Scientific Leadership by the Cannabis Greats


These are the scientists who lead research in Cannabis despite the War on Drugs and a worldwide ban on researching the plant! Included on this page are courageous intellectuals giving critical thought and research into the huge number of compounds (over 400) in the plant, Cannabis, specifically for human and animal benefit, as opposed to the many queries into the detriment of the plant. These are the smarty-pants I follow and why...

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Godfather of THC, the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS), and Anandamide. This is the scientist who realized the need for understanding Cannabis and began study and research trials in the 1960's in Israel. He lead the march. Raphael Mechoulam is like the Martin Luther King, Jr. of Cannabis. 

Google his videos and white papers to find a wealth of treasures from his studies.

Rev. Dr. Kymron DeCesare, Cancer/Cannabis Specialist who confirmed (by autopsy) that the contamination of Cannabis 

caused the death of some of his cancer patients.

 It wasn't the Cannabis. It was the molds and mildews that got them. 

Their already-damaged immune systems couldn't handle the molds. That's how I got here.

 I have a damaged immune system from Chronic Fatigue and Arthritis and the mold in cannabis got me. Made me sick as a dog.

Until I became a Medical Marijuana Patient and could buy clean medicine. Now I'm healthy as a horse and continue my meds to stay that way. 

Dr. DeCesare shows us how important it is to monitor our live plant medicines and make certain they do no harm. 

Simply put, 3rd Party Lab-Testing is our only defense against medicinal contamination, corporate corruption, and maybe an autopsy.

Let me take this opportunity to thank both of these amazing scientists for their contributions to our health and well-being.

Dr. Ethan Russo, THC Tamer! Ohhhhhh Dr. Russo! We just LOVE your videos and interviews on YouTube! 

Some of the most fun I have is telling people about taming their THC! The terpenes make a difference and change EVERYTHING!

(Check out PubMed for white papers by all these men of science on the subject.)

Ed Rosenthal - Marijuana Grower's Handbook - The empirical word on growing. My grandmother would've LOVED this book for all the juicy details.

Michael Backes - Cannabis Pharmacy - This is the guy who really tickled my thoughts and inspired my curiosity. 

His personal story is sweet but his career in technical engineering got him billing on every Sci-Fi and major hit movie you've ever seen for the last 20 years.

I listen to his audible of Cannabis Pharmacy over and over in the car while I drive. His factoids just blow your mind. And he makes it so easy to understand.

 Really one of the best cannabis books around and what I give as gifts for those who want to dive into the subject for a great foundation!

Have you seen the slick magazines out about cannabis now? Multimillion-dollar magazines of cannabis information!

Check out the mag rack at BooksaMillion. At least 10 different cannabis issues of the month!

Why I've even seen 3 Time magazine issues in the last 6 months at the checkout lane 

of my Publix with great big pot leaves all over the front.

Big Corporation has already stepped into the cannabis Industry. They're not waiting for your approval.

They already have it from the other 73% of Americans who want and need cannabis.

They just have to unravel their corruption around it.

Oops! Did I say that outloud?

It's OK... no big secret there's corruption at the corporate levels of big business.

We'll just have to fix that.

(More to come in a minute. Dogs are pesterin me for a walk.)