CV 178 Jordana Wright

September 19, 2022

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Honey Smith Walls 0:03

We’re goin to Belize!!!! There’s a very talented female author and photographer living in the deep jungle with her family as she follows their dream.

Don’t you love technology that can bring us together like this?!

One of her books is called, ‘Cannabis For Creatives – How 32 Artists Enhance and Sustain Inspiration’ and that’s what lead me to her.

Let’s meet Jordana Wright and find out what they do for cannabis in the lowest population density of Central America… right after the intro.


Welcome to season three of the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast.

I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored while educating my audience on safe use this live plant therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis…what’s good and what’s not.

It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet. Using cannabis mindfully as medication is a different concept in Western healthcare philosophy, specifically of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and reconsider.

The information you’ll find here comes straight from scientists and clinicians doing the work and reporting their findings in real time through various live online outlets.

The scientific truth of cannabis is finally getting out and is wide open for all to see at respected medical sites like and JAMA, the Journal of American Medical Association… and I’m right there in the thick of it with all those titans of medicine… as a fly on the wall.

Because I’m not a doctor, nor did I go to med school. But I did take dozens of private cannabis courses and still engage in continuing education offered by cannabis expert scientists over the past few years and slowly began to see and understand the bigger picture.

Now I talk to people all day long about cannabis and hopefully inspire them to research the facts as we know them today. Cannabis is an amazing alternative in health remedies. It can reportedly alleviate typical disease problems and troubling side effects, even those caused by synthetic prescriptions.

This is Honey Smith Walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman, not a doctor, not a scientist, raised by nuns and wolves in the verdant cattle pastures of the Oklahoma oil fields. I’m here to amplify the truth of this great big story of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you choose to ingest.

Honey Smith Walls:

Hi, it’s honey, how are ya?

Jordana Wright  1:01

I’m good. How are you doing?

Honey Smith Walls 1:02

I’m just fine. I’m not sure where you live Jordana… I was looking on your website and read something about you going through two nomadic decades exploring the United States before moving into the coyote district of Belize where you live happily in the jungle with your husband in rescue pup Holiday… Is that still true?

Jordana Wright  1:26

That is still true. Yeah I live in Belize…

Honey Smith Walls 1:29

How wonderful that must be. Are you diving a lot down there?  I mean, isn’t the diving incredible there?

Jordana Wright  1:35

So the diving is amazing. I am not a scuba diver yet, but I have ambitions to be… I actually live on the other side of the country…basically in the jungle section. So we have an acre and a half out here with palm trees and some old growth, waterfalls, tamarind trees and all kinds of stuff like that. So we get tons of birds and it’s pretty pretty wild.

Honey Smith Walls 2:02

It sounds like a marvelous wild Preserve.

Jordana Wright  2:06

It is yeah.

Honey Smith Walls 2:08

That sounds like a dream life to a lot of us back here.

Jordana Wright  2:15

Yeah, you know it was the dream for a long time and then when the pandemic hit in 2020 and my husband and I were basically stuck in our small Chicago apartment spending way too much to not get to enjoy the city of Chicago. We decided what the hell… you know, and we made the shift and it’s been a dream.

Honey Smith Walls 2:36

Wow. Now it’s a reality. It was a dream now it’s a reality. Congratulations. You survived the pandemic in an exquisite way.

Jordana Wright  2:48

Thank you.

Honey Smith Walls 2:50

Honestly now, that’s what I call taking charge of your own destiny.

Jordana Wright  2:54

Yeah, kind of feels like that. Yeah, it’s been pretty sublime. You know, it takes getting used to to live outside of the United States when you’ve never done that before. And Belize has its own little quirks that takes some adjustment, but I’d say we’re definitely in the swing of things. Now.

Honey Smith Walls 3:11

The national language down there is English, but I’m sure they have some sort of patois or many other tribal languages that they speak. Are you learning any of that?

Jordana Wright  3:24

So yeah, the primary language is English, which is a holdover from when it was British Honduras. 1981. But there’s a lot of Spanish that’s spoken here. I’m working on my Spanish. I’m not fluent, but I hope to be in the not too distant future. And then otherwise, there’s a local Creole and then there’s also a Yucatec Mayan dialect.

