science team around the world who is defining the very existence of compounds in cannabis? I consider Dr. Sulak to be the pinnacle of trustworthiness the same as Dr. Raphael Mechoulam… The Godfather of Cannabis Scientists who illuminated the structure of THC and discovered so much about the Endocannabinoid System of Receptors in our body… it’s now considered the Endocannabinoidome. Dr. Mechoulam is about 90 years old now and still working at his lab in Israel!

So the products that Dr. Sulak is making up in Maine are the same that I’ve been using for over a year.  Know why I started buying CBD online even though I have 5 cannabis dispensaries within 20 minutes of my house?  

Because I couldn’t get the same whole plant/full spectrum product down here in Melbourne, FL consistently. 

Each dispensary has their own proprietary line of products… like a restaurant makes their own kind of hamburger.  We all have our preferences for hamburgers. And the same is true for cannabis at this point.  If you know what’s in it, you can then understand how it will help your issues. But if you can’t get those particular compounds in your cannabis, then what do you do? 

See, there are all kinds of reasons why dispensaries have issues maintaining consistent products… This is live plant material we’re talking about.  There are all kinds of problems growing live plants consistently that Big Pharma doesn’t have to contend with. Like hurricanes, fires, drought, or pests wiping out a crop. 

There are many ways to grow a plant… inside or outdoors… but the problems are different for each method. 

Some farmers grow in soil, some in liquid solutions, some try Dry-farming their crops, some use other new technologies like freezing whole plants ripped out of the field to shorten their cultivation time… it’s a fascinating world to watch.

But the crazy legislative issues that prevent us from a full-throttle discovery in plant therapy continues to cripple our advances in health care.

So until all that is overcome… I decided to become an affiliate partner with Dr. Sulak and provide a trusted source so you don’t have to continue the search on your own.

Because the complaint I hear the loudest is that patients can’t find the same product twice.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked for a full-spectrum CBDa product only to be told they don’t have it. And they don’t have full spectrum CBD products either… only isolates. Just the one compound.

Ya know… that one compound will do a lot for a patient… but the full compliment of chemicals that grow in the plant will do more for you. Their synergistic power working together inside your bag of bones and bugs will do more than just one compound trying to fix everything. That’s what all the scientists I’m listening to are saying. I listen to them weekly on that new free app called Clubhouse. They gather in a room called “Cannabinoid Science and the Human Body” that’s open to the public with keynote speakers on different cannabis subjects every week. They discuss their own discoveries in their own patients and the effects they’re seeing in Alzheimer’s, seizure issues, Autism, IBS, pregnancy and all kinds of things. Tune in on Saturdays at 10am EST for serious cannabis chat with the scientists who are discovering the information. That link is in the show notes:

I want to say that Dr. Sulak has an excellent educational program for becoming cannabis knowledgeable and if you want to take his course like I did, you can get my affiliate discount that saves you money. ( I’ve put it in the show notes for you.

And if you already know the benefits of cannabis yet are having the same issues I am of finding consistent full-spectrum/whole-plant products for your needs, then please use my discount link to start receiving the absolute best over the counter product on the market in all 50 states, delivered right to your door. And if you live in Maine, you can get his THC products too.

I’m really surprised by the fact that finding consistent… and that is the key word… consistent cannabis products you can rely on in your own state. Of course there are a few other products that deliver consistency… but the one I’ve studied, used, and approve of because I’ve vetted the source is HealerCBD. Dr. Sulak’s discoveries in the the acidic form of cannabis is proving to be a god-send. He reports that most of his patients using his products say, “I feel more like my old self… the one before ailments and medications!” And their lab work proves that true.

So I invite you into a world of science and consistency by using Dr. Sulak’s cannabis CBD products and starting off with a sweet discount by clicking on my affiliate link in the show notes. You’ll find a world of information on his site. You can find his book there which we encourage all physicians to read… buy it for YOUR primary care doctor!

I just got a new bottle of CBG (Cannabigerol) that helps me sleep a little better without tossing and turning so much. I use it in conjunction with my other cannabis regimen. Learning how to become your own alchemist is a bit daunting at first, but the autonomy of medicating has been put back into my own hands. I don’t rely on budtenders or bartenders to help me with my medications. I rely on scientists and the doctors who interpret their discoveries. You can too. By using a product created by real doctors and scientists in the industry using valid and verified scientific data.

Check the show notes for those links to your consistent cannabis needs… short of THC unless you’re in Maine.  But you can get all the THC products you need from your local dispensary if you’re already a medical cannabis patient in states where that law applies.

If you’re in a state where THC cannabis is still prohibited, then getting the very best CBD products from hemp is your next best alternative until your state legislators smarten up.

That’s why I’m offering Dr. Sulak’s products that can be purchased online from any state.

