MoC 043 Women in Weed – Amaya

June 28, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Hey everybody, I can’t wait for you to meet my friend, my Amaya Vinuela. She’s an up and coming woman in weed just like me. And, oh my goodness, what a powerhouse of information, she’s going to tell you how to make your own transdermal patch, using cannabis, and other kinds of goodie juicy stuff too. Come on and let me introduce you.

I have you.  Amaya Vinuela. How are you darling?


I’m doing well, how are you I’m just fine.


I’m so glad to have you on my show, this is the chick that I wanted to grow up to be. She I’m not kidding you, she knows way more than I do about terpenes she’s as smart as they’ve come. She’s on the leading edge of an industry that, that we as women are trying to bust into… this is my friend Amaya. Hi darling I’m so tickled you’re here.

Amaya 2:03

I am so tickled that you’re doing this. You’re getting the word out, and to whom your audience is, it’s fantastic that you’re doing this.

Honey 2:10

It’s a lot of fun, and I didn’t expect to grow up to be a podcaster, but oh my goodness. I’m not kidding you, I feel like I’ve got a connection to the pulse of the world doing this. It’s just an unreal experience unlike anything I’ve ever done. When I just am so thrilled to be of service. And, and to be, you know, like you, leading in the industry a woman leading in the cannabis industry. Yeah, one of the most important things that, that I’d like to get out to our sisters, you know what I mean. Yes,

Amaya 2:55

Yes. And I think that we’re, I guess what I consider a subculture of people who need cannabis, because we have particular ailments that are more common for women. So, I think that there are a lot of women who may have grown up thinking that this is not something that they should be doing, yet they would be the ones that would benefit the most from it.

Honey 3:22

Right, well, our religion and our law prohibited raising cannabis, and B, they never told us there were over 500 compounds in it that can fix so much inside of us from mental to physical.

So, you know, we’ve always just thought of it as a toy. Right? It’s our toy. Well, I’m 67 so, you know, I’m one of those hippies who used it like a toy, and there’s still lots of people out there in the adult use world, and this is just my soapbox and I don’t know how you feel about this or anything, or, you know, or most of my audience, I don’t know how most of my audience feels about this but I got to say… The Adult Use tribe. I don’t have any beefs with anybody wanting to smoke pot or, or get high or, or, you know, they don’t know why but they just want it, they can’t articulate it, but it’s like needing a beer after work and. And so then there they are, but they don’t know anything about it, and they’re using it without consideration of contamination issues, and that is my, you know, big Foghorn to my audience. You got to be careful about what you’re buying, and ingesting, because this is the Wild Wild West,

Amaya 4:53

absolutely wholeheartedly agree with you on that from someone who literally buy Mexican weed when I lived in Costa Rica that sometimes would come. White the entire thing was full of mold and you know gone worse if the mold was black, you know, don’t open the bag because that could be Aspergillus. Oh my goodness. So that’s absolutely something to take into consideration the use of pesticides.

Honey 5:22

Yeah, I’m glad you mentioned the Aspergillus, because that’s exactly what the autopsies, say the reason of death is the cause of death is Aspergillus mold lining their lungs not allowing them to get oxygen. So, and that’s just, you know, from Mother Nature growing out in the wherever and not protecting it in the way that they, they cultivate it and harvest

Amaya 5:49

right and when, once they cure it, if it’s left, you know, if it’s not properly cured and it has too much more water, right, that’s an issue with the dispensaries today in the way in Florida, specifically that we have very a lot of dispensaries have fully indoor grows, some of them do not but it really doesn’t matter. You know in Florida being indoors, doesn’t stop the humidity, So they figure that out, and from what I’ve heard from, you know, background noise from different dispensaries that they will still use and process that cannabis and that’s a concern to me as well.

Honey 6:31

It is it absolutely is I’m just sorry people don’t understand this. And, you know, see the connection between illness, and contamination. It’s not the cannabis, you know, never a death on the planet by cannabis, it’s the contamination that can get into heavy metals molds and mildews, you know herbicides and pesticides and fungicides, all of those so your affirmation of all of that stands out is highly important and proprietary to

Amaya 7:04

the heavy metals is also an issue, especially in Florida now with all the drought that they’re finding that there’s tons of arsenic in the ground. And because hemp and cannabis is so fantastic and pulling those heavy metals out so it’s great for our soils, but it will absolutely be in the plant once, especially if you consume it if you use it, you know, as, as an edible.

