CV 108 Lauren Forsch Popped.NYC

September 10, 2021

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Lauren Forsch Popped.NYC

Honey Smith Walls 0:07

Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest. Good morning, Honey, how are you I’m really well how are you. I’m just great. Guess what I’m doing. I’m looking at a picture of Madison Street at 219 Yes, on Google. And it’s cool, it’s beautiful those buildings are gorgeous and you’ve got a big, nice, sidewalk and a lovely street in front of you it looks very friendly, there’s even trees and stuff with a beautiful shade. It’s lovely.

Lauren Forsch 1:43

Thank you. Thank you for saying that, and thank you for seeing that. You must be so excited, I, I really am. I really have waited for this for a long time, and I, I don’t I don’t want to pinch myself but I want to kind of distinguish reality from this is too good to be true.

Honey Smith Walls 2:07

Well please won’t you tell our audience what all of this bubble of joy, is that makes us so popped in YC,

Lauren Forsch 2:18

my name is Lauren forest and I am the founder and CEO of a New York City based CBD company called part done NYC, and we aim to help the world by, we have pretty lofty goals, we aim to help the world by creating change through cameras and conversations that start about CBD, as a form of healthcare. And we do it in a friendly social environment, that takes a lot of the things keeping us from getting health care these days because self health is so big right now, we’re all, we’re all feeling something, and it’s hard to ask for help. I’ve done it. I’ve sucked at it, I haven’t gotten what I needed it because I didn’t ask the right way.

Honey Smith Walls 3:10

I’m so glad you said that I’m sitting here thinking, you know, thinking those exact things in my head, I feel like I’m floundering in self help care because I was never taught anything about it other than go to the doctor do what he says. Right. And so when we want to, when we want to try to contain our, you know, typical aches and pains, we’ll never know where to begin. You know health food stores. Are you kidding me, it’s all in Greek. I just don’t get it, any of it. And so I’m so glad to have somebody who can help me figure that out, Like app popped dot NYC,

Lauren Forsch 3:56

thank you yeah I’m trying to take modern things simplified things I feel like I studied advertising and journalism, and you learn about how to communicate with people and that like even a high end publication, medium, a mass publication goes about the eighth grade reading level.

Honey Smith Walls 4:17

Did you go to school down here in Florida.

Lauren Forsch 4:19

I did I went to University of Florida in Gainesville.

Honey Smith Walls 4:22

That’s what I thought. And that’s where you got that in communications,

Lauren Forsch 4:25

yeah it is I loved. I’m a, I consider myself a Florida girl, although I technically was born in New York. And I loved living in Florida, it was really wonderful it’s, I had a childhood, like you see on TV. It was really dreaming. Wonderful.

Honey Smith Walls 4:45

You just got it that just caught me with a grin all over my face i i was born in, you know, the Oklahoma, Arkansas, Midwest area. And yeah, I’ve been living out here in Florida for 30 years and I just love it out here. Yeah, it’s wonderful, but, you know, I’m a I’m a cowpoke from Oklahoma mostly. So, but New York City is an amazing place I’ve been there a few times and wow Aren’t you lucky girl.

Lauren Forsch 5:16

I’m sorry, my neighbor just walked by, nice guy just met earlier as an entrepreneur, what was the last thing you said.

Honey Smith Walls 5:24

So glad to know that you’ve got great neighbors, oh that’s always a good thing.

Lauren Forsch 5:29

It’s like, I feel like I’m on a TV show they’re just ever, and myself included, we are all characters and it is just, it’s just a hoot everyone is, do you know true to who they are, they’re just, they’re just trying to make it through the day,

Honey Smith Walls 5:45

you think that’s a new movement.

Lauren Forsch 5:48

I think that’s the New York, I think that’s a New York story that those of us who, who, who came here for this or stay here for this will will hold to as, as the new normal.

