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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I have heard you talk about dispensaries. What is the difference between a pharmacy and a dispensary?

A. Well, a pharmacy will dispense Big Pharma's synthetic drugs prescribed by your medical doctor who knows and understands how those meds affect your particular issues. But only state registered Medical Marijuana Doctors may "recommend" (not prescribe) Cannabis. Not every medical doctor is interested in recommending Cannabis, either because they don't know about it yet, or have other issues of conscience and propaganda.

Q. Will my insurance or Medicare cover the cost of medical cannabis?

A. Not at this time... But VOTE! You have the power to make it happen! Demand it! And I recently heard that one cannabis doctor is getting SOME MediCare response. So it’s coming.

Q. I travel quite a bit. If I carry my medical cannabis across state lines am I opening myself up to legal action?

A. You most certainly are!!!      DO NOT TRAVEL WITH CANNABIS!   Wait till our whole country flips, like Canada.

Q. I do not want to become addicted to medical cannabis. Is it possible?

A. No. But you CAN develop a dependence for it. Subtly different in that your mind wants the relief but your body is not actually going through withdrawal pains like synthetic pharmaceuticals create. And further, there has never been a recorded death in the history of the world as a result of ingesting Cannabis. Cannabis is an EXIT drug. It helps you stop addictions to things like: real sugar, fake sugar, opioids, tobacco, and soft drinks...

Q. Please explain the difference between THC and CBD in a layman's vocabulary.

A. THC makes you high... CBD doesn't. 

But more... these two compounds, along with all the other Cannabis compounds (over 400) in it's full spectrum, have a relationship with each other that form a synergy... which drives relief to your system with a powerful entourage effect.

Q. How does one "consume" medical cannabis?

A. There are many easy ways to use Cannabis. Vaporizer "pens" are a simple delivery method that lets you feel it's effect instantly. Tinctures drop inside your cheek or under your tongue and unlock their effect in a few minutes. Edibles are beginning to show up on the scene as well, which can take up to an hour to feel. And we'll show you several other choices Dispensaries are happy to serve.

Q. Why won't I go to jail for possession?

A. The 2016 Vote made medical Cannabis legal in Florida for those who qualify. (It's a broad list now...) Even though the Federal Government refuses to change the Cannabis Schedule 1 status, State's Rights will protect you if you have a Medical Marijuana Card. It will NOT protect you from doing anything stupidly illegal. But if you get pulled over and questioned about pot, whip out your card and the police will honor it. However... NOT if you were driving like a maniac or doing anything else to put yourself or others at risk. 

Q. So does that mean I could go to jail for possession, even if I have a card?

A. YES!!! If you break a Florida law, you may end up in jail! Right now, MMPatients may ONLY use licensed products from licensed Dispensaries which have been recommended by a Medical Marijuana Doctor. Street Weed is illegal and you should avoid it for the safety of your health and well-being. It has not been tested for microbial bacteria, molds, mildews, pesticides, or foreign objects!

You can consider all street weed contaminated. Black market dealers care less about your health than Big Pharma.

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Q. Is medical cannabis prescribed by my regular physician, or do I just go buy it from Walgreens or a street dealer?

A. It's NEVER a good idea to buy off the street... It's illegal!! Further, you can bet it's NEVER been independently 3rd Party Lab-Tested for a microbial bacterium, molds, mildews, pesticides, and foreign objects! My whole soapbox is about the purity of pot. And medicine should do no harm.


P.S. ONLY registered Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are allowed to sell products containing the psychoactive ingredient, THC. No otherwise regularly established pharmacy may sell Cannabis at this time.

Q. Do you recommend or suggest physicians?

A. Well, actually yes, I do! And my own personal pot doctor is great! But so are many others... I found one near me in Melbourne by Googling “Pot Doctor Near Me”! But we've actually got a lot to say about that... so check out my Favorites page or come hear more pertinent information.

Q. What determines a reputable dispensary?

A. The same things that make you choose between a Publix Pharmacy and a Walgreen... Customer Service and Product Reliability should be first on your list. And although important, convenience should be the last reason.

Q. What product forms do medical cannabis come in; smoke-able, liquid, gel?

A. Great question. Today we see vaporizers, tinctures, concentrates, and edibles. But so much more is coming! We hope to tell you all about it when we see you at the next Presentation.

Q. Does Cannaba Verum sell any products?

A. Not at this time. But please look forward to all kinds of fun products that we plan to make available to the public. Cannaba Verum Precious Treasures!

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