Honey 7:29

So you know that they used him to clean up Chernobyl?

Amaya 7:32

I did not know that.

Honey 7:36

Yeah, and they use a lot of hemp for water filtration in areas where there have been all kinds of oil spills and stuff like that.

Amaya 7:38

So what do they do with the hemp after that do they turn it into this, they destroy it?

Honey 7:40

I wish I could tell you.  It would be something to look up, but you know if they’re not destroying it, because it couldn’t possibly be good for anything.

Amaya 7:42

Maybe textile.

Honey 7:42

I’d hate to put a cloth that’s been contaminated on my skin, or build a house with a brick, that’s been contaminated with, you know, whatever it is, there’s got to be some way that we could, you know, reuse it, or continue to filter it out until the filtration system completely just disintegrates everything and maybe reuse they have I don’t know… what do I know. There’s so much technology just really booming right now.

Amaya 8:34


Honey 8:35

Do you have some extra shillings?  I’d be putting them into cannabis technology and cannabis science and cannabis laboratories for testing.

Amaya 8:44

Right, absolutely. The labs and Tikkun Olam, in Israel, they have embarked on, I’m sure you’ve heard of this fantastic voyage of actually determining, and I’m keeping record of the genetics. So it’s a multimillion dollar project, but there’s nothing of the sort. As of right now, everyone has names for everything but we all know that the phenotypes and the genotypes aren’t concordant. So they are going to actually have a manifest of the genetics,

Honey 9:23

Here it comes. I can’t wait. So brand new cannabis science, right yeah.

Amaya 9:29

It’s it’s fantastic because it moves velvet glove as one of my prime examples of how the genetics can change the feel of the flower. And I usually don’t like purple flowers, it’s just my thing, but their velvet glove was purple, their first phenotype. And it’s not anymore, and I still love the strain, but it’s nothing like the original one.

Honey 9:57

Do you believe that if you don’t like something your molecules are whispering something to you saying you don’t like this. For whatever reason,

Amaya 10:07

I believe that with everything with cannabis, yeah.

Honey 10:12

Yeah, I’m beginning to understand my molecules whispering to me, and girl, I am listening. Suddenly I’m finally understanding what mindfulness means about our bodies.

Amaya 10:26

But, like you’re saying the understanding of the terpenes, you know, because like I just found out I really didn’t know that you could smoke lavender and I grow lavender. Sometimes it’s really hard to find CBG (Cannabigerol) or to find the strains that are high in CBG. This time around, I’ve been, like, I’ve been. And that makes, makes any flower extra happy just because of that. So, like I can’t like Hayes’s, they make me very anxious as a whole. And it might be the Pinene and might be a combination of the Pinene and the Lemonene and I realized high Pinene strains are not my happy place. So I tried to avoid that.

Honey 11:08

Here’s my here’s my question about making the public learn all the different terpenes… just the first 100 are the common ones, right? Right. I’m not sure that this particular American society that’s been so programmed for convenience, and fast foods can ever grasp the importance of taking the time to learn all this, how can we pound it into their heads in a fun, gentle way that helps them understand they have to be their own alchemists with cannabis, at least right now.

Amaya 11:50

I think you’re, like you say, a self proclaimed hippie, and I think a lot of the people, a lot of the women of your generation, they did play with essential oils, and they might have been told by everyone that they were foolish for doing so. And that is kind of how I would bring it up, especially with the couples, because the women do have somewhat of an idea, and the men are catching on. Right, they will let them know, and then that’s how they are willing to learn and then like you said, once you realize that certain strains are your happy place, that’s when you start focusing on why. Yes, yes that’s cannabis as a medicine. Like you were saying, recreational use, I have absolutely no judgment but I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who uses cannabis to make themselves feel better are using it medicinally.

Honey 12:50

I’ve said that a billion times. They just don’t, they can’t articulate it, that’s all right

Amaya 12:55

I agree with you. So they are using it medicinally and even if you buy it off the street from a dealer, you’re gonna get whatever it is that you get, you don’t have a choice of uncontaminated product. You can say well I’m going to use something that is high in balancing today for my depression. You know, so that that is where when you focus on the medicinal. Terpenes should be something of interest to you because that’s where you’re going to find your happy place,

Honey 13:26

Maybe color coding the terpenes and showing them in a bar graph for different emotions. There are different companies that are doing that already. Right? I’m sure there are, I think…

Amaya 13:37

They do need to do a much, much better job. Yeah, yeah, one plant does a really good one, has very high percentage of terpenes that’s why one of the reasons they’re their flower looks so pretty because their trichomes are large, they put a lot of terpenes, so they’ve mastered that, and they do tell you they have a pretty good breakdown of the terpene profile. Genetics.

