CV 122 Beautiful Existence

October 29, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum Podcast, the cannabis truth podcast.

I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored while educating my audience on safe use of this live plant therapy.

You should know  what’s in your cannabis… what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval… yet. Using cannabis mindfully as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider.  Cannabis is not dangerous… but it is not harmless, either.

This is Honey Smith Walls… a 21st century cannabis shaman… here to

explain the language of cannabis in historical, political and scientific terms… so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

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Hello my friends, we have a very exciting guest today… another woman in weed who has been many people in her soul on earth. With the most lovely laughter, I’m pleased to introduce my new friend, a woman named Beautiful Existence. There’s a story behind her name, as there is with everyone, but we have so much to cover I’m afraid you’ll have to listen very close to catch it. This episode of Cannaba Verum is about spirituality without the denominations. But it may also be outside your well known realm. You may need to open your mind and heart to something totally new. Or you may already enjoy the knowledge of the celestials… in which case….WOW! Yer gonna LOVE the Cannabis Oraculum!!! And you’ll probably understand the language better than I did too! Open up and enjoy how other people see the world for this episode of Cannaba Verum.  Beautiful Existence is an original you won’t want to miss.

Seg 1

Honey Smith Walls 0:04

Does that sound any better?

Beautiful Existence 0:06

That sounds way better.

Honey Smith Walls 0:08

Yeah, it really does I’m glad we did that.

Beautiful Existence  0:13

Yes, well Mercury Retrograde so you got to attempt a couple of tries with technology to see if it’s really gonna allow you to win.

Honey Smith Walls 0:21

I really enjoy how your mind works, and I’m not in that realm but you say things that, you know, are outside of my bubble. and it’s fascinating to me because, well first of all, welcome to Cannaba Verum show. I’m so tickled to have you here and, and what you’re doing as another woman in weed just tickles me and interests me and I’m so intrigued and, and let me say to my audience who already knows this about me but and let me say it to you. I love. I really love the spiritual world and the spiritual realm, and all within it is, you know, some of its mysterious to me and some of it is, is already built into me somehow. But yeah, I can’t manage man’s idea of spiritualism. And so, meaning, meaning the denominations. You know, so but I have found such spirituality in surprising ways. For instance, I already have a set of animal spiritual cards. And I just sort of discovered those a couple years ago and they’re so lovely, because I connect with animals a lot, I’ve got a little gang of five wolves and a couple of cats and I herd turtles and, you know, all sorts of things. So tell me, tell me dear… How did this all begin for you.

Beautiful Existence 2:06

Well, it began when my soul started incarnating.

Honey Smith Walls 2:11

What does that mean,

Beautiful Existence 2:13

of course I have completely fully remembered what my soul is its unique vibration and frequency and where I incarnated into this consciousness from so… and cannabis is, I have called it a bridge. It is vibrational frequency, it’s a vibrational frequency that helps in a myriad of ways for basic design because I’ve been working with plant spirit for years now. But before I get into this because everything that you just said, I completely understand. I have been on that path. In many lifetimes and I have fully been immersed in this lifetime, and I’ve had a lot of assistance and alignments that have helped in this lifetime to recall all these wisdoms to transmute past karmas to connect with the beings and the inherent vibrations in nature, To assist, but for your audience. Hello… my name is Beautiful Existence.

Honey Smith Walls

a glorious name.

Beautiful Existence 3:24

thank you. I associate with they, them. I have been…

Honey Smith Walls 3:28

Sorry I didn’t catch that… you associate with what?

Beautiful Existence 3:32

With they/them pronouns.

Honey Smith Walls 3:35

Oh I see, yes, oh yes, they them. Oh,

Beautiful Existence 3:42

I have been a two spirit and a medicine keeper as an indigenous person, in multiple lifetimes in various areas of the world. And amongst other lifetimes, and I am in that fully remembered state, as well as other lifetimes like Egyptian lifetimes where I was a high priestess to Ramses the Second that I have been in various states of fully remembering, as well. And a lot of these lineages are activations that cannabis directly can correlate with because it has a very similar design and frequency. So, if at any time I mentioned anything, and you want clarification, please

Honey Smith Walls 4:23

I do right now, right this second. Can you help me find out who I have been?

