CV 115 5 CBD Mistakes

October 4, 2021

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Hello my friends,

Today I want to tell you about a product that I use and advocate.

Let me tell you what the doctor who created it is saying in his pamphlet and then I’ll leave a link for you in the show notes where you can find out more. But I want you to know a couple of things first.

Although I do not sell Dr. Dustin Sulak’s product, I do use it and I have taken his cannabis course online and attend his continuing education live online monthly conferences. He is already world renowned for his work in cannabis. And I’m trying to amplify this news because it’s important to healing humanity and our planet.

If that sounds too lofty for you, then you don’t know the cannabis industry. We’re movin and shakin global societies to accept facts and the truth. Cannabis is good for us.  But we haven’t learned how to use it properly and everybody needs it differently! So today we’re going to talk about the 5 CBD mistakes Dr. Sulak sees in his clinic through his patients.

But before we go there, I want to tell you a weird and funny little story of medicinal symbology… and how the staff of a mischievous demi-god dating back some 4000 years bce, who lead others to darkness, mistakenly became the modern symbol of medicine. 

The caduceus was a staff with double wings at the top and two snakes wrapped about the length of the stick and carried by the Greek god Hermès (aka Mercury).

He was the son of  the mighty god Zeus. His mother was the eldest of the Pleiades (aka the Constellation of stars we call the Seven Sisters). Her name was Maia and she was the daughter of Atlas who carries the world on his shoulders.

Hermès enjoyed a sprite and precocious personality that gave way to mischief. He wore winged sandals that gave him flight of speed to sneak quickly among the gods of Mt. Olympus and play jokes on them. When once he touched his staff to fighting snakes to calm the threat, the symbol was born and his winged staff with dueling snakes was known throughout time.

But he was considered a mischievous god and protector of messengers,  jokers, small business, herders and animal husbandry as well as an escort to hell.

Today’s modern medical symbol is generally shown as Hermès caduceus; the tall double-winged staff with two snakes encircling it.

But the symbol for medicine, although similar, came from elsewhere. Not Hermès.

It was a bit later when a son was born of the greatest parents of medicine, Apollo and his wife Coronis. Although equally gifted and noted in healing, it was their offspring Asclepius who is regarded as the Father of Medicine.

In a twisted story… of the pain of love, and betrayal, and compassion, Asclepius’ mother Coronis fell in love with another and became pregnant with his child.

Her husband Apollo would do nothing to save the poor woman from her child bearing death but Asclepius stepped in and saved his half sibling by cesarean surgery.

Asclepius became so proficient in healing that he surpassed his parents fame in the art. He was greatly honored and revered in sacred ceremonies often using a Greek symbol of rebirth and renewal… snakes.  

To the uneducated masses of the day, symbolism was reading. Signs with pictures became known for different things like shoes and candles and healing.

One of the most recurring issues in medieval days were parasites.

Society could recognize a sign for medical help by the image reminding them of health problems. What did that image look like? Well, everybody knew the stories of Asclepius and of the stick he kept about him for tools.

Now… some believe the picture portrays the Rod of Asclepius with more of a worm… Believed because of the common occurrence of tapeworms in medieval times.

A healer would hold a bowl of sweet milk up to the nose or open mouth of the patient and “catch” the tapeworm crawling out… by wrapping it’s head and body around a small stick and pulling the rest of the long parasite out of the human! Ghastly as it sounds, the symbol was perfectly understood by all with the problem and the healer was kept busy.

I actually heard of this being done to the daughter of my mother’s friend when she and I were in our teens… they’d travelled to some exotic place and she picked up an intestinal worm. The description of those dr’s appointments trying to get rid of the parasite stayed with me always… and I guess that’s why the Rod of Asclepius is so meaningful to me. And why I think it’s so funny that today, the Rod of Asclepius was given over to the caduceus by an innocent mistake of some guy in the army… yeah… OUR army!

In 1902, despite the recorded world history of this important medical symbol… our US Army Medical Corps adopted the wrong picture, the caduceus… as their insignia.

