CV 120 Mike Tucker Paco & Maria

October 22, 2021

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Honey Smith Walls 0:06

Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast, I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet. Using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider. Cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is Honey Smith Walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Hey, my friends, I want to revisit one of our good friends Mike Tucker, and his brand new love story called Paco and Maria. It’s out today and I’m so excited for him. This is our buddy Mike Tucker, the Rogue Warrior, who takes us around the world with his clandestine counter terrorist adventures, and then writes about them, sometimes in real time. Well, you’re going to love this new story, because we already know we love Mike Tucker. Hang out with me for a little bit and listen to this beautiful story, and lots more that he takes us on his magic carpet ride. A wonderful author and advocate for cannabis, although we don’t talk much about it in this episode. Still, he’s one of our American heroes, and I want you to hear him, and help me honor him. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today on the Cannaba Verum podcast.

Mike Tucker 2:25

YippeeKiyay Kiyippieye!

Honey SmithWalls

No kiddin little doggie. Git on along with it now why don’t cha?

Mike Tucker


I’m really tickled to see you and talk to you about this new book you’ve just written that’s barely published, is it? Does it have a hot date that it’s comin out or has it already, I’m a little confused you’ve got so many books,

Mike Tucker 3:18

no worries, no worries, yeah this is, this is big number 48. This is the, although I wrote a love story before for Maria. This is the great love story Paco and Maria, I don’t know what it is about that name Maria but it keeps coming up. Paco and Maria will be published and released as a novel. On October 2021, it’ll launch on Amazon. It’ll be roughly 190 pages full blown novel Maria just rocks. The great thing about Paco and Maria is it’s just a straight up love story from beginning to end, and a book has a soul, and when you are writing a book, and you realize, man, this is the soul of the book, then that book takes off. So in the first day of writing 10 days ago, on Paco and Maria, I just finished the work that day and I looked at her and said, these are two young people in love Paco was 19 in 2021. Maria is 17 years old, in 2021, and she was born in 2004 He was born in 2002, they are “gente del campo”, as they say in Mexico, and also that’s Chicanos slang here in the United States. Gente del campo means people of the country or salt of the earth, and the journey that they make, is a journey for love for each other.

It’s, it’s a journey for each other. It’s a journey for love. And as you know I hate Shakespeare, because he killed off his women.

And, and I’ve been fortunate to save a few women’s lives, and to save lives period as a counter terrorist. And we have a rule in counterterrorism it’s a law, save the girl, right… always save women and children first but save the girl, and anybody who is foolish enough to ask why really doesn’t deserve an answer but I’ll give the enhancer anyways. The reason we say save the girl in counterterrorism. And the reason why, in literature as in life, you’ve got to save the girl is simple. Women are the Soul of the Universe. And that’s Maria, for Paco, that’s Maria for Paco the first line of the book is, “she loved him like a river, loves the sea”. She loved him like a river loves the see and  I can’t give away the story, but it rocks, it’s, it’s just such a rock and roll love story it’s beautiful.

Honey Smith Walls 6:30

I can’t wait. And I actually know what a river to the sea. Looks like I’ve been to one. That’s right, down in South America. River comes out to the ocean. Right. You’re right. It’s a love affair.

