CV 117 Didpensary Expectations

The person at the front desk will ask for your new Medical Marijuana Card (in Florida) and check you into their computer system. They’ll probably ask if you’d like to speak with one of their counselors, because they assume you haven’t had much (if any) cannabis education.

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CV 116 My Philosophy

We say things like Pot card. Weed. CBD. Durban Poison. Hemp or Hash. Granddaddy Kush. Smokin joints. Dabbing Concentrates. Bongs for Jesus… Does that slang offend you? Would you rather I use more clinical terminology such as medical marijuana and cannabis dispensaries?

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CV 114 CBD Nurse Deanna

Cannaba Verum 114 Deanna Bigham Intro Welcome to the Cannaba Verum Podcast, the cannabis truth podcast. I speak the language of cannabis freely and uncensored

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CV 113 You read Dr’s?

Hello My Friends, I’ve been reading so many books written by doctors lately that I’m accumulating quite a little library of literature! Solid information about

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takenotes cv recap

CV 112 Let’s Recap!

Boiling down the last 6 months or so to fundamental cannabis information you really need to learn…let’s talk about some fundamental truths…

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