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August 28, 2020

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Welcome to Cannaba Verum… ancient words meaning cannabis truth. Today is August 28, 2020.

This podcast is dedicated to the love of science and education for the betterment of our society and to help lift those who suffer at the hands of hate.

This is Honey Smith Walls, owner of Cannaba Verum, LLC. A small educational cannabis company in Melbourne, Fl.

I plan to interview known business leaders, local legislators, doctors and patients about the history of cannabis… it’s ancient. The science of cannabis and the proof that it works. And the politics of cannabis where corruption prevails.

There’s different kinds of cannabis and you’ll need help choosing the right ChemoVars[1] (#[2] ).  There’s different ways to use it, different varieties too but you never have to get high. There’s different dosages… everybody will have to find their own dose. 

You can consider Cannaba Verum the bridge between cannabis and community. I want to help my community understand cannabis so we can begin to heal the innumerable issues our country faces.  And look forward to a brighter future with innovations in infrastructure, manufacturing, medicinal therapies, food and beverage industries and so much more.  There’s a ton to talk about. I’ll be interviewing guests to cover the most important cannabis issues of the moment.For instance, legislators across the nation are presenting over 1500 cannabis bills for the 2020 election and early voting starts in two weeks.

You may be wondering what my credentials are… to bring you this information.  Realization and clarity hit me about the same time a few years ago. I’ve spent the last 4 years deep diving into the history, politics, and science of the plant cannabis, and can’t wait to help you understand how this information will apply to you.  Even as a legal medicinal substance, cannabis suffers a terrible reputation from persistent misinformation still prevalent today.  But wait till you hear the truth.

Certified by Dustin Sulak, DO, as a cannabis healer, and certified by the University of CO/Boulder, Technion Institute, Jerusalem, Israel, Sativa University, Orlando, FL, and for a complete list you can find out more on the About Me page of the website.

Let’s start with a little local cannabis truth… medical marijuana is legal in Florida and all dispensaries comply with strict regulations over contaminant-free products.  But finding  marijuana doctors who actually understand the chemical makeup of the plant and how all 400+ compounds(#)[3]  work on the human and animal bodies… is something altogether different. There have been no formal training for medical pros in cannabis for over 80 years because of politics.  There’s a lot to talk about.

Approximate Annual Deaths:

Tobacco = 435k

Poor Diet & Exercise = 365k

Alcohol = 85k

Rx Drugs = 32k

Motor Car Crashes = 26k

Homicide = 20k

Aspirin = 7600

Peanut allergies 100

Marijuana = 0

Marijuana… safer than peanuts.

This has been Honey Smith Walls of Cannaba Verum.

Thanks for your attention… hope to see ya next time.


Join cannabis educator, Honey Smith Walls in epic discussions about the history, politics, and science of cannabis as well as medical therapies now legally available to you in Florida.  Interviews with cannabis specialists from every medical field, conversations with local legislators, cannabis attorneys who fight for your rights, and finally real cannabis doctors, to help you understand and feel confident about trying a live plant therapy in a new way.  There’s a lot to talk about… but more, you’ll find actionable links on the cannabaverum blog, where you can download SOP’s, Standard Operating Procedures from other hospitals and medical facilities already using them for medical marijuana patients on their property.  Also included are patient protocols and patient release forms, all for free… just download them and get them into the right administrative hands of your neighborhood elder care and hospital facilities. This is a major hurdle for every medical facility struggling with the new cannabis reform, but don’t know how to handle the practical side of institutionalizing cannabis. Further, they have no idea these forms already exist! And for FREE! Right now… patients simply can’t use their legal cannabis meds in any form in a hospital or elder care facility because the institutions haven’t the legal protections in place to do so.  They may be surprised when you show up with these forms.. but they’ll be grateful. Because they’ll take it to their attorneys and the conversation begins. Voila! See what you did?!  And thank you! Consider this a true call of service… and please… let me know what happened!

You’ll also find links to accredited cannabis educational institutions just opening up in the US. And if you have any questions or comments, please email That’s Thanks for your attention. Hope to see ya next week.

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