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August 6, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Host: Honey 0:24

Hey, my friends, I just wanted to remind you that Dr. Leah and I had been gabbing for at least, I don’t know almost a couple of hours, and today’s episode is part of that conversation. So, it sounds like we’re jumping right into something you didn’t know where we were.

The last episode was really great so go back and listen to it, and then come join us for this one as well, or listen to this one and go back and listen to that one you know how the story goes, wherever you listen to Dr Leah, you’re just going to love her. She is a California pharmacist who is also an extremely studied cannabis specialist. So, we are taking advantage of her incredible knowledge, and she is helping us understand how all this chemistry plays inside of us, and with all the other prescriptions and the foods we eat.

So it’s a real mixology, and I want you to be aware that, you know, I think we’re seeing the beginning of a new class of pharmacists, and a new relationship with those pharmacists, and the public. It’s, it might even be a clarion call to pharmacists, all over the nation. In fact, I’m sure of it. Come on and join us now, you’re just gonna love Dr. Leah if you hadn’t heard her before.

And, oh, I want to mention as well, she gives her email address, which is complicated, and her text and her cell phone number so that you can actually text her, and I just don’t know any other pharmacists or or doctors for that matter who, you know, my personal physicians who would who would give me their personal cell phone number. And so I’m amazed at the accessibility to our dear Dr Leah and so grateful that she’s leading the way and showing us what a great relationship can be with a person of intense knowledge. And so, here we go. The Fabulous Dr Leah.

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 2:54

I’m really excited I get to chat with Honey again even though it was like just a mess up on my wording, you know, I should have thought better to do a recording right after Fourth of July weekend.

Host: Honey 3:06

Oh, was your Fourth happy?

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 3:09

It was. I got to spend it with my husband and my dogs and an extra dog that we’re babysitting. So it’s like playtime with the kids and watching them play together and have fun new fun. Oh absolutely and and dogs have such like attitudes with things so they’re kind of like, all three of them are boys so they’re all just like, you know… “I’m the Alpha! No, I’m the Alpha,  No… I’m the alpha!” and they just like fight playing and just… you can see them put their shoulders back and I’m like you guys all look ridiculous.

Host: Honey 3:46

That’s what I tell my husband and his old fart friends when they come over here they’re all over 80 years old, right, trying to pull their shoulders back and puff their chests out I’m like, please, don’t even bother. I look at the dogs and then I look at my husband I go, We know the real deal. So, um, so you wanted to make sure that the audience knew something that you and I were discussing just a minute ago, and go ahead and clarify that for us because I’m so humbled by the amount of knowledge in your head, and that’s why we’re talking to the smarty pants of chemistry right? You can explain all of this to us. And because we haven’t had the education in it that you have. So, shine, Miss Smarty Pants and tell them what you want them to know.

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 4:48

So on my last call when we were talking about because you had asked me about the THCA…  you were wanting to try the THCA without the THC affecting you. And I was talking about the extraction method and getting the THC, and I believe I incorrectly said that the THCa converts to THC in the plant naturally while it’s growing, that I believe I said that and that is incorrect because the plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa[1] ,(1) and then whether it’s a heat extraction method combusting it with actually lighting it or vaping it, that’s what gets the decarboxylation to allow it to be converted to the THC form which is then what we have.

So, when you do use it like if you were to take it and put it into like olive oil so that you are extracting all of the cannabinoids in that flower, you could call it a raw extraction, pretty much the term raw is like the best, like just you know like a real Raw diet is a concept that nothing is heated… everything’s in its natural form. So in that form, I mean you might still get THC in very small amounts because of the fact that like, you know what if the flour was sitting out in an area and it got too hot in an area that it like you know like during the fires and stuff.  I mean, there are potential times where you absolutely can get some THC in the flower, but for the most part, it is the THCa.

So when you do the raw extraction with the oil, you’re going to get the benefits of the acids. You’re going to get the cannabinoids and the terpenes that you’re looking for, and the effect of it, you know, you might get like a slight effect of a THC, again, if the flower that you’re using has somehow been decarboxylated because it was in too high of a heat, but then again I mean in nature, I mean nature usually doesn’t get to 250 or 300 degrees, we would die. But you know at least like around fires around like, if they’re in a grow area and it just got too hot in that one area with the light source, eating down on it I mean, there are ways. It can kind of do it but, again, for the most part it’s pretty much THCa that is there until it carboxylates.

Host: Honey 7:12

Okay, so let me ask you just this one thing about the, the degradation of THC, just in the open. Is that a long, lengthy process for it to degrade enough that it gives no effect.

