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April 12, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Hello my friends,

I have a confession to make.  I’m still on my honeymoon with cannabis.  It’s been a long honeymoon. I got my card in 2016. And I guess I’m so grateful to have the ability to buy legal cannabis I just kept my nose to the grindstone and my rose colored glasses on about what’s happening legally in our state now.  I thought it was gonna get better but it’s apparent that we have some real legislative problems at hand.  They still don’t have enough education about the subject to even ask the right questions.

I attended another Brevard County School Board Meeting last night… to watch the behavior of some rabidly religious parents who don’t want LGBTQ kids to mingle with their precious offspring… already imbued with bigotry and nationalistic ideas deeply cemented from home.  It was a battle trying to curb their language of vitriol and hate when the protestors got up to speak and they were admonished to address their remarks to the bench and not the audience. And then the next chapter began at that meeting. 

A much loved teacher was pushed backward down a flight of stairs by a naughty 8th grader. She was hurt and filed Workman’s Comp to go visit a doctor. She was flagged for being a legal Florida Medical Marijuana Patient and suspended. The meeting last night was to debate allowing her to stay on staff, give her a penalty, send her to rehab, or whatever they could come up with to attenuate the issue. Twice they voted down allowing her case to go to the state District Attorney to help change the outdated school policies that do not reflect the changes in attitudes of the population of Florida about cannabis. Their policies have not been updated to reflect the state’s position which took a stand against Federal and said it’s citizens are allowed to utilize cannabis. Legally!

But 4 motions later it was over and the board voted to fire her. They said it was because of the language of the law. But in my opinion, it was the ignorance of the board about cannabis that really caused their decision.

One of the board members asked what would happen if a legal medical marijuana patient decided to start using Adult-Use Marijuana… And then tried to drive or work?

First of all, marijuana is marijuana… whether it comes from a dispensary, the illicit underground market, or your best friend’s grow in the back yard. Doesn’t matter if it comes with a doctor’s recommendation to go to a trusted dispensary or you’re able to walk into a shop and buy marijuana over the counter as Adult-Use… it’s just marijuana.

I think the board member’s real question was what if the teacher gets high and comes to school? Then what do we do?

Well… you leave it to the patient on the medication to use it responsibly. And if you find that patient/employee to be underperforming then address the issue to find out why.  But making an assumption that teachers or anybody would be less than responsible with their medications is ridiculous.  We don’t ask the same professionals about the opioids their using or their alcohol habits.

So tragically, another legislative body just axed a perfectly wonderful award-winning teacher because some kid acted out and hurt her, and she got legal medication for the problem but lost her job because of attitudes and ignorance. 

On a larger scale, the legislative session for our state of Florida is happening and lots of people are trying to make that body understand that capping THC amounts to doing the business of the doctors who know better. Let the doctors and scientists tell us about cannabis and go from there. Stop making these asinine regulations that penalize patients for using marijuana.  I have a tumor growing on my gum. I have bulging and herniated disks from C3 – C8 and arthritis with gout. My neurologist just told me to start using RSO… an extremely concentrated marijuana that is generally reserved for people with extreme issues.  I guess I’m extreme now. So I began using it and found instant relief.  And the legislative body in session now is trying to take that away from me.

I can’t go back to synthetic prescriptions for all this stuff… the brain fog prevents me from LIVING! And the other side effects make it a terrible alternative.  I’ve already been there and done that.  Don’t wanna go backwards. And wouldn’t be able to create this business if I were to go back on all those pills.  We have to get more people educated and I’m sending a call to action for any of you needing a new career in this pandemic.  It won’t take long to learn the fundamentals of cannabis and while I’m thinking about it, I may as well say it out loud… I’ve got to write a course to simplify the message so more people can make better decisions.

There is so much work to do.    Break

A friend called me today for the 40th time to talk about trying to stop smoking and is it possible that cannabis could help him. He’s been considering cannabis for a year but honestly, life is so busy that finding the time to do one more thing in his day took him a year. His wife is very concerned for his health because he’s slowing down and she’s afraid of losing him. The virus is in their family up north and of course they aren’t allowed to be there. The worry and stress is beyond any they’ve ever felt and is taking it’s toll on their health and relationship.

I found out that he used marijuana in his youth and it made him very very anxious.  I suggested he start with some hemp cigarettes so he wouldn’t feel like he was “quitting cold turkey” and then he wouldn’t have to worry about the fear of that.

I met him at American Shaman off A1A in Satellite Beach where Natalie Sharqawi (the owner) sat and explained some background hemp fundamentals to my friend. She gave him a taste of a blonde brownie with 10 mg of CBD and then a sip of some CBD nanotech water with another 10 mg and then we chatted some more. His posture began to relax a bit and a hundred more questions came but a little bit slower. He began mulling over the prospect of changing his 45 year old smoking habit to feel better.

He was tired of the anxiety in his day to day grind and whatever else Life had to smack him upside the head about. He didn’t like his family pushing him away because they couldn’t take his negative anxious outlook on everything and he didn’t want to feeeeeel negative about everything… and fearful of what was to come next.