Honey Smith Walls 3:47

Oh my Yeah, that must really be ancient.

Jordana Wright  3:52

Yeah. It is. It is. We live actually within about a mile of one of the larger Mayan ruins in the country. So we go there as much as we can and just explore and enjoy a little bit of history in our backyard.

Honey Smith Walls 4:06

Well, I bet the spirit that still lives there is quite strong.

Jordana Wright  4:11

Definitely an impressive place…  it feels sort of immense, not just in physical size, but in terms of you know, what it represents, and knowing how long something like that’s been around is a very impressive thing, especially as an American where we don’t have that kind of, you know, history.

Honey Smith Walls 4:31

Yeah, right. And such a different philosophy of society. The Mayan… as opposed to the First Nation up here. Gosh, you’ve just given me so many juicy things to think about. Alright. How’s the food? Are you learning new recipes while you’re there?

Jordana Wright  4:56

It’s fantastic…So yeah, you know, what’s amazing is that in Belize, so much of our produce is actually from within the country. I think we’re one of two countries in this part of the world that the majority of our food is produced locally. So everything is incredibly fresh. We eat a lot of plantings, a lot of fresh fruit, a lot of mangoes which I am obsessed with so it’s the diet. I’ve definitely eliminated most processed foods from my life, which is really been wonderful.

Honey Smith Walls 5:31

Holy Cow! What’s in your cabinet? Do you have a few canned goods and mostly everything else fresh?

Jordana Wright  5:38

Yeah, exactly. We have some canned goods in case you know, we can’t make it to the market. We tried to go once a week to go get some fresh produce. But if you miss it, it’s nice to have a can of beans and canned corn and that kind of stuff. Ready to go?

Honey Smith Walls 5:53

Yeah. Do you have medical services nearby?

Jordana Wright  5:56

Um, so yes, there is definitely medical service here. There’s public hospitals as well as private hospitals. I managed to find a doctor that I really like who has a lab attached to his practice and it is the fastest turnaround medical testing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Honey Smith Walls 6:19

I know we don’t know about that up here.

Jordana Wright  6:21

Same day blood test results that cost like $10.

Honey Smith Walls 6:28

Well, that sounds lovely… maybe someday we’ll get some sort of just health care up here. I don’t know. I’m just wishing.

Last time my husband and I were able to follow our dreams… We went sailing on a boat for five years out in the Caribbean. Just had a ball. I want to encourage you to learn how to scuba dive. It is an entirely different world of entertainment for your mind.

Jordana Wright  6:58

Yeah, one of my goals for scuba diving is that we actually have migratory whale sharks that come through and the open waters…  I would love to see them but I feel like that… as an experience… would be overwhelming with a snorkel. So I thought it would be a lot better if you could just not worry about where your air is coming from.

Honey Smith Walls 7:18

Well they are the 3000 pound monsters…. they’re huge. They’re just huge.

What’s the cannabis scoop down there?

Jordana Wright  7:26

So it is decriminalized. You know there are weight restrictions. I think it’s like seven grams at this point that you can have where you know you won’t get into any trouble, which is nice and, you know, federally… we’re further advanced than what it is in the United States right now. They are working on figuring out what the scope of cannabis is going to be in the country. I think they have designs for some farming and you know, finding a way to add it to the economy because you know… what tourist economy doesn’t want to benefit from the ability to have legal weed. It’s in the works.

Honey Smith Walls 8:03

Apparently our economy doesn’t want that…snort.

Jordana Wright  8:06

There is that… Yes.

Honey Smith Walls 8:09

Just saying. Yeah. God, we hope it’s coming. We think it kind of looks like this little tiny baby cog is trying to crank and grind and turn itself around in this industry. And then on other days, it feels like you get fire hosed by the industry and it’s a freight train coming in.

So that’s what recreational looks like. It’s coming into the state of Florida pretty soon. And it’s going to come in… I hate to say… with a vengeance. But it’ss been wanting to be here for some time. Yeah, but not by elderly medical marijuana patients who are still propagandized by all of this, whatever this stuff is going on in the health care region as far as society.