Beautiful Existence 4:30

Yes, that’s what I do, I actually help people now and are in the middle of developing courses for such but I have an online community for those that have already been in various stages of this with me for the last couple of years to remember their souls unique frequency and design because in the first place fully embodied. Fully embodied is our trinity of our body, mind and soul. And we do remember have deja vu dream states, all of these different activations within them because our soul is our operating unit is our life spark in our embodiments, it is the perpetual eternal design and frequency that we come in with and that we give life to this consciousness through our embodiments, and the experience of everything through our embodiments for every incarnation.

Honey Smith Walls 5:24

What do you mean embodiments?

Beautiful Existence 5:28

Our human lives, or our lives, we can inhabit animals we can inhabit trees. We use. Yeah we can we can we are incredibly powerful like the souls that are here are in various states of consciousness. The things that are actually of natural form and universe and design. The things that do not have consciousness are often manmade ego constructs like plastics and things that do not have any natural elements within them that are created, alternative synthetic, something that is ego and so you touched on that. You know our Celestials have been in alignment. Trying to amplify and activate a lot of embodiments, humans, a lot of not just humans, animals, nature that’s why cannabis is growing. This is why mushrooms are growing again into the fold, because the celestials in the mechanism of our consciousness, have also been now aims in this amplification. For what is a eon shift.

Honey Smith Walls 6:44

What’s an eon shift?

Beautiful Existence

It’s an age.

Honey Smith Walls

Okay,  I wasn’t sure if that’s how you meant it.  Your vocabulary is so different than mine.

Beautiful Existence 6:56

Oh okay, yeah, there’s a lot of different vocabularies, actually what I’m studying how to translate ineffable, which is ineffable!

Honey Smith Walls 7:07

Yeah. Okay, so I really want to get close to the plant for all obvious reason. Yeah, I, this is my this is my mission and my thing and I have called myself a self proclaimed cannabis shaman, because I’ve been in intense study of this plant for the past five years, but I still don’t, I don’t know, I still don’t know it I’m still just an infant in this study, and, and yet, you know, so are the doctors, studying, so are the scientists so I’m, you know, I’m rubbing elbows as a fly on the wall listening to those people and trying to get it straight and regurgitate it back to know our audience in a way that they can understand it. But you and I are talking about something even not physical. I mean, You and I are speaking about a spiritual thing, and I, again, I want I need that spirituality. And I miss it from having, you know, left it in the wayside in the denominations that I’ve been through.

Beautiful Existence 8:26

Yeah, well I mean it was just the timing of everything again, these are cycles, we’re in a consciousness that has particular designs and coding to which it tears, it takes the turtle unbound energy and manifests into a material form. And so to do that, it needs to have what we would classify and our current technology is coding, which I have been shown by the plant spirit many years ago when I started actually connecting on an ethereal plane at around the same time that the tarot was being gestated within me and that I had completed my first book about re-channeling the cannabis plant chakras, and about how she activates us on a material level down to, you know our molecules, and is really here with the pure design and she’s in many many worlds, she’s been here for hundreds of millions of years, she was, she was seated here, outside of this mechanism, because she had, she and I refer to her as a she, but she is also hermaphrodite. You know,

Honey Smith Walls 9:35

I know, Yes, that’s right male and female. Yeah, glad you brought that up. That’s interesting. Yeah, we don’t really yeah we we don’t generally call it that but I refer to it as two spirit, a female awesome bright spirit, yeah, yeah,

Beautiful Existence 9:49

yeah, female form has a lot of activation within it because it’s an amplification usually female vessels are wombs, you know are this gestating period. So she also has that male energetic form of, you know activation and extraversion but she has a really really strong design especially within human embodiment of female, so she is often returned, referred to as female, I think that it’s the more predominant energy that our embodiments kind of resonate with. She has a softer form than her other cousins her other you know activator cousins in this realm like mushrooms or pod or cacti, you know, they all interact with our embodiments, because they have in different ways because they have different designs, hers is a very nurturing one so we affiliate that with female form. So, yeah,

Honey Smith Walls 10:45

I have never had a mushroom help me.