Mike Tucker 6:50

Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. And there’s that great that incredible timeless verse from the Bible “all rivers flow to the sea and yet the sea is not full”, and the, the river of the river of love and the sea of love. Right, and the sea of love is never full. But that only means that there’s always rivers of love flowing into the sea of love in every generation so of course it’s not the main, the main thing. I think as you’re saying, that’s the river of love, that is the soul of the book and the sea of love is the soul of the book. It’s Paco’s love for Maria and her love for him. And like, East River, that there’s that character in East River, Betty, who is of Maria’s generation. She’s 19 years old, in 2021, and Betty is not damsel in distress, but is a strong woman. Right. Who has that romance with detective McGuire from NYPD counterterrorism in East River. So there’s, there’s a, there’s a good, but this is a deep, much deeper, and just pure love story, right, and the love of Maria for Paco was so real, and they grew up together. That’s the thing that is so it’s such it’s such a kid, writing about them, telling their story, right, letting them tell their story. They grew up together, when she was three years old, she saw him get on a horse and ride with his uncle, right. And then later on, she and she talks about this it’s so cool, because you know the thing, as you well know, as you said, you know when you, when you fall in love, then you have to decide what to do with it. And, and they, they knew from an early age, we’re going to be together. But here it is, it’s September 2021. And they are facing the crisis of their lives. Early on there, and they discover how much their friends mean to them how much they mean to their friends, and they discover the power of karma, and they discovered they discovered that in Mexico, and in the world. The spirit of Zapata is still alive. He is the Paco is the great, great grandson of Emiliano Zapata, and you know when I did my BA my masters in literature, you know, did my Masters on the GI Bill, but my BA. I did my, I did 44 hours in Latin American Studies. my concentration was the Mexican Revolution that informed my life forever. And I focused on Emiliano Zapata. So he was a hero of my youth. And then I studied him deeply in college, in my BA. Before I worked with refugees, and, and I’ll never forget, talking with the head of the Latin American Studies section there wasn’t a department but he was a brilliant guy. His name is Dr. Frank Jerome PhD. He’s probably still in Virginia, cool guy. Frank is from Frank is from Cleveland, by the way, so shout out, shout out to Ohio Yeah, Ohio. And shout out to Northern California, northern California. So, Lord have mercy.

Frank and I were talking over coffee and I was just getting ready to graduate and I said, ZAPATA really stood for the poor Frank in his heart, in his soul, he stood for the poor and in his actions, he stood for the poor. He fought for the poor, and his ideas on agrarian reform were just brilliant. And Frank nodded, Frank nodded and he said, “Well, Mike, I think I’ve taught you a few things.”

 Yeah, he was a heavy cat, still a cat got buzz oh he’s still alive. But Frank went down to Mexico for his for his work on his PhD, right, and he did his see his PhD dissertation was on the Mexican Revolution, and he was you know he was living in Mexico, you know, as a young scholar in the 60s If I’m not mistaken, right in the mid 60s late 60s and just grooving and, and I’m very happy for him and if you’re out there Frank Gerome , God bless you. And may there be whiskey and coffee for you, Frank because I got that. Amen. Amen. Paco and Maria, October 1, 2021 on Amazon, the entire action of the book, the entire narrative is September 4 to October 1 Actually, yeah, it goes up, it goes up into, into late September and October time, it’s our current time. So one of the things that talks about it does address because Texas is in the novel. Yeah, right. It does address is this awful god awful wrong travesty, that’s been perpetrated on Texas Women and by women in America period because the far right of the Republican Party and just period, you know, it’s like a friend of mine in Northern California. She told me she said, look, the Republican Party owns this now and I agreed with her completely.

Honey Smith Walls 12:58

I do too. There’s nothing like a Texas vigilante to go after somebody who helped a woman go get an abortion.

Mike Tucker

Oh for real. Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Honey Smith Walls

Texas is big on male ideas… male dominant ideas, great guns and stuff, they like their guns. They like bullying, they like making sure that women can only do what they say, women can do but you know that’s Texas. I won’t live there. And I’ll bet every woman who can will leave, and there won’t be any women coming into their state to help their corporations. So you know, teachers will leave in flocks, doctors will leave cause they’re not gonna put up with that shit.

Mike Tucker 13:49

Exactly, and women, as you’re saying, honey, I agree with you completely. What American women are not going back which not going backwards, American men have to understand this. American women are not going to

Honey Smith Walls 14:05

it’s not, it’s not just American men. And it’s not all men. Mike, you’re not one of those, and I’m not a man hater but I talk about the white male oligarch who has ruined our world, our whole globe. Yeah, white male oligarch. Not every man. Just a handful.

Mike Tucker

Yeah, but, but Mike Tucker the Hawk is fighting back baby!

Honey Smith Walls

I know you are! You tickle me to death. That’s why I love you, Mike, you are a real poet warrior and a woman’s friend. This tickles me to no end… how to find another good man, who I love who I want to talk to and I want to hear your thoughts about the experiences you’ve been through because Jesus Christ, Our American military gave you a billion different experiences in service to this country, and lots of others. And now you get to talk about those in ways that we can understand and mull over and think about your story of Paco and Maria, I mean I was. You were just thinking about that book. When you and I met not too long ago and yeah I mean I’m just, I’m just thrilled that you could put all of that in, Were it not for all of your experiences. You could not have put that book together so quickly.

