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January 29, 2021

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Welcome to the Cannaba Verum podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored, while educating my audience on the safe use of this live Plant Therapy. You should know what’s in your cannabis, what’s good and what’s not. It does not come with an FDA stamp of approval yet, using cannabis mindfully, as medication is a different concept in the healthcare philosophy of the past 100 years. There’s a lot to learn and consider cannabis is not dangerous, but it is not harmless, either. This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman here to explain the language of cannabis in historical, political, and scientific terms, so you can make educated decisions about the medicine you ingest.

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This is honey Smith walls, a 21st century cannabis shaman and host of the cannabis Baron podcast, the cannabis truth Podcast, where you’ll learn how to use the cannabis plant effectively and find your proper dose tame THC if you need to, and mitigate damage from St. Plus avoid contamination and save your cash. If you’re a patient on a handful of prescription medications, looking for a kind of relief that does not include new body aches, new dangers and new brain fog, then stay tuned for some amazing information, you can always verify with proof by scientific data. And now, honey Smith walls.

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Hi Natalie How are you, darling. I’m good honey How are you, oh, I’m just fine gosh it’s been so long since we’ve had a chance to talk and I’m so grateful you join me today this is just super awesome.

Unknown 1:15

I miss you to dangle hibernation and, honestly, it’s. I only been able to get out just a couple or a few times and it’s so hard not to touch anybody or I know, I know especially you right.

Unknown 1:38

Everybody, I, I want to welcome Natalie shark hallway the owner of the American shaman CBD shop. In, Satellite Beach, Florida just off a one, a two hour show the cannibal verum episode.

Unknown 1:55

22, where we’re just talking with women in weed, and what your experience has been all about. Natalie.

Unknown 2:03

I’ve got a story for you but. Tell us. Tell us how you got into this CBD saga of your life. Well, a couple years back, my dad actually found for him more of a business opportunity for me it was a miracle. I’ve suffered anxiety for my whole life and I’ve just never wanted to go the pharmaceutical route and just kind of you know dealt with it, and other in other ways so finding CBD and natural medicine was just a miracle for me.

Unknown 2:44

It’s really nice to be able to help people and help myself without any, any side effects without any, you know any anything bad naturally so it’s been a few years now and I’ve learned so much from when I first got into it, and it’s really been such such a good thing for me my family. And, and my customers they’re, they’re everything to me.

Unknown 3:11

I know that feeling of the people who talk to me are everything to me about learning about cannabis. It’s, it’s transformational, isn’t it. Yes, I learning every day from my customers.

Unknown 3:30

You know, just from their experiences how it’s helped them personally. And it’s just every day is a new learning experience and it’s, it’s awesome. Well, Natalie Who are your customers what what did, what does that person look like or persons what’s the spectrum. It’s honestly. Everyone is, is, you know, I mean not everyone is my everyday customer but everyone can benefit in some way we have a select few amount of kids who take it for ADHD and things like that.

Unknown 4:05

My average customer is older and in pain. But, you know, in between there I have younger teenagers just struggling with being a teenager and, oh yeah, especially during the times right now is how I’ve had an uptick in parents bringing their kids in happy really yeah just struggling with school and not not being able to see their friends you know just their whole worlds change emotions and anxiety. Yeah. Yeah. So, a lot more kids lately than normal, but I think the good thing. Yeah, it really is this, it can help everyone I mean from animals to to people. I mean, there’s. It’s, there’s something for everybody out what products are they choosing I mean, I personally know what your line is because I talk about American shaman all the time to my patients. And I just to let you know.

Unknown 5:05

I talk about Charlotte’s Web to them too because I think both of both of these products are the ones that I can trust I know your technology I know your care about contamination and all of that, but please don’t let me tell your story. Yeah, I mean, really just gummies are pretty popular amongst younger people just more convenient getting getting a teenager that you know take something every day is a little harder than an adult but building a habit is hard for everything. Exactly. Yeah. Really it is so it’s a habit, a good habit, but it’s something that you know you have to remember to do and so it’s full of sugar that helps you know where they came from, you know where a spoonful of sugar came from.

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Well it was in the Disney movie.

Unknown 7:22

Oh gosh, girl with umbrella. Oh yeah, cancer and Mary Poppins, and she sang that song with Dick Bandai, and that was to help the children of that era, take their polio medicines. Because instead of getting the shots. They put it into a cube of sugar. And so, a spoonful of sugar that song was about that, pandemic in that era.

Unknown 7:54

When, and you’re doing where our cannabis industry is doing it again to help our children. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. So for them yeah gummies are the easiest option but other.

