​ABOUT Cannaba Verum, LLC 

and Honey Smith Walls

I am the sole proprietor of this company and I live right here in Brevard County, FL. This has been my community and home for over 25 years. 

I found relief for my old lady issues and now I want to help my loved ones and community find the same lift to their quality of life.

I understand Cannabis in its many forms because of my intense study into the plant over the past four years and want you to learn as well so you can benefit from the amazing effects.

My website and podcast information will always be backed up with citations from the leading cannabis scientists and I challenge you all to do your own research! But you'll find me here...telling the truth about Cannabis. For Free!

Honey Smith Walls, Founder & CEO

Cannaba Verum, LLC

Cannabis Healer Certification 

from Dr. Dustin Sulak, D.O.

Dr. Sulak delivers reliable, accurate, and practical online training based on proven dosage protocols, peer-reviewed science and his own clinical experience managing 10,000's of patients a​nd training medical providers.​

If ​you’re interes​ted in joining the Cannabis industry, I highly recommend the study of Dr. Sulak’s amazing cannabis course. You simply can’​t find this kind of cannabis education anywhere else in the United States at this time.

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See some of the special certificates I've earned in Cannabis education below:

Cannabis Healer​

January 2020 Certified by leading cannabis expert, Dustin Sulak, M.D., Founder and Medical Director of Healer.com

Dustin Sulak, D.O. Is a renowned integrative medicine physician based in Maine, whose practice balances the principles of osteopathy, mind-body medicine and medical cannabis. Regarded as an expert on medical cannabis nationally, Dr. Sulak educates medical providers and patients on its clinical use, while continuing to explore the therapeutic potential of this ancient yet emerging medicine.  Dr. Sulak received undergraduate degrees in nutrition science and biology from Indiana University, a doctorate of osteopathy from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, 

and completed an internship at Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency.

My Healer Course Curriculum

Cannabis Basics

The Endocannabinoid System: How and Why Cannabis Works - The Pharmacology of Cannabis - All About Terpenes - Potential Therapeutic Effects

The Adverse Effects of Cannabis - Dosage Forms of Medical Cannabis - Understanding Dosing and Absorption - Drug Interactions and Consumer Safety

Substance Use Disorders and Intoxication - Health Conditions - Dosage Programs - Dosage Protocols and Methodologies - Cannabis Dosing Principles

Dose-Response Effects and the Therapeutic Window - Combining THC, CBD, and Choosing Strains - Treatment Strategies - Benefits of Psychoactivity

Non-Psychoactive Strategies - General Guidelines for Patient Types - Condition-Specific Treatments and Example Cases

Fostering Healing Without Practicing Medicine - Cannabis and Opioids - Pediatric Seizures - Wellness Activities - Dosage Programs

Intro to Cannabis - Sensitization Protocol - Strategies for Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Use - Switching from Inhalation to Tinctures

Endocannabinoud Diet and Activities - Guide to Shopping for Cannabis - The Secret Breath - CBD Essentials and Applications

What Is CBD and How Does It Work? - Receptor and Ion Channels, Transporters, Enzymes, and Mechanisms - The Proven Therapeutic Effects of CBD

Other Applications for CBD: Addiction and Cravings, Brain and Bone Injury, Depression, Sleep, Topical Applications, Cancer and Glaucoma

Adverse Effects and Interactions of CBD - CBD Dosing and Delivery Methods - Purchasing CBD Products

Monthly Live Webinars with Dr.Sulak on New Research with Q and A

Library Access to Previous Webinars

Certifications in Cannabis Chemistry, Horticulture, from Green Culture ED, OSHA Certification, Emergency Action Plan Certification, Cannabis Fundamentals, Cannabis Business and Management,  also certified by the leading cannabis university in Florida (Learn Sativa University-Orlando) in the fundamentals of growing medicinal cannabis, industry best practices, advanced management, and C02 Extraction.

I've read countless books, texts, manuscripts, internet leads, old science, new science, white papers from PubMed.com, JAMA.com, attended industry conferences in person and virtual conferences online, as well as listened to industry opinions on cannabis podcasts. I've gleaned the newest information from the leading Cannabis scientists and put all that into a comprehensive presentation.

I'm often accused of speaking "Oklahomish" by my closest friends. I'm sure you'll hear it on this site as I talk about Cannabis and the history, politics, and science of the plant. It's all so fascinating when you consider that Cannabis was one of the first planetary grasses to form, which fed the humans  and animals dredging up outta the ocean sludge. That's probably why we're all born with an EndoCannabinoid System (1) of receptors that bind perfectly with over 400 compounds in Cannabis.  That's what makes it such an effective choice medicinally. But there are thousands of other uses.  

Enjoy the discovery of this amazing plant and what humans have done with it throughout history up until the

American-led War on Drugs that spanned the planet. We've got a lot to make up for... to the world!

This planet provides a substance which can improve your every day lives like no other synthetic product. What we have lost in knowledge over the last 80 years is exactly what I promise to enlighten you about.

I really care about your understanding of this plant because of the help it can deliver worldwide and in so many different ways besides medicine. 

I came here from concern about my own medical issues and then my friends and family when I began seeing relief. They had the typical list of old fart issues like: Fibromyalgia, knee replacement surgery, broken hips, car accidents, old age injuries, and then the forgetfulness begins to creep in. The parents of our best friends suffer strokes and mental illness that makes us cry right along with them. The side effects from all the synthetic pharmaceuticals with mind-numbing brain fog have taken their toll. And then there's the cancer dance. We all have friends now who need a team to keep up with their Alzheimer's and the stress on the lives of their beloved is a willing but unrelenting sacrifice. The personal trauma of taking care of a chronically ill person can lead to the caretaker's downfall as well, without relief. 

I know Cannabis can help all that and more. So in my joy of discovery, I want to share what I've learned. I can't wait to see you and tell you more.

And guess what... This stuff works great on animals. Have an old dog or cat suffering aches and pains with bad hips or anxiety from July 4, Halloween, and other animal nightmare sights and sounds? Let's have a chat. Ask me about my 2lb chihuahua...

Cannabis will manufacture:

Plastics, Clothes, HempCrete, Road Products, Bridge Supports, "SuperFood", Drink, Rope, Paper, Jewelry, Cars, and Biofuel,

Soil and Water Purification. There were over 25,000 cannabis products before 1940 which were sold over the counter in general stores, pharmacies, and prescribed by local doctors everywhere. Google some of the famous pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly, Abbot, Parker, and Pfieffer who made multiple products and sold over the counter (OTC).

All this and more! Anything you can make from petroleum by-products can be made from cannabis oils, but it doesn't leave a nasty "footprint" like petroleum. Ready to learn more?

(1)Mechoulam, Raphael. (2015). Cannabis - The Israeli perspective. Journal of basic and clinical physiology and pharmacology. 27. 10.1515/jbcpp-2015-0091. 

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