Random Cannabis Factoids

I just keep running across these amazing facts that I'm sure you won't be privy to...

 unless you read medical journals at PubMed.com for fun.

ProjectCBD.org is a great place to hang out for info, too.

And don't miss seeing their

"Dosage Guide for Pets in Pain" by Gary Richter.  

He's a Project CBD contributing writer and Oakland-based veterinarian. 

His forthcoming articles for projectcbd.org will contain practical information on using cannabis to treat medical conditions in pets.

Depending on your search, JAMAnetwork.com will have lots of info... but seemingly only looking for detrimental outcomes...


80% of elders have one chronic disease.

77% of elders have two.

Most Common: Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, & Cancer

Are synthetic prescriptions piling up in your mind yet?

This one natural plant, cannabis, could help a multitude of your issues.


All cannabis ingested by humans or animals should be tested using:

DNA based microbial testing methods like:

Pathogen Dx


DNA Microbiome Sequencing


Per ProjectCBD.org 

CBD can change gene expression and remove beta-amyloid plaque, 

the hallmark of Alzheimer's, from brain cells.


Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis

Here's the difference between 

Hemp Seed Oil - CBD Oil made from Hemp - and Marijuana: 

(grown safely for consumption)

Hemp Seed Oil - made from industrial hemp seeds and has only 25ppm of CBD (Cannabidiol) in it.

Great for cooking, making lotions, car bio-fuel, paint base, and makeup, also rich in vitamins, omegas, and fatty acids.

CBD Oil - made from Hemp Flowers, Leaves, and Stalk.  Hemp grows CBD as its predominant compound w/trace amounts of Thc.

May have up to 15% CBD with over 400 other compounds. The perfect medicine for an endless list of ailments but NOT psycho-active.

Marijuana - Sister plant to Hemp. Grows psycho-active Thc as predominant compound out of over 400 in 

the Flowers and leaves with endless chemovars (aka: strains), each like its own "personality".

Stopping cancers, calming Epilepsy, quelling stutters, relieving acute physical and emotional pain, with delivery 

from so many illnesses listed as far back as time acknowledges in the first pharmacopeia when it was created in 2700 BCE.


Hava Pet? The Terrible Awful Fourth of July will never be celebratory for THEM.

For current information about Cannabis and your furry friend,

Go to:  https://projectcbd.org/cbd-101/cbd-for-pets 

More to come...

Don't forget to google your own questions and YouTube the History of Cannabis!