MoC 004 Kids and Carts

I was taking my pack of five pups out for a little waltz around the block when we came upon a street light and had to wait before crossing. About the time I pulled my vape pen out for the wait… a herd of young male colts pulled up in a parental golf cart, oohin and ahhin over my pack. The one driving looked all of 10 and the others not much older when one of them boldly hollered, “Hey can I hava hit off yer cart?”

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CV 004 Sailing into Cannabis

Our sailing adventures over the next 5 years were never less exciting. We moseyed down to Venezuela, island hopping until we got there a couple years later. Are you aware they cook the same chicken over and over again from island to island? And their peas and rice are staples like water? I was just green enough to think I’d never see food again before we got on that boat and took off into the wild blue yonder… turns out… every island has a grocery store and restaurant. Who knew?! I was an Okie hardly ever outta the back pasture.

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MoC 003 Taming Your THC

You may not be aware but some people who need to use medical marijuana don’t want the high that comes with THC. There are a lot of reasons for that which may include your job as a heart surgeon or air traffic controller, or the fact that the last time you were offered some cannabis, you got intensely anxious, had cold sweats, felt stuck in your chair like you were partially paralyzed, and didn’t know if you were gonna die from this experience or not!

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CV 003 Adult Use vs MMJ

Yes, I’m a hippie. Yes, I smoked pot as a kid and loved it. Yes, I put it always as an adult because I used it as my toy and I had to act like a responsible grown-up. Besides, it was illegal and often frightening to get. Always looking over my shoulder in dark and seedy places where pot sellers lurked. Never mind that I didn’t know that first thing about the plant except that it made me feel better.

Sometimes I’d be able to lose every bit of anxiety or tortured thoughts, forget about abuses and just simply relax. The restorative sleep it offered replaced fitful tossing and allowed a fresh morning to blossom with hope of less pain.

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MoC 002 Hemp vs MMJ

Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis. Both of them have CBD and THC… just in wildly different ratios. So some companies use hemp for the high ratio of CBD it produces and other companies use Marijuana for the high ratio of THC it produces. These plants are like sisters who have some of the same traits… they’re both good for you, they both relieve pain but in different ways, they both relieve nausea, they both have anti-bacterial properties and many more similarities.

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CV 002 Historical Day of Hate

In 1941, Henry Ford made a car built out of mostly hemp fibers(#) and resin he’d been workin on for 12 years. (1) With the exception of the steel tubular frame, the entire car was built out of hemp & sisal and cellulose fibers from wheat straw plus 30% resin binder and could run off hemp or vegetable oil for fuel. The body of the car was 10x stronger than steel and 100x lighter. So what happened to the cannabis car built and run off renewable energy?

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MoC 001 What’s the Diff?

To be clear… Both Hemp and Marijuana are Cannabis. One gets you high and the other does not. You can buy Hemp Over-the-Counter but have to pay extra for the privilege of being a Medical Marijuana Patient and insurance does not cover it YET! Hemp and Marijuana possess similar overlapping powers of relief for pain and inflammation…

But finding the right cannabis… and using it the right way… for YOU…

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MoC 000 Back on Track!

Hello my friends, If you haven’t begun to get your life back on track from the throws of the pandemic, I’m hoping this episode will inspire you to do so. None of us were left without PTSD. But many… so many… were devastated… they experienced pain of loss so much more than others. We grieve with them and for them. We hope to help all our friends and family recover as soon as possible from this.

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CV 001 Practical, Actionable, Enter…

Welcome to Cannaba Verum… ancient words meaning cannabis truth. Today is August 28, 2020. This podcast is dedicated to the love of science and education for the betterment of our society and to help lift those who suffer at the hands of hate. This is Honey Smith Walls, owner of Cannaba Verum, LLC. A small educational cannabis company in Melbourne, Fl.

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