Beautiful Existence 10:52

They don’t help me from ingesting them…. They helped me because I talked to them. Oh, cuz I know how to talk to plants. And this is one of the things that plant spirit has realigned me to remember when you’re fully remembered you can tap into everything, which other theories and civilizations, mostly Buddha Buddhism have called that kasha. It’s taken me decades in this lifetime I’ve worked with many many wisdoms and masters, but I will tell you that the time period that we’re in right now is a vortex in fact we’re actually in a vortex now for the next six months so there’s going to be a lot of activation. So we’re in these mechanisms where the celestials that interact with all of us and there are much bigger energetic mechanisms than our one little body lifetimes here down on Earth. So they have really, they can have really big cycles like the moon or mercury they have very quick cycles, you know, and you go out and they have longer, longer longer duration cycles but they also have different archetypal energies within them.

Honey Smith Walls 12:03

And what is it about those energies that interact with us, what is it about them?

Beautiful Existence 12:09

Well they cast out their energies into the entire mechanism. So the sun, the sun is the consciousness and this scientifically has been studied and the theory by Sheldrake for four or five decades now, under solar consciousness. So, you know, there’s different languages, and there’s always going to be different languages, because the current iteration of society or the current iteration of where your soul is able, is a place of remembering and downloading information will correlate with what it is that you know are ready for what you are prepared for.

So you mentioned like animal spirits, I was raised on a farm in this lifetime. I have been able to hear and talk to animals my entire life. That was also something that I remembered in other indigenous lifetimes. And so, applying that understanding to trees and plants and rock people has been, you know a little bit less effort because I understand the energetic shifts, or if we want to think about it mentally the mental perspective, like when you, if you think about it mentally. When you fall in love for the first time or have a kid for the first time or get in a car wreck for the first time. And in that lifetime, your shifted mind that you’re aware of what that actually means.

Now, that means that you’ve stepped into a different energetic resonance and frequency you’ve remembered something. Because it’s all memory it’s all here, it’s all happening at the same time, and it’s downloaded into your embodiment and so your mind can make sense of it and so you have the shift and your energetic frequency is literally different. But on a spiritual level if we want to talk about, you know, soul or spiritual level or inevitable, or an ethereal level, you know that is a different consciousness. What is a different perspective. If you have those in a material way, you’re still shifted, you have that car wreck you know you don’t want to do or be a part of anything like that necessarily again, or you’ve fallen in love and you’re like this is the best fucking thing and embodiment right. But if you have it in ethereal, it opens up completely new realms and paradigms for you. Again, that your soul inherently remembers. So in this lifetime I’ve been a Board Medium, I came in with a remembering of being able to see and hear and communicate with things that are ineffable, whether it was technology and computers or cars or tractors and healing them literally like putting my hands on them and helping them electronically to heal, which I just inherently had been doing as a child with humans and animals and technology, or whether or whether it was hearing animals talk to me or you know other beings and and spirits that were still here or that were here for some reason. So, you know, that’s, that’s something that people embodiments, you know, often need to remember, but I came in and that state of remembering so my perception in this lifetime, has never been, oh I can’t do that, I can’t see that, because that’s a blocker. Your ego and your mind is blocking that when you speak that to yourself or you say that to others, you’re, you know, constantly putting that block up I’ve not had that block in this lifetime. So I stepped away from it for a while, but I have also, you know, my soul came in to do this work in this lifetime, and so I’ve been constantly being given reminders and and unfortunately, really huge traumatic situations that will give you the shift because you don’t make the shift yourself. It’ll make it for you. It’s gonna make it for you. Exactly. Yeah.

Honey Smith Walls 16:21

Is your soul and your spirit, the same thing? I’m hearing it both ways.

Beautiful Existence 16:30

Yeah, I guess you would kind of quantify it possibly but you have to think in like a multi dimensional understanding so I feel like what you’re thinking of is spirit is more of like our energetic residency and vibration and chakras from our embodiment. Our soul is eternal, that’s our life spark, that is what we were before we came into this consciousness. It has a particular design and frequency that we give this consciousness by being embodied we give this consciousness, the energy and the design and frequency that we have as souls, and it gives our embodiments the life Spark, so they’re kind of the same thing but they’re different, if that makes sense.

Honey Smith Walls 17:11

No it does I’m totally on the same page with you. I understand I think I think I think I understand what you’re saying. Spirit is, is the here and now and what’s happening, you know, from the day you come into the on this side of the dirt right? Soul has been with you before that and afterwards, throughout your whole throughout your whole day is that right?