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 7:37

You mean like after it’s been cut down and it’s just kind of been sitting for a while. So what it does at that point. So decarboxylation goes from the acid form to the non acid form, but oxidation goes from the non acid form to an oxidized form. So, what happens is the THC, once it’s you know, like, even in the plant that it breaks down, and that’s why you start seeing like very, very old flower kind of has that, you know, like, wilted look to it, like, yeah, kind of like the same thing as if you leave, you know some things out and then they, like, like fruit out like apples are a great example like when the apples turn brown. Those are oxidized. Right, so it’s the same thing with the flower, when you see flower that’s very, very old you’ll see it starts getting especially even if you’re growing it, the little, the, the crystals that you see will start turning, like an amber color the amber color is the oxidate form. So, anything that’s more oxidated or has always grown with more of that amber color. It’s what happens to the plant is that perform that converts the THC to CBN.

So CBN is actually a conversion it does down the line so the older your cannabis is actually the more CBN you’re going to have in the cannabis. Yeah, a lot of great benefits, but a lot of people do use it for what I termed it as prolonging your sleep. I haven’t found CBD or CBN to be effective for actually knocking you out, but I do find it to be very effective for when you’re taking it with THC at night for sleep. The CBN usually will allow you to elongate your synergistic effect isn’t it of the cannabinoids, absolutely, because you’ve got them, knocking you out. Yeah, you’ve been asleep and like we’re all working with your endocannabinoid system receptors. But yeah, so it’s just, I mean like with the process of the plant, you can definitely like in literally you can get different things, you know the different changes growth I mean if you were to cut down a plant, very, very early before it’s done. The, like as I mean, as you mentioned before on the show but also like as other people mentioned, you know, CBGa, so kind of cannabidiol,  the acid is like, like is the mother cannabinoid, it is the starting acid and then from there you get CBD a you get THCa  from there you get CBD THC, you actually get CBCa actually is one of the, there’s three top acids that are performed, or produced from CBGa, which is THC A CBD a and Cbc a but CBC is still hugely getting research so there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be found out about CBC.

Host: Honey 10:30

Okay so from all that we know so far I’m just curious. What is your most worrisome cannabinoid on the effect of an old fart who takes a handful of pills. What’s the most worrisome.

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 10:50

I am most worried, also there’s so in two different ways. I am worried about CBG but not because it’s a bad cannabinoid it is an amazing cannabinoid and that’s why I’m worried about it. What happens with CBG, is that it is very effective for blood pressure reduction and very effective for blood sugar reduction. I’ve seen this in my in my patients and and colleagues. And so I’ve seen that CBG, if you know I had, I had a colleague whose significant other had taken too much CBG had not informed her physician of such. And she’s also and she was also on, you know on therapy, and she ended up having to go to the hospital because her blood sugar level had gone so far down because the CBG was being so effective and making her insulin. So effective that her blood sugar was slowly functioning better, And she was able to control it better naturally using the CBG mixology, which was a little too fast because CBG Cannabigerol really is great, and effective in your system for a whole lot of things but you got to know what’s going on with that mixology doncha.

It’s all about the meds because I mean it’s not just as simple as CBG. I mean, most of the cannabinoids do get broken down through the SIP receptors and Cytochrome P 450 receptor. Sorry, Cytochrome P 450 enzymes in the liver. So this is actually what metabolizes the cannabinoids, so you know if you have like three a four in one of the SIP receptors in the liver, or six sorry if SIP enzymes in the liver, and what ends up happening is that if you take a blood pressure but like for let’s say like Lipitor for those who don’t know the generic Lipitor is broken down.  Well what happens if you’ve got Lipitor trying to get broken down and then you’ve got THC or CBD because they are both broken down. All right, so what ends up happening the body is going to start breaking it down but that leaves the higher left over concentration usually at the medication, so that means you have a higher level of the medication in your body that you don’t realize because it’s not getting broken down properly. So everything works together in harmony everything together synergistically. If you assume that cannabis is not the same concept as medicine, then you’re not seeing cannabis as a medicine, which it is.

Promo Dr. Leah Host: Honey 13:31

Hey, my friends. Do you know what CBD is?  That compound found in hemp that’s helping so many people? And I’m sure you’ve heard of THC from marijuana that gets you high. But did you know there are hundreds of compounds in cannabis that they’ve discovered? Compounds called CBG for short Cannabigeral, and CBC, Cannabichromene, CBN cannabinol and CBV Cannabiverine. All these compounds and so many more have a job that work together in your body. But, some companies are pulling these isolated compounds out and giving them more potency by concentrating them, which are causing some issues.  And how you gonna know if that issue is a problem for you unless a qualified medical person looks at your data?