Unknown 8:08

We have watersoluble tinctures. That’s my favorite just because it takes care of everything. It’s one product that covers it all.

Unknown 8:17

But then I you know I have some people that just prefer to use a topical rub it on.

Unknown 8:22

We do have smokable hemp. Some people do use that to cook with. And I think that’s, that’s interesting that’s more of a process but you know that lasts a little bit longer. It’s just a different way to take it some older people who don’t want to smoke it but they like the, the effects of the fresh flour. All right, so they use it you know make, make a butter out of it or whatever.

Unknown 8:48

Oh, that’s a great idea because then they’re also getting all all of the full spectrum of those 400 plus compounds Yes. Oh that’s really great. I’m glad to hear that you’ve got Baker’s in the back. Yeah, it’s not it’s not the most common route but people who do who do like to have their, their hand butter and they like to make it themselves. Right. Yeah, I know that American shaman grows in the US. Is that right, yes, and that you’re certified by the US hemp authority. Yep.

Unknown 9:26

And that you also partner with veterans I’m so happy to hear about that yes yes, that’s great because God loves them. They’ve done so much for our country and yet they’re still battling outside effects of being a wounded warrior in so many different ways so yeah, that’s really awesome.

Unknown 9:47

What’s your best story for, for whatever patient you’ve seen.

Unknown 9:53

I have so many I really do what I like to tell is, we had a lady come in with a cane. I believe she, it was either her knee, I think it was her knee she was supposed to have surgery on it but she was trying to avoid it as much as possible. Oh yeah, yeah. So we gave you know we gave her some watersoluble to drink, and let her rub on some of the topical, and then we went over all of the products let her sit down and just kind of talk about it. She had a nice purchasing and then when she went to leave she walked out almost walked out without her cane cane.

Unknown 10:33

She was, I couldn’t believe it. She was like I don’t remember the last time I didn’t even know she didn’t even think about it. She’s like, I go I don’t go anywhere without it so it was just really nice to see she was in shock. we were just all happy.

Unknown 10:48

Yeah, so that was, you know, and a lot of people come in and they don’t think they think you know it’s going to take a long period of time before they get some relief, and then I tell them that story you know yeah and then wait 30 minutes and see how you feel, you’ll, you’ll feel it pretty quickly.

Unknown 11:06

And that is actually with your nanotechnology as that distributes throughout your body so well yes so we we like to sample everything.

Unknown 11:16

You know a lot of people come in and they’re just unfamiliar they heard about it their daughter told them, but they’re you know they’re hesitant they don’t want to sit still ingesting something so you know they’re a little hesitant about it so we like to see a full stuff and, you know, sure that it’s going to help before right.

Unknown 11:38

And especially here those puppies. I know all five of them I’m sitting down, beautiful afternoon just praying. Somebody wasn’t going to come with them.

Unknown 11:55

But, yeah, so we like to sample stuff and a lot of my customers are on fixed income and during the pandemic and everything they’re, you know, everything is hard for people so it’s important to me to, to, for people to be confident with what they’re getting so I like to sample everything as much as you know they want and I really liked that about your store philosophy, because I have watched you over and over again build one relationship after another. Gently by education by sample. And by verification of your scientific knowledge on the product, you know it’s not just I’m not just telling you this. Here’s the science. Here’s the certificate of analysis that I can prove what I’m saying. And, and I’ve got a story.

Unknown 12:54

And I’m sure you remember this, but I tell this story, fairly often honey. It was, it was transformational.

Unknown 13:03

The day that I brought my blind friend over to your store you know that was coming.

Unknown 13:10

I wasn’t there though so I hear the story from Jordan, it was Jordan that was Yeah, so it just blew us all away. Yeah. And so I brought her in I was just paying a business call to y’all and she was over, visiting for the weekend from, you know the West Coast. And I walked in and introduced and you know you’ve got that lovely couch setting there where it’s just so easy to sit down and relax the music’s always nice at your place. You know usually your kid is they’re happy and play tittering around it’s just a lovely familial setting and girlfriend could easily come in with a white cane, and I could help her sit down and she felt comfortable. And so I sat right next to her and then here comes Jordan and he’s offering us a sip of something I didn’t know what it was, I knew it was you know product yet I didn’t know what type or what flavor or anything and he’s telling girlfriend about it lol Alon. She takes a sip because she trusts me and she trusts you know where we are in the setting and everything, and Jordan and I are just having a good old time catching up and a couple minutes later she grabs me by the arm, and she, she says. Honey.