Beautiful Existence 17:35

Yeah but spirit actually, you know, is through time and stuff to it so yeah because energy frequency vibration, this is all unbound. So we keep thinking in our minds, and you were talking about earlier when in the intarotduction that you’ve been studying, studying, studying well I’m studying to, you know, to finish a PhD. And I’m also approaching it from a different perspective because I am realized and so I’m trying to figure out how does current, you know, knowledge, and knowledge sharing and gathering. How can I merge soul and science, so that they have a common understanding again with each other or at least they hold placeholders for each other, you know what I mean.

Honey Smith Walls 18:22

That would be really wonderful because I think the human spirit is something so diverted through religion. Yes. Right. and for control. And it’s so infuriating because I know I’m a good person I know I’ve got a great spirit, I, I’m, I’ve been told I have a soul I feel like I do.

Beautiful Existence 18:52

Not all humans walking around have souls. Yeah, over 7 billion of us and I’ve kind of guesstimated five and a half to 6 billion of them are actual divine souls. There’s a whole lot of embodiments that are walking around that, I will feel or see them, and I will literally almost run the opposite way. It’s almost like they have a scent to them in their energetic vibration that I absolutely cannot be around, because it just doesn’t resonate and it’s not good or bad, like, I Am. I Am that I Am. I Am, all. Good and bad is not like a thing outside of this mechanism, it’s all gradients of different energy and frequency we only equate things as good or bad, mostly because of the last couple 1000 years because we’ve been under this Piscean celestial mechanism that we’re switching out of that eon we’re going into an ascendant Yuga phase, You know, we’re, we’re moving through a transition and the celestials have a much bigger mechanism so it takes us a couple of generations to do that. But, um, you know, we were, we were in this phase and this predominant energy under, under the cast of our you know our solar system mechanism. That said, Oh, other people have to tell you what’s right, other people have to tell you what to do and what to think Pisces.

Honey Smith Walls 20:14

This is the very phrase I’ve been complaining about bitterly. For the last few months. The very thing we have to be told, you know, anymore. Please, release me from being told, but we were all brought up, you know, being told by our teachers being told by our preachers being told by our doctors, you know what we can and cannot do and and come to find out they weren’t right.

Beautiful Existence 20:45

Well, right and wrong is again that duality that’s built into this mechanism to take unbound internal energy and make it into a material form so that we can love and kiss and eat and fuck and all of that kind of thing.

Honey Smith Walls 20:55

Wouldn’t it be wonderful again, human touches, sex, and all of that. God.

Beautiful Existence 21:04

Embodiment is only one part of the Trinity, the other parts are the mind and the soul and the soul does not have the same perspective as embodiment so the higher forms of resonance and frequency on this plane like love feel really good to our embodiment, but I will tell you, as a medium, I have already traversed out of this plane, I have already went with beings that took me through their ascension into and through other veils until they pulled me back because I wanted to state in my bodily form. And we do not exist with these perceptions, outside of embodiment at all. Our souls go back to our original frequency and design, we are a part of the vastness of all and nothing, so we do not hold these. That’s why our family members and their spirit or their souls come back and say, don’t even fucking sweat it, because you guys are all like attached to all of this stuff in embodiment and it’s great and it’s for the experience and it’s for the mechanism, but we’re telling you, it’s not going to even freaking matter once you actually leave here embodiment because it is not the same conscious reality at all. It’s completely based in a very very big different…. I don’t, I’m, I’m doing a PhD so that I can translate what it is.

Honey Smith Walls 22:34

Is it like Avatar? Is it like the land, the land of Avatar?

Beautiful Existence 22:38

Yeah, well okay, I’m glad that you brought that up because one of the things that my online community I do is we do these Sunday sessions, kind of like church but like a really like up leveled version. And I do channeling and plant spirit and we have I have the cannabis Tarot on there and, and apprentices do their work on their online hub it was really important to build this online community for everybody, no matter what, Where they are what state they’re in, and then the educational component of it comes in, as people start getting activated I can sense and know that they’re kind of ready and they’ll start approaching me about, you know, wanting to do this work and the good thing is is that my decades of work in this lifetime, I actually have been able to vape people through within a matter of months, because our Celestials are lined up now for us to activate that quickly. And it’s been happening sooner and sooner for people like if you take the time period of like the 60s until now, the amount of quickening that has happened has, you know blown people’s minds but we’re in Aquarius. Now, this is air energy, we’re moving fully into this from, you know, Pisces, we are like this now.