Mike Tucker 15:41

You’re absolutely right. I mean, you’re absolutely right the all the experiences that I’ve had in combat and counterterrorism and love, and, and also having my heart broken. When I was divorced, and, and as the Chinese say, the Chinese have the great saying. It’s, it’s so cool, they say, if you have, if you have had your heart broken, once… you have lived. Yeah, so that’s, you know it’s a way of saying that almost everybody in this world right has said they’re in love at one time or another.

Honey Smith Walls

In some way shape or form.

Mike Tucker 16:17

Yeah, exactly. And then, and then talking to my students about that one day we’re talking about this proverb from Confucius the classic “fall down seven times, get up, eight times”. Don’t you love that, yes, right across right across the street from the main gate of the university, they’re at. In Wang Wa right on the North China coast. Yeah, on the North China coast, and we were, we were 40 miles from the sea. So we got all the seagulls, we got Seahawks, so there would be seagulls and Seahawks flying high blue skies, the Siberian winds and winter, you know, four feet of snow, etc, and just breathe in, and that’s that city was named after General Wang Wa, the legendary Chinese revolutionary guerrilla commander who I had the honor to give the only speech by any foreigner in a lecture by any foreigner on General Wang Wa since 1949 in China. And literally, the ground that I was standing on when I was a university professor there and teaching, and, and the ground that my students were standing on was where General Wang Wa himself had fought and commanded guerrilla fighters against the opium mafia, against Japanese intelligence who were lashed up with the Chinese opium mafia, and against Chiang Kai Shek Nationalist Chinese infantry, who were lashed up with opium mafia and Japanese intelligence. Wang Wa was a genius, he was the Zapata of China. He was the Zapata of China

Honey Smith Walls 18:07

Okay, there’s that word again, and I wanted to ask you. Pardon. Okay. So I wanted to ask you about this Zapata word … does that equal justice, like country justice to you. Is that what that means?

Mike Tucker 18:28

Yeah, that’s definitely that’s what it means to me, and Zapata was in many ways referred to by Mexican historians, and anybody who studied in deeply. He’s often referred to as the Christ like figure of the Mexican revolution. He was betrayed, he was assassinated.

What was his first name?

Mike Tucker 16:12

Emiliano Zapata, Mexicanos and  Chicanos always like it. And as it should be. When the first time you refer to him you say Emiliano Zapata. That’s how, if you’re having a conversation with a Chicano or Kana in Mexico, and you want to talk about Emiliano Zapata the first time you talk about, first time you mentioned his name, you have to say Emiliano Zapata. The whole name Exactly, exactly. Yeah, they show respect though in in Spain and in Mexico and throughout Latin America there’s a phrase, “respecto e honor”, oh, respect and honor. And if you want. Right now you understand that dynamic. And also with the Portuguese, by the way you know on the Iberian Peninsula. So then in Latin America and the Caribbean if you understand that dynamic and you accept it and you embrace it, you’re in, you know, you’re in because, because then people look at you are like, Yeah, he is, they will say, he knows that he knows it.

He will say this about a woman, they will say, respect and honor. So you respect her and you honor, right, and they’ll say the same thing about a man that they know this is a matter of respect and honor. This is, this is something that’s so incredible about Mexican culture, and about Latin culture and Hispanic culture, and about the culture of Spain, of course, with the Zapata. Absolutely. Country justice real justice, you know, you take care of people, you look out for each other. You help the poor, you defend the poor, you fight for the poor. You fight for education for health care.

The Chinese revolution that’s so extraordinary that I fully realized only by living in China, is that in China. The ZAPATA won. That’s the big difference between Mexico and 2021 and China in 2021, the Chinese Revolution was about the, the principles, the values that Zapata, embraced and embodied. So, in China, the poverty was over 92% of the country was dirt poor. The opium mafia, the heroin mafia was controlled by the number one opium mafioso, in the world Chiang Kai Shek, and they have any idea of why the Chinese invade.

First we say, in China, Beijing, meaning the power. So the Chinese in power in Beijing to understand any idea of why Beijing does not trust the West, you have to look deeply into the Chinese Revolution, and you have to face the fact that the West, including the United States but principally the French, and to a certain degree also the British, second, but the French were right at the top of the heap wellness. The West backed the wrong horse.