Jordana Wright  9:14

It’s hard when you’re of that generation and so much of your life, you’ve gotten that propaganda, the Reefer Madness. You know, it’s a different way of looking things and people in my generation where it’s been a part of our lives since college at least and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Honey Smith Walls 9:33

So explain to my audience and by the way, dear audience, this lovely lady is the author of a book called Cannabis For Creatives, How 32 Artists Enhance And Sustain Inspiration.

I’m just thrilled… I’m not even sure I’ve said your name Jordana Wright, out loud. And you can find her at

And so I’m tickled as I can be to find you and the book that you’ve written is…. I’m just stuttering and stammering all over myself. Why don’t you talk about it for a minute?

Jordana Wright  10:20

Okay, so, yeah, I wrote this book. And it came from a place where, you know, by trade, I’m a photographer and a writer, both very creative pursuits. And for as long as I have been interested in various creative pursuits. I’ve also been a cannabis consumer.

And obviously creativity starts really, really young. I didn’t start smoking when I was super young, but I discovered it around High School, which is kind of the time I was coming into my own photographically and starting to figure out who I was and what kind of statements I wanted to make with art and that kind of thing. And because those two sides of my personality developed in tandem, I have always felt this intrinsic connection between the two.

And so you know, my social circle tended to be very similar. I went to school for theater and anthropology. So I was with a lot of open-minded folks as well. And when you surround yourself with people who enjoy these sorts of creative explorations, but also mind altering substances, you start to wonder, is that just my own bubble? Or is that something that we’re seeing in a larger scale in society?

So I really wanted to explore that and broaden my horizons a little bit and so I recruited a bunch of artists from a range of fields. I have chefs, I have writers, I have painters, I have sculptors, I mean, you name it… and musicians. I talked to a lot of people, and I asked them all about what their creative process is. How cannabis relates to that. You know, what rituals they have while creating… what rituals they have well, while imbibing and cannabis, and how those things relate. And it was a really, really interesting exploration.

Honey Smith Walls 12:14

Wow. Just the ritualistic part of cannabis is real seriously individual for every single person and it’s your own special unique way of setting up your ceremonial medication for whatever feeling you’re trying to obtain… whether it’s in wellness or creativity or whatever. So go on. I’m totally enthralled and I love… Oh, and full confession, Honey, I’m so sorry. I haven’t had a chance to read your book from when I first discovered you until now but I swear to you, I’m going to because it absolutely speaks to me as a person trying to understand the spirituality of cannabis and how all of those tools of spirituality can help us bring peace to our hearts and our minds.

So when you’re trying to create… boy you’ve got to settle your your inner shit down pardon my French. But you do… or you’ve got to excite it! Yeah, exactly. So I really get that need for a tool to help me be creative. So go on… tell us who was your first… who was your first that you interviewed about this and what were your questions like?

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Jordana Wright  15:34

So the first person that I interviewed was actually an old friend that I knew from my food photography career because I’ve done quite a bit of food photography over the years and his name is Chef Fad. But now he is also a creative consultant so he helps people figure out how to channel their creativity in ways that will benefit them professionally. Yeah, it’s really interesting.

What he has found is that and I agree with it in a lot of ways… so many aspects of society want us to crush our creative instincts. You know, whether it’s the educational system or the military complex, or you know, there’s so many different aspects of society where thinking outside the box isn’t necessarily considered a benefit. And so he deals with these clients who have what can almost be construed as painful levels of creativity that they’re not allowed to use in their existence. So he helps people find a way to channel that energy in a productive way so that they don’t feel stifled and can move seamlessly through society and through their jobs.

Without this sense of conflict.

So I spoke to him. I actually asked every single person I interviewed the same basic set of questions and then moved on from there.

Honey Smith Walls 17:07

I get a very distinct picture of Hitler’s scientists. When you talk about being you know, impeded from doing the real work, the truthful work and you have to do just the limited scope of whatever it is you’re required. There’s so many people who need a creative outlet. Oh, my goodness. Their lives would be so much happier if they had a creative outlet. I know so many old ladies and so many old men who just sit and putter and don’t do a dang thing with their elder years. You know, except maybe watch a little sitcom or two and eat. And that’s it and make phone calls to their children and grandchildren. Their lives could be so much more enriched. If they had creative juices flowing through them.

