CV 100 Irv Rosenfeld

August 13, 2021

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Honey Smith Walls 0:10

Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Hey, my friends, I just want you to know that I’m celebrating my 100th episode of the Cannaba Verum podcast and my very very special guest is my buddy, Irvin Rosenfeld, he’s a Titan, in the cannabis industry, you may not have heard of him. If you’re not in the cannabis industry, but oh my goodness, you’re probably applauding already, if you know who I’m talking about urban Rosenfeld is the reason that we can safely and securely, enjoy the benefits of medicinal cannabis, all across the United States, and any kind of cannabis product that you’re able to obtain in all 50 states that was because of the work that my buddy, Irvin Rosenfeld did. Well, he wrote a book. It’s called My Medicine, and I want you to have the opportunity to win this book, all you have to do is send me a little note that you want it at Now, let’s have a little chat with Irvin shall we.

Hello. Hi Irvin, this is Honey. Yes, I’m so glad I gotcha, I think I’ve got our little technical issues figured out, so thank you so much for joining me for the Cannaba Verum podcast to tell our audience who you are and what you are to our cannabis industry and how important especially that you have been to me. So welcome, Irv. Yeah, tell our audience who you are.

Irvin Rosenfeld 3:28

I am the last federal medical cannabis patient in the United States federal government in 1973, and I became the second federal patient in the country in 1982, and I was able to stand up with Robert Randall the first patient. in 1982 and start teaching people, and the United States and the world about the benefits of medical cannabis, and not having to worry about Johnny law coming into arrest us because we had a prescription, not a recommendation. So it’s very important for Bob and I to be able to teach the world about it and that’s what we did.

Honey Smith Walls 4:13

this is an amazing story that got you even into the cannabinoid therapies, you were a young boy at the time when you found out about issues that. Well, you tell the story.

Irvin Rosenfeld 4:27

Well I was 18 and a half when I discovered marijuana, but the benefits of it goes against that nice. Why would a healthy person use an illegal drug, which was cannabis. When you had to take all these legal medicines, because of my bone disorder, and I came out with one from Virginia, where I lived in Virginia, came to college in Miami and 18. And that’s when I discovered the benefits of medical cannabis because I gave into peer pressure to use it just to make friends. And he was garbage, America, I get a phone. I get nothing from it. As far as I was concerned but I was accepted by their friends, and I was able to make acquaintances, so therefore is very beneficial. And I realized, you know I played a game of chess, which I don’t like chess like backgammon. So play the game of chess for 30 minutes. And when I was, I stood up and I realized I sat for 30 minutes is the first time in five years, more than 10 minutes. And immediately, immediately take all the prescriptions I had which was Dilaudid. And the fact that one which is quite loose and other medicines, and I realized I’d taken I’m taking a pill in six hours, the person beside me had a good choice, it was my turn. And I looked at a piece of garbage, because that’s all cannabis was the word cannabis who back then was marijuana. Yeah. And so I looked at this piece of garbage and thought, wait a minute this is using them differently. I wonder if there’s any medical benefits to this garbage. And that’s how I contacted my family and my doctor. My family, my great uncle and at one point was head of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins. My very long talk pfsa Gail and actually work with Dr. Spock, in the 40s and 50s which is a renowned pediatrician. Yeah, my sister My sister was a nuclear medicine. Oh my gosh. So I contacted them and said hey wait a minute, there may be some doctors garbage, called cannabis or marijuana, back then. And that’s when we did the research, you know, of course there was no Internet back then in 1973, and we did the research and went to the libraries and do the research and lo and behold we found out that this has been a medicine for generations and generations and hundreds of years. And if the government had a forum in Mississippi, that they were growing marijuana for medical research, didn’t it blow your mind. Yes, that’s fine bone disorder is, you know, back then it was called multiple congenital cartilages asbestosis. So it was very rare. And so I thought, You know what, if I were at my project, and think all the federal government, you were your only custody. Well, the point was that my disease is so rare, I figured I was gonna be opening a Pandora’s box. And so therefore if I take on the federal government, you know, that would be at least a way of not allowing myself to be arrested for using illegal drug. And because when I looked at is My doctor gave me morphine. I’m gonna get a marijuana that didn’t make sense to me. So, what I realized and I did the research after you thought it was beneficial. It really was beneficial for me. So that’s why I left college after three semesters in Miami, went back to Virginia, and decided to become a federal government, that’s what I did. So

Honey Smith Walls 8:10

that was that was still a long process, I mean, even after that and I’d forgotten that so many of your family members were such smarty pants in the medical industry right but that helped me

Irvin Rosenfeld 8:24

honestly didn’t it gave me. You know the knowledge that knowing that, you know, here are the, these people were medicine, they go urban, there may be something here, you’re right, you know there really might be something here. And so that’s why I’ve continued further than 10 years I mean, believe me. I look as today in Florida, and you can go to a doctor and get a recommendation in 15 minutes, which is fantastic. I love it.