And now understood this completely. Chiang Kai Shek didn’t care because all Chiang Kai Shek cared about was money and opium. Opium and money. He was the biggest drug lord in the world, and all the intelligence services knew this, this has been documented, there were Americans including the great M.R.Nicholson, Mr. Nicholson was a genius, he was a genius deep cover.

He told the Treasury Department, this is back when American intelligence was all divided up in China, and Mr. Nicholson told the Treasury Department in the 1920s, you are backing the wrong horse, Chiang Kai Shek. He may be the Nationalist Chinese president of the country and he is the dictator of China, he meets with ambassadors here and there in yonder, but the dude is the number one, opium and heroin mafioso in the world. And the Chinese still believe in justice. So what Mao did was this. And it was it was the same thing, it’s the same principle the same core value of Zapata. Right. And that is, burn the opium. Keep the gold.

So when Mao sent his deep covers into rural villages, rural villages where every farmer was a slave to the opium mob. Why was every farmer in China, a slave to the opium mafia?

Now remember, the farmers knew. You know farmers are smart people, they’re tough they’re smart they’re clever.  They know how to survive, but they knew that Chiang Kai Shek was the number one opium heroin dealer in the world, and they knew who controlled their poverty, Chiang Kai Shek was keeping them poor.

So, the opium mafia in every village that was owned, was that opium mafia was owned by a Chiang Kai Shek. The opium mafia every farming village in China, controlled the slave debt. The debt on the land that the farmer passed to his oldest son, in every generation. That slave debt had been going on for 5000 years in China only during the reign of Chaing Kai Shek. The slave debt got control by the opium mafia, because the opium mafia controlled the banks. So, of course. So when, when Mao came up with his brilliant strategy. You win a guerrilla war from village to village right but of course that’s why you lose money. Right. So, Mao came up with a brilliant strategy, and it was, it was straight out of Zapata. Right, it was straight out of Zapata. I’m going to cut off the head of the snake. I’m going to send my deep covers, Ronan. So this really hit home for me, because in China for those three years is glorious three years when I wrote six books and and became the first foreigner to lecture on Genera Wang Wa, his daughter and Madame Wa, one has been, she is a, she is a good friend, close friend of Gigi Ping the Chinese Premier, Madame Wang was 72 years old when she came to the the lecture, and she wept tears of joy.

She told she came up after my lecture, and she was crying and she looked at the audience, she said. In Chinese, she says, These are tears of joy. Oh, in China, we say, sometimes a real friend arrives from across the Great Sea. Mike Tucker, you are a real friend of China.

It was, wow, it was like, my god. Then, I never had to buy whiskey for the rest of time and I was in China. I kid you not, in fact that night,  I walked into a liquor store that night, and I walked into a liquor store with my girlfriend, who God bless her. When I left China, you know, she, she’s still in China, she’s married now. So we walked in, and the owner of the liquor store knew not been at the lecture but the word on the street had gone around with cell phones.

Honey Smith Walls 27:23

Oh, and you already had a big reputation around town. Yeah.

Mike Tucker 27:34

This is an hour after I had finished lunch. Oh wow.

And, and she said she spoke Chinese to the owner and this guy, spoken Chinese to her and then he just ran up to me and hugged me and he asked me you, Mike Tucker, the Hawk?  And he knew my nickname! You honor General Wang Wa. And then he waves his hand to the whiskey on the shelf. He’s got 30 year old Scotch single malt expensive stuff. He says, You pick, and wine! You pick, so I got two bottles of 30 year old single malt and four bottles of red wine and it was a hell of a night. So for the, for the rest of the rest of the time I was in China I walked into a liquor store and they knew me, and I never had, like, I never had to buy Whiskey. Whiskey and wine drinker, So I never had to buy whiskey wine the rest of time in this China, but looking at Mao’s strategy, it was genius because once his, his Ronan is deep covered. Right. Once they penetrated the village, they would go to the Buddhist temple. So the people in the village up oh this guy is a, he’s a traveling salesman. He told us he’s a traveling salesman, like a traveling salesman a traveling salesman. Right. And, and he speaks our dialect, because in China there are all these different dialects. So he’s you know he’s one of us and he’s, he’s gone to the people, first thing he did, he walked into a Buddhist temple to pray that’s ancient China.

Honey Smith Walls 29:10

They didn’t suspect him of being dangerous.

