By law, Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries must 3rd party lab-test 
all their products for contamination. But NOT CBD shops... 

Understanding Medical Cannabis

by Reverend Dr. Kymron DeCesare 

In appreciation to Dr. DeCesare, (1) Chief Resesrch Officer,

Steep Hill Labs, Los Gatos, CA, and Elemental Wellness

for allowing the reproduction of his work on this site.

We are grateful for his leadership and efforts.

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This is what my whole soapbox is based on. See all that powdery mildew spotting those cannabis leafs? This was the impetus of Cannaba Verum and is the soul of my mission. I want my loved ones and community to know the difference in snake oil and a good Cannabis product, whether it's buying CBD over-the-counter (OTC) or purchasing from a Dispensary... You must know how to protect yourself from farmers who mean well but don't understand the science yet and unscrupulous charlatans who don't care about your health. And that's why 3rd party labs who test for the microbial bacterium, molds, mildews, pesticides, herbicides, and foreign objects are so important.    Click the picture or these words to see what Ed says...

Street dealers don't use labs to test their product because their bottom line is the almighty dollar... not your health.

Even if you want to grow your own plant, or purchase from somebody you love and trust, unless you or they have learned how to grow MEDICINALLY, you might want to consider all the molds, mildews and bacteria attacking your grow. This is Florida... where the hurricane winds blow fresh Sahara Dust along with their particular microbial life across the oceans for us to inhale... every year.

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