Jordana Wright  18:03

Yeah, I think that a lot of how we’re expected to move through the world these days is to consume things. We consume media, we watch television, we absorb other people’s analysis of what’s going on in the world. But we all have that ability and that need to create things on our own. And I think in many ways, society has moved away from that, but there’s definitely a way to recapture it. And I think that cannabis is something that brings that impulse back to the forefront.

Honey Smith Walls 18:34

I think it also has made the youthful generation stand up in truth about the plant, even in a recreational way. They’re standing up for the truth of this plant. And then the medical part became alive again, as well. And so Oh, gosh, I lost my train of thought. I’m I’m wondering, did you find any one genre career more impacted by cannabis than others? For you know, either health or creativity?

Jordana Wright  19:18

Not necessarily. You know, I think one of the important things to remember also is that when you’re talking to a creative spirit, they’re not usually just in one niche of creativity, right? No, you know what I mean? Like we are, we are multilingual in the way that we create things. So I’m a photographer, but I also enjoy crafting, sewing, painting cooking.

And so I think most of the people I spoke to don’t have just one pursuit. Maybe there’s one that they use as their bread and butter. Maybe they’re specifically making money as musician or as a painter or as a chef. But they have other things that also stimulate them and enrich them.

Honey Smith Walls 20:05

Indeed. What what do you see in the way of cannabis in Belize coming into its own? Is there a medical faction down there or is it just totally recreational, like up in Canada and I’m sorry, let me interrupt for just this. Yeah, up in Canada. They’ve got three different levels. They’ve got medical, they’ve got recreational and then they’ve got their indigenous nation… their first nation who is a distributor of cannabis.

And most medical people I was told recently are going to the indigenous nation because they’re giving more hand-holding and help with use for medical care than what they’re finding in the medical side.  So I’m just curious, you know, if you see any kinds of structural skeleton happening in cannabis down there?

Jordana Wright  21:13

So it’s still very much in its infancy and it’s one of those things where I think they’re figuring out how to drive as they’re building the car. So, you know, there’s no real direction to it yet. And there has been quite a lot of pushback from the religious communities here. So you know, they’re trying to figure out what shape it can take without offending anyone, but also finding a way to benefit people.

Honey Smith Walls 21:42

Yeah, isn’t it amazing that all of the religions have forgotten that every single one of them have used cannabis in their rites? Every single major religion around the world has used cannabis in their formal rites, and yet, the religious pushback, you know, because of the propaganda has been overwhelming.

Jordana Wright  22:03

Yeah, it’ll take time. I think, you know, it’s just one of those things where as people start to see what the benefits are both economically because I mean, what country couldn’t use some extra money for infrastructure and things like that, but economically and then also just medically and emotionally to the community?

I think they’ll start to see it and maybe they’ll come around. They’re actually planning on doing a vote, a referendum vote, to see because the church has pushed back so much. So I’m not sure you know, when that’s going to actually come through or what’s going to happen, but it seems like for the most part, it’s moving forward. They’re just trying to figure out what the shape is going to be.

Honey Smith Walls 22:45

Yeah. So the church is pushing back. Do you mean the Catholic Church? Is it Catholic down there?

Jordana Wright  22:51

It’s, you know, there’s a few different churches. There’s some Catholicism, but that’s not the primary.

Honey Smith Walls 23:00

Oh I’m glad to hear that because I was a little confused. Usually Catholics don’t mind about this.

Jordana Wright  23:05

Yeah. I think it’s just trying to figure out how to say it, like there’s just a I can’t find the words. Basically, I think it’s just like a moral attitude. Yeah, there’s a sense of morality that’s been ascribed to it.

Honey Smith Walls 23:27

Yeah. It’s a propagandized morality issue. Right. I get it. I’m sorry. Well, but, you know, we’re living through a lot of that still up here too. So yeah, you know, religion has its bigotries and corruption too… and that’s the thing that Oh, I think I started to say a while ago that I’m, I’m so tickled to see the younger generation coming up in an attitude of truth. And shining lights on corruption and standing tall for the society that they want to have in a gentler way.