Honey Smith Walls 23:56

All right, you’re moving me girl I didn’t expect to be moved really I’m, I’m, I’m an old cynic. I live with an 88 year old man who is the most cynical guy on the planet, and you know some of that shit rubs off. And so when you know when I’m and I’ve been stung a few times with my own, you know rose colored glasses being on too tightly. And so I tried to open my eyes and look around and ask questions of course, but when I found you. I, you know, I, I , I, look, you make me stutter.

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Seg 2

Honey Smith Walls 0:03

First of all right before. You’re indescribable. Yes, I you know I didn’t want to believe any of it I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to feel emotional about it I stymied myself to be stuck up and cynical about it. And then I found, I think it was, you know your October, tarot on YouTube and girl….. It felt like you were talking to me. I go across the room and hide behind something and still you were talking to me, and I thought you don’t know me, you don’t know me, you don’t know what’s going on and then you describe something else that sounded just like what was going on with me, and I was like, Oh, I don’t believe this. And yet now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Beautiful Existence 0:54

That’s what plant Spirit does she lines people behind the scenes, she’ll work with souls for generations and generations activating them, and then she’ll just keep aligning them now that she’s in collective consciousness, forget it. The game is off, like these powers and controls that have been around us, they already know that they’ve lost it’s just a matter of time and they’re going to do whatever they can to keep hold of whatever souls they can, until most of the souls crack and figure out exactly what the hell is going on. If you’re already aware of, you know, even the cynicism, it doesn’t matter. All of that is valid. Everything simply is what it is, sure, that’s presence. That’s right. So, it’s all valid. You don’t have to be a tree hugger, you don’t have time, you don’t have to only worship the light. You can be in your dark phase you can be in your shadow You can be a bitch you can be all of that because guess what, it’s all the experience of your embodiment that we’re in, and every single one of us is doing it. It’s time. It’s all valid because it’s all valid.

Honey Smith Walls 2:00

I gotta tell you…This morning the dogs were looking inside the jacuzzi, you know, with their ears perked up and I thought oh hell what’s in the jacuzzi, and I looked and didn’t see any snakes and didn’t see any anything really no bugs or birds or. And so I stepped down into it. Oops, there was a tail. And it was a little mouse, and it had gone into the skupper, and was just sitting there shaking and shivering. Of course it was all wet. And I have turned into the biggest tree hugger. I would have screamed and gotten Lewi to go fish it out, he would have probably killed it and drowned it and mushed it out and, you know, all the things that guys would do, but no, no, no, I went and I got a pole, and I tried to catch it in the little skimmer pole. No, it wouldn’t. And so I set the pole up so that maybe it would walk up the pole onto the surface but it was too afraid. So I put a rug in the water on top of the poll so it could just skipper her up the rug, it did. And then damn Don’t you know it wanted to come in the house I had to close the doors. And, and I couldn’t get it out of the Lanai so now I’m chasing the damn thing around like a dance with a mouse. This morning, and that happened for at least 10 minutes and I’m laughing at myself at what a tree hugger I’ve turned into, because of cannabis! Because cannabis makes me aware of all life, and, and all uses for life on this planet. It has opened my mind, I have I begun reading things while I am under the influence of cannabis that allows me to connect the dots and open, open, you know, allow new ideas to form, and, and, and get rid of that old looping, whatever it is that I thought was real.

Beautiful Existence 4:06

Mouse animal totems will show themselves to when you’ve attracted that energy when you’re resonating at the energy of their archetypal form and mouse, mouse archetypal energy is like keen insight and observing everything around it. So you attracted that energy and the animal showed itself to you like I saw an amazingly beautiful fox, a wild Fox for the first time in this lifetime, out on Cape Cod. Last weekend, and wow, I have never seen such a beautiful creature playing with a traffic cone in the middle of this parking lot, nobody else saw this, it literally crossed the crosswalk path right in front of me in the parking lot and started playing with this cone. By the time I could get my phone out, yeah right, it was already playing and it was like scampering off with its beautiful bushy tail into the bushes, and I immediately, because I have been in resonance with animals spirit and listening to them, I immediately downloaded from its appearance, and I know that this will be because nobody else will be around you that animal will show itself to you it’s not supposed to be there, it’s not indigenous to that area it’s a surprise for some reason, and it is confirming and giving you just like a Tarot just like a divination, it is confirming something for you that you needed answers, or that you needed to, you know, be reminded of the awareness of.