Honey Smith Walls 6:02

Has your neck of the woods doing in the, in the city with all the COVID how you’re holding up and are your supplies holding up and,

Lauren Forsch 6:11

yeah, you know, we are, I would say, where I live is pretty much back to normal at a low speed, you most. A lot of people came back in town, a month or two ago, I September, it will probably kick up another notch so I’m glad that it’s kind of not too crazy right now August is usually a slow month. I wouldn’t want to jump into things although I am going to a large event tonight which I’m a little nervous about. I know I am nervous. I made the decision before the recent uptick. Yeah. And now what do we do, right, I know, and I don’t want to put myself or my family at a risk but I think that it’s not a, it’s big. But I, I, you know, if it’s not socially distanced if I don’t feel comfortable. I’ll

Honey Smith Walls 7:14

leave. Right. I did that I went to church the other day the roof didn’t fall in, I went to hear some friends of mine who were singing a very special song in an incredibly special way. So I went to support them, and I loved going to church anyway I love the music there and the good feelings, you know that, that it, it helps us possess and hopefully live with throughout the week. Anyway, the kid in front of me sneezed red signs and flares and, you know oh my gods went up and I just had to flip out of the pew and leave it just freaked me out. But I’ve been hibernating for two years not going anywhere. And that was one of the first places that I, you know, been in public and although I wasn’t too close to him, he wasn’t the pew in front of bank, nobody behind or beside me and I was like oh geez.

Lauren Forsch 8:20

Yeah, I think, I think, I think about, and then wonder about how, places of worship will change in the next decade or two. I think people will come back to religion. And I, but I think religion is going to have to change.

Honey Smith Walls 8:39

Do you think I haven’t seen any stats but do you think people have fallen away because of the pandemic.

Lauren Forsch 8:46

I really don’t know but I really have no idea. I think that’s very interesting. I’d love to. I’d love to know, but I think it’s gonna take a while before we know what happened I mean I guess those.

Honey Smith Walls 8:58

The forensics on this pandemic in so many ways around the world is going to be fascinating. Yeah. Yeah, really. But thank goodness we were finding cannabis is helping. It’s helping

Lauren Forsch 9:14

in difference it’s, It’s a known positive,

Honey Smith Walls 9:18

I believe you. Yeah, it’s a worldwide solution,

Lauren Forsch 9:23

you know, oftentimes when I say my lofty goals I feel like I’m practicing for my Miss America speech. I really admire the way women in pageants can deliver vulnerable news like I like I really hope for world peace. That’s pretty amazing to get up there and say that, and then work towards it, and I don’t want world peace. I just want people to not be in world pain,

Honey Smith Walls 9:55

so much to ponder there

Lauren Forsch 10:00

is that the interview for you is that Lauren, I don’t know. Oh, as one in this moment,

Honey Smith Walls 10:07

I want to tell our audience that you and I met on LinkedIn, and I have, I feel like LinkedIn has become my gold bind my goldmine of interesting people of science and credibility and value to the world, who are really trying to help everybody else and you know we’re hanging out with doctors and scientists and clinicians and pharmacists, talking about this live Plant Therapy. That is going to save the world.

Lauren Forsch 10:48

I do really want to give a shout out to LinkedIn I think that there’s a lot of businesses turning away cannabis, people, and I don’t think they’re. I haven’t seen them like foster anything, but I feel like they have been a friend to the industry.

Honey Smith Walls 11:06

I think you’re right. Another one is clubhouse

Lauren Forsch 11:11

was really created for cannabis and beyond, I think, for that kind of new, new, new, new thinking more grassroots, I think that they’ll keep producing platforms and keep, I think, always kind of grabbing to the hot new platform, good but you have to drop a few when you grab the new ones.

Honey Smith Walls 11:34

Boy, no kidding it you know if you read the instructions it says you know be careful who you follow because it will overwhelm you. And so, I’m only following a couple of people, and one of them is Dr Cody Peterson and Dr Michael GETSY on cannabinoids and the human body, or cannabinoid science in the human body, it might be there on every Saturday morning, it was originally at nine it may move to 10am, Eastern, and there’s like hundreds of doctors and scientists that are coming on that. That clubhouse room, Every week, and talking about real cannabinoid science in real time, and it’s just fascinating. And so valuable for your company to know these things.