Mike Tucker 29:13

Exactly didn’t expect him to be dangerous and it right away he earned the respect of the entire village because the first thing you do in Asia. If you want to gain respect right away straight away, right, walk into a Buddhist temple and you pray. Now these guys were legit Buddhists, right, they were praying for peace and harmony and justice and and a better world. Yeah, but they were also fighting for one. So then that night, so he would walk the village he talked to a few people have, you know have some rice, some fried pork etc. And then he would find out just by observation, never asked him one word about, he would find out where’s the opium den. Because if you found out where the opium den is, then you know who’s the number one opium dealer, and he’s going to be there at the end of the night to collect the money. So, then you’re going to strike that opium den as a Ronan, you’re going to walk in like, oh I just wanted to take an opium fight, right, and then you’re going to kill the opium dealer.

You’re, you’re going to leave the bartender, and the waitresses alone, and you’re going to leave the attics, alone. So I met with sat down with broke bread with having had rice with and whiskey and wine with retired deep covers, no Wow, from, from the Chinese interior ministry stories, including for guerrilla fighters who fought in the Chinese revolution, were still alive.

And so, so I got the straight up, this is how it went down on taking down the opium dealers, and building schools building outcomes to setter. So, once the deep covers killed the opium dealer. They liberated every farmer in that village from his slave debt for the first time in 5000 years, the farmers net village no longer had to pay any money on their land and to pass on the slave debt to their sons.

This was electric in China, I bet it was. And so the farmers. Why did Mao win burn the opium keep the gold. The farmers, then told their sons, if they were fighting age, which for the Chinese and it’s basically 14 They would say, my son, you may live your life as you choose. Now you are free. You no longer have the slave debt.

But I am going to take the rifle and fight for now and fight for Mao, notice, they never said fight for communist. I’m going to take the rifle and fight for Mao because he has ended the slave debt.

And, and so there is the heart and soul of the Chinese revolution that’s why now one, the State Department still does not understand that CIA doesn’t have a clue, Pentagon has doesn’t have a clue. The American people in general, know now thanks to you. Right, and thanks to my books, but “For Suzanne” which is my book selling on Amazon that tells that story.

It is set in 1938 on the North China coast, and Nomad, the American mercenary, with the heart of gold, thank God, who is, who is flawed, who has his flaws, but Nomad the American from Northern California, who you find out at the end of  “For Suzanne” which is a swift read,  it’s only 120 pages just didn’t develop, but you find out why Nomad. Why he made the journey to the North China coast in the first place, it’s, it’s January 1938 and straight up throw down, it’s a guerrilla war novel, He is, he is up against Japanese intelligence the opium mafia. On the North China coast, he’s got a small team but Chinese revolutionaries with them. They are throwing down, it, it is set exactly where I lived and worked on the North China coast, and it is born of that that whole experience, but that the reason why it’s ‘’For Suzanne”. I think there’s a link there for me as a writer, between for Suzanne and Paco and Marie, because, and I can’t give that away, but okay if I, if I had not been there,  I would not have written the other.

Honey Smith Walls 33:38

Paco And Maria wouldn’t have won, wouldn’t exist. Paco and Maria is definitely the consequence of For Suzanne.

Honey Smith Walls 33:47

I gotta tell you, I have never wanted to read a war story of any kind, much less one that was real and happened and would give me, you know, all kinds of thinking, day mares and nightmares about it and, you know, I’ve just never wanted to spend time thinking about combat wars and that sort of I’ve never, I’ve been in my little white girl bubble, know what I mean. And yet, I can’t wait to read Paco and Maria, there is. There’s something in you that makes me want to read your stuff. And I know what your stuff is all about. And in my head I’m sort of like, no I don’t want to read that stuff but oh my god he makes it sound so juicy and it sounds so wonderful and I can’t wait to order it and read it.