I know how hard it’s been to find a good product consistently. But more than that, Dr. Sulak offers a product that is not often found in dispensaries… probably because patients don’t understand it’s value so they don’t buy… 

Dr. Sulak specifically found using the acidic version of CBD known as CBDa, to be more effective. Better help.  Not all dispensaries have caught up with his science. Finding the acidic forms, like THCa that doesn’t get you high but gives you all the juju and more for the buck. We’ll talk more about that on another show. Just know that the science out on the acidic forms of cannabis is very exciting.  Especially for elder patients who are afraid of THC and the possibility of anxiety or falling if they get too woozy. No high in THCa!!

So thank you for joining me today and please consider using my affiliate link to purchase your CBD needs today. Look for the link in the show notes.

Pax Vobiscum Yall.


You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls about the importance of using verifiably safe products. The process of getting a diagnosis from your family doctor and taking your records to a cannabis specialist can lead you to the correct cannabinoid therapy for those issues. Otherwise, you’re just your own guinea pig looking for answers without any foundational knowledge or ability to determine the best choices or strategies. 

To find a qualified cannabis expert in your area… visit 

It is a national society of cannabis experts and you’ll see that link down in my show notes. 

Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system who already has inflammatory issues like arthritis, IBS, fibromyalgia or worse. 

Subscribe to the Cannaba Verum podcast and become part of a project to understand the effects of cannabis on the public. Your anecdotal testimony is priceless to me. Medical citations are posted on my podcast blog when you visit That’s Hey, and one last thing… Would you take an extra second to give my podcast a Like and Review? It’s like Bitcoin crack for the algorithms. Thanks so much. Hey, I hear the cows calling.



Cannaba Verum is Latin for Cannabis Truth. Sourcing factual information about cannabis hasn’t always been easy for a variety of reasons. However now because of modern innovations, it is. My sources are from leaders in cannabis science like: 

Roger Adams, U.S. Organic Chemist who isolated the structure of CBD, 

Raphael Mechoulam, Israeli Organic Chemist who isolated the structure of THC,

Ethan Russo, Dir R&D International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute 

Dustin Sulak, DO – my favorite doctor at, teaching the art of Cannabis Healing to the world, and other industry greats like: 

Rev. Dr. Kymron DeCesare, Ed Rosenthal, Jack Herer, Michael Backes, and Michael Pollen and so many more… plus I use classical sites like:,, I listen to several daily podcasts to keep up with the latest cannabis news across the nation and throughout the world like: Dr. Codi Peterson et al on The Cannigma and  I trust the and I watch the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) at: and many more like: NCIA’s Cannabis Industry VOICE (

Over past episodes of Cannaba Verum, we’ve listened to some amazing scientists and medical professionals talk about their discoveries and patient successes as hundreds of questionable compounds rise to the public grasp. I am especially interested in the pharmacists movement becoming an integral part of this new medicinal choice. 

Watch this machine roll into action through conversations with pharmacy doctors all over the nation like Dr. Leah Johnson out West and Dr. Alan Ao up North. There are so many more but these two have come on my show to explain the situation and it’s fascinating.

You’ll find Citations available on my podcast blog at 

PS: Helping society get past the fear of using cannabis will be a lifelong journey for me. This industry is just opening up and most patients and doctors are seriously cannabis naive and need help understanding where to turn for trustworthy information. 

If you need help opening that cannabis discussion with your family doctor,  please reach out and grab the Dear Doctor Letter I wrote for this exact purpose. It will explain your decision to try cannabis and ask for their help in monitoring your labs and progress. It will also show them where they can find medical research on the subject of your diagnosis and the effects of cannabis. 

You’ll find that letter at  

My Neurologist and Cannabis Expert Medical Marijuana Doctor in Melbourne, FL: 

Anthony Mazo, M.D.

Brevard Neuro Center

(321) 733-2711

315 E. Nasa Blvd. 

Melbourne, FL 32901.    

All opinions are my own and should not be mistaken as medical advice. 

  1. Microdosing –
  2. Concentrates – 
  3. Cannabis Helps Dementia Podcast – Anchor.FM/cannabishelpsdementia
  4. Society of Cannabis Clinicians –
  5. Take the Pledge –
  6. Handbook for Clinicians – Principles and Practice –
  7. The Cannigma Podcast =
  8. Curious About Cannabis Podcast =

Show Notes:

OhMyCOW!!! Are you aware of how smart some plants are? If we could just get THIS straight, we’d be so much better off as a planet and humans. Today I’ll show you why using a plant with all its compounds works more effectively and why using a particular compound is smarter than others. And of course, you’ll have an opportunity to save money, time, and frustration by using my affiliate link to Dr. Sulak’s world renowned cannabis products. I can say that because I sit in his conferences listening to other doctors from South America and Europe and elsewhere expound the virtues of his science. You just hit the jackpot of cannabis products.                   Sources:                                         ‘New Dimensions Radio’ archive with guest expert, Paul Stamets –

Paul Stamets –

Dear Doctor Letter –

Clubhouse App – Room: “Cannabinoid Science and the Human Body”

My affiliate discount for Dr. Sulak’s cannabis course:

My affiliate discount for his online cannabis products:

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