Not many medical professionals know this story… that doesn’t matter at all. But it does show how man can take an idea long established and turn it into something completely different almost overnight. The symbol of medicine came from thousands of years of eyes seeing one thing and understanding the meaning collectively. Now it’s different and it didn’t take long to change.  See what I’m getting at? Our opinions didn’t take long to change. And our memories are very short.

We don’t even remember that cannabis was legal for thousands of years. But you wouldn’t be here without it. Pretty bold statement, eh? Wait till I tell you why…


You’re here, specifically, because somebody combed hemp fibers into thread, made cloth that became sails and rope, which got put on a boat that somebody figured out how to  sail to this country.  Without hemp, your Lilly White wouldn’t be here. 

So how do we get back.. that which was taken from us? We relearn about it. We test it. We give it trial. We shine light on falsehoods and corruption. And we try it. Again. And again.

So here we are.  Fast forward to Dr. Dustin Sulak who lives and works in Maine. His new product is an “acidic” form of a compound you’ve all heard about called Cannabidiol. CBD. That acidic form means it’s a bit more potent yet pretty delicate and volatile, it easily breaks down. That’s why it comes in a dark bottle and you should keep it in the frig.

Now if you want to try CBD products to get rid of some typical aches and pains like for what you’d use aspirin or Tylenol, you’ll be able to trust the product that comes with a third party lab test attached to that batch.

A third party lab test is an assay from a registered laboratory giving you definitive information about the quality of that product for content and contamination. There are standard operating procedures for that written down and validated by government Standards and Measures for all to see.

Dr. Sulak’s product comes with those assays.  So do other CBD products that I’ve talked about on this program, like Charlotte’s Web, Mary’s Medicinals, and most recently Hempworx.

The important protection for yourself in this particular new science of ancient therapies is to get a diagnosis from your doctor and make sure anything you ingest with cannabis comes with a third party lab test for content and contamination. That is the very FIRST thing you should do if you’re trying to use cannabis medicinally.

So here are the 5 things Dr. Sulak says are the most common CBD mistakes his patients make:

  1. Not finding their optimal amount.
  2. Not trying CBD for long enough.
  3. Not allowing the drops to properly absorb.
  4. Inconsistent use.
  5. Not using CBDa.

Really, they’re all pretty self-explanatory.

  1. Patients are impatient and unaccustomed to this style of medicating. We have so many choices and yet we’re used to being told what to do and how to do it. Medicating with Cannabis is a different story. We’re our own guinea pigs to a large degree. But our cannabis specialist doctors will guide us and keep us out of trouble if we have other issues to consider.
  2. I talk about this one a lot. Mostly because I live with an 89 year old who can be pretty cantankerous and argumentative and impatient. And of course, since he’s lived so long, he still thinks he knows everything like he did in his 20s. Everyone is different and that’s how this med works…. Different for everyone. So you gotta give it some time, even though you may not feel anything at first.  It could take a week or so to figure out the right amount you need… Patience is needed.
  3. Absorption is biological. It is a necessary function that the cells in our body must perform to extract the nutrients from the stuff we ingest. There are many ways to help nutrients get absorbed by our cells and strategy is key. Dr. Sulak suggests holding cannabis drops in the side of your mouth for the little bloody capillaries to do their job soaking up the oil. Try not to swallow more than disappears when you wipe the oil around with your tongue. The effects should happen within a few minutes.
  4. OhMyCOW!!! You missed a dose? Twice? Then didn’t take the third at the same time? Then took twice the dose when you remembered? Cmon! Get real. You can’t just squirt a thimble of oil under the hood of your car every other day and expect it to run right. Your body has needs and you should listen to it before it hands you another side effect that’s worse! So this is your reminder to be consistent.
  5. Using CBDa is less expensive because it’s a bit more potent so you don’t have to use as much. There. Saved ya money!

So really what Dr. Sulak found is that we need more training to be better patients so we can take better care of ourselves.  People are impatient and don’t know how to recognize or overcome it.

But we’ll help you figure it out. Time is on our side now that the winds of cannabis seeds are blowing like a gale.

Thank you for joining me in another Cannaba Verum episode. Be sure and check the show notes to find Dr. Sulak’s Healer CBD or just go to       Pax Vobiscum yall

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