Mike Tucker 34:44

Yeah, well I tell you what I thank you so much, Honey. That’s so kind to you, and For Suzanne is that war story you’re going to love. I know. You know, and Papu and Maria. And to me, to all your listeners when you, when you plug in, on, on Amazon on the search, you have to put my name with my books. So,

Honey Smith Walls 35:04

that’s right, Mike Tucker with like Paco and Maria, or Mike Tucker and Rogue or Mike  Tucker, and For Suzanne, all of those, and there’s eight of them now so why don’t we, why don’t we put this out as, as a bonus podcast on the day that it comes out,

Mike Tucker 35:25

Yeah, yeah, that’s October 1

Honey Smith Walls 35:29

Yeah that’s October 1 Yeah. Okay, so then, so then we’ll have this to go out over the air for October 1 For Paco and Maria, I can’t wait. Cuz you baited me with all these little “Well I can’t tell you about that right now and I can’t tell you how”. And I’m like wait a minute, wait a minute, but it’s just me Mike you can tell me, you can tell meeeeee.

Mike Tucker 35:51

Yeah, right, right, that’s right. Yeah, only you, then that’s the thing about our love story for, in my view, or my experience. This is all I know, right. I’m a love story is, it’s both the most challenging story to write. And the most exciting, because I think bottom line. Love is at the very core of why we’re here on this earth. This is the genius of the Odyssey, that Homer understood. This is a love story. The Odyssey is a journey story. Yes, but at its core, what is the Odyssey? The Odyssey is a love story. Now all these different cats running around teaching the Odyssey and whatnot, talking about it, and this is the father and son story of how Tellamackus discovered how to bond with his father and all that, well that’s just a part of it. Right, that’s definitely a part of it,

Honey Smith Walls 36:51

It’s good to look at things respectively.

Mike Tucker 36:52

Yeah, but at its core, at its core. You know who is Odysseus? He’s this brilliant commander at war, brilliant tactician, right, a great fighter, right, who has a genius for survival. And he is in Delta Force as a saying somebody is very boilerplate; somebody is very boilerplate means somebody at work was very very pragmatic, I mean the very soul of pragmatism. Well, that’s definitely Odysseus. And what does he need, he needs Penelope. Yes, his journey is for love and all, and Penelope is still the center of his life, that’s a wise man, you know, a wise man puts the woman at the center of his being.

Honey Smith Walls 37:40

If we if we look at it as a measure of balance, it begins to make sense. Yeah, you know, man and women need each other for balance. That’s right. Not sure we found it yet. Maybe Paco and Maria did.

Mike Tucker 38:03

If you want to find your balance. If you want to find that balance. Yeah. Maria found that balance. Great thing about the story that you know that they, because there’s all kinds of different love stories like the love story I’m going to write next year that will be out in March, I’m gonna write it in January and always take December off. So I’m going to write it in January February. “Dante and Alicia” set in 1572 in Italy. Right. And Dante and Alicia is a very different kind of story than Paco and Maria simply cuz it’s a different time but more to the point, it’s different where they are at and what they have to do,

Honey Smith Walls 38:48

You’ve just got to tell me who your inspiration is for 15th Century woman.

Mike Tucker 38:52

Oh, I just have to say Chaucer… Chaucer all the way. For all those cats who were the medieval writers in those in those great times those incredible times there’s always old times.

Honey Smith Walls 39:08

Notice that you told me about a man writing about a woman. You didn’t tell me about who the woman who inspired you, you told me about a man who wrote a story about a woman!

Mike Tucker 39:16

And know the inspiration for Dante and Alicia,

Honey Smith Walls 39:20

I want to know who your female inspiration is especially for the 15th century. Okay, Chaucer, your female inspiration is a guy… yeah, funny.  Oh my god I’m so tickled for you Mike.

Mike Tucker

Yeah, many thanks.

Honey Smith Walls

Order the book everybody, and let’s put this podcast out on October 1 when the book is coming out and spread it all over the world, okay? So that everybody will have an opportunity to buy Paco and Maria off off Amazon, from Mike Tucker, don’t forget to put his name with his book title, because there’s a few Mike Tucker’s right?

people and Hemingway had this great expression, always think never think about the characters in your books. When you write in a knot, when you write in and develop. So, never think about them as characters, think about them as real people. Right, right, and then they’re going to come across as real people,

Honey Smith Walls 17:36

Right because characters aren’t deep. Yeah, yeah. Great advice.