Honey Smith Walls 5:37

I didn’t even think to go to my animal spirit book until you just told me to. To look up the mouse. Right, right. Oh, thank you dear heart that’s so lovely. And now I can’t wait to pick up my book again. And I can’t wait to…. tell me… we can’t get your cards, we can’t get your book, you’re sold out of everything…. What the what is going on? How can people get in touch with you, how can we find you… tell us, tell us.

Beautiful Existence 6:09

Um, so I have been reconnected back with plant spirits since 2017 in this lifetime. I seated. I had seated the first cannabis hero in 2017 and my spiritually birthday on June 1 of 2018. Goodness and what the only thing that I could find was religious context of what really highly initiated to, you know activations within spirituality, but it was religion actually Christianity that had the most information about a spiritual birthing that felt like it, and I’ve actually given birth to two children from my form. The correlation between the two things is completely uncanny like it’s. No kidding. Yeah and I wrote about this. It seems complex and it’s up on the website too. So the website is

Honey Smith Walls 7:13 Yeah, T A R O

Beautiful Existence 7:20

Right, yeah. And then there’s a lot of different media. Over the years, you know about the tarot. But because I was also in this period of RE- remembering you know all of the magics and different lineages that are attributed through the tarot. While it was there, I mean I knew the tarot but there’s a different level of activation when you actually channel a work. Some people produce tarot and it’s more artistic, like hey, you know. See and work with the Tarot and they’re like, oh I have a different vision for the tarot, they’re still kind of in a possible like ethereal state, but there’s definitely decks that are more aesthetic in value and they were created as such, that’s their intention, this, this deck was actually seated in me through Madam Lenormand who is historically, an amazing Oracle. I actually was at the Harvard Houghton Library exhibit that was only there for a couple of months called Altered States, and it was an exhibit of a private collector billionaire who had been collecting all of these different things from all these different people. For decades, and he left it to a museum and that museum, you know donated it to go on exhibit at Harvard had it. Well, they had a deck of Madame Lenormand’s there, and as soon as I saw this deck, I immediately was seated and I started receiving the personalities of it which took me a little bit to figure out, but I channeled this deck, and I’ve been working with Lenormand now for years. One of the things that really needed to come out eventually, is what is being published on Halloween this year which is the Oraculum she produced. She produced the first Oraculum for Napoleon and for Josephine, and I use that, yeah she produced that because Napoleon’s commanders took information from the Egyptian tombs when they raided Egypt, and she ended up receiving it and then she created this first Oraculum that he actually carried with him until he, you know, passed away and then it was translated for other people.

Honey Smith Walls 9:41

Oraculum is a book, right?

Beautiful Existence 9:46

It is, it’s a Biblio Mansi book so it has its own divination tools within the book and this particular oraculum, one of the things that’s kind of taken a little bit of time since producing the Tarot deck, other than, you know like life, you know, having kids, being a digital nomad, having companies that I’m a C level executive in, those kinds of things. It’s taken me a couple of years to get the right context and the right information put together that I’ve been channeling with her for three, four years now, for the Oraculum and because there’s new information and she showed me specific Tarot spreads. And the big thing about this one that got really activated in me last year to produce the oraculum finally is the fact that I have fully remembered my soul, and that there’s all of these different activations within the Tarot in particular because it’s not 10s of 1000s of years old. It’s hundreds of 1000s of years old. The tool is much older than any of the history that has been forgotten. Demolished burned and banned that had been happening for 1000s of years, it is very, very old. And this particular instrument has really extensive activation, for each soul in it and when I say activation, it’s, it’s like what we just talked about with the animals.

Honey Smith Walls 11:20

I think I just lost you a little bit. Come back, come back to me, honey, come. Did you say it again, you

Beautiful Existence 11:27

hear me. Oh, sorry.

Honey Smith Walls 11:32

I don’t know what just happened.

Beautiful Existence 11:34

Oh Mercury retrograde

Beautiful Existence 11:40

Are you, can you hear me.

Honey Smith Walls 11:42

I can hear you but you sound so far away.

Beautiful Existence 11:46

Oh, interesting. And you didn’t you didn’t move or

Honey Smith Walls 11:49

change anything right.

Beautiful Existence 11:51

Um I grabbed my puppy.

Honey Smith Walls 11:57

I almost, you know what, it might even be my thing. Oh I think I just got you back. There you are. Yeah, I apologize. Okay now jump back into what you were saying, Honey, I’m so sorry.