So if you’re interested in finding out if cannabis could help you, this is a unique opportunity to have a real pharmacist evaluate your prescription regimen, who is also a cannabis expert.

If you’ve been on a handful of prescription medications that are giving you fits of discomfort, and you just can’t seem to get the mixology right, well Dr. Leah can assess your chemical prescriptions to see if you can lessen the side effects.

Sure, you can call your local drugstore pharmacist and chat about all that. And you probably should. But they can’t tell you anything about using cannabis with your current prescription regimen, like Dr Leah can.  All those prescriptions are trying to target one thing. And generally, they all have lots of side effects.  But cannabinoid therapy can alleviate a lot of those problematic side effects, and possibly lower the number of prescriptions you need to feel normal. But it takes a trained medical professional, to see all that.

So not only will Dr. Leah go over your entire medical history and correct prescription regimen, she’ll work in concert with your primary care physician to tame your symptoms and if needed or so desired, try cannabis therapy to help.

Hey, this is a very, very affordable investment into lifting the quality of your life. All that mixology in your tummy can be controlled with the help and knowledge of Dr Leah. Why?  Because she is a pharmacist. A clinically trained pharmacist and she’s an expert in cannabis. She can take your call no matter what state you live in and she’ll work with your very own doctor. So get in touch with her today.  You’ll feel so much better after you do.

How do you get in touch with her? Well, you can send an email to Dr.Leah at: Let me sort of spell that for you. It’s D R L E A H, the at sign, and then these three words alchemist cannabis

Or you can text her! Oh my gosh! She gives us her cell phone number! It’s area code: 408-418-8802

She said it’s best to email her if it’s not an emergency, but you can always text her, and she said, “Don’t be shy!”

Host Honey: 17:46

Let me get this question straight. Is it (ECS) empirical in your body’s network of systems, does it, does it have reign over the other body systems? Well, for that precise reason your body now has to make a choice… point is that and the other and which one’s going to choose first.

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 18:01

Well, for metabolism, it doesn’t, but it does go with basic body processes. So like if, like, it will. So, I always say CBD and I it’s kind of funny, but I would say CBD is kind of like the traffic guard CBD is like okay THC coming up not knowing more THC okay CBG come in, Okay, and it’s like, you know, the traffic guard it kind of tells the other cannabinoids what to do. Plus it has its own benefits but it monitors and regulates, exactly, it kind of says okay guys, this is what we need, so that way if you don’t have, if you have a little bit of THC, and you would take some CBD, well okay, it’s going to make the THC more effective it’s going to help with anatomy sticking to the receptors, it’s going to be great, but if you have too much THC, then what happens is the CBD makes sure to regulate the system to say okay we don’t need to get rid of some of the receptors for the THC we have too much THC, so it’s really like I said like the traffic guard kind of strings but what the endocannabinoid system does in general, is it keeps it monitor it makes sure that every process is functioning properly. So if you think about it like it’s you know it’s making sure that the respiratory system is functioning properly and making sure that, and the digestive system is functioning properly. However, if the main homeostasis system in the body is not functioning properly. It’s unable to do its job of maintaining and and keeping all the other systems in the body in check.

Host: Honey 19:20

And I keep reading that Dr. Rafi Mechoulam keeps trying to tell us and warn us that there are big ECS endocannabinoid system deficiencies in humans that they’re discovering now that they understand what the ECS looks like in the human, and that’s that was only discovered in 1992 hadn’t been that long.

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 19:47

Yep, and he and the one thing about that as well is like that’s why they’ve done actually a lot of research on teenagers who use who use cannabis, as you know,  like for not from non medicinal reason and they find that sometimes it does. There’s still studies going on so we’re not really sure the actual answer but we have seen that there is a potential of, you know, issue with mental development for adolescents who have not hit their maturity yet, you know, they haven’t, they’re not fully grown their brain isn’t fully developed, and if everything is functioning properly, it’s no different than saying, Oh, I’m not in pain, but I’m going to take a Percocet, that’s going to mess with your system because your body doesn’t need that. So your body uses it inappropriately and then it leads to negative things. So,

Host: Honey 20:34

Same thing with smoking and with drinking, I mean your body says God I need to relax from the stress. Give me a cigarette, or Jesus, it’s been a hideous day let me have a drink, and then those things addict you but not cannabis.