Mike Tucker 17:45

And Paco and Maria is in a certain way, I guess you know where does Paco come from Paco comes from serving on active duty with Chicanos from the American Southwest with Mexican Americans from the American Southwest. Yeah, right. Who would you know, we’re sitting we’re having a cup of coffee after a mission where we’re out having drinks in Waikiki. The little darlings are flying in from USC and so on. And, and, and these cats are telling stories about about Mexico in the revolution from their families, and before they cross, and before they made the journey to to Arizona to New Mexico to California. And so that’s, that’s, I think, you know, it’s your subconscious is very interesting and mysterious that gets where Paco comes from, and Maria comes from a woman that I was fortunate to know that I dated when I was in the Marines and she was from Guadalajara, and her and her name was Maria, her name was Maria Jimenez. And that’s where Maria comes from,

Honey Smith Walls 18:52

Well, as true love’s… no matter what happens to the relationship…  that cement of love stays inside our body somehow.

Mike Tucker 19:07

Yeah, exactly, exactly. And I think it was really fascinating what you said. What is your inspiration. Like for Paco and Maria. Yeah, well, my inspiration is really important. To say to young writers, if you have a feeling and it’s real. and you are inspired by someone or something, then embrace that embrace that feeling, right, because that’s, that’s a real place in your heart that that story is coming from. Right. And that makes a hell of a difference in nailing down the work… in creating the work.

Honey Smith Walls 19:47

Another good hack. Yeah. I love getting all your little writer’s hacks. Thank you, and whiskey and coffee. To my real friends champagne and to my sham friends, real pain! I’m so grateful that you could spend a little time with us. Can I call you and get you to come back another time and let’s chat.

Mike Tucker 20:21

Oh absolutely, it would be my honor and I thank you so much, Honey. And remember, yippee kai yay!

Honey Smith Walls 20:29

Get along  little doggies! Appreciate you Mike, many thanks. I’ll call you again real soon. Okay. You bet. Honey, thank you so much, Take care, bye bye. Bye bye.

Hello, my friends. Can you tell me three very important things about cannabis that everybody should know before they try it.

Well first you should go see your family physician to make sure that whatever it is that’s going on with you has a diagnosis, and can be assessed by your new cannabis doctor, as well, for whatever your brand new cannabinoid therapy is going to be. Seek cannabis is not dangerous, but it’s not harmless, either. And so, your primary care physician is going to give you a diagnosis, and your cannabis doctor will take that diagnosis and consider all of the cannabinoid therapies possible, and choose wisely for your particular needs.

Secondly, you can control the medicinal effects of cannabis with strategy, you never have to get high on THC.

And third, you, you need to know how to avoid contamination. That’s right. Cannabis is a live Plant Therapy, very different from what we’ve been accustomed to in western medicine. This basic understanding will help your family doctor too. If you haven’t had a chance or maybe you’re a little shy about starting that conversation with your family physician that I want to invite you to go to That’s right, is just my name, and download a free Dear Doctor Letter to open that private cannabis conversation with your family physician. It’s completely free, and will really help you understand a few fundamental things about cannabis, and hopefully inspire your family physician to look a little further too.

Don’t forget, it’s

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using clean hemp and marijuana products. The process of taking your records with your symptoms and diagnosis to a cannabis specialist can lead you to the correct cannabinoid therapy for your best results. Otherwise, you’re just your own guinea pig looking for answers without any foundational knowledge or ability to determine the best choices. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my podcast blog at the website. That’s

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Show Notes

You know what I think helps our veterans more than anything? Listening to them. Hearing their experiences, their fears, their adrenaline, their nightmares and anxieties, their sadness and joys hard won. Mike Tucker is an American hero, tried and true. He has lived a life that most of us would be unprepared for. He saved, literally, thousands… THOUSANDS of people. And he’s writing his stories for us to learn from. Paco and Maria would not exist were it not for Mike Tucker’s experiences in China 20 years ago. Yet Paco and Maria are contemporaries in Mexico… Loves from childhood. And enticing as this story may be, you don’t want to miss another world-traipsing hour with Mike and his stories. He is so fascinating! Get him started on Odysseus or Hemingway and you’re in for a treat! Mike Tucker is an authority and gives us juicy little writer’s tidbits and hacks! We’re lucky to spend a little time with this man who has served so many for so little. Not rich. Not an Ego. Just an example of one of our BEST human beings. Please visit, plug in Mike Tucker and one of his 48 books… starting with Rogue or For Suzanne or Ronin or click here: You won’t be sorry! And don’t forget to visit for that Dear Doctor letter to help you open a cannabis conversation with your family physician today.

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