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Palm Bay Chamber Health & Wellness Expo

Look for Cannaba Verum Here!

Viera Holiday Inn

8298 N. Wickham Rd.

Sunday April 28, 2019 Noon - 4pm


This is the place to find all kinds of wellness.

Your health and happiness is our priority.

Hear expert panel sessions on all kinds of fascinating topics.

And of course, ask all the Cannabis questions

you can think of when you see us!

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We're partying on 420 @ EndoSesh with 

Here Comes Truffles

Hookinup with our friends in Gainsville at EndoSesh!

Cannaba Verum is gonna have some fun with

John and Sandi Spinella of 

Here Comes Truffles.

If you haven't had an opportunity to try the most delectable yummies in Cannabis Edibles...

wait till your tongue hits those amazing 

flavors enveloped in velvety creamy textures!

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What's Endo Sesh???

ENDO SESH 2019 is a Florida Medical Marijuana

Educational Summit and Award Ceremony

held at Heartwood Soundstage.

This is an all-ages event for the community.

The vendor area is free and open to the public... just reserve your ticket.

Limited tickets are available for speakers and concert.

Veterans have all access passes.

Limited VIP with a goody bag.

Follow this link to reserve your tickets!!

(Sorry we missed you at these events!}

Cannaba Verum Presents:

Coffee Talks - Cannabis and You

Please join us at any of the following mid-morning FREE Community Outreach events for information regarding Cannabis and what you need to understand about its history, politics, and science, in order to navigate a new path to good health and wellness. 

Our panel of leading experts will guide you through an interesting hour or so of enlightenment 

with practical advice that you'll be sure to share with your family and friends, saving you a lot of 

money, time, and effort.

Do you know how to determine whether you should become a Medical Marijuana Patient?

You'll learn that here!

Maybe you want to try some over-the-counter CBD from a trusted source... but who?

You'll learn that here!

Do you know how to tell if the product you're about to purchase is safe for consumption? 

You'll learn that here!

Do you understand what Cannabis can do for your health?

You guessed it... You'll learn that here...

And for the whole month of March, it'll be free to the public!

So tell everybody you know. Because we're here to help you understand.


Chats you shouldn't miss... coming up.

March 5


Melbourne 10:00-12:00

Wickham Park Community Center

2500 Wickham Drive, Melbourne, FL


Per Ticket

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March 8


West Malabar 10:00-12:00

Fred Poppe Park Community Center

1951 Malabar Road N.W., Palm Bay, FL 32907


Per Ticket

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March 12


Palm Bay 10:00-12:00

Rodes Park Community Center

3410 Flannagan Ave., West Melbourne, FL 32904


Per Ticket

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March 16


Liberate Physician's Center 10:00-5:00

Grand Opening

Come Meet & Greet a Cannabis Doctor to see what Medical Marijuana can do for YOU! 

Local, convenient, affordable.

1613 Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32904


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March 19


Eau Gallie Civic Center 10:00-12:00

1551 Highland Ave., Melbourne, FL 32935


Per Ticket

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March 26


Satellite Beach Cinema 10:00-12:00

1024 Highway A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937


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About our Panel of Experts...

Please help me welcome two entrepreneurs in our fair community who can help you understand the newest science and particulars about how using Cannabis will work in your body. 

Liberate Physician's Center at 1613 Wickham Road, West Melbourne, FL 32904 (321) 559-4357,

will expedite the process of becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient and help you understand what to expect on this new journey.

Elev8ed Pro, CBD shop at 2115 Waverly Place, Melbourne, FL 32901 (321) 802-3730 can help you relieve so many aches and pains that don't need a Medical Marijuana Card to find.

We partnered with these two specific companies because of their knowledge and philosophies which we whole-heartedly agree with. We hope you'll meet both of these industry leaders and allow them to help you understand how to find relief. 

As well, representatives from some of the new Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers around town will be available to meet and chat with. These dispensary representatives are highly trained in the many nuances of Cannabis medicines available to try... once you become a Medical Marijuana Patient. You'll enjoy meeting the different Bud Tenders from a variety of companies, all million-dollar corporations who must adhere to stringent Florida regulations for the safety of our citizens.

They are here to help and they have laid out a ton of money to be in this new Florida of ours. So enjoy their knowledge and product samples to peruse and find out how conveniently close they are to you! 

Thank you, my friends, at Surterra, Vida Cann, CuraLeaf, and Trulievefor leading this great industry into our community!