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January 2, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Unknown 0:08

Hi this is honey, and welcome to my Canada veteran podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I’m a cannabis shaman in the great state of Florida, and discuss all kinds of issues about this live plant with my intern of experience in grace, Fiona sebastiana here to help you understand the language of cannabis. Let’s get right into our talk about potty bug pod.

Unknown 0:37

Good morning. How are you happy new year.

Unknown 0:40

Oh and Happy New Year to you too It’s so great to chat with you on this first day of 2021 eight is the most exciting thing coming out of our mouths yet.

Unknown 0:52

It is a beautiful day.

Unknown 0:55

Beautiful day to talk about cannabis. Oh man, that’s for sure.

Unknown 1:02

Hey, what are you smoking today are artiest,

Unknown 1:05

definitely always medicating. I have Medicaid was smoking a couple of joints, with the ground flowers from trulieve and then I just piratas getting on mine we I just

Unknown 1:22

dabbed a

Unknown 1:24

watermelon dab that’s probably why I can’t think straight.

Unknown 1:30

Yeah. Some of those. Some of those different varieties help us go down the rabbit hole a little faster and stay a little longer down there don’t say, Well,

Unknown 1:41

my mind is sharp but things are not coming out of my mouth exactly how I want them to right now, I guess.

Unknown 1:48

So you’re saying, between mind and mouth. That’s funny. I know you like trulieve products for their ease of their getting into and out of canister containers whatever medication jugs and jars and zip locks and

Unknown 2:12

brown flour. I try and get every Thursday. So,

Unknown 2:19

and they give you a big discount on that every Thursday, and

Unknown 2:21

then on Thursdays usually if they’re going to have it dispersed for orders early they put it in an email or a text, if you subscribe for their emails or texts to get their alerts. They have it seven grams of ground flour for $25 which is a fabulous deal and it’s very hard to get your hands on so you got to get online early, like seven in the morning when they post it to hopefully get your orders filled.

Unknown 2:52

Okay, so all your nerdy girls and boys out there who really want to get out to the crack of dawn and and play online and do all of that I applaud you. And there are a lot of, you kinda

Unknown 3:06

was, you know,

Unknown 3:09

I’m so lazy about my ways you

Unknown 3:11

know our medicine is very expensive so we can get

Unknown 3:15

well and that’s the thing.

Unknown 3:16

Yeah. You know

Unknown 3:18

you’re either going to be a little inconvenienced by having to save some money and that’s okay we’ve got the time to be inconvenienced at home in our little hobbles, you know, it’s really no skin off our nose to get up early and do the thing that we have to do in order to help the process work as well as can be expected. During this time of discovery of cannabis throughout the nation and how everybody’s, you know, managing their corporate standards of all around.

Unknown 3:56

A lot of locations and different dispensaries opening new locations. They don’t have the facilities to backup locations as of yet, or they’re still looking into getting those greenhouses going so it does take a little bit of time because, you know, it is a plant, and it has to grow.

Unknown 4:21

And not only that, it has it suffers the same kind of catastrophic events throughout the year that humans do. Cannabis as a live plant catches all kinds of contamination. Bacteria contamination, you know, molds and mildews and from pesticides that that should or shouldn’t you know be used in lalala. So there’s just a lot of things that could go wrong. Hello, fires out west. Hello hurricanes out east, you know, hello scorching, you know, droughts in the wherever and snow and, you know, there’s just all these planetary issues that that our life plant medicine has to contend with. And then it goes through,