Lauren Forsch 12:36

I agree, I agree that you, you have to, it’s it’s hard now that you have to wait several factors in order to find the people like you said to follow, I recommend Dr Leah Johnson. Oh, I love her. I adore her. Yeah, she’s a clinical pharmacist. Yes, and she does patient consulting, but she also does product evaluation,

Honey Smith Walls 13:01

yes she does she bet

Lauren Forsch 13:02

she’s got some new things that, that make it a craft, really. Yes, it’s really cool how she’s wrapping those together and then here in New York City, Dr Dara, long h2 AMG. She does this thing with holistic. She’s a sushi chef. She’s. I’m sorry, sushi trained chef. Easy for you to say, Yeah, I got to talk to her about that Dr Dara, we need to re remark that I can’t say that when I’m using cannabis. We’re regular, yeah. I guess he’s sushi right now. Okay, so she trained chef, and she’s just. And she’s a nephrologist. So, that is, from what I’ve heard that is the doctor of doctors.

Unknown 13:52

I cannot wait to find out more about her. Her name is say it again, Dr Dara Wong, H.

Lauren Forsch 13:59

I’ll connect to Dr Dara, you can Google her with Dr Dara. She might be on social as Dr. Dare and D I don’t know how to find out. Okay, is

Honey Smith Walls 14:11

it D A R A H maybe.

Lauren Forsch 14:15

Yeah, yeah, Hua mg. I’m trying to show but I’ll know this for my next call with you that I’ll have all my apps on my phone. I got to get a new iPad in, you know we’re setting up the shop so I got to register.

Honey Smith Walls 14:30

Yes. Did you get an iPad Pro, no. I chose a different product, I inherited it from my father. Oh, here you go girl. Half my half are not all, you know, my equipment is the same. So, uh, but how are the compliance and restrictions and red tape and all that stuff going for you as a business in the city.

Lauren Forsch 15:02

Well, I think that I’m ahead of the game, girl. I mean, I, I’m sure that, because I said that screen door will come in. But I am addressing all of the things that a reasonable, small business owner can address. Yes, I, I’m not leaving any stone unturned, but I know that things are going to develop and change so we’re opening this space that’s. I’m definitely not gonna say it’s like no other space you’ve ever been to. It’s definitely like a lot of different spaces that you’ve been to before.

Honey Smith Walls 15:47

This is really nice. I really like. Tell us about it describe it when we walk through the front door.

Lauren Forsch 15:53

So, mass Street is mostly residential. There are people from all over the world, living here. People who are mostly people who have lived here for a very long time but not necessarily I you get the mix, it’s a real slice of New York City Life. I’m watching people right now walk by and. But I can also see a tree, because there’s a park across the street.

Honey Smith Walls 16:20

Oh my goodness,

Lauren Forsch 16:21

there’s also projects on one side of me. Some of them are low income, some of them are middle income which is a really cool thing that New York does. I don’t know if you know anything about it but there are middle income housing projects. So, I, some people call them projects, some people call them housing, there’s a lot of different names for them but ultimately their, you know their work, somebody created this business kind of this house business and so there’s all sorts of different people living here. I wouldn’t say there’s many multimillionaires living here it’s not, it’s not Rodeo Drive or fifth avenue for sure but, you know, right around the corner there are nice medium and medium to what I would say, like, affluent, I don’t know if that’s the word, upper middle class. Yeah. They’re the people who are working, working, working class rich. Sounds like a great neighborhood. It’s, it’s really great. I actually lived just, you know, a few blocks away. And I just really loved. I just, I really wanted to be in this neighborhood. I wanted to be able to walk to work, and be able to know that my kids could walk over to work and see me if something was going on.

Honey Smith Walls 17:46

That’s a real treasure.

Lauren Forsch 17:48

Yeah, because even though we live in New York City and my son takes the subway to school. There’s just something about having your mom close to home. That’s comforting. It certainly is. Now I can’t do all the things that I’d like to do for him that I don’t think all moms should do that at all. I think we should all find things that are you know work for us, but that works for me as being close to home. It’s a safety net for me, but I also feel like I can give myself a mom Pat in the back for later.

Honey Smith Walls 18:16

No kidding. Because motherhood seems to prioritize over everything, doesn’t it does it does. Yeah. And you have to be there hard time. Yeah. You lucky girl. So what happens when, when a patient customer walks through your front door.