Unknown 14:38

Honey My, My I stopped twitching. Now, desperate sprint had some debilitating disease that took her eyesight away from home recently. Oh wow, and it had left her with this terrible twitching uncomfortable uncontrollable twitching, and she had just that small cup that little sample that’s only a couple of swallows of water and it had a little product in it, and I don’t even know how much product but it couldn’t have been that much, probably only once it got milligrams is usually say maybe barely even 10 milligrams of CBD in it, and it stopped my friends from spasm instantly. And that was such an uncomfortable miserable feeling for her, that, that just, you know, she had never had. Stop, unless she took other drugs that just knocked her on her ass. Yeah. Yeah. And she, she cried salty tears and was we giggled and we’re dancing in the street, joyful and Jordan was excited. It was I mean it was in our own glory moment I remember that story. Well I tell it to. Yeah, it was just amazing. It was just amazing.

Unknown 16:10

So, you and your shop and and that American shaman, you know, maybe it is from you that I began calling myself a 21st century shop, because you know we’ve gone through all of these trials and tribulations and, and these life stories, learning about cannabis and giving our audience, all that we can in real cannabis truth and what it can do for us. So, we bear are our educational stripes and helping the rest of the world learn about this I’m so grateful for your help. And you sound wonderful and so strong.

Unknown 17:01

I’m grateful to you. I’ve learned so much from you.

Unknown 17:06

It’s just been a wonder and so I’m so pleased that you honey as a woman in we’d have been able to survive this past year of COVID, and that you’re doing okay. We’re hanging in there.

Unknown 17:24

All right, well tell us how you how we can all find you, with our and yeah go ahead are located in the satellite beach Publix Plaza. 1024 Highway, a one a unit 146, we’re in the corner, near the old movie theater, which will hopefully be the new movie theater in the future good I hope I hope so she loved that place I’ve been going through it for 20 years. Yep. So that’s where that’s where my store is we have another store location that owner is Jordan. He is mainland so he’s Wycombe and like Washington.

Unknown 18:05

That was just down for me up and I sit by when I, when I get to get out too. And both the stores are really wonderful. What’s your phone number honeys there so that we can call yes 321-622-8875. Say that one more time I’m not sure I got it clearly. It’s 321-622-8875.

Unknown 18:31

That’s great. And is there maybe a website that we could visit your products out do you have a website CBD of another company that we are carrying with that mostly our hemp flour and delta eight products our bugs, burn bugs, with a Z butts burned calm.

Unknown 18:57

And those are those are raw ham Yep, that’s where we get our flour from. Hey girl, tell us about Delta eight that you made. Yeah. Have you heard of it, honey.

Unknown 19:07

Oh yes, but I want you to tell them don’t eat.

Unknown 19:11

don’t say, eat, is hemp derived THC. So because it’s hemp derived, there’s not a legal limit that it has to be under most CBD products, the THC that’s in there is delta nine THC Delta nine is marijuana derived so that has to be under a certain limit delta eight is a little bit new for me. Not sure how new it is in general but it’s pretty popular right now.

Unknown 19:42

Are you saying that delta eight will get you, not you know not it’s not like medical marijuana but just a little bit. Yeah, it’ll give you a little kick.

Unknown 19:54

Will how nicer Yeah, for the hemp.

Unknown 19:58

Okay. So there’s all kinds of new things coming out and I’m sure American Saman is on top of all.

Unknown 20:07

Oh, I, I’m so tickled to know of your new products and your website honey and all the ways that we can get in touch with you when you come back and visit us of course I thank you for having me. I’m so tickled that you’re here. Thanks a lot, Natalie and best wishes to you if I were there I’d give you two.

Unknown 20:44

You’ve been listening to the cannibal veteran podcast with host and educator, honey Smith walls, discussing the language of cannabis certified by respected cannabis doctors researchers and clinicians in the industry and passionate about helping people understand the benefit of this ancient plant, with over 400 chemical compounds in it, you’ll find a lot to relate to in her experiences, and those of special guests in the industry. Click on the buttons below to subscribe to the podcast and preorder her new ebook, the language of cannabis, how to use body pot pot effectively coming in January. 2021.

Host: Honey 26:57

You’ve been listening to another Cannaba Verum podcast with 21st century cannabis shaman Honey Smith Walls, about the importance of using safe hemp and marijuana products. Unless otherwise proven by a reputable third party lab test, please be advised that all street weed is contaminated. It may do grave harm to a patient with a delicate immune system. I challenge you to check the veracity of my statements in each episode by checking the medical citations posted on my blog at Cannaba

That’s C A N N A B A   V E R U

  1. plant specifically grows, the acid form, the THCa –
  2. all street weed is contaminated:
  3. Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Practices and Principles by Dr. Dustin Sulak – and
  4. Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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