Unknown 5:17

which is another timely process for

Unknown 5:20

God we hope it does. Yeah, if we’re lucky, the store bought weed that we get has been third party lab tested for all that chip. Because, you know, you may be young and invincible now But honey I’m here to tell you. You’ve been having prescription drugs pumped through your bodies since they first snack you’re asked when you came out of your mama, and all that is going to be a cocktail of trouble. Eventually, that you’re going to need more management of aches and pains and aging inflammation issues. So, cannabis will help you. And we want to keep it as clean and medicinal for all of that value as we absolutely can. And we can. That’s the good news. We know how to grow medicinal herbs, so that it is not bothered by contamination. That’s the good news, it’s a little more costly it takes a little more effort, but hey, did you see that article about how they’re growing vertical farms now. Oh my gosh. I’d like to try vertical farm in my bedroom, because you just put everything on a rotating. Like, like a, like your gutter, that goes around top of your roof. It’s like that except this goes with plants, and then it was up on a, on a like a ferris wheel. Wow, and it just ended, you know, and then so you you pick that those berries or whatever off of that standing at, you know, waist height, so you’re not hunched down anymore. And, uh, and then you’re comfortable it’s ergonomically correct for a human being, and not so hard on your body to be hunched over picking fruit or whatever. And so, vertical farming yay for them. I like that idea and this is gonna be, yeah, cannabis is going to be doing that, if it isn’t already I haven’t been out west I don’t know how advanced they are out there yet but God wouldn’t be fun to take a trip out and see some see some innovative new farming techniques

Unknown 7:48

that would be an amazing trip.

Unknown 7:51

Do you know what dry farming is,

Unknown 7:53

I do not.

Unknown 7:55

It’s something I just learned about as well. And I wonder how much effect it would have on cannabis so here’s the, the philosophy of dry farming, you plant the seed, and it starts to grow with a little water and then it. It starts growing the fruit. And you stop watering it. And suddenly because you have stopped giving it nourishment. It is going into a protective mode. That little tiny fruit. And it’s instead of growing in size and becoming plump and ripe. Now, it is shriveling and looking more and more like a raisin but guess what’s happening inside. All of those terpenes and flavors, noids and all of the chemicals that we’re going to, you know, be in that fruit when it blossomed. They’ve all now concentrated. Everything is wildly more potent and flavorful interesting. And then they give it a splash more water right at the end and it grows into the most flavorful tomato you have ever had in your life, and it’s called dry farming, next time you go to this grocery store. Look and see if it has a tag that identifies that it had been grown that way, you know, you’ll find grown, you know, Without cow shed are grown with, you know, whatever in different ways, but this is called dry farming, and it’s a way of getting the fruit itself to bear a more potent flavor wonder if that will happen in cannabis.

Unknown 9:53

That would be very interesting to find out how that would work.

Unknown 9:59

Yeah, I think, I think the farmers have a lot of work ahead of them. And working with the scientists, you know, it’s it’s such an exciting year. There are going to be so many new discoveries this year, and so many people are going to get help this year.

Unknown 10:21

Don’t you feel I do feel that blessings are going to happen.

Unknown 10:25

They really already are lifted we already are, you know,

Unknown 10:41

hey this is honey and I

Unknown 10:42

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Unknown 11:47

I’ve actually discovered a little something new and interesting for me personally about cannabis. I ran out of a city the type, which is usually, you know, meant for an uplifting. They, they call it the industry uses CTV to equal. Something with more energy in it. That’s not actually accurate, but we’ll just go with the way the industry is using it right now. So, so I use the city I’ve been, I ran out of my city that was the whole point. And I had to start using what the industry considers a downer or, you know, something that’ll put you in a sleepy mood, and indika, and honey. I always thought that that product was just going to make me instantly want to go lay down and take a nap. Well guess what, it hasn’t, I’ve been using that in the car throughout the day. And I’ve been calmer, more focused list, anxiety, whistling more I’m noticing you know whenever you whistle. You’re happy people don’t whistle for no reason. That’s the thing about whistling Did you know that people don’t whistle for no reason. They whistle when they’re happy.

Unknown 13:11

Like, when I’m happy. Yeah,

Unknown 13:14

yeah, yeah. So it’s a real sign to me every time I noticed myself whistling, I’m like, all about that oh well wow I just popped out whistling. Oh look at that I’ve been singing I’ve been whistling that song for half an hour and, and then it dawned on me feeling so happy. It’s like, oh I whistle when my endorphins are set loose.