Lauren Forsch 18:41

Okay, so right now it’s like, did you ever see the movie Joe Versus Versus the Volcano. Yes. Okay, it’s it’s no offense to my favorite actors but it’s a terrible movie but it’s also brilliant anyway. Right now I’m like 12 meg Ryan’s. I’m like, in every spot, so there’s just picture med Ryan, standing at the, at the top of some steps, and saying hi, how are you how are you feeling today. And then you walk down and there’s another big, you walk down the steps which I super apologize, anyone with mobility issues. I will definitely put on our long term budget to have some kind of ramp, but and definitely in future locations, we will do that, see I already know all the mistakes,

Honey Smith Walls 19:35

oh it’s New York City right now. Yeah, but I do I do, anyway. Anyway, they’re ancient buildings you can’t get there. Yeah, there’s, there’s always that kind of issue that you’re going to have to hurdle but, but keep going so we’re down the steps.

Lauren Forsch 19:54

Okay so you’re down the steps and you sign into our guestbook. And you start your cannabis journey, and I’m not sure if it’s guided or self guided to be determined, maybe we’ll try different, maybe we’ll try different ways and see how it works like, we’ll do an experiment where we’re just behind the glass and like, when That’d be funny. Like us, you know there are companies that have done that who have like given free, like you text to code you get you come in to, you get the product and you text to go. Oh. So, yeah, yeah, I think it’s hilarious. Oh, yeah.

Honey Smith Walls 20:33

Well, isn’t that interesting.

Lauren Forsch 20:36

So, after that, then there’s been, there’s, there’s space it’s really our office space, but we don’t have that many staff yet so for right now, we’ll be using it as an event space to just kind of see how that goes. And so you walk in and there’s an influencer lounge, and then there’s a kitchen where we do our production because we do everything in house. And we’ll be able to create new products there which I’m really excited about.

Honey Smith Walls 21:08

You’re going to make your own products there in the house with possibly an audience. Yeah, that’ll be fun, like just like a cooking show type of thing, right. Yeah, it’s like a William Sonoma. How wonderful. Thank you.

Lauren Forsch 21:25

Yeah, so, you know, if your dream is to one day like piano little, like, if you like these, all these, I used to watch a lot. Anyway, okay, I’m gonna go on, and then there’s a shipping station and then there’s an event space, and the event space has room for like nine or 12 yoga mats. So we can do things like Puffin pose Puffin paint. We’re looking to partner with people on those we’re not looking to, to run our own programs we’re

Honey Smith Walls 21:58

looking to iron your stand to have contracted venues contractors come into your venue and do a variety of things exactly we want to

Lauren Forsch 22:08

be able to keep the space fresh and promote new artists, new ideas, but also, you know, that you have to be a professional.

Honey Smith Walls 22:15

Yes yes yes. And then you’ll have a new concept or something, right. I bet you’ll probably have massage and yoga, like you said, and all kinds of things. Oh that sounds wonderful boring really special that I’m like, Should I tell people I socialize. Nobody, nobody will tell anybody. Yes we will. Yeah, terrible secret keeper except

Lauren Forsch 22:43

this is good gossip. We have outdoor space, which is really rare New York. Wow, I really want to bring in artists from the community, small and large and from all over the world who align with the mission of the brand and want to contribute to the space. There’s a commercial component to it as far as like the design, but truly it’s a collaboration of art, and spreading the message that, you know, that we know better than peace love and happiness we need education and kindness and tolerance. And we need to listen to each other, and we need to make space for each other. And whether that’s going to church or meditating or to using cannabis or being totally sober, or having drinks, whatever it is, we need to respect one another, and I feel like I’m hoping that this space will be one where we can do that.

Honey Smith Walls 23:48

I just love this. It’s, it follows my mentality of PSA is, we need more PSA is to be more better humans. Yeah, really do, you know, we used to, for those of us who used to go to church, right, just met. Right. Just don’t be a garbage human right.

Lauren Forsch 24:13

Don’t. Don’t drive yourself nuts worrying about if you’re a good person or not if you’re worrying about it, you’re probably a good person.

Honey Smith Walls 24:22

That’s a sweet thought, that’s not true.