So this brave guy looked at his life with a critical eye and decided to try and change it. By changing himself.

I really thought the fear he showed was a product of elders who mostly didn’t ever use cannabis.  But this patient was barely 50. And what I saw today was a universal anxiety that doesn’t seem to discriminate by age.  In fact, I recognized that same anxiety in kids, old farts, and now, people in their middle aged era. The stress and triggers that cause anxiety are different for everybody but totally alike when looking at them through this lens. Cannabis can alleviate a lot of that icky feeling if you can figure out how to dose it properly for yourself.

And that’s what I’m hear to help you understand.

Dosing is extremely particular to the patient… no two will be the same.  But before we go there, let’s back up a bit and talk about a couple of other factors that will help you decide what to do. First your goal… and then how to choose which “method of delivery” ie: tincture or vape or raw leaf or edibles…

Think about your goal… better sleep, less nausea, less anxiety, less pain and more inflammatory control…

Start with your sleep.  That’s when our bodies like to repair. Ask the dispensary Bud Tender or the CBD ShopKeep something that will help you go to sleep and stay asleep.

You’ll have to decide how you want to take these products… with a pipe and lighter? A Vape Pen with a concentrate? An edible form like a gummy? Or maybe a pill or tincture?

Each method of delivery, the way you choose to ingest cannabis, will have a difference in how soon you feel the effects. And some methods are more expensive than others. We’ll talk about that later.

Now ask for something for daytime… something to alleviate anxiety, keep you focused and give you energy and stop pain. Cannabis can actually do all that very effectively.

Now you take home some products and try them out.  But wait… there’s more.

To be absolutely sure, jot down the results of your doses. For instance: if you decided to try a tincture to help you sleep, make a note of the product name and time you took it and the next morning, how well you slept.  You may need a little more the next night, or depending how it made you feel, a little less. You are in control of this procedure and you are also responsible for finding your own proper dose. Nobody else can determine that for you.

Keeping a little journal for the first few days will show you exactly what works and what doesn’t. It’s easy to forget how many drops you took last night after you changed the amount several times so be sure to keep up with your notes till you find your sweet spot dosage.

Remember that cannabis will not kill you but it can make you uncomfortable if you don’t use it properly. After all, there are over 400 compounds in cannabis and we still haven’t even named half of them! Much less figured out how they can help us.

Now I want to talk about the most important thing to concern yourself with about cannabis.  Contamination.

Cannabis contamination comes in many forms. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, molds, mildews, batshit and heavy metals.

Autopsies have already proven the cause of death was aspergillus mold from the street weed cancer patients bought to alleviate gut pain and nausea. You can google it.

In Florida, not everywhere, but in Florida we have a law that forces all dispensaries to 3rd party lab test their products before sale. That is NOT true for over the counter cannabis products sold online and in brick and mortar shops. Buyer Beware. If you don’t know how to choose a clean cannabis product from a brick and mortar store or online, then just don’t buy until you learn.  Because ingesting a contaminated cannabis product will eventually cause grave harm. And sooner than later if you already have a compromised immune system like those cancer patients. 

But wait… do you have arthritis? IBS? Fibromyalgia? Are you seriously overweight? Have diabetes? All of these conditions qualify you with a compromised immune system…. think of the inflammation that’s talking to you… 

Already on a handful of prescription pills? My husband is and he claims to be perfectly healthy.  I claim that taking a handful of pills to correct body issues is NOT perfectly healthy.  But you may think differently.

So how to prove our cannabis, whether hemp or marijuana is safe?

It’s simple… ask for the 3rd party lab test to prove the product has no contamination.  Those tests are not cheap. And each specific contaminant has it’s own test… so it’s actually a series of contamination tests that are performed to make certain there isn’t any. Or rather what’s NOT in the product.

And then another test for content… of what actually IS in the product.  That’s what makes up a good 3rd party lab test.

I know it seems like a lot of extra stuff to consider… but if you want to use cannabis responsibly to uplift your quality of life, then learning how to source good clean product is necessary. Also learning how to dose is key to success. But it is a hunt and peck process.

The level of anxiety in this country seemed to deflate a bit with the last election but just because it went down it doesn’t mean we don’t need relief. Getting over the past 5 years of stress AND a pandemic is definitely gonna take its toll on our bodies.  A lot of us are gonna find ourselves with popcorn lungs for the rest of our lives and other serious afflictions from this virus… but cannabis can help relieve a lot of pain. Plain old pain. We’ve known it since birth. And we ate our way into the shape we’re in.

I want you to help me educate your circle of friends.  Keep listening to cannabis stories and news about how it can help your life.  Not just with medicine… but to make cars and planes and bio fuel and clothes and water filtration and renewable paper and on and on it goes… This one plant will create a new manufacturing boom and save our country if we can just get past the corruption.

We have a lot of work to do.

Pax Vobiscum Yall.

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

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