Unknown 13:34

I have found that some of the indicus strains that I’ve used are not don’t affect me is that the feeling Yeah, I’m so

Unknown 13:45

surprised. And so, I think it was Balfour or something a brand from a name from fluent that I’ve, I’ve been using for the last couple of days. And it’s not quite enough to keep that Shar unrelenting three o’clock in the morning. Shooting like lightning, pain, through my, the heels of my thumbs and through my hands. Now that shit wakes me up. And I do roll over and just pick up my pen and it’s filled with that bell door and I do just, you know, suck on that a couple of times and I can go right back to sleep but, you know, like, like you and I know you’re a heavy user I consider myself I have a user but I consider you a super heavy user, because your pain is way way way way more constant and higher than mine is. And so I’m you know I’m not bitching I’m just telling everybody that I’ve still got pain going on and you know cannabis, like you say, is not the cure all to everything but it sure as hell helps.

Unknown 15:08

It definitely does help and it’s saved me from a many many years of pharmaceuticals and narcotics included. So, if I can live a better quality of life and be able to Medicaid as often as I need to and change, you know, what type of medications I’m using and know that I’m still safe to keep medicating, I would much rather live quality of life in that sense then be all doped up and not know who I am. And nobody like my you know my kids from when I was so so sick from being on all those medications. We talk about it now and it’s like, it’s, they just say, Mom, you’re just so different. And I said, Well, I’m back to, you know, mentally, I’m back to who I was before getting sick and getting being on all these medications and then getting sicker and so it’s it’s definitely a much better quality of life I’m living enabled to, you know, medicate as frequently as I need to.

Unknown 16:25

Pharmaceutical world doesn’t care if we lose ourselves and their pills.

Unknown 16:29

No, they just don’t,

Unknown 16:31

and a lot of doctors do well. And I was just saying the opposite Fiona, I was just saying the opposite, and I’ll tell you why. Because, you know, I you know I wrote that your doctor letter after you gave me the great idea to do so, but you know it was needed for people who just cannot open that conversation with their primary care physician about wanting to check out. Cannabis as a medical marijuana patient. And so I wrote that letter and I read it online, and. And then my doctor friend called me. He said, Honey, you said that was a little harsh. Oh God, not what I intended. Yeah, he said, you know, that, that, that, it pretty much is talking down to the doctors you know like they just don’t know jack shit, well that’s not what I intended. I really to God. Where would we be without the doctors who who study so hard to find out about the inner workings of our bodies, and then help us all please where would we be without them, we’d all be dead exactly because there wouldn’t be anybody who cared about us so they are the original carers, of human exacting care. So it is not with them that I have a bone to pick, it’s with the corporation’s who push the pills and lie to the doctors about the harmlessness of those, those synthetic medications, it’s that. So, because of all of the brain fog and the damage the synthetic pill maker corporations have done to humanity. I got a bone to pick, but not with our dear doctor so I rewrote that letter Fiona. And, you know, and I just. And then he said, Hi my doctor printed and he said inside that nobody has the time to read that stuff, you know it’s like pages long. Oh God, of course, you’re right, especially not in, you know, COVID era. So I shortened up that letter to Fiona, and just made it real short, sweet to the point and, and, and I’m not going to read it now you guys. You all know who you are, who are interested in that letter you can go to our website at at canopy and take a peek at it now. And it’s so much better. I just want to tell you and not accusatory or speaking down to anybody that’s not what I meant. We’re so grateful for our medical professionals in every single corporate setting you know or small office setting or drugstore setting, all of the people who care about us. Thank you for your care, you’re so important to our humanity in our culture and our civilization and, and we always want your example to follow in caring for other people right.

Unknown 19:36

I agree completely. The one reason why I do say I’m hesitant about some doctors is because they have a little bit of arrogancy, and they don’t feel like they can be taught anything by someone that’s just their patients.

Unknown 19:56

That’s the whole reason I wrote the letter you pointed that out and it was so eye opening. You know, they’re just some doctors who are stuck in a different era maybe and they’ve just been really propagandized against cannabis, or they just don’t have the time to look into it or the interest or whatever, for whatever their reasons are. We’re going to try to help inspire them to open their eyes to it. And, and, you know what, you know what it’s going to do that we’re going to start seeing commercials about cannabis, as, as on regular TV. As soon as they do schedule it. Right. Because, and banking is going to open up and and people are going to want to start making commercials about it Lalalalala so all that is going to change, everybody’s attitude and then they’re going to be searching for cannabis information and education. And that’s what

Unknown 20:48

we’re ready for,

Unknown 20:49

aren’t we girl,

Unknown 20:50

we are ready for them.