Lauren Forsch 24:25

It’s not always true but you might as well just. Yeah. If there are people out there that we know are not doing nice things are okay people that we know the rest of us need to go. I’m okay too. So tell us about your product. Sure. Oh my gosh. So it’s, it’s my favorite product is our body butter. That was because it was the first one I made because I am no Betty Crocker. When I graduate, when I got married, I did not know how to boil water.

Honey Smith Walls 25:01

Oh, I’m sorry. Poor baby.

Lauren Forsch 25:04

I know I’m a princess I was, I, I’m sure it’s not for my lack of my mother trying, she, but she definitely wasn’t like

Honey Smith Walls 25:16

we did read an awful lot of fairy tales in those days you know so it’s probably not

Lauren Forsch 25:21

good cook, cook, cook a meal I learned how to cook a meal, when I was in high school, like, it felt like it was something I should do I took home economics but I did not do it. When I lived in New York City, I did not make many, many, I hadn’t made meals in a long time,

Honey Smith Walls 25:38

not your interest or forte.

Lauren Forsch 25:41

Now you know what is New York City and other people make food so much better. Why should I spend my time making food but somebody else loves it and can do it.

Honey Smith Walls 25:49

So, what I love, I love that idea and it helps so many other people too.

Lauren Forsch 25:54

Yeah, but when you have when you’re married and you have kids and your budget is the same, that’s a different story, you have to make different choices and so, so I learned to cook.

Honey Smith Walls 26:09

So we were talking about your bath bombs and your favorite products and, wow, tell us about the ingredients in your bath bombs.

Lauren Forsch 26:21

Yeah, so it’s all natural stuff it’s baking soda. Epsom salts, cornstarch, we use peppermint essential oil, and all of our products, it helps us kind of simplify everything just until one cent, one, I’m not trying to confuse anybody I’m just like these products we sell, They’re all kind of simple, they’re all kind of similar, and we’re going to the packaging is hopefully we’re making it even easier to read, to strengths, I’m used to regular strength and extra strength. So, with a regular strength and an extra strain.

Honey Smith Walls 27:01

And what does that boil down to in milligrams of 500 milligrams and 1000 milligrams, oh my goodness of CBD, yes. Wow, dude, what do you think, what is your impression. My impression is holy cow, how you know how can I buy one of those and try it. And it sounds divine, and it sounds like, you know if I’ve had an extremely stressful day. It sounds like a most divine and luxurious way to treat myself, and to help myself recover from stress, and probably inflammation and the pain that inflammation and stress brings on into our body and how that translates in our body. That’s why, taking a bath with a bath bomb is so good for you, when it’s got a great product like CBD in it. Yeah, definitely. What are your other products.

Lauren Forsch 28:03

So we do a rollerball and a sublingual tincture oil whatever you want to call it, which is drops that go under the tongue. Those are both the same oil, but one is drops that you put under your time that come with a one milliliter, measuring calibrated measure.

Honey Smith Walls 28:21

Oh nice.

Lauren Forsch 28:22

I found it very confusing that there weren’t measurements on some of the bottles, and I didn’t know how much was inside so our new packaging will have a visual of what is in one dropper. So, and how that goes with what is in the, in the container so that you can adjust your dose accordingly.

Honey Smith Walls 28:41

That’s very thoughtful of you because I gotta tell you as an old fart with, you know, the vision kind of going. I hate the tiny print on the bottle I can’t read the instructions and and I you know I would really like to know what the product is what’s in it. And, and I want to know how to dose properly. And in cannabis dosing properly is extremely independent, so we got to find our own sweet spot dosage, and if you don’t have a way to measure that accurately you know you’re just kind of fumbling around guessing. Yeah and we want it low and go slow. Yeah, always, always,

Lauren Forsch 29:26

we want to measure what we’re taking, but let’s be real, we can’t always do that, if you, if you can, I recommend a journal, we have a free download on our website that’s like a little Canna guide journal, it’s really just a very rudimentary there’s also gold leaf cells a cannabis journal. For me that was a little too advanced intense.