Beautiful Existence 12:14

No, it’s okay. Um, so, like we were talking about with the animals and you got activated because I helped you understand a different perspective and why the animal was showing itself to you. So now you understand to look up the symbolism for when animals show themselves to. So that was an activation. Well the tarot has a huge perspective shift, right…. if you’re thinking about it mentally. We were talking about earlier, to be able to do this word to remember your soul’s truth, to be able to transmute karmas from other embodiments from lifetimes to be able to tap into the Akasha and remember the wisdoms that you have already lived and that you remember that you can remember as well as what other entities and beings can help you… like plant spirit… like trees… like animals. You, the activations are hugely important, and once you get comfortable going through multiple activations, it’s a practice, you’ll do it quicker and quicker and quicker and when they show up, you’ll be able to understand and feel, see, feel, where it’s coming from quicker, and you’ll just get better in the embodied experience. Just because I am remembered in my state of sovereignty, does not mean that I still don’t have my ego fucking with me, because it’s a practice when we are in embodiment, even if we remember everything with our souls. We are still operating within the freewill choices of us and everything else in this mechanism, while we are embodied and that takes consistent support and practice, right, and that’s why I created the source community first, because this is a community to help support that kind of activation, and that kind of practice for people because I’m dating now for the first time in a couple of years, and this is interesting. That’s a whole new world… right, myself, yeah right… describe myself to people,

especially after an awakening, right, yeah. I’ve had a shift, yeah you’re trying to talk to me about the weather and about news events…

Honey Smith Walls 14:30

oh I can’t talk to anybody about that. I mean, it’s not important to me, I need that… I need the important stuff from the humans.

Beautiful Existence 14:39

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we have a community online that talks about the important stuff fro humans and for us.

Honey Smith Walls 14:48

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love that so, so okay so we can find you at cannabis And that’s ta R O

Beautiful Existence 15:00

Yes and that’s in the Soul Sovereignty Community, you will see that it’s housed under and that’s the branding, you know spell mechanisms that I’ve been called to raise around remembering our souls, so they are intertwined online you will see both of them housed within each other, you’ll find more about me, you’ll see the apprentice ship, and the current apprentices, there’ll be you know a lot of stuff to look at.

Honey Smith Walls 15:33

There is. I’ve been there actually, and there is a lot of stuff to look at and it’s very tempting and enticing and interesting, and, and your YouTube sessions are wonderful too. Incidentally I loved you being up there in Massachusetts by that vessel. I’ve been to that vessel before. My husband and I used to live on a boat for about five years and we made a trek up the ditch to your neck of the woods up there and saw all of that. Yeah, it’s gorgeous.

Beautiful Existence 16:11

I travel. I travel and go. Luckily, once the Ph D is approved, I’m going to be a little bit more physically bound to an actual space for a couple years, but I do travel quite a bit. My friends are in Seattle, I’ve done quite a bit of cannabis work out here on the East Coast specifically around Boston, I lived in Florida for a couple years. I’ve worked in Colorado and Paris. I lived around Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.

Honey Smith Walls 16:42

I’m in Melbourne. Okay. Yep, I know, just up the road. Exactly.

Beautiful Existence 16:49

So you asked me too, where to get things. Yes, so I want to make sure that I help people understand the intention behind the Tarot deck. That it is a sacred tool. And so, it has been kept by me, and now the community because apprentices become a part of the community and we do community voting on what it is that we’re going to be releasing and how we work on collaboration and it’s truly of an aquarium model, but the the actual Tarot is a sacred tool, we released that at the beginning of the year. We put out emails and prayers. Prayers for whoever needs it.

Beautiful Existence 17:44

There’s a lot of prayers around here.

Honey Smith Walls 17:46

I bet, I bet. Yeah, of course, it’s all right. Yeah, okay we understand that’s life, you know, the emergency of life,

