CV 167 Fear of Fourth

July 4, 2022

CV 167 Fear of Fourth

Before we start, I just want to tell you that we will be back next week with the amazing story of Joe Verdone and his C2W… Cannabis to Water project. He’s got a lot to tell us, and it’s really interesting, and we’ll be back next week with more… from Joe Verdone.

But today we really need to talk about this…

Hello my friends. This evening all 50 states will participate in a patriotic demonstration of the visual display of war bombs bursting in air with heart cracking sound, gunpowder explosions that thrill little boys all over the world. The children have to be taught not to be frightened of the sounds and sights of war. And so the programming begins.

This is the third year I’ve replayed my original Fourth of July episode. With World War Three still raging in Ukraine, mass shootings across the US., Monkeypox scattering across all 50 and plots to overthrow the American government still playing out on the nightly news… I feel the importance of reiterating this idea.

Join me now for an old idea I’m hoping will prevail someday. Right after the intro.


Welcome to season three of the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast.

I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored while educating my audience on safe use of this live Plant Therapy.

You should know what’s in your cannabis… what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet.

Using cannabis mindfully as medication is a different concept in western healthcare philosophy, specifically the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and reconsider.

The information you’ll find here comes straight from scientists and clinicians doing the work and reporting their findings in real time through various live online outlets.

The scientific truth of cannabis is finally getting out and is wide open for all to see at respected medical sites like and JAMA, the Journal of American Medical Association.

I’m right there in the thick of it with all those titans of medicine… as a fly on the wall. I’m not a doctor nor did I go to med school. But I did take dozens of private cannabis courses and still engage in continuing education offered by cannabis expert scientists over the past few years and slowly began to see and understand the bigger picture.

Now I talk to people all day long about cannabis and hopefully inspire them to research the facts as we know them today. Cannabis is an amazing alternative in health remedies.

It can reportedly alleviate typical disease problems and troubling side effects, even those caused by synthetic prescriptions.

This is Honey Smith Walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman, not a doctor, not a scientist. Raised by nuns and wolves in the verdant cattle pastures of the Oklahoma oil fields.

I’m here to amplify the truth of this great big story and language of cannabis in historical, political and scientific terms… so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you choose to ingest.

Honey Smith Walls:

Hello, my friends. If you think a discussion about fireworks could be calm, you may want to have a couple of doobies ready. I wrote this episode about a year ago on the Fourth of July. I hadn’t even begun podcasting yet. In fact, it sort of jumped started my desire to get behind a fog horn. So here it is. I’ve been waiting to present it. Let’s go inside my thoughts a year ago…

I just had a big argument with my spouse and his retired daughter about this. They yelled at me that it’s their right to enjoy celebrating the Fourth this way and nobody could stop them and my opinion doesn’t matter.

I used to love fireworks. So pretty in the sky. bombs bursting in air as our national anthem says…  That was way before I ever heard of dog or cat or horse whisperers but not before I knew of the mental devastation some old men in my life felt every time they heard loud claps of thunder or a truck backfiring. Sometimes even just the sight of a trash pit on fire would set one of them off into cold sweats, a deep stare, uncontrollable shaking and a loss of the hearing. Now a panic sets in and blindness can ensue. Literal blindness to the present… locked in a day terror… the mind unavailable to cope with the sound or sight that just triggered a horrific memory once survived… that repeats itself over and over again.

I’ve seen those same symptoms in animals every fourth of July for 65 years. Well I’m 67 now but you know, you start noticing things when you’re a couple of years old.

Wild eyed expression of terror with the first BOOM as the panic of flight kicks in and they disappear into a dark hole to shake and vibrate with fear for the rest of the night. Can’t eat, can’t drink can’t relieve themselves and never knew it was coming. And it has no idea when it’s going to stop.

The Fourth glorifies war. We keep war front and center every year with it. War is good. We celebrate it every year see fireworks, Aren’t they pretty? And they sound just like the real thing. Boom Boom. Our parents indoctrinated us to love the explosions. And don’t be afraid of the sound! (Much harder to reason with animals on that score.) They said we do this to celebrate our independence. I can celebrate anything without causing loud explosions. But I don’t understand why we need to see and hear a reminder of the fighting. Isn’t it like seeing the crucified Jesus on the cross? You want to be reminded of killing each other over ideas you can’t come to a peaceful agreement about?

I’m calling this out for what it is… not just a money making scheme like the 1950s foods scheme pyramid. Three servings a day of meat, dairy bread and vegetables in that order. But a guy’s need to blow up shit.  Please.

In early 1900s, President Theodore Roosevelt met John Muir, the famous ecological… sorry, Ecologist Explorer and they toured the great redwood tree forest. John Muir was showing President Roosevelt the wonders of our nation and planet. Teaching the President many lessons of our natural world. On the third day by the campfire asked by Mr. Muir, “Mr. President, when are you going to give up your childish need to kill animals?” And quote, the President’s expression caught his realization and with the exception of a titmouse he caught and skinned to take back to Washington, he never killed another animal for sport.”