Honey Smith Walls 29:47

Yeah, I understand what you mean about that. I’m so glad that you recommend journaling, I think it’s very very important to, and, and I always talk about Dr. Dustin Sue Lex great cannabis journal that’s free also you can find that That’s H E A L E And just so everybody knows, I’m his student, you are I am, I was certified by Dr su lac, and I just love him to pieces, he’s, he’s, he’s, he is one of the most precious natured people on the planet. That’s all I can say he’s just precious. He’s an angel on this planet. And I don’t mean to be so goofy about it but the man’s just his world known in our industry. And he’s brilliant. And he’s the most humble thing you’ve, you know, you’d ever want to meet, and so it’s spending time with him in the ways that he allows on these free platforms are just incredible intelligence for us. So I’m so thrilled to see you in the same arena. Lauren, it’s so much fun to talk to these scientists and these doctors who, who knows who are getting it and learning it and understanding it and passing on the intelligence to us.

Lauren Forsch 31:17

Yeah, it’s definitely interesting to find a field where all of these people can come together and let’s talk about, let’s talk about looking at this really from a high level, right, like and then finding out the nitty gritty as well, and into Right.

Honey Smith Walls 31:37

Right. You know they’re all already making airplanes out of it, Henry Ford tried making his whole fleet of cars out of it but, oh well to that idea. And then, you know, Chernobyl was cleaned up by it, when they needed to, you know, find something to suck all the heavy metal out of their dirt after the big explosion, there’s just all kinds of, you know, all of our infrastructure that just passed the infrastructure thing. Good night, all our roads and bridges and everything else could be made with cannabis, if they just would or and and other plants as well. I do, yeah. I really find bamboo fascinating. It is, and beautiful cloth can be made of bamboo, likes, you know, silks and and yeah and cannabis to make some beautiful silk and cloth. Oh,

Lauren Forsch 32:27

I haven’t seen the cannabis cloth I’ve seen that have been I’ve seen 10 sale which is I believe from bamboo. And then, this is something I didn’t know until recently re on is made is a, is a plant based, polyester. Oh, isn’t that interesting cellulose and so it’s not a synthetic

Honey Smith Walls 32:46

oh I love learning juicy little tidbits like that

Lauren Forsch 32:50

prey on natural or synthetic I don’t want to leave everyone hanging and have them google it I’ll Google it For You audience at a girl, depending on who you ask. Yeah, right, right. Okay, Ray on natural fiber, yeah see they’re washing. Oh, oh, these people have strong opinions on this. Okay, I’m backing away from radio people,

Honey Smith Walls 33:14

okay we’re gonna have to go investigate it ourselves and figure it out, aren’t we, oh I love that about a good debate, we’ll meet back and challenge the whole issue again the next time fashion industry to talk. That would be an excellent idea because I am looking for somebody in the cannabis cloth, making industry, because I want to curate a whole line of clothing,

Lauren Forsch 33:42

I get at least a couple of emails so I can send those your way.

Honey Smith Walls 33:47

Oh, that’d be fantastic. And so I just wrote a book, and I, instead of, you know, doing the whole, I think I’m just going to release it as an e book first I haven’t really decided all of this yet but I’m thinking about it this way, because I’d really like to have my book printed on hemp paper, not tree paper. Yeah, and so I need a, you know, a book company that will print it in hemp as well.

Lauren Forsch 34:14

So it sounds like a special project or a small run where you could find a local bookmaker

Honey Smith Walls 34:20

yeah maybe we’ll see but, you know, the whole point is that we start thinking in terms of using cannabis in the bazillion ways that it can be used. Yeah, yeah. So what are your demographics look like for your business. You know what are the ages of the people that you see the most are they a little bit older, a little bit younger somewhere in between, nice mix.

Lauren Forsch 34:45

I’ve had I’ve had. I have not served but I’ve had an 11 year old in here.

Honey Smith Walls 34:50

Oh my goodness and that wonderful.

Lauren Forsch 34:53

I had a, I didn’t ask him if he used cannabis he was just really there to chat, nice kids saying there was a 14 year old that came 15 year old young man came in inquiring about whether we have cannabis, and I asked him if he smoked and he said he did and I asked him, you know why, just try and try to have a conversation about right. Without this, you know, not, not telling him about CBD or anything, using it as a common ground for conversation.