Beautiful Existence 17:58

Especially in urban. So it is released. Once a year we put out updates about it being released after the holidays. And you can get in, subscribe to the email list, It’s a private list we do not sell this stuff. Our intention and our integrity is very much aligned, the way that this is, you know to be kept is not a commodity, as the sacred divination tool that it is and the way that it was channeled. But with that said, The oraculum is its own Biblio Mansi tool. It is its own divination tool. It’s a guidebook, when and if you have the deck, or any tarot deck, but it’s specific to the cannabis tarot deck, mostly, it has its own divination tool for each one of the personalities, so you do not actually have to have the deck to be able to use it to query at all, you can use look on its own, and that actually is the open access, that’s also been given through the oraculum, it’s not going to be kept in this hallowed, you know position and vessel is the one that is the seed, and the opportunity for the entire world, and chose oraculum is a very very good place to start because it not only will help those that are new to tarot understand it. For those that are interested to understand a lot more about the cannabis tarot deck to see if they want to, you know, purchase and work with the cannabis tarot deck. It will also activate you through a myriad of lineages that are attributed to each one of the personalities from elements to pantheons to Celestials. It has actually taken me so much time to condense over 800 pages of information into less than 300 for this book. My goodness. That’s how much information is attributed to a hundreds of 1000s of year old tool. Oh, it has to be harder to access that. Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Yeah, I’m just like really I’m only putting a name down and they’re like, that’s all the soul needs to be activated and I’m like okay, that’s what I’m gonna put down here then.

Honey Smith Walls 20:23

Wow. Yeah. Did I see that the Oraculum is $35 or $30 I couldn’t remember.

Beautiful Existence 20:34

Right now until the end of October until about a week before its release date which is on Halloween is only $11.11 for the E version, so the E version is going to be a little bit harder for that divination tool. Yeah, it’s been out for the whole year as a free order.

Honey Smith Walls 20:54

How did I miss that.

Beautiful Existence 20:57

It is actually the published copy after Halloween that I would also recommend people having because the E version of it is really more for that research and study about the nuances of each, you know, personality, specific to this deck because there are some cards that are very different than other tarot cards, because Madame Lenormand seated me with this, she created and channeled her own Oracle deck, and there is a card in there that is completely activated differently between both her Oracle deck, and this deck, and I go into that history within, you know the intarotduction and such to the Oraculum, but to use the book as like this Biblio Mansi tool and be able to use each one of the cards, as a divination tool, I highly recommend getting, you know the published copy and the published copy is $33.33.

Honey Smith Walls 21:56

okay, well, I’m gonna get one. I cannot wait. Thank you. I want to follow up. Yeah, absolutely. The book. I really am excited about it.

Beautiful Existence 22:10

Yeah. Plant spirit is very exciting and plant spirit is always there for when you are able to receive something, but you need to be able to shift, and empty your cup and your vessel, to be able to receive new frequency too.

Honey Smith Walls 22:31

So I really feel like I need this.  I talked to a lot of people, and I need to understand them and, and I want to be understood as well so I think it’s a very helpful tool.

Beautiful Existence 22:49

Yeah, well I can feelsee your soul, I already was able to receive that in our initial communications but I can receive that through your audio frequency. I, I can assure you that you’re first of all, already activated, because you wouldn’t have any query if you weren’t activated, you’re already expressing verbally that you can understand and see feel, the differences between the concentrated focus on manipulation, and coercion, and the truth and soul sovereignty, which is what your soul is speaking through.

Honey Smith Walls 23:28

I had to look up soul sovereignty, I had to go deeper and find out what you meant by that and I was glad to understand, you know.

Beautiful Existence 23:38

We’re divine, and we were given freewill choice and that is always our opportunity and possibility while we’re here, there is nothing higher that has the ability to take away our freewill and choice. Never. We always have that.

Honey Smith Walls 23:57

I love that. You know I love that thought and and I’d just like to leave our audience with it, say it again. Say it just exactly the way you said it, say it again, Beautiful.

Beautiful Existence 24:11

We are divine beings in our sovereignty of being embodied, that means we always have free will choice, always.

Honey Smith Walls 24:23

And there you have it, that from the beautiful lips of Miss Beautiful herself. So thank you so much for joining us today honey. It has just been so enthralling and and delicious to peek into this world and, and to realize that I do have some very pointed questions and feelings and emotions about my own spirit, yours and everybody else’s.

Beautiful Existence 24:51

I can feel it… my third eye is activated.

Honey Smith Walls 24:55

Thank you, let’s stay in touch and I want to hear from you, especially so will my audience when there’s anything new coming out okay.

Beautiful Existence 25:05

Yeah, well we can do a follow up once you get the oraculum in your hands so that I want to do the activations with you,

Honey Smith Walls 25:11

I really want to do that. All right, I’ll take you up on it. Thank you so much. It’s been delightful.

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