Honey 14:06

Oh, who’s that you’re talking about which dispensary?

Amaya 14:07

One Plant. Oh, I know you’re talking about One Plant.

Honey 14:07

Oh, I’m proud of them and they’re a young burgeoning company right?

Amaya 14:20

Yeah so they started off, A group of people and leaving everything and they managed their grow, and they, they decided the quality over quantity was their premise. And so instead of, yeah, building up like all these dispensaries that and grow, grow, grow, they perfected their product. And then they started opening up the dispensary so they have cannabis derived terpenes their rosin is absolute fire. They have beautiful beautiful products.

Honey 14:52

Okay, well I’ve never used them before but I look forward to now that you said that. And a while ago you mentioned a dispensary called MUV. And just so our audience knows that’s up in Merritt Island. One Plant… where’s one plant>

Amaya 15:10

One Plant is in Port St Lucie and right and they’re a drive service. I’m sorry I can’t say the term… delivery service… are they a delivery… yes. Yeah, right.

Honey 15:26

Right, and I gotta tell you that I’ve been going to MUV because my neurologist recommended it. And that is Dr. Anthony Mazo, I talk about him all the time. He was the first pot doctor in Melbourne. And yeah he very knowledgeable, these. Oh, and he’s so precious and his wife and, anyway, I was having some issues with my hands and lalala Oh lady issues.

So I went to him and he discovered all these bulging whatevers and said, Okay, I was expecting them to tell me to we’re going to have to make an appointment to talk to a surgeon, but no. He said, okay I want you to go to MUV Dispensary. And I want you to start on some RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), and I want you to get their gel patches and start using those.

Well, holy crap did my world change. And isn’t it funny, you know, I’m a shaman in the industry telling people how to do this all day long, and yet I can’t do it to myself, why this is a perfect example of how pain and nausea will distract you from thinking properly. When your only concern is about this pain. This pain pain pain. You just don’t think right. And so it’s hard for people to realize that they may need to upgrade their medical regimen when something starts happening. Yes.

And that’s what happened to me so I was glad to have him to help me understand what I needed, what the problem was, you know, as a, as a beautiful neurologist who understands the human body and psychiatrist and, you know, and all of that into the mind, he’s, he’s an amazing person, and helping his patients through cannabis has been a real joy for him. I was so thrilled to hear his story.

Tell me about your favorite cannabis doctor that you’ve met in your experiences in the cannabis industry, or maybe you should… first of all, you and I met when you were working at Surterra, Right? Yes. And surterra, for those who don’t know, is one of our leading cannabis dispensaries in Florida, and Amaya was there to help me and then she and I started bantering back and forth from the moment we met and it’s been like this ever since. So, what did you, did you enjoy your experience in corporate cannabis world?

Amaya 18:28

I personally did not, but that was unfortunately very very poor management and one person can make all the difference. Before the person was there, it was wonderful. I mean we came in and we were like a family. It was great. I felt like my family. Yeah and we were able to help a lot of people, and you came in and brought a lot of people to us and helped them through a lot of things and that is always the end goal…  to help… help people with cannabis.

Honey 19:01

That’s right, and grow the community. Yes, absolutely. Well, I loved it when you were there. And then I moved on to another shop closer to me. See what I say about convenience? We are slaves to convenience. I had to drive about 35 minutes to come down to your dispensary because you’re not quite up here near me so, I happily would before. I had to drive an hour and a half away down in Fort Pierce, right, or 45 minutes, whatever it is. So who did you see?  Did you see young patients coming in under 20 trying to get high?

Amaya 19:48

So, the average age of the patient in Florida is 58 years of age. Surterra has always been and still is an educational dispensary. If you want to go in there and be taught about cannabis, you will be. So we had, and I think they still have the elder population. And I thought that was a great thing because unfortunately we did see people who came from other dispensaries that they were not educated. And they took too much product or didn’t take the product correctly. And it’s not a good feeling to be high when you don’t want to be high. If you’ve never experienced that before and you take too much THC, the feeling could be overwhelming, and if you are turned off to something that could potentially help you because you haven’t been properly educated, that was a little heartbreaking to me, that is so heartbreaking.

