CV 004 Sailing into Cannabis

September 24, 2020


Hi, this is Honey with Cannaba Verum... that’s Latin for Cannabis Truth. And I’m here

to help you understand the language of Cannabis and what the live plant can do for us.

End Intro

Segment 1

Except today, I thought you’d like to know how I became a cannabis educator... we lived

on a boat for five years. It changed everything.

My spouse retired as a 3-piece suit from NSA and found me in his home town living my

own dream... I owned a 100 year old limestone castle-like convent I’d turned into a 10

bedroom B&B with a restaurant and seating for 75. And although I was a busy girl...

somethin about fallin dog-slobbering inlove and being swept off my feet with visions of

sailing the high seas together sounded too fabulous to resist.

So, I pivoted, we moved to Florida and poured an Island Packet 38 out of the bucket into

the waters of Largo, FL and sailed her around the peninsula to Melbourne about 24

hours before Hurricane Andrew hit Hollywood.

Our sailing adventures over the next 5 years were never less exciting. We moseyed down

to Venezuela, island hopping until we got there a couple years later. Are you aware they

cook the same chicken over and over again from island to island? And their peas and

rice are staples like water? I was just green enough to think I’d never see food again

before we got on that boat and took off into the wild blue yonder... turns out... every

island has a grocery store and restaurant. Who knew?! I was an Okie hardly ever outta

the back pasture.

They also had doctors. And I began using them fairly frequently. Amusing situations

when the doctor only speaks French and MY only other language is Latin... thank you

Monte Casino in Tulsa! But finding out what was causing my problem became a futile

attempt in sleuthing. I was losing energy. Like GOBS of it! And living on a boat is

extremely physical. Just the thought of doing anything made me cry. Aches and pains,

nausea and depression... I’d never known depression in my LIFE like that! Something

was wrong...Lotsa doctors from island to island and tests and finally the Epstein Barr

virus and the dreaded Chronic Fatigue diagnosis... may or may not ever get over it... they

didn’t know. Treat the symptoms, rest, rest, rest.

By the time we came back to the US, I was kind of a mess. And then began the next 20

years of private doctors and prescription drugs and that whole nasty handful of daily

pills for this and that... all old lady issues like high blood pressure, thyroid, menopausal

stuff, anti-depressants, pain killers, sleeping pills, anti-biotics, and whatever else they

had up their sleeve. I felt like shit. And I had a lot of friends who smoked pot. So I

started smokin pot. OH MY LOWERD! What a relief! My mood was lifted, I had clarity

of mind and focus, I could tolerate the pain and the nausea disappeared.

In spite of my discovered relief, my spouse was vehemently against my usage...mostly

because it was still illegal and he hated the smell. But I wasn’t about to give up the only

thing that gave me relief after all those years. He was gonna have to learn to live with it.

The next 3 years I settled into a cannabis routine that was barely acceptable by

anybody’s standard. And although it made me feel better for a short time... I was

declining. I had less and less energy. The pain was tolerable but I had to use all the time

to keep it under control.

I had monthly blood tests trying to find out what was wrong and had been giving myself

weekly injections of b12 for almost a year by dr’s order. Still, I thought I’d be in a wheel

chair by Christmas. I could barely get off the couch to go to the bathroom... Lewi was

making all the meals and sometimes feeding me... I quit playing with my band and

stopped practicing on my beloved instruments privately and gave up driving.

I wasn’t getting better... I was getting worse! And then something unexpected happened.


Segment 2

My old lady friend, who I trusted and loved and got pot from for 3 years lost her

connection. And about that time, pot was legalized in Florida. So I got my card and

became a Medical Marijuana patient.

That first puff... cleared the brain fog I’d lived in for 3 years like a parting of the Red Sea.

Somehow I instantly knew the second I puffed on clean cannabis I’d been poisoning

myself for the last several years smoking contaminated weed. Every day I felt stronger

and more capable. It didn’t take long to completely recover my faculties nor did it escape

my attention that the same thing that was hurting me was now healing me.

