Favorites of Cannaba Verum

Now, you may have already seen some of these names on the Science Greats Page.

But I can't say it enough... These are our leaders in cannabis health.

Let me start with my favorite modern scientists of cannabis:

Raphael Mechoulam…

Ethan Russo, 

Ed Rosenthal

Michael Backes

Stephen DeAngelo

Read how the following two regular guys changed our world!

Irvin Rosenfeld

Bobby Platshorn 

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Which Dispensary? ALLLL of them!! They're all so different!

Local Palm Bay and Melbourne Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (Dispensaries)

Surterra - 6295 Minton Road N.E., Palm Bay, FL (850) 391-5455

Vida Cann - 1663 N.E. Georgia St., Palm Bay, FL (321) 831-3763

CuraLeaf - 1420 Palm Bay Road, N.E., Palm Bay, FL (844) 682-5995

Trulieve - 3350 W. New Haven Ave., Melbourne, FL (321) 204-3068

More will open soon... 

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What doctor?

Google Pot Doctor near me and call ahead to check their prices!!

Which Podcast? Too many great ones to fav! 

But NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) podcast is a standard! 

Do a podcast search on “cannabis”.

hangon... phone's ringin again...

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