Honey 21:05

That has happened to me on a number of occasions when I could not convince some old fart guy to continue trying to CBD, just a real good over the counter CBD, for more than three days, he put it away at $80 bottle of CBD is. And he just wouldn’t try any longer. “Aaahhhh that stuff didn’t work!” he barked at me. Oh, okay.

Amaya 21:18

I’m sure you explained this to him but it’s absolutely not gonna work if you take it for one day, it needs to be in your system for at least three days to five days before you build up a plasma life level of that’s adequate for it to be therapeutic so it’s just not going to work after one day,

Honey 21:39

I tried to tell them, and it’s like prying their fingers off their ears. When the wife wants the husband to take the CBD to stop him from being so grouchy from the pain and lack of sleep that he’s experiencing you understand the frustration when the spouse just won’t do it any longer because he didn’t believe it. He’s still propagandized against it, and it’s just hard to get them to think longer than three days ahead.

Amaya 22:27

Even because CBD really doesn’t have psychoactive effects, and may not notice what higher bottle, things that they didn’t work for them, and it’s not until three days after they stopped taking the CBD that they’re like oh I’m in pain again. Sometimes it’s hard for people to distinguish and once the pain is gone, sometimes you don’t notice it as much until it comes back.

Honey 22:58

Mm hmm. Hey do you want to tell our audience how you medicate?

Amaya 23:10

Okay so it really does depend on how I’m feeling. And I’m actually going to go back to your story of being in pain and going to MUV to get patches. I have had a really really bad pain in my shoulder, and it’s just been progressively getting worse and I woke up this morning and I was like, okay… I know how to make patches.

So I went to Walgreens to get some “Tegaderm” transparent film dressings.You can also get the Walgreens brand, and I used the one-to-one,  Truelieve – “Alien Moonshine” today.

CBD is 10 times more absorbable through the skin than THC is. So using a product with CBD is going to help it absorb just simply because of that… it helps bring it along I think and it definitely is absorbed better. It’s a good carrier.

I use a little bit of Arnica and a tiny bit of Bengay because the Bengay has the menthol in the camphor that opens up the pores.

Put it in a transparent dressing. I put it on my shoulder and within 20 minutes it stopped hurting. I’m sitting here going, why, why, why did you deal with pain for two days? Why did you wait?

Honey 24:23

That is fab, thank you for that recipe… that never occurred to me darling Amaya, you just taught our audience how to go make their own medication.

Amaya 24:43

The patches are very very pricey. So it is something that, and these work better. So you can make it as medicated or as unmedicated as you want, you can make it 15 milligrams if you want you can make it 45 milligrams if you want. I definitely would start with a smaller amount.

Honey 25:01

What’s the difference in using a patch a gel patch like that and just rubbing on a Sam.

Amaya 25:08

So the patch seems to last longer, You can make your own SUVs as well. It’s actually the same exact thing that I just described, just use half Arnica and have been gay or bio freeze, and then add whatever milligrams, you want to add. So again that I definitely want for people because some people might want a lotion that only has five milligrams per application. Some people want may want more for topical you really do not need that much five milligrams is usually more than enough for the affected area and then you can increase the 1015, but for some reason you need very small amounts, when you use things publicly.

Honey 25:51

Let me, let me go back to that little recipe there. The first ingredient you said, to put on there was camphor, did you say camphor?

Amaya 26:01

So Bengay, I believe it has a menthol and camphor for I’m not sure. Yeah, because that opens up your pores.

Honey 26:08

That’s what I wanted to get to that was the point I wanted you to say again, thank you. Exactly right, it opens up your pores so that’s why they use that smelly stuff that I can’t stand

Amaya 26:18

Back way that’s exactly why, and Bio Freeze is the same thing, yeah. Oh, that’s what Bio Freeze has… I’m looking at it right now. Yeah, and then also that cooling also reduces the inflammation that also helps, so it does double duty. Okay.

Honey 26:38

All right, great. Then I just love the idea of being able to make my own transdermal patch, and because I am I is the logic cried, it’s probably gonna stay on there and work a little longer because it’s dedicated to one spot, and it’s not open to the air because it’s got the plastic or whatever it is,

Amaya 27:01

I think it’s because it’s the time that it takes to absorb. So if you actually want to make the little patch because you know this, again, you put the distillate I put the distillate first. Then I put the Arnica on it. Arnica is an incredible anti inflammatory and one of the reasons why MUV sports gel works so well. So Arnica if you want more information, absolutely recommend that, even on its own.