Unknown 20:53

And happy to receive them.

Unknown 20:54

I love the fact that my doctor is back in Minnesota. My pain doctor and my primary doctor my back specialists, I have, you know, inspired them to learn and to understand that. You know what I went through from them watching me wean off of all these medications like that was like an eye opener for them. You know, you have,

Unknown 21:24

how long have you been facilitated with this now. There’s all this bad thing going on with you,

Unknown 21:34

my back, went out in 2007, two points when I could no longer work. And that started my surgeries which have not been very successful so I I have gone through many many years of, you know, doctoring and finding different specialists to handle the, you know, complexity of my disability is. And,

Unknown 22:05

oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to imagine been

Unknown 22:07

very difficult and you have to be strong, you know, we had our episode we talked about bringing your tawanda out, you definitely have to bring in that inner strength, and believe in yourself to the point of that you can change someone’s mind and that’s where I’m at. In,

Unknown 22:26

what a great lesson. Yeah, you can change somebody’s mind with information facts, you can. You just have to keep working to get to get through to them. It takes years to get disability. And you said to me something about you have to be careful though about cannabis and, and, and how you present yourself because of your, you know, social security disability. You know, and I was like,

Unknown 23:00


Unknown 23:01

What are you talking about, tell me what you meant by that

Unknown 23:05


Unknown 23:07

Well, for instance, when we look at our veterans, and what they’ve had to go through. Becoming medical cannabis patients and how they always threatened by the government to lose their benefits.

Unknown 23:20

And it’s so arbitrary. Some days I hear totally cool with it and other VA is 20 minutes away are totally not cool with it.

Unknown 23:29

Yeah, and that shouldn’t be it should be all around the board that you know this is medicine. The government knows this is medicine so they. It was requiring stay oh yeah right should never have to worry about getting their medicine, and never be scared of losing their benefits, and even myself. You know when I think about what the veterans have gone through it’s like wow, you know, I look better now than I did back when I was so sick on all those medications plus dealing with my own you know health issues, and the medications were just making it worse so when you know people look at me now they’re like wow you must be cured. No, I’m not curing. I’ve just found a better way of living. Because I don’t want to die, and I almost did a few times, and I want to be here for my kids because both of my parents are gone and I believe cannabis could have prolong their life. So seeing what my parents went through inspires me to continue to educate and continue to to fight for what I believe in because it has literally saved me to be able to have a quality of life and be able to be with my children. When I couldn’t be back, years ago.

Unknown 24:58

This is the meaning of pleasure in life. Being with those you love. And now you can, because of cannabis, you can be with them, while you’re with them. Yes, but you could not, you could not do that before

Unknown 25:18

I just prescribed I couldn’t even function I could barely even have a conversation with them, let alone be able to function, physically, I was just broke mentally and physically, you know, Ill that. Yeah, you know I had multiple side effects from the fire pharmaceuticals, that one was giving me a side effect they’re giving me something else to counteract side effect.

Unknown 25:45

So, and that’s how

Unknown 25:46

it goes right the vicious cycle of never ending and just more pills and you know I have lost myself. Right. And I know that, and now I feel strong and I’m able to educate and I’m able to hopefully help change the minds of many.

Unknown 26:08

I love this mission, and I’ve said it for years now. I love being on this side of history on the right side of history sciences, so much fun. In the discovery of new things. And we just must not be afraid of change. You know, just must not be afraid of change.

Unknown 26:34

No, and that’s the hard part because we’re so used to being in like one realm of, you know, we’re used to being a certain way and now our world around us has changed so much we have to either adapt or make a world for ourselves.

