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​Are you a Medical Marijuana Patient About To Go Into A Hospital, Rehab, or Elder Care facility? You Think They’ll Let You Have Your​ Cannabis?​​ You should probably send the following letter and attachments to your facility immediately. And then follow up for your right to use legal medication while in a hospital, rehab, or elder care facility. You won't be the first in Florida to do so... others have already set a precedent. (Moffit Cancer Center - Tampa)

As of October 2020, you still can’t take your Medical Marijuana into most Florida hospitals, rehabs, or an elder care facility. Mostly those facilities are afraid of the federal Schedule 1 ranking of the plant and the ramifications of trying to manage something still federally illegal. But that’s about to change. In the meantime, states have made the decision for themselves. And Medical Marijuana has been legal in Florida since 2014. However this limbo of legality has paralyzed medical facilities (and attending physicians too!). None of them have the documentation or plan of action that handles patient’s legal Medical Cannabis while under their care. That’s a lot of litigation just waiting for a courtroom. But Cannaba Verum has the solution... I’ve been able to curate several documents that other states use in their medical facilities, already legally friendly to Cannabis. I curated them for you to  edit, and give to your local medical facilities. I wrote a letter of introduction for you but please use or add your own. Your opinion matters here. You voted for this! And we still have work to do... Your community will thank you for stepping up to fix the problem with this solution, already happening in other facilities in Florida (Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa). So thank you for becoming a hero by giving the following documents of change to the administrators of your local medical facilities. This will help them process good Cannabis culture regulation. You’ll find templates for Cannabis Protocols and Procedures and a template for a Patient Release Form, which you may download and submit to your local medical facilities to edit. This will start the process for Florida Medical Marijuana Patients in your neck of the woods to use Cannabis while convalescing in their local medical facilities. And YOU will get a feather in your cap! All for free. View Document Links and Leave Your Email Below... I'll send a complete, bright, shiny copy to you immediately.

This is the letter you want to download or print out to give your local hospital, rehab, or elder care administrator who has yet to incorporate the necessary implementation protocols for the needs of new legal Medical Marijuana and Hemp patients in their care.

Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU)

This is where you'll find just about everything to begin your legal  foundation for current Florida cannabis laws. Make it a "Favorite".

This is the document they need to employ in order to comfort cannabis patients...

This is the document they want the most... it releases them from liability.

Download this free document to get your grocery store to start ordering better paper products, made from hemp.  And get your neighbors to sign it before you run it to the store... More demand? More supply!

It's all about Demand and Supply!

You can become a neighborhood hero by asking your grocery store to begin ordering hemp paper products to replace the wood paper pulp products.  Think of all the trees we could save to help our planetary ozone! That would make a huge impact on our ecology and raise our ability to manufacture more American goods and products. 

Who was it that said... "Ask, and Ye Shall Receive..."

Please let me know where to email your 3  full-version,

FREE, completely editable, pdf documents and helpful information.

The only thing I ask in return for all the information on this site and more... 

is your email address so I can send occasional updated information about my affiliates. 

This is how I fund my company instead of charging a patient. I hope you trust my opinions by now and that you feel like you've already gained tremendous value in your time spent here.

Look for a packet of templates from Cannaba Verum, LLC that you'll be able to edit and forward.

Cannaba Verum, LLC is funded by Affiliate Marketing and small donations from my sweet podcast listeners. All this information took me years of study, research, planning and developing to bring to you, which I offer for free on my site, so we can change the Cannabis Culture in our society. 

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