CV 045 Legislating Dispensaries

July 9, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

Hello my friends,

I’d like to tell you the little bit I know about our Florida dispensaries.

And then afterwards,  I’ll have a little gift at the end of the podcast to help you accomplish a small but very important task.

I want you to know how grateful I am to live in Florida where the law takes our health seriously. Our dispensaries, which also own their “grows” or farms, must, by law, third party lab test all their products before sale. Each product has a bar code attached that allows the patient to see the Certificate of Analysis (COA) (1) [1] that tells them not only content of cannabinoids and terpene levels but contamination tests results as well.

Not all states have caught onto the need for that little detail. Some states allow patients to purchase products that are contaminated and will definitely harm them.  Especially if they’ve already got a delicate immune system from stuff like arthritis, IBS, Fibro, and all those other auto-immune issues. I hope those stores have lots of money for lawyers.

I listen to Cannabis Legalization News.. and  I heard a cannabis lawyer on that podcast say: “It takes about 15 million dollars to put your foot in the door of a start-up cannabis dispensary.”

And I’m sayin… that’s just to grease the legislative machine’s front door.

One dispensary in this state (with a female CEO) is queen over all the others owning 50% of all Florida sales.

To be able to compete at that level… a major corporate wrangler would have to step in with $50 million dollars in cash to level the competition.

Let’s talk about how they might do that… without the ability to advertise, except to their own growing list of patient/clients.

It’s tough to level anything. But swallowing up a small operation that already HAS a patient list would be a good start. Our state declared that you had to have an established grow for a certain numbers of years… So the big guys came in a bought out a bunch of long-established garden nurseries and replaced the grow. See how easy that was to get around? That piece of legislation wasn’t well thought out. It was simple to game.

Oh and then there’s that dang banking issue. Prohibitive FDIC banking problems force dispensaries and their patients to carry unimaginable amounts of cash. Not only is it a filthy habit, literally, our money is soooo germy… but it’s also a dangerous habit. Imagine all those old farts with cash in hand as a target for thieves who know dispensaries can only accept greenbacks… Yes, dispensaries and new technology figured out a way to get around it with an app called Can Pay…. you hook up Can Pay to your debit card and they handle the rest. But a lot of people don’t trust new technology yet. I don’t mind woopin my phone out to pay for stuff.  Saves my fingers from the pain of diggin for my credit card. I can’t remember the last time I handled a dollar bill. Eww!

Cannabis ain’t cheap and it takes a couple hundred dollars every time you want to visit the dispensary. Or at least it does for me… and that’s just getting the bare necessities. An  RSO tincture for night and some flower throughout the day will last a couple of weeks.

 Oh yes… they added a convenient ATM that charges me for using cash at their convenience…. penalized again by legislators who either don’t think or don’t care.

There are reports of Hold-ups across the nation that are becoming more and more problematic.  Legislative reform that would allow dispensaries to use credit cards and banks… instead… they’ve got big armored Brinkers trucks for Protection Services picking up gazillions of dollars in cash and taking it to an undisclosed location with cash to hide in the dessert… or cold storage at your local Box Wine Store. Snort.


But you see the problem. Lack of thoughtful legislation creates incredible problems for small business and big business alike.

If you haven’t googled how Florida has benefited from the cannabis taxes, then do so… You may be surprised at what it’s already done for your own community.

The politics behind our Florida dispensaries is as competitive as it gets. Truly non-partisan, aches and pains and suffering afflicts all. But again, the individual corruption issues must be highlighted, extinguished, and monitored… forever.

For instance, although we enjoy the tightly controlled meds that come out of our vertical corporate cannabis companies here in Florida, the system has locked out smaller companies who will never be able to compete without an extra 15 million dollars to initially hand over to the state office and red tape demanding it.  That’s allegedly to keep the riff raff out. But it actually keeps the competition out and the prices high.

Good legislation levels the playing field for serious applicants without penalizing them.

An inclusionary system with different program levels available for entrepreneurs of many sizes. Compliance is key… not money. Failure to maintain compliance would render a company ineligible to remain open. Compliance should be created around the safety of the patient and plant. And since each township can determine where a dispensary can go, it would be nice to consider the elderly patients who have to get there with their walkers and air tanks to arrive in safe fashion without worrying about getting robbed before they get through the front door! I can move pretty slowly when I’m not feeling good… and I’d NEVER be able to fend off someone trying to grab my purse or run after them! Legislators have got to consider their own grandparents as patients walking into a dispensary for medication that won’t compound more crazy side-effects.

Talk to your legislators. Make them see how valuable cannabis is.  Tell them to legislate for the safety of the patient and plant… not the shameful federal government’s corrupt schedule 1 rating.

I’ll put a link to the Florida House and Senate and you can send your own letter or copy the one I’ll leave for you.  But DO something! Make your voice heard! And this is an easy way of sounding off that the politicians really hear! A letter from a real constituent!

Pax Vobiscum yall.

Find your Florida representatives here:

All others, here:



Dear Senator or Representative,

I am writing to ask you to consider cannabis legislation for patients in our state. There are so many unnecessary regulatory issues around the current status of medical marijuana that the safety of the patient is getting left out of the equation.

Science has proven the value of this plant for medicinal therapy for centuries. New testing verifies ancient anecdotal findings and more. The U.S. government has owned a patent on cannabis for years that touts the medicinal benefits.

Upon realizing the true worth of this plant, many countries have begun to ignore it’s bogus Schedule 1 rating. Finally, some individual countries have begun dropping the 2oth century American propaganda in exchange for world wide scientific validation and access. 

The United States was built on the backbone of cannabis. It is time to abolish corrupt cannabis prohibition and let the scientists and doctors do their job for the people. 

Please DE-SCHEDULE cannabis and return it to the little black bags of the medical professionals who know what to do with it.



Your Constituent

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)



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