Honey 27:27

Arnica Oh good. Oh girl, I wanted to talk to you about a couple of projects that I’d like to present to the audience, eventually, and see what you think about the compounds and concoctions I’m thinking up in my head for these products, something yeah maybe we can do a little something in the future like that together, That would be a lot of fun. And so what now, what are you doing now, honey.

Amaya 28:01

So as far as the cannabis front. I started Florida Canna Culture.

Honey 28:03


Amaya 28:03

Thank you. And that’s a consulting company, anything cannabis, whether it be, you know from doctor’s offices to patients and you can find me on Facebook, I haven’t designed the website yet we’re in the works. And, oh,

Honey 28:12

Did you choose a web design company already. I have not. I have I have a friend who I finally decided to ask for help, because he’s, he’s, um, that’s his world. That’s right. Yeah, slowly but surely I know that you’re going through the same thing so maybe that’s another thing we got to chat about.

Honey 28:52

Definitely I’ve got a tip for you that I think will interest you. A couple of them. And so, yeah. We’ll chat later and I can’t wait to tell you what I found out so  may or may not help you but I want to see if it will. Maybe it will and save you some time, too. So, tell me darling tell our tell our audience where they can find you or how they can reach out to you, if they would need your services, and I’m here to say, there’s going to be a lot of business coming your way… so many people don’t know how to jump into this cannabis industry. When their skills are so needed, and their talent in every field, do you agree.

Amaya 29:39

Absolutely, Absolutely, we have a need for experienced cannabis connoisseurs and growers and there’s a lot of other states that have jumped on those, but there’s a lot of very talented people in this state. So, that’s right. Yeah, that gets out more because I know there’s a lot of growers coming from other states, and you’re like this strain that they had here… the Myakka Gold. So that’s a Florida strain and we have a lot of Granddaddy Purple. I know that the Californians are still all about that one but I’m totally claiming that as a Florida strain. So we have a history here we have genetics here.

Honey 30:31

We have our own East Coast genetics as opposed to the West Coast genetics… the Emerald triangle up there and all that.

Amaya 30:41

Right. And those are the strains that at the end of the day are going to grow well here so I think my hope for Florida is number one, that somehow they figure out how, At least for half the year to use the natural resources that nature gave us, because they’ve shown how much waste comes out of the grows when they’re inside. And we have specific genetics for this kind of weather.

Honey 31:12

What do you mean by waste in the grows from inside?

Amaya 31:17

Well, the fertilizers and I’m assuming that’s going to be the primary…  it’s not a very ecologically sound system because you’re not really using soil, you’re using fertilizer and you’re using a drip system.

Amaya 31:34

So if that was done outside I think it could be done better and I think we so cannabis does have some pests, especially in Florida, you know spider mites, whatnot, but for the most part it is mostly pest resistant, So I still think you’d be able to grow outside, and it would help, because we have so many issues right now in Florida with the droughts and the changes in temperature and we are an agricultural state.

Amaya 32:05

I know that we’re going to be the next hemp powerhouse.

Honey 32:09

Did you know they’ve already made an airplane out of hemp?

Amaya 32:10

I think I, were you the one who posted that because that just blew me away. I was so tickled to see it in this day and age. Finally.

Honey 32:29

You know, all of our cars should have been made out of hemp to begin with. Why Henry Ford… Henry Ford intended all his cars to be run on hemp biofuel. So, you know,

Amaya 32:34

We’ll be somewhat of the wave of the future because it grows like we should be growing hemp for most everything.

Honey 32:41

Right. So that whole industry was side-whacked by corruption, just like the whole cannabis industry has been, yeah. And so once you learn the history and the politics of this game, then suddenly you’re a little more open to what people are telling you, or trying to educate you about the contents of the plant, and how it can help you.

Right. So, anyway, um, I love hearing about what’s happening in the farming community and I just read the other day, of course, they’ve been doing it out in the Emerald Triangle for probably a year or more. They’re freezing straight from the fields, they’re freezing the product straight from the field, in, in sub zero weather, and I mean sub zero, boxes, and then it goes straight from the field to the laboratory and it’s all thrown in a butane wash, and it becomes concentrate.

