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We understand your curiosity about this plant. Especially after hearing positive science on the subject through big corporate news outlets like CNN, FOX, and PBS. We also understand the 80 years of propaganda and FEAR we're up against from government prohibition. 

Cannaba Verum

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The information you'll learn will turn you into a confident Cannabis Patient or advocate. You'll understand the process and products available, who to trust, and how to tell which product is right for you and the laws of Florida. We'll be at the other end of a phone call if you need further clarification. So you'll never be alone in your discovery path to wellness.

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Which kind of Cannabis to use (over-the-counter (OTC) Hemp or Medical Marijuana)

How to determine the safety of OTC Cannabis products

How to find a good Medical Marijuana Doctor

How to get a Florida Medical Marijuana Card

Which Dispensary to choose 

How to save money (Insurance Does NOT Cover! Yet.)

How much cash to bring

What to purchase?!?!

The Presentation Fee is only $20/Person

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