Honey Smith Walls 8:54

Yeah, we’re privileged to live here in Florida with our regulation, you know system it’s not as bad as a lot of other states. I feel like we’ve got a lot of choices and that, you know, there’s a lot of contamination that gets routed out because of the way our system is set up in Florida, I know there’s still a lot of flaws to our system but we were a lot luckier than some of those states out there that still so crazy with their regulations, or lack thereof.

Irvin Rosenfeld 9:29

Nothing is perfect, shall we say, Florida. I mean there’s, you know, we get to the point is, we need to to society’s entire war about medical cannabis. We do it for the benefit of clients or patients. That’s what we want to do and what Florida has done is they’ve made it to a monopoly for money. Yeah, yeah. Because that’s what we wanted we want patients to have the right to utilize the right decision from the hands of the doctors not the legislators. That’s what the point is is you know, The thing is, when your disability. Most people with disability can barely afford their rent or their food, and now you’re telling them they’ve got to go out to a dispensary and spend four or five hours a month to get their medicine, right, right, it’s just not. We should be able to be able to you know, arrange for patients to grow their own, because you know when your disability, you don’t have a lot of self worth, you’re, you’re, you feel like you’re drown society. But if you could grow your own medicine. And especially, you know, for people that live in and different facilities where you have stable facilities where people get together and do the right, it gives them a sense of responsibility. And so I really wish that you know here in Florida, and all over the country, that people would have a right to be able to not having to go to some dispensary to pay for it, they can grow their own, they would give them self worth and say hey look, look what I’m doing myself look what I’m doing. And again, God. Thank God, if somebody can grow their arm, and then grow more than they need for ourselves, they could give it to all the disabled people.

Honey Smith Walls 11:28

That’s right. That’s that’s the right way to frame it. Yeah, that’s that’s how I feel about it. Yeah, I like that a lot. So that whole process that whole legal process took you years and years, I know. And then you wrote a book about it called my medicine, which transformed my life. I didn’t, I didn’t know that part could be so advantageous and could help a person be successful. I thought you know I was. I was just ignorant, I just thought part was a toy. And then I read your book and realized it’s really medicine, it’s really medicine. And so they changed everything for me.

Irvin Rosenfeld 12:24

Yeah, well, people don’t understand the endocannabinoid system, and what it means to us, and, you know, our, our self worth and our being as far as, you know, to be able to be able to regulate your own body, to be able to make it to where everything works well. People realize this. Before cannabis became illegal in 1937. Before that it wasn’t our medicines, it was our foods, and we didn’t have the autoimmune diseases we have today. In fact, but back then able to self medicate and take care of yourself, once I took it over system, that’s when we started getting our body fighting ourselves, meaning all these autoimmune immune diseases. He got his. All of these all of these silly things right before 1937 Right. And so in order to make your doctors, and the public realize that it’s very difficult, but we’ve come a long way in the four years that I’ve been using it for the federal government, and Norway, but we still have so far to go because they still don’t understand it that well, because I’d say maybe 10% of the country, Medical School for teaching it, maybe 10% Maybe 15% is behind this, right, to doctors.

Honey Smith Walls 13:56

Yet none in the higher, higher medical schools yet so that’s that’s the way it is. The people I hear are getting degrees in cannabinoid science are going to Canada and Australia, and, you know, other countries to get those masters and stuff but wow, it’s coming, it’s coming and you started all of that. I mean you really brought it back to the conscious, mindfulness of the public to realize it’s a good thing for us, and that we’ve been hoodwinked for almost 100 years Dr Raphi Mechoulam is saying that because of all of that lack of cannabinoid therapy. Now we have an endo cannabinoid deficiency problem, and like you were saying, I bet that’s where all the ADD and all the, You know MS and autoimmune diseases are coming from an endocannabinoid deficiency.