One serendipitous tv moment I saw an ad for a cannabis college in Orlando and I picked

up the phone and enrolled. I felt a blazing curiosity to find out what happened... why it

sent me through such a turmoil only to save me. Turns out... I’d been consuming

pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, molds, mildews and heavy metals with a splash of

batshit, I’m sure. At least, that’s what the next three years of cannabis education taught

me, along with all the wonderful things we could do with this plant besides use it for


So that’s how I became an educator... Like my grandmother! Except she used to ride an

old horse bareback to school and pick up about 5 scrawny little kids along the farm road

way to the schoolhouse. Well I’ve got horsepower under the hood and my little Chevy

Impala gets me wherever I can be of service. Because I love talking about cannabis and

how it can relieve so many issues.

I am not a doctor, but I am a Cannabis expert having found cannabis courses through

institutions such as the University of Colorado/Boulder (1), and Technion Institute/

Jerusalem (2). I took courses in cannabis agriculture and extraction from Learn Sativa

University (3) and over a dozen more cannabis courses from other schools. I was certified as

a Cannabis Healer by Dustin Sulak (4), renowned U.S. Doctor of Osteopath, practitioner,

and Cannabis scientist in Maine... you’ll find the rest of my credentials on my website at So now you understand why I’m on a soapbox about

Contaminated weed! And I’ll be right back to teach you how to make sure your medicine

is contamination-free... whether from a Medical Marijuana Dispensary or an otc Hemp

CBD product.

Segment 3

So we’re really fortunate to live in Florida during this wild Wild West of Cannabis

discovery because of the way our state structured cannabis dispensaries.

By law, they must all 3rd-Party Lab-Test their products for contamination... so we’re

safe purchasing from them. Like from a regular drug store, everything must be safe to


But it stops there at the door of the dispensaries. Over the Counter Hemp CBD products

are NOT REGULATED! So most of the products on store shelves are worthless. I can

safely say that without recrimination because I’m talking about the products that have


You only want to consider a product in which the company takes time, money, and effort

to ensure your safety. If they don’t care enough about you to do that, then go to the next

product. There’s a jillion of them out there already. P.S. Don’t buy CBD at gas stations.

So how do you find a good hemp product that won’t hurt you? First thing to look for is

that Lab Test for contamination. If it ain’t there... move on.

Next thing. Look for a Full-Spectrum product that has all the original 400+ compounds

grown in cannabis. That’s what Full-Spectrum means.

There’s Broad Spectrum too... where they extract some of the good compounds out and

squirt them back into a bottle.

And then there’s isolates... where they take out one compound and that’s what you’re

taking... one compound... like CBD, Cannabidiol. Thing is... cannabis is soooo much

better when it has the synergistic effect of all the other compounds. But that’s a long

story we’ll cover another time.

I have a few favorite hemp products I buy online and I also shop at brick and mortar

Hemp shops here in Melbourne. There’s a couple of really good ones who test all their

products and know about the science of hemp. One is American Shaman with 2 stores,

one on Wickham and one by the Sat.Beach Theatre on A1A, and the other is Elevated

Pro in old Melbourne, across from Meg OMalley’s. Both have been open throughout the

pandemic because our state figured out in a hurry that cannabis is real medicine.

So if you’re in Melbourne, give either one of those shopkeeps a call and they’ll help you

understand their product line and how it can change your world. If you’re not in

Melbourne but want a reliable online product... I love Charlotte’s Web, the original

hemp product that started the great Marijuana Mothers Migration to Colorado when the

6 Stanley brothers figured out how to help baby Charlotte Figi stop convulsing with their

hemp product.

Look those shops up online. They don’t know I’m talking about them but do say hello

from me while you’re asking for help from them. They’re great people.

Sure enjoyed chattin with yall. Just holler if you get a little confused or have questions.

I’m here. And now the dogs are callin me to go chase the cows... except... the cows in

Florida look more like geckos in our neck of the woods and they’re harder to catch!