Unknown 26:52

And we’re going to have to adapt, much more quickly than culture would would have us, you know, creating a culture, just takes has taken forever, creating a culture, but this culture of cannabis it existed before the last 100 years of prohibition. And it was not considered. You know the demon plant that it is by most today. So, the very fact that we have a new culture of cannabis, that it feels like it started in the 60s with the hippies. Of course, you and I know a whole lot better. But, because of that, all present hippie thing going on in the 60s, and how it impacted the way we speak about cannabis now incorrectly. So, I don’t know how we’re going to how we’re going to parse the language of cannabis. But like you said Leona, we really just have to deep dive into it and keep moving, keep going. Understanding learning and creating the new way that we want to live in peace and harmony together on this side of the dirt. Oh,

Unknown 28:39

well with, you know, more and more doctors opening their eyes and ears to listen to us as patients, and actually diving into their own education googling listening going you know to meetings, becoming part of the cannabis, you know, community is a huge step for us as patients to be able to get our medication paid for. Eventually, for everything to be, you know, easier just overall. Well,

Unknown 29:17


Unknown 29:19

you know, if we don’t continue educating and stand up for our rights, as you know,

Unknown 29:25

human beings

Unknown 29:27

beings if we don’t stand up for our rights, we’re never going to get anywhere if we don’t, yeah. About a will, right, we can’t just all just hide behind you know closed doors and think that things are gonna change because they won’t. If we don’t stand up for our rights and ourselves then life will never change. May I tell you

Unknown 29:51

something that I have just discovered about myself and my relationship with my spouse.

Unknown 29:57

I would love to hear it.

Unknown 30:00

I, I think I just figured out the key to why I’ve been able to stay with him for almost 30 years in a relationship that has been less than balanced, But always, you know, always I’ve been madly in love with him. But I. Somebody mentioned random acts of kindness. And it dawned on me that even in the turbulent times of our relationship, those random acts of kindness that he has performed for me. And to me, has impacted me, more so than anything else he’s done because it makes me see his true heart. He does it you know he does this simple random acts of kindness to me, and I see the, the truth of his heart. And I end it makes me fall in love with him all over again.

Unknown 31:21

That’s wonderful. It’s hard once you’ve been with someone for many many years I was recently widowed. It’ll be five years on January 12 of this year but I’m married my husband and I are 17, and we were together for 28 years before he passed and you tend to take each other for granted sometimes and you don’t switch. Yes, and you don’t realize what actually brought you together was love. There’s something about that person that you fell in love with. And so that love short little there somewhere. And with this day and age and what we’ve just been through we just survived a pandemic.

Unknown 32:02

We are still, still pandemic

Unknown 32:05

like we are we’re becoming stronger and stronger every day. And if we don’t, if we don’t mend the relationships that may have been semi broken or, you know, you don’t see like a future ahead. There’s always more there’s a will there’s a way if there’s. That’s right.

Unknown 32:24

And, and random acts of kindness will get you there. We’ll get your mind and your heart in the right in the same place. I know that you have a golden heart, I know that my darling Louis has a golden heart. That’s why I love hanging out with both of you. But honestly Fiona. All of us have that goals at heart in a somewhere there may be a few people who, you know, you know, Hitler and, you know, those types, but most of us sheeple, and we have those goals and hearts and the random acts of kindness, perform for other people that you just do because you love them, and nobody asked you to that’s really going to help us get there this year fast

Unknown 33:18


Unknown 33:19

I think we’ll get I think it’ll help us assuage last year.

Unknown 33:26

I completely agree, always, you know, think about people on the way of how you want to be treated that’s how I always felt when I was behind the chair. As a cosmetologist I always thought you know what if I was sitting in that chair. How would I like to be treated. Do I want them to listen to me so that I know they know what kind of haircut I want or what style I want, and it’s this kind of the same thing in relationships in any type of industry, you know, whether it’s the cannabis industry or not. You always have to think of how you would like to be treated that’s how you present yourself to others.

Unknown 34:08

Yes. A very good lesson to learn, way before you get to be an adult. Yeah, before

Unknown 34:28

it can be learned before that happens.

Unknown 34:34

Hey, listen, I want to thank you so much for joining me for another moment of clarity with Fiona Sebastiano my intern for canopy veeram. I am so grateful to have you on the show Fiona, it’s gonna be a great 2021, we were going to kick ass in the education department, and, and the relationship building by starting our own random acts of kindness audience right yes, y’all go out there and love each other up as best you can. On this side of the dirt

Unknown 35:09

and Happy New Year, all of you in the new decade.

Unknown 35:23

We’ll see you real soon.

Unknown 35:24

Take care of hair Love you. Love you, bye.

Host: Honey 36:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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