Irvin Rosenfeld 15:10

One. Thank God. Several patients so I’ve been able to stand up and talk about it. And that’s important is because anybody else is not so much today before, is looking at. They’re looking at losing their jobs. It was very difficult for anybody to talk about it, you know,

Honey Smith Walls 15:37

they’d have their practices and their bank accounts shut down

Irvin Rosenfeld 15:41

that that searcher too. So, you know I’m very fortunate that I’ve been able to stand up and talk about it. And, and now we’ve come a long way in last four years, people thought, you know, we’re gonna live long enough to see this. And I have yet, we’re still not there yet and we still have a long way to go in jail. We suddenly have Brexit and for this Edison nonviolent crime. I missed a plant that’s all is a plant. So it’s just really difficult to see people, you know, being prosecuted and putting in prison, or whatever for plant is almost like saying oh god. Well, tomorrow. Broccoli is gonna be illegal, and nobody’s calling you using broccoli or eating broccoli, it’s gonna be put in jail.

Honey Smith Walls 16:30

Right. And those policy makers are telling us that we can’t have it, and they own it and use it.

Irvin Rosenfeld 16:46

Again, the federal government has patents on it which is kind of ironic. And so, though it is a situation that we’ve got. So as you all keep saying is that you know this is a truth. And again, I’m one of the people that can stand up and say, Look, I’ve used it for 40 years under the federal government. And, and this works

Honey Smith Walls 17:10

that federal program is no longer open for patient access right. It hasn’t been open since 1992. So who am I, How many patients are lived in it now. Just you. Just name. We’re gonna argue healthy and live the 180 years old so you’ll be the last one. I’ll put you in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Irvin Rosenfeld 17:40

Well supposedly in 2014 I was putting the poker world record so I’m not sure if it was, but there was thing. I smoked more marijuana anyway the world record dam and it was documented once a day, or four days or 40 years to figure out how many joints have spokes. So a lot of cannabis a lot of cannabis.

Honey Smith Walls 18:16

I hope, I hope to inspire our audience to pick up your book. I don’t know if you know this or not but I bought three extra copies from your bookstore at one point because I kept giving a bunch of my own away.  Yeah, I did that when your site was still up, you take it down. Okay, yeah it was taken down and people went the order books in my house. Yes. So, Yes. It’s a wonderful book. So, you know, it’s very inspiring, actually is a very great book because what it does is it gives you the history of medical cannabis in this country. More importantly, you know, because that is what I wrote the book was to help patients were more important, the people who take care of patients, the parents, the grandparents, to be able to realize that this is a real medicine, and so therefore you know you’ve got to realize that, you know, with child, especially a child has a devastating disorder, you know, all they care about all patient cares about is having the best physicians possible. And the best medicines possible for. If you get that, that’s all you got for God forbid if you’ve got a disorder, cancer, whatever the person doesn’t survive. That’s all you care about is because get the best medicine the best doctors care about you. And again, one thing that I’ve learned a long time ago is when you have a caring physician, and again I’m talking about a physician for mostly kids, but colleges that’s taken care of a six year old child, and they take care of them for 6789 They do the best they can do they send the child dice. Well that’s devastating, the parents, but to the doctors, especially, and that’s when you say the doctor, doctor. All yours that MD, DO NOT a god. Oh yeah. That’s important aspect is because most of them I want them are really caring physician. So you just want them to be able to help the patient as best we can, but their job is to do the best you can and patient doesn’t survive. And God give you the best she could. until the parents also you know it’s devastating lives that we live by may not survive through my teenage years, and I’m 68 now so I survive you and this person may not. And so that’s all patients care about is going to have the best possible treatment. And that’s what’s important. Yeah, and Cannabis was incredibly instrumental in the treatment of that, degenerative bone disease that you had not only, you know, for the disease itself but for your attitude and your spirit and your success as a man.

Irvin Rosenfeld 21:38

Yes. I’ve been a stock broker for 34 years and listened made a lot of people a lot of money, including myself, but the point is that money is just money. That’s, that’s something to hang your hat on, I mean so much it really is when you can help me when you can help people. And, you know, thank God because of what I’ve done, I felt the millions and millions of people. Not only this country but worldwide realize the benefits of medical cannabis, and that’s something I can hang my hat on for 34 years, but still is, It’s given me the, the avenue to be able to help patients and travel around and do this because financially been able to do that.