“We do better when we know better.” says our friend Oprah.

Dr. Mazo Promo:

Hey my friends. I want to give you a tip about a neurologist I know and trust. Dr. Anthony Mazo is a highly rated specialist here in Melbourne, Florida. One of the first physicians to research and study cannabis since 2016 when it was legalized in Florida.

Dr. Mazo is not quick to prescribe traditional synthetic chemicals when he knows that this gentle live Plant Therapy will likely give needed relief. I know this to be true because I had to see him for my own old lady neuropathy issues. He did not prescribe the usual stuff. He told me to go get a particular kind of cannabis instead and use it in a very specific way to find relief. And that is what every doctor in America should have in their little black bag. His clinic details will be in my show notes for you. Why? Because he’s a trusted cannabis expert in the field of neurology right here in Melbourne. Dr. Anthony Mazo at the Brevard Neuro Center on NASA Boulevard. See his details in my show notes.

Honey Smith Walls:

It is not right thinking to terrorize our nation of war veterans twice a year, the Fourth of July and New Years and all the animals within range of sound.

For the sake of a few who like the pretty colors and real explosions… it’s not equitable. It’s not right. It’s not right thinking to ignore the suffering of these sentient creatures, some of whom we asked to serve their country, the others who have no control over human habits and delight, even if we’ve done it since 1776. And way before that in other parts of the world… it is not right thinking to say that you like it because it celebrates your country’s freedom. You can celebrate your country’s freedom without harming others. Loud explosions bursting all around you is harmful to a lot of humans and animals psyches. You should care more about their mental and emotional health than your desire to hear an explosion that they can’t get away from to just go inside and stop the sound or the terror or the panic that triggers an episode of PTSD.

But you could go inside. You could put your headsets on. You could listen to that if you need to… without harming others. You could watch it on on TV or you could watch graphics or movies or old whatever’s but you don’t have to do this every year just for your pleasure.

No… there are immediate solutions that do not take away our pretty American tradition. There are soundless fireworks. They’re already available. And we should make a mandatory decree to abandon these ridiculous selfish, celebratory excuses to make noises that glorify the ravages of wars. You didn’t gain your freedom peacefully. But you could certainly choose to live your war torn freedom peacefully and respectfully of all war veterans and animals of service in those wars. And those who aren’t… who cannot control those outbursts of humans…

We finally saw people in wheelchairs… and they got more needed access to public facilities. So we began building them.

Sentient creatures do have needs and rights and scaring the hell out of them every year shouldn’t be one of them. Besides, it would probably mean less drug abuse during that known period of terror every year and less acting out all around. Doesn’t it make you sad to think about all those patients who have to medicate just to satisfy your glorious need for airborne explosions?

Don’t you wonder what the gross profits are on drugs for your poor dogs and cats for this nightmare event every year?  Is that why we’re still doing it? Is this drug abuse? Is this corporate business wagging the dog?

Please consider changing your ideas about needing explosions every year. For the sake of all animals and of the almost 10% of our American population…. wounded in action, (that’s cited from the 2016 Department of Veterans Affairs).

That was five years ago. And those guys had no control over this either. Again, like she said,  “We do better when we know better.”

Please do better.

Pax Vobiscum yall.

Healer Promo:

Friends, I’ve heard you complain long enough about how to find consistent over the counter CBD products and I’ve taken a new position on the subject. I’m proud to announce my affiliation with Dr. Dustin Sulak’s Healer CBD products that can be shipped to all 50 states.

Healer products will give you a full spectrum whole plant entourage effect of all the 1000s of compounds that grow naturally in the cannabis plant. You’ll have the best opportunity to manage your aches and pains or anxiety or spasming organs with a full spectrum whole plant product because all the natural compounds will work perfectly together in synergy within your body to manage what’s happening.

You may recall that I’ve been taking the acidic version of his cannabidiol or CBDa product. It has everything plus a lot more of the compound which Dr. Sulak and other leaders in this industry have found to be more potent, thereby using less, which ends up making a big difference to your wallet. But it also adds many benefits to your body.

Find out more about Dr. Dustin Sulak’s CBDa product and the value it can add to your life for less than $1 a day. And it shipped directly to your front door. Click on the link below and start lifting your quality of life with Healer CBD products. And I’ve got a sweet discount just waiting for you in the link below.


You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman honey Smith walls about the importance of using verifiably safe products. The process of getting a diagnosis from your family doctor and taking your records to a cannabis specialist can lead you to the correct cannabinoid therapy for those issues. Otherwise, you’re just your own guinea pig looking for answers without any foundational knowledge or ability to determine the best choices or strategies.

To find a qualified cannabis expert to help you in your area visit It is a national society of cannabis experts and you’ll see that link down in my show notes. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test. Please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system who already has inflammatory issues like arthritis or IBS, fibromyalgia or worse. Thanks so much for listening today.

And don’t forget to catch us live online on the Clubhouse app every Monday at 8am. Eastern. It’s a new app… Clubhouse it’s called… just look for me in Rising

Cannabis Connections.

I hear the cow’s callin…

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