So here’s my issue with that, Amaya. I’m afraid. Again, corporation is programming clients to purchase a convenient product…

Maybe not substandard, but probably…. yes, because… you know I’m not wrong. The other thing you’ve got to know, for those people who smoked cigarettes, it’s the hand to mouth thing. They’re, they’re going to be fighting an existing habit next, and with all of that comes a blown tolerance. So now you’re offering more convenience, and in a vape pen, but because it’s a concentrate…they’re blowing their tolerance faster.

And they may be thinking they’re micro dosing but they’re micro dosing 20 times a day. And they may not need to microdose but maybe once or twice a day. Some people may need to microdose 40 times a day, but the majority No. So I worry on a global thought about how corporate once again is training the patient, you know, corporate trained us to take a pill. We used to do live plant therapy.

Well, that’s some of the tiny little issues of new technology, but I’m really grateful for this incredibly fun program this platform called Anchor that allows you and me to record a conversation. You know a lot of people are doing it with Zoom and that’s all wonderful… But this is just an audio platform, and it’s free, and it allows me to do what I do and not have to break my budget for my business plan, and my podcasts of course feeds into my business plan, which is affiliate marketing, and I’ve got a brand new website coming up I’m so excited about it. And then I’ve got my book, “The Language of Cannabis – Learning to Medicate” you know, so all of that all ties in together and I’ll be offering services and courses and all that stuff and that’s what I bet you’ll be doing, too, since you’ve got so much background knowledge about the industry. You’ve got a lot to teach.

Amaya 36:33

I, for the most part, most of my, which is I guess why I call them consultations, most of them, people I speak with.

Amaya 36:43

I think biggest asset is that I’m pretty good at putting together your particular ailment with the medications that are available right now. So we’ve figured out, you know, and the end goal is to give maximum relief.

Honey 37:01

The knowledge you gleaned over the years can be put into a very efficient ebook. And you can market that to bring clientele, to serve other services. Just sayin, I don’t mean to be planning your life for you, darling, but you know it’s such an easy way to, well it’s not easy… it’s, you know, you put some work into it and then you sit back and you let people buy your products and that’s a passive income.

Amaya, you’re one of the most independent women I know, and and being independent means being able to afford yourself, your life and your future without depending on somebody else. That’s what independence means to me right now and you inspire me to be strong…. to fight for my own independence… with my knowledge. I’m not kidding you, honey, you really have. You’ve made an impression on me. And I think you can make one on other people.

Amaya 38:17

Yeah, you, you as well and I don’t think you can not make an impression.

Honey 38:28

Tell me how can our audience get in touch with you if they want to reach out and and rocket your services. Hang on, everybody. Hang on. She’ll be back. She’ll be back. She’s coming back. Hey, they’re here. Could you hear? I get….. no….

Amaya 38:59

I couldn’t hear you I don’t know what was happening. Thank God. I got a Motorola phone and every phone call dies! It’s evil, it’s, it doesn’t send for me or show me text messages, it doesn’t show me that people have called me. It’s evil…

Honey 39:09

Sorry. All right, how can our audience get in touch with you darling.

Amaya 39:13

Okay, so Florida Canna can find me on Facebook at Florida Canna Culture.

Honey 39:24

And on Facebook, and soon at  I can’t wait. I love you so much. It’s so great to reconnect I’m going to talk to you later privately about some tips I’ve got for you and this has been so great. Thank you dear heart for coming and helping my audience understand what you know about cannabis just a little teeny tiny bit of what you know about cannabis, and that world. Thank you so much.

Honey 39:55

You been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis Sherman honey Smith walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products, unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test. Please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements. In each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s c a n n a b a   v e r u m dot com.

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Trans Dermal Patch Recipe:

So I went to Walgreens to get “Tegaderm”, those transparent film dressings.You get the Walgreens brand, and I use the one to one,  Truelieve – “Alien Moonshine” today.

CBD is 10 times more absorbable through the skin than THC is. So using a product with CBD is going to help it absorb just simply because of that… it helps bring it along I think and it definitely is absorbed better. It’s a good carrier.

I use a little bit of Arnica and a tiny bit of Bengay because the Bengays got the menthal in the campfor that opens up the pores.

Put it in a transparent dressing. I put it on my shoulder and within 20 minutes it stopped hurting.

Pax Vobiscum Yall

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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