So, you know, I feel like the younger generation is resisting the fascism that seems to be coming on in our society right now. And I feel like a lot of that is because they understand the corruption that’s been put upon them over the plant. And so when they began realizing about that corruption of the plant, they began getting involved politically and standing in truth. And so, you know, it gives me hope for our future that our youth are standing in political truth and speaking up,

Jordana Wright  24:51

So you know, it’s one of those things where we each have to kind of discover on our own that what you’ve been told as a child through the DARE program, drug abuse, Resistance Education, you’re told that all drugs are the same and that if you use drugs, you’re going to become some sort of miscreant, and you’re not going to have a good place in society and you’re going to be problematic… And then we experiment with pot in high school and realize, well, they’ve been lying to us. So they’re lying to us about this. What else are they lying to us about?

Honey Smith Walls 25:26

There it is… I can’t tell you how much I appreciate spending some time with you to talk about your book and it’s not the only book you’ve done.

Jordana Wright  25:36

So yeah, the first book I wrote is called The Enthusiast Guide to Travel Photography and that is an educational photography guide for all experience levels who are trying to find ways to capture the experiences they have, as they travel. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you visit a new place and not know where to begin to take quality photographs and really capture what is happening as you experience it. And so I kind of break it down in terms of different topics, you know, how do you photograph… urban environment or a woods location or the seashore or street photography or food photography, you know, all of the different things you’ll encounter as you travel.

Honey Smith Walls 26:21

Your website is stunning. Let me just say it again so the audience can go to it at their leisure. It’s I’ll have it in my shownotes. But it is breathtaking photography, when you open up her site… truly exquisite. You just want to stay there and I let it scroll through all these exquisite places that you’ve been. Oh, I see one that looks like Belize.

Jordana Wright  26:59

Oh yeah, there’s a lot of Belize photography in there.

Honey Smith Walls 27:02

Oh, so wonderful. Well, honey, I can’t thank you enough for spending a little time with my audience and helping them understand what it’s like to be a woman in charge of her own fate of her own dreams of her own autonomy. I’m so impressed that you had these creative ideas to interview other creative people about cannabis. And how they use it to maintain their creativity and to help me explain to our audience that normalizing this lovely plant that can help so many people both in spirit and in body can change the world. I’m proud of you and you’re an inspiration to women.

Jordana Wright  28:00

Well, thank you.

Honey Smith Walls 28:02

You are…honey. I hope you’ll come back and visit with us the next book that you write or anytime you want to chat with us.

Jordana Wright  28:10

Absolutely. Sounds great.

Honey Smith Walls 28:12

Thank you so much honey, and we’ll see you again real soon. We’ll be looking for you and everybody be sure to check out her website. Okay. Bye bye.

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His clinic details will be in my show notes for you. Why? Because he’s a trusted cannabis expert in the field of neurology right here in Melbourne. Dr. Anthony Mazo… at the Brevard Neuro Center on Nasa Boulevard. See his details in my show notes.


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Otherwise, you’re just your own guinea pig looking for answers without any foundational knowledge or ability to determine the best choices or strategies…

To find a qualified cannabis expert to help in your area, visit It is a national society of cannabis experts and you’ll see that link down in my show notes.

Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please regard all street weed as contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system who already has inflammatory issues like arthritis, IBS, Fibromyalgia or worse.

Thanks so much for listening today. I hope you found value and understanding through my podcast. I have many more thoughts upon the subject that go in a more spiritual direction. So in that vein, please join my brand new live stage on Clubhouse every Sunday at 8am Eastern… look for Cannabis Church with Cannaba Verum.

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Show Notes:

Author and photographer, Jordana Wright is living in her own jungle dream in an era of technology that allows this conversation from two countries and many cultures. We’re going to hear what it’s like in Central America in her life.                               

                                      “Cannabis For Creatives – How 32 Artists Enhance and Sustain Inspiration by Jordana Wright”

Looking for a cannabis expert doctor?

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Dr. Anthony Mazo, Brevard Neuro Center, 315 East Nasa Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901. (321) 733-2711

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