Honey Smith Walls 35:23

That was great.

Lauren Forsch 35:25

Our place has a lot of education on the wall. So, you know, I did say advertising so I really love propaganda. So I hopefully will take, you know, propaganda marketing tools and techniques that have worked, and make them less shitty. And

Honey Smith Walls 35:46

what a great idea. Yeah, yeah, turning, turning naughty into nice, yeah. I want to do public PSA is like you were talking about. And I want to put them on T shirts, you know, the, you know, teach everything you know, sort of PSAPs. Yeah.

Lauren Forsch 36:08

Like there was a company a few years ago, that used to put up posters with with like nice things and a diverse group of people. There was one homeless to Harvard that was really inspirational to me. It was a guerrilla campaign, like do gooders. Oh, yeah, just just people spend spreading pot, I mean it was funded by something and someone, but just anonymous do gooders who want to spread good word.

Honey Smith Walls 36:39

Well don’t you love that. I really do. I really, I have a little sign a little scrap of paper taped to my arm. Ah, right over there in front of my eyes. Always, and I see it because I wrote on it, you know, just in Scratch chicken scratch really and then I taped it up and it says, Never forget the offense. Random Acts of Kindness. And those are mottos that I just want to always consider, and have in the fourth front of my thoughts. Because if we don’t remember the offense. We can’t learn from it. You know we can’t, we can’t do better. We can’t make things better, if we choose to forget the events, and then mean you’re holding it against anybody just, you know, or, or whatever it was a mistake or whatever it was just learn, is the point, and do better, and then random acts of kindness, We just got to start being kinder to one another, that I keep hearing all these stories about our poor waiters and waitresses and serving people in grocery store, you know, tinkerers and everybody, you know, just really get ranked on by people, and, and everybody’s nervous. To me, it’s, it’s horrible, to really sorry, it’s I feel like people are just nervous and most of that’s my mailman. Tell him hello from Florida. Okay. Yeah,

Lauren Forsch 38:28

this is that’s Clinton He’s amazing. From day one, like super friendly. He’s my mailman. I want to act like living it Mr Rogers Neighborhood. That is so precious fucking neighborhood that is. So, he actually he went to Rollins College where my father taught for many years.

Honey Smith Walls 38:54

Oh my. Are you familiar with Rollins, I am and I’m just I’m just amazed that you know your dad taught there and he went there, I mean the connection is D,

Lauren Forsch 39:05

and E actually my father was the Dean of the Business School for many years. He recently passed.

Honey Smith Walls 39:12

Oh I’m sorry you lost him.

Lauren Forsch 39:13

Thank you. And I’m just I’m so lucky that I got to know him. When I was long as I did. Wow.

Honey Smith Walls 39:24

It’s nice to hear you talk about the love of your parents. You’re very lucky in that way, honey.

Lauren Forsch 39:30

I really am. I really, I know not everybody has that. Yeah, Yeah, but I think that there’s enough to be shared.

Honey Smith Walls 39:39

Well, you’ve just filled up my little heart and I appreciate it because I’m one of the others that you know, didn’t not quite so lucky with parents as you but it’s so nice to hear your love, it really does feel my heart. It really does. So that’s a sweet way of sharing that, that lovely and beautiful gift that you have. Hey, I can’t wait to talk to you next time and find out what’s happening in the big city. You’re so adorable. You are too. Let’s talk again real soon. I can’t thank you for spending a little while and telling our audience down here in Florida your old home place, right. All right, well, we’re all sending a great big Florida hug and some love up to y’all. And we can’t wait to see. Well, we’ve already got the snowbirds down here we’ll shove him back up your way before the hurricanes come, and we’ll chat again real soon, honey. Sounds great, thank you so much. My pleasure, thanks a lot, Lauren, take care and I’ll see you on LinkedIn, okay, okay, okay.

Thanks for joining us today. You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman honey Smith walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. The process of taking your records with your symptoms and diagnosis to a cannabis specialist can lead you to the correct cannabinoid therapy for your best results. Otherwise, you’re just your own guinea pig looking for answers without any foundational knowledge or ability to determine the best choices, unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test. Please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. (3) I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my podcast blog at the Cannaba website, that’s


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