Honey Smith Walls 22:20

So you’re my big example to do the same thing, I mean once I saw what you were doing, not only with your book, and talking about your experience, but going on the silver tour with, you know, that whole pack was so fabulous. The silver tour was a sponsored panel of cannabis experts, that would give these free conferences open to the public, and you just learned so much, you know, and each panelist would get up and give a 20 minute little whatever or something like that, and that’s where I saw you, I already knew about you. And then I saw that you were going to be on a panel down near Miami I think and I would trot down there and spent three hours from here. And I saw you and fell in love and knew instantly, this is exactly what my calling was, and I went up to you and you were you were signing books or you were signing books, and I told you what my name was and that I was going to do exactly what you’re doing, and you were going to be my mentor, and I didn’t give you any choice. grinned at me and said Well, welcome to the. And that’s what’s been going on for years.

Irvin Rosenfeld 23:41

So, we need, we need everybody’s help to do what they can to spread the word, and that’s what you’ve done, and I really appreciate what you’ve accomplished what you’ve done, and it’s all a small part of teaching you to do. What brought about that

Honey Smith Walls 23:55

you’ve been a huge part of teaching me to do that. Or, and I love you and I’m grateful and I thank you for, and I want our audience to know how important your movement in this industry has been I mean truly, it has, you have you created the light that shines on this industry now in a truthful way. And I can’t think we all can’t thank you enough. Hey everybody go out and get my buddy Urban’s book it’s called my medicine. And let me, let me give you my website right now. And I’ll put it in the in the show notes and everything. And so tell us

Unknown 24:41

Send a check for $25.00 to Irvin Rosenfeld. At 500, Northwest 51st Street, Lauderhill,  Florida, 33351, and they’re 20 bucks and five dollars  shipping and handling. So just mail me a check, and I’ll be glad to sign the book of course, and I’ll mail it back to you. And the point is that you know I love feedback so once you get the book, give me a call, because you’ve got the phone number will be on the book. And ISIS know that’s the way to spread the word. It’s the way. And that’s thank God I’m still alive. I’m 68 years old, and you know I look back, Bob Miranda was the first patient. He died in 2001. And so I became the longest surviving federal patient. And I love being number two Bob because Bob was the greatest Bob Randall was the greatest. I’m good. You know, and, but Bob was better. The point is my book, points out everything about the history and also makes it to where it’s, if anybody’s, you know, once they come out about medical cannabis and your families that are understand, they read a book, they’re gonna understand.

Honey Smith Walls 26:14

That’s right. They won’t be people against you, after they read my book, because that’s the way I love it. And that’s what moves me that herb that your book is what moved me to step into this industry, to think that I could even and should everybody who’s got skills and talents should be considering jumping into this industry, it’s, you know, it’s, if it’s going to take over the world.

Irvin Rosenfeld 26:43

Well we’re getting away. But we still have a long way to go. There’s a lot of work cut out for us but you know we’ve come a long way and a look you know I wouldn’t be a federal program to where you know, legally, anybody can use it over ace over 21. And, you know, in some ways I think should be 25 Because what I’ve read about the brain and everything else I mean the brain is still formulating at 21 to 25 knows. It was especially if you’ve got a medical need for the substance and everybody has a medical needs to the endocannabinoid system. Cancer you’ve got other problems glaucoma, whatever. You really should think about this as a new medicine, and considered. I try to tell patients. The best thing about medical cannabis. As far as I’m concerned, is it does no harm me if it helps you with chemotherapy or whatever this disorder is. Hopefully it helps you. If it doesn’t, it’s not gonna warm you in a way, it’s not gonna warn other medicines you take, and maybe even, you know, kiss you off a lot of medicines you take, is cannabis, such as such a need in the human body, range, it really does talk about and get the word out what you’re doing is getting the word out and that’s what I appreciate,

Honey Smith Walls 28:17

following in your footsteps buddy I can’t thank you enough, I just want to tell you one more time, I love you, urban and you’re the best. Thanks so much for being on my 100th, episode of Cannaba Verum the cannabis truth podcast, and, and I’ll talk to you again we’ll catch up real soon.

Irvin Rosenfeld 28:36

I appreciate that it’s very special. Keep up the good work.

Honey Smith Walls 28:39

Thanks for joining us today. You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman honey Smith walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. The process of taking your records with your symptoms and diagnosis to a cannabis specialist can lead you to the correct cannabinoid therapy for your best results. Otherwise, you’re just your own guinea pig looking for answers without any foundational knowledge or ability to determine the best choices, unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test. Please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. (3) I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my podcast blog at the Cannaba website, that’s


  1. …all street weed is contaminated:
  2. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak –
  3. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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