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 20:50

Well, I’m not talking about addiction, I actually mean your endocannabinoid system. So like for example I injured my endocannabinoid system in the accident, the car accident I was in, in all the traumas I’ve had physically to my body for the trauma. How did that hurt your endocannabinoid system? Well it doesn’t work functionally so like that’s I mean if you have chronic pain, it’s because your system is unable to regulate your pain receptors. So.

What I’m saying is that for children for adolescents who start using for no better reason than boredom, which is I think why a lot of teenagers start smoking or start drinking it just, I don’t have anything better to do let’s do this not because of addiction but just because I’m a teenager I’ve gotten to act like a grown up. Yeah, exactly. I won’t act like a grown up I’ve, you know I’ve got a couple hours before mom gets home, I want to get friendly with that cute person over that good looking person over there I want to you know get to know them and they’re in this group, so I’m going to go over there to like it. Yeah, and like small amounts, not a big deal but what they found is that they’re adolescents who have been chronic users, they’re doing more research on the actual development of their like brain and ability because they are thinking that due to the fact that their endocannabinoid system was functional, they’re now altering it because it’s like saying the cost of using without need. So it’s like I said it’s the same thing as taking a prescription medication like taking a cough syrup when you’re not coughing, you’re taking a pain medicine you’re not in pain, your body’s gonna still metabolize it.

Host: Honey 22:25

Exactly what I’m worried about with the adult use bunch, they’re still touting, you know,  it smells so great if you smell it, you like it, you should use it! I just heard that on on Great History and I can’t even say it right. Say, Weed History. I can’t say the podcast show right now I’m so upset with it, because those guys are so brilliant politically, and, and the, the stories that they tell are so fantastic about the history of cannabis in the United States and other places and all these wonderful people who have been our greatest advocates to get us where we are now, and then they take a break and start telling you, oh you should try this, and Dab everything! And, you know, and I’m like, oh my God in heaven, it just gives me a heart attack to listen to it now because it’s such misinformation,

Guest Expert: Dr. Leah 23:23

I mean I think dabbing could be okay for the proper patient, and, specifically I would say patient because dabbing has a much higher, it’s a concentrate that you’re putting in a vaporization device. And what happens is if you were to do that, you’re getting, I mean, people tell that they are getting THC flour at or cannabis flour at, you know 30% thc 35%.  It’s really, really not physically possible in the plant to grow that. Also when they test THC, there is no THC as you and I know, it just mentioned it’s THCA. So there is actually a conversion they do so if they do gas chromatography, it does heat it up, but then they actually have to do like a, like a mathematical thing. Right, yeah it’s like well okay so we’ve got this much but then the mass base is this much. So then we got to do this conversion, so it’s like everything is matte, it’s not like you could just put it in a sample and just flat out test it now, if you have an extract that specifically or a product that you’ve specifically made sure to, you know like like edibles is a great example like the edible has and then you test the edible. You aren’t going to see THC in that because it’s already been decarboxylated but for flour, it’s so hard to know so, you know, but the whole thing with concentrated concentrate is concentrated THC and it’s in its active form. So, depending on whether it’s live rosin or many other ways they make it, it could already be decarboxylated it might need to be decarboxylated and vape that you use, however it is though you’re getting a very potent amount of THC at one shot, and which is very effective specifically for pain cancer pain is very effective, but you should know cannabis well enough and be, or if not working with somebody who knows cannabis well enough, who can actually could help you with your dosing, especially if you’re on other medications, because it’s all it really comes down to is the fact that we see it as a medication and we need to taut it as a medication.

I’m fine with adult use because, in the majority of the time I see adult use, it’s because they’re actually treating. It’s like if you’re stressing out and you’re having a bad day and you’re freaking out and you go smoke. You’re like, you’re fixing your stress you’re actually medicating like, because you need it because it’s helping calm you down.

So the only time I see it as not medicinal is when people are bored, don’t know what else do and not like if you want to smoke because you want to, you know what it really opens up my mind I become more artistic, I write better, okay fine, then again, you’re still using it differently, you know, but it’s still being used to expand your mind do other things. But when you’re straight out doing it because I’ve got nothing to do, I’m watching TV I’m bored, I’m either going to eat food or I’m going to smoke or I’m going to drink, right, none of those are, you know, you’re not doing it to benefit yourself you’re doing it because you don’t know what else to do with yourself. Right. And so in that in those cases, we’re probably the only cases I would really call it adult use or recreational but in general I would say that I consider pretty much almost all use to be mostly medicinal because if it didn’t help